Arrogant and inexperienced

I heard this morning a story on ABC radio about someone being “arrogant” and “inexperienced”. I thought, gee, the news about blogocrats II is certainly getting around. But it seems that the comments are from Wilson Tuckey and are directed towards Malcolm Turnbull.

The deep divisions in the Opposition over an emissions trading scheme have been laid bare for all to see, with outspoken Liberal backbencher Wilson Tuckey labelling his leader “arrogant” and “inexperienced”.

Oh dear – this is not good for Turnbull. But who will take over if he goes? And doesn’t all this attention on the opposition let the government off the hook?

What the truck is he on about?

Does Turnbull really think that rolling out the debt truck will revive his poll ratings?

MALCOLM Turnbull will use a truck _ the Liberal Party’s debt truck _ to take the fight to Labor over its handling of the economy after his disastrous handling of the “Utegate” affair.

The Opposition Leader said the debt truck, to be launched this morning in Perth, would draw attention to the Rudd Government’s reckless spending on cash handouts and school infrastructure projects.

I mean, really, Malcolm, you can do better than this.

Shuffle-bored on the SS Turnbull

It looks like Turnbull will be using the resignation of a minor minister (Chris Pearce, Superanuation spokeman) for a shadow cabinet reshuffle. The stories circulating at the moment seem to be saying that Abbott will get the immigration portfolio, just when the news from Indonesia is that 10000 people are ready to leave for Australia. Well, that last part is not actually true, the 10000 are in Malaysia ready to head to Indonesia – and then maybe onto Australia.

The question for today is, will moving Abbott to Immigration be a good move for Turnbull or a bad move? Remembering that this reshuffle is just as much as about saving Turnbull, and saving the coalition.

(joni: fixed the first sentence which, like me, did not make sense)

Poll Numbers

(I stole this from an N5 comment – and thought it was good to use as a thread – joni)

So the latest Newspoll is out and about, it  shows that Labor on a TPP basis leads 53% to 47% which places them in a better position than when they won the last election. The Essential poll has Labor on 57% to 43% TPP.

While Labor’s primary vote has dropped 2%, half the loss migrated to the Greens which then returned in the TPP. The Greens gain may be explained by the weak targets in Rudd’s CO2 targets. But who knows?

Rudd’s performance is up 2% from 56% to 58% while his dissatisfaction score is down 2%, all of which can be explained by the MOE. In the preferred PM rating Rudd outscores Turnbull 57% to 24%. No joy for the Liberals in those figures, regardless of how they spin it.

When will this ‘honeymoon’ end?

Voter’s Turn on Malcolm’s Bull

Just when it seems that Malcolm’s approval ratings cannot get any worse, they do.

The latest Herald/Nielsen poll shows Mr Rudd’s approval rating has risen to 74 per cent as Labor forges a crushing lead over the Coalition.

It reveals the electorate has stuck overwhelmingly with Mr Rudd and Labor since the global financial crisis began to bite into jobs and growth.

In an alarming turn for Mr Turnbull, more voters now disapprove of the job he is doing as Opposition Leader than approve.

I really suspect that the voters know that the GFC was not and is not caused by anything that is happening in this country. And that any attempt by the opposition to label this a “Rudd Recession” is clearly seen as cheap politics by the electorate.

Wont someone think of the conservatives?

Memo to the federal Liberal party: please sort it out

Even though it is amusing to see the problems that the tussle between Costello and Turnbull is causing to the Liberal party and their ratings, I cannot help but think that we need a decent opposition who will be debating the issues that matter instead of each other.

I really do not care about mandates, I just want the proposed IR legislation to be balanced. And if that means that the coalition votes against it or proposed amendments then so be it. Both sides of the house have that obligation to the Australian people. And if the people do not like it, then they will voice their opinion at the ballot box.

And so – will Costello please make up his mind. Does he want to be in or out? It’s not the Hokey Pokey.

Backflip with pike from Turnbull

Crikey is reporting that the opposition has just backflipped on their complete and utter opposition to the governments stimulus package.

However, Turnbull’s position today leaves the Coalition open to supporting the majority of the package — the $28b infrastructure component providing funding for school and housing projects. It comes a day after Newspoll revealed a slump in support for both the Coalition and Turnbull.

Is this the end for Turnbull?