Holy Ice Sheet, Boltman!

Yesterday Andrew Bolt ran a story where he disputes a story in The Age that says:

Up to one-third of all Antarctic sea ice is likely to melt by the end of the century, seriously contributing to dangerous sea level rises, updated scientific modelling on global warming shows.

Now Andrew is technically correct, the melting of sea-ice does not in itself cause rising sea-levels- but he misses the point. The point about sea levels rising is because of the melting of the land-based ice. The sea-based ice works as a stopper for the glaciers, and without them the glacier ice will slip into the sea faster. Some of these glaciers are up to 300 metres thick.

Later in his article Bolt says that “even sea ice in the Arctic has failed to melt as predicted”. This is despite the story that has emerged from Antartica:

AN ICE wall damming the endangered Wilkins ice shelf against the Antarctic Peninsula has shattered, just as scientific alarms ring out about the region’s rapid warming.

Who to believe?

Ice addiction

Much has been written about “Crystal Meth(amphetamine)” also known as Tina, Crank, Shabu, Ice and Glass.

Although crystal meth has been around since World War II (it has been documented the Adolf Hitler injected the drug daily), its emergence in mainstream society has only become prevalent in the last 25 years.

Meth use has exploded worldwide in the last decade. In the US, meth use has spiraled out if control and is now the fastest-growing drug abuse problem.

In Australia, there are over 73,000 ice addicts*. Former NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney said “I don’t know in the time I’ve been a Policeman, which is 41 years, of a greater scourge on the community. The physical and mental manifestations of ice are absolutely horrific. It has the potential to destroy generations.”

Is Ice just another drug?

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