Former NRL Player slams The Footy Show’s “Absolute F**kin Morons!”

Oh dear,

Matty Johns is in strife yet again after being involved in a skit aired on the Footy Show which has been labelled as a clear case of anti-gay vilification.

According to, the skit aired on May 7 saw Matthew Johns, currently on suspension from the show after a group sex scandal, play his and brother Andrew’s fictional sibling “Elton Johns”.

In the skit, “Elton” is taken to hospital for being gay, with Andrew saying “I’m so ashamed of him”.

Gay activist Gary Burns has lodged a complaint with the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board.

Ian Roberts, the NRL’s highest-profile gay former player, came out swinging in support of the action.

He told SX he was “over the moon” about the complaint before declaring The Footy Show personalities “absolute f**king morons”.

“It’s about time someone did this,” Roberts said.

“Those blokes at The Footy Show – and you can quote me on this – are absolute f**king morons, and more power to Gary Burns for taking them to court.

“I will back him to the hilt on this 100 per cent. People like the Johns brothers need to be held accountable for their actions and their effect on others.”

A Nine spokeswoman had no comment.

You can view the clip here.