Monday by the Magazine Rack



Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine Rack, our beginning of the working week chit chat thread.

And by all counts, this week is going to be filled with the promise of sheer levity and much hillarity! Things are off to a spell-binding start with a new report from BIS Shrapnel predicting that we’re on the cusp of a nationwide property boom ! (cue the canned laughter), and as joni points out, the honourable member for something Peter Costello has decided to tip-toe out of politips.

Which has some Blogocrats asking “will others follow in his wake?”

Well surely, you’d have to take a good, hard look at Tony Abbott. (Or perhaps not).

But Malcolm Turnbull must be delighted with the news and is no doubt gagging back his second flute of vintage Krug as we speak.

Coming back to property for a second, poor old Professor Steve Keens must be crying himself to sleep with the BIS Shrapnel report – having sold his Sydney home through fear of the property market crashing further. Or, could it be, that the BIS Shrapnel report is what we technically call “a load of bollocks?”

Meanwhile in more important news Oscar Wilde and George the Greek Car Thief continue to entertain on Master chef. Check it out on Channel Ten tonight at 7.00pm.

Thanks to Tom of Melbourne, I will dining at George’s restaurant “The Press Club” this Saturday. I will be taking my little notepad and Victor will no doubt have his camera so there will be a full blow-by-blow analysis over at the Food Trail next week.

By the way, me and joni are thinking of setting up a Facebook Group for all you cats. What do you think any interest?

So happy Monday everyone, and since we haven’t had some music for a while, here’s a little something to get everyone in the mood. Feel free to join in if you know the words…

Monday by the Magazine Rack



Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine Rack, our beginning of the week complete nonsense thread.

It also happens to be the first day of Winter. Congratulations.

A recent poll reckons that the Prime Minster has a “nasty streak,” at least that’s what 43% of respondents think. Which is a really interesting finding. Seeing as the only stories in the meja that would allude to such a vile temperament, have been second hand news stories about a ham sandwich and a hairdryer. Have these 43% of people been on the receiving end of a Rudd dressing down? I suspect not.

Besides, if 43% of people reckon Rudd’s got a nasty streak, what the hell must they make of Tony Abbott…??

In more important news, Michael Jackson’s worried his nose is going to fall off, Susan Boyle’s in rehab and a man has chopped off his willy just for the sake of it.

Do people ever cease to amaze you..?