Shuffle-bored on the SS Turnbull

It looks like Turnbull will be using the resignation of a minor minister (Chris Pearce, Superanuation spokeman) for a shadow cabinet reshuffle. The stories circulating at the moment seem to be saying that Abbott will get the immigration portfolio, just when the news from Indonesia is that 10000 people are ready to leave for Australia. Well, that last part is not actually true, the 10000 are in Malaysia ready to head to Indonesia – and then maybe onto Australia.

The question for today is, will moving Abbott to Immigration be a good move for Turnbull or a bad move? Remembering that this reshuffle is just as much as about saving Turnbull, and saving the coalition.

(joni: fixed the first sentence which, like me, did not make sense)

Abbott and Costello

As suggested by Min – we think this photo deserves a caption.

Abbott and Costello