Kevin Rudd, oink, oink, oink…!

It should comes as no surprise, that, whenever the Liberal Party finds itself bereft of any tangible, credible forms of criticism of the Federal Labour Government or its policies or initiatives, they simply revert to their tired old tactic of personal abuse.

In yet another example of the depths the Liberal Party is prepared to resort to in order to bring Kevin Rudd into disrepute, Liberal Party frontbencher Peter Dutton has launched the most extraordinary personal attack on Kevin Rudd that perhaps we’ve seen since the last election.

Mr Dutton says Mr Rudd has earned the nickname “the pig of Australian politics” for his behaviour on a recent VIP flight.

Mr Dutton has told ABC2 News Breakfast that Australians are starting to get to know the real Mr Rudd.

“He’s been described lately as the Barry Humphries of politics; he’s up on top of those stairs hopping into the VIP flight overseas waving like Dame Edna Everage,” he said.

“Once he’s on board he turns into Barry Humphries, he turns into the pig of Australian politics; this is a bloke who we have only just scratched the surface on.

“The pig of Australian politics?” Isn’t that taking things just a bit too far? I mean really, what an extraordinary accusation and unwarranted personal assault.

Clearly, the Liberal party are rattled that Turnbull’s ratings continue to slide into oblivion, but to try and drag up the old RAAF incident – which didn’t affect Rudd’s ratings in the last newspoll one iota – simply smacks of desperation.

“he’s been described as the Pig of Australian Politics?”

By whom exactly? Joe Hockey…?