We’ve moved

It is now official. We have now moved into our new home. Comments have now been closed here.

Our new home is www.blogocrats.com

I will keep this site as it is for a while until we work out what to do with it.

See you on the other side.

Update on blog

Hi everyone,

I have been making very good progress on blogocrats II, but it will take a while until I get the new version sorted. Hopefully we will have a better site for us all, which will include some of the things that we have been missing (numbered comments, cleaner interface). It is taking a lot of my spare time to configure the new site (well, to play with the configuration) – so the number of posts from me on here will not be as prolific as before.

But, like Arnie, we will be back.

Technical details: For the nerds amongst us, we will probably be moving to a Joomla based CMS.

Corporate Waste

A director decided to award a prize of $100 for the best idea of saving the company money during the credit crunch.

It was won by a young executive who suggested reducing the prize money to $20.

Urban myth?

Surround Sound

I know that a few on here are quite into music (including quality music like Neil Diamond). I was wondering, does anyone else on here have SACD or DVD-A’s, and if so, are you dissappointed that the formats have not taken off? For those who do not know what they are, they a dedicated surround sound mixes – in 5.1 channels – with a higher quality digital recording.

I have a few SACD’s and DVD’s, my favourite of course being the Dark Side of the Moon SACD, which was expertly remixed by James Guthrie. Coming a close second are Roxy Music’s Avalon and Bryan Ferry’s Boys and Girls. I was listening to REM’s Automatic for the People on Sunday and was actually dissappointed with the mix.

Does anyone have any other SACD/DVD-A’s? Any that you would recommend.

(also – we could make this a general discussion on your home stereo setup)

Half a Million!

Wow – we have reached half a million hits. Pretty amazing in itself, but the more telling statistic is that we have had over 46000 comments – which means that 4 in every 10 hits results in a comment.

So (at the risk of upseting myself) – what are we doing good, what are we doing bad, and how can we improve the blogocrats?

Big Brother Mouse

Here is the content of an email that I received at work from a lovely lady that I work with. I asked if I could use it on here. She was pleased and if anyone wants to donate some money, contact me via email and I can give you details of a bank account to use, or you can donate directly to the Big Brother Mouse website.

As you may know, I am shortly going to Laos for a couple of weeks. My friend who I am travelling with has been to Laos several times and has told me about a wonderful programme that supplies books to Laos children called “Big Brother Mouse“. This is a Lao-based (in Luang Prabang), Lao-owned project which designs and produces educational & fun books for kids, most of whom have neven seen or owned a book.

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Blogocrats Philosophy Quiz

Question One:

If Sally has two apples, and Ben has three pears, how many sardines does Nicolas have?

Question Two:

Two Zen Buddhist monks are walking through a field. One monk says to the other:

“The Sakura blossoms are particularly radiant this Spring.”

“Yes” replies the other monk. “But I had an apple and cinnamon muffin for breakfast.”


Question Three:

Is having better than wanting or not?