Rudd’s Plan for the Homeless

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced a bold plan to halve the number of homeless people in Australia and accommodate “all people sleeping rough” by 2020

While the plan has received wide-spread support from welfare agencies, I always find these grandiose claims of achieving certain “ambitious” targets within specific timeframes with a great deal of skepticism.

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Homeless in Australia

This is a post originally written by my partner Charles and posted on our blog.

The latest Sydney City News reported the worsening homelessness situation in Sydney caused by increasing ‘rental rates, chronic unemployment and mental illness’. In the article, journalist Deepthi interviewed former homeless, Marcus Prentice, who said that the deprivation or ‘access to medical treatment’ is one of the major problems facing homeless people. Peter Holocraft, the manager of The Big Issue, a magazine dedicated to helping homeless people to ‘get back on their feet’, was also quoted as saying that rising rental rates have aggravated the situation. Continue reading