Torture and MI5

More information on the torture of the inmates at Gitmo is coming to light. American Torture has a detailed post on  the Daily Mail’s (that well known leftoid paper) story on Binyam MOhamed’s torture, and how the British secret service (MI5) was complicit in that torture.

Of course, some on here dismiss this because he is an “innocent goat herder” and that his allegations cannot be believed. But the story relies on fact.

Over and over, the article presents evidence of U.S. and British collaboration in the interrogation and torture of Binyam Mohamed. Telegrams are sent back and forth, lines of inquiry are proposed, a “case conference” is held between U.S. and British intelligence at MI5 HQ in London.

The full extent of the collaboration and the torture are partly obscured by the fact that the British High Court reluctantly (and with public protest) have acceded to the demands of the British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, to withhold the publication of secret documentation of Mr. Mohamed’s torture — documents already seen by Mohamed’s attorneys, but not the public — because it would supposedly harm U.S.-British intelligence cooperation.

I suggest that you read the full post.

One of the parts says that the torture at Gitmo got worse after Obama was elected and said that Gitmo would close. Some have said that this is a blot on Obama, but note how it says that it got worse after Obama was “elected” – not since his inauguration. So it looks like the brutality increased before Obama took office.

The post on American Torture finishes:

But the real criminals sat or still sit in the highest chairs of government. The political will to hold them to account is crippled by the need to save the integrity of the system in the eyes of a scared and cynical populace — scared by a collapsing economy, and cynical because they too have lost all faith in the integrity of their leaders, and are placing all their hopes now in the charismatic Barack Obama.

Those responsible should be held accountable for their actions.