I am not an economist: Hockey

The oppositions treasury spokesperson said on Lateline on Wednesday night that he is “not an economist and I’m certainly not going to pretend to be one”.

For weeks the opposition, and especially Hockey, has been saying that the Pre-christmas stimulus package was a failure. Continue reading

Hockey 1, Hockey 2

Was Joe the first pick for opposition treasury spokesperson or not? There are so many stories in the press today detailing how Turnbull actually asked Costello on Sunday (before Bishop fell on her sword) if he wanted the job! Including this story from Dennis Shanahan:

ABC radio last night cited unnamed Costello supporters who said Mr Turnbull’s offer of the shadow treasury job was not a “clean” one.

And this from the SMH:

Senior Liberals say categorically that Mr Costello was asked whether he wanted the shadow treasury when it became apparent that Ms Bishop would be forced out. The latest offer was made on Sunday.

And so Joe is now going to be taunted forever as “number two”, and we all know what number two’s are.