Stories from Gaza.

Code- named ‘Operation Cast Lead’, news station, Al Jazeera predicted that approximately 1000 Gazans have been killed or injured at time of blogging. BBC reported at least 227 casualties with at least 700 wounded while AP figures are at 230 dead with more than 400 wounded. In the last report, 100 tons of bombs are utilised in the first nine hours of bombing while at least 20 airstrikes are recorded in the first hours of Sunday.

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Bill of Rights

Last week I posted a thread on the Bill of Rights, saying that I welcomed the move by the federal government to start the consultation process on what an Australian Bill of Rights should contain.

We then had various comments such as comments that Australia does have a Bill of Rights (which is false) and how a Bill of Rights would give the judiciary more power than the parliament (which is also false). The campaign in Australia is not for a US style bill of rights. Continue reading

Guanta-no-more II

At the risk of opening up another discussion with only a few commentors, I want to start a new thread about Guantanamo and the current administration.

Reading an article in the IHT (link here) I was struck by a simple thought. 

  • How has the current administrations policies of “enhanced interrogation” and the removal of basic human rights protected the US?

Bill of Rights

In a profoundly disturbing opinion piece in this mornings SMH, John Von Doussa, who is the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, details why he thinks that we need a formal Bill of Rights in Australia.

I will leave you to read the full article, but when a judge says things like:

As a judge, I felt the decision at which I arrived was both legally correct and morally reprehensible


We frequently scrutinised the human rights compatibility of new bills. I saw major legislation – including counter-terrorism bills and the package of bills to enable the Northern Territory intervention – rushed through Parliament with grossly inadequate consideration of the impact of these laws on basic rights.

I get very disturbed, and get even more convinced of the need for an Australian Bill of Rights.