Get Them While They’re Young!

No, it’s not a post enouraging pedophiles, it’s a guest post from Tom of Melbourne!

Unions NSW and the ACTU have launched a brand new method of indoctrinating the young.

They intend to sign up school children as unionists, at the “cut price’ of $10 per month. Seems a bit steep to me. Though if the union is any good we will see some very innovative excuses for homework not being done and poor grades. The unions would only have to recycle the excuses they currently provide for the performance of employees.

Our children will be able to visit unionised workplaces (HOORAY!!) and non union ones (BOOOO!), apparently escorted by some hack. I wonder which ones will come up looking better? Will “GOOD” or “EVIL” seem better?

No doubt our little ones will be taught the “WADDA WE WAN??!!, (something unattainable or economically unsustainable), WENNA WE WANIT?!!! – NOW!!!” mantra.

As if children need more training on how to make unreasonable demands.

Thankfully unions haven’t initiated a similar program aimed at wives and mistresses.

Tom of Melbourne

Union bites Labor

The Community and Public Sector Union will tonight launch an ad “that claims the global financial crisis is putting more pressure on public servants in Centrelink and other departments”.

PUBLIC servants will launch an unprecedented campaign against their political masters today to protect their jobs from budget cuts.

Through the Community and Public Sector Union, the federal bureaucracy will warn the public that essential services will be cut if jobs are slashed.

I guess the union does not realise that they are criticising their own, but the main point is actually true – the government should not cut any public sector jobs in this GFC. It is now more important than ever that the public service is there to support the public.

Fair Work, or Back to the Future?

The Deputy Prime Minister has tabled the government “Fair Work Australia” legislation in parliament.

The legislation continues to provide a differentiation of employment security, depending on the size of the employer. If the employer has less than 15 employees, workers need to remain employed for a year to seek obtain protection from unfair dismissal. Currently an employer has to have over 100 employees to be subject to legislation relating to dismissal.

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Are Unions still Relevant Anymore?

Joni & Reb invited me to submit a commentary about unionism, I’ve decided to attempt to wind back my usual level of rabidity, to something (perhaps) a little more rational.

Union membership (density) currently stands at about 15% of the private sector workforce. About 20% of the total workforce.

At its peak during the post war period, union membership was near two thirds of the full time male workforce, about 60% of the total workforce. It bumped up, though generally down, from the 50’s to the 80’s.

The steady, unrelenting decline started about 25 years ago, during the Hawke/Keating period. At that time unions had a seat at the table of government under the Prices & Incomes Accord. This followed the disastrous period of stagflation during the Fraser Government, where we suffered the debilitating combination of spiralling inflation and high unemployment.

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