Hockey one, Hockey two, Hockey three….

Barry Brook over at has a ground breaking report on an existing hockey graph that we have all seen and has now been discredited.

For decades, school students and the general public have been taught that world human population size has exploded into exponential growth over the last few centuries (see left), with ‘demographic models’ being used to predict that this trend will be ongoing for at least the next 50 years.

It turns out that research has shown that the graph could not possibly be right. As Barry notes, one of the professors involved in dicrediting the graph uses some historical stories in his effort to get to the real data:

Xerxes managed to muster an army of a million men at Plataea — on one tiny field of battle! Now I ask you, how is that possible if world population size at the time was mere 50 million? It just didn’t make any sense to us.

Exactly – how can we be so arrogant to think that scientists know the answers!