Flick Crit: Of Time and the City

Latest film review at Cinema Takes is Of Time and the City: Liverpool Made Me :

The 21st Century has seen an amazing rebirth of feature length documentaries as a rich cinema experience. Obvious examples from 2008 are Man On Wire and Waltz with Bashir.

Of Time and the City is the latest and certainly the most eccentric. It has no obvious claim to a mass market, not even from its home turf Liverpool. It is quite esoteric at times, laced with poetry and introspection which may make it less accessible for some who would otherwise enjoy it immensely. Yet at the same time it is a vivid history of post-war Liverpool, and its working people. A collage of the changing character of British cities in the second half of the 20th Century.

This is filmmaker Terence Davies’ homage to his roots.

Monday by The Magazine Rack…



Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine Rack.

Our beginning of the working week/weekend retrospective thread where we can have a chit chat about anything that takes your fancy..

Vitamin supplements. I take a few every day. In fact I’ve just had one now. Two capsules of fish oil. They really should carry a warning – swallow immediately, because, as I’ve just discovered, if you allow the gelatinous coating to dissolve in your mouth, the taste of fish oil is quite disgusting. Like gagging back the leftover oil from a sardine can but about a hundred times more intense.


As part of my erstwhile responsibility as a ‘patron of the arts’ I am pleased to report that last night I had the privelage to attend the latest adaptation of Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

This was a visually stunning production from Iceland which features the main character (the salesman who morphs into an insect) performing his part while suspended from the ceiling of the stage. The music was by Nick Cave. You can read a review of it here.

Now where did I put that ginko forte…..

Global Voices Book Challenge

The Global Voices Book Challenge:

1) Read a book during the next month from a country whose literature you have never read anything of before.

2) Write a blog post about it during the week of April 23.

More information at Global Voices Book Challenge – Read Your Way Around the World!

Any suggestions?

Flick Crit: The Combination

Promised review of David Field’s film The Combination now out:

The Combination: Testosterone Rules

After all the conflict at the opening sessions in Sydney, only one other person was in the St Kilda cinema at lunchtime on Saturday to see The Combination. A pity, because this is an Aussie film with attitude. It’s a good story, competently told. Actor and now director, David Field’s first effort is tight and straightforward.


This is the opportunity to discuss multiculturalism, race, drugs, crime, violence, youth and even love.

Mardi Gras

Tonight is the Mardi Gras parade here in Sydney, and I will be marching with the Amnesty Internationals LGBTQ Network (yes – quite a mouthful). Our theme this year is 7/77.  So the best frocks and jocks will be on display. If any of the blogocrats are going or watching, keep an eye out for me during the parade as I will be wearing my sling to protect my shoulder (no reb, not that other type of sling – you’re disgusting!).

There are 7 countries in the world where same-sex love is punishable by the death penalty. Those countries are: Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen and Iran.

And there are 77 countries where same-sex love is punishable by imprisonment, which include: Singapore, Malaysia,  India, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea.

Just an aside, Sparta has published a comment on the Frolyks-thread on the same-sex marriage battle in California (which I will get around to reading). 

Here is a short ad I created for Amnesty International Australia that played before each movie of the 2009 Mardi Gras Film Festival. This ad could be getting some airplay on the Foxtel broadcast tonight.

I will fill you all in on the march tomorrow, when and if I recover. And I will have more to say on the censorship of our entry into the parade by New Mardi Gras.

2009, the year ahead…

2009 is the Year of The Ox

2009 is the Year of The Ox

You’re really got to hand it to the Chinese.

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Midweek Mayhem!

Welcome to Midweek Mayhem!

The place where we get to talk about anything and everything, now catering for the lactose intolerant!

Did you know that 98% of SE Asians are lactose intolerant? Which largely explains why you can never get a decent milkshake there or a nice aged cheddar. Likewise they don’t tolerate grog particularly well either.

Which brings me to Christmas. A time for getting pissed, oh and the obligatory gift-giving, family stuff, arguments, punch ups etc. A heads up that the big day is two weeks from tomorrow. Gasp! Apparently it has some religious conotations too. Or at least so I’ve been told.

Is it just me, or is TV always crap during Christmas and New Year? It’s like the TV stations collude to broadcast the most unwatchable garbage in order to make sure that everyone goes out and spends “quality” time with the family. I’ve got fifty bucks that says “The Sound of Music” make its annual appearance.

By the way PM Kevin Rudd has just given Indonesia a rather generous $1 billion pre-Christmas present. Nice eh? If it was me I’d just bomb the bastards.

Why should we be giving $1 billion to a country that celebrates Muslim extremists and executes Australians?

Anyway, happy Christmas…


This week’s Mayhem clip is for anyone who’s up for a laugh, and it’s well worth it!!