Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Here be the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the blogocrats on how to get the best out of wordpress. We have some limitations with the template we are using, and I might try out another one soon – once I get my head around which one can do what we want.

So – if you have any questions or hints for the blogocrats, put it in here. We will allow comments to be posted here, but to keep the thread clean, we will tidy the comments so that the ones that “add value” will be kept, but please put your questions here and we will try to answer them.

Thanks to Zoe – we now have a way to embed links in text.

<a href=””> link text here </a>

88 Responses

  1. How to create a profile and add an avatar?

    1. go to and use the Sign Up tab
    2. setup your username, and confirm when you get an email from wordpress
    3. you can then setup a nickname to be used
    4. you can upload a photo to be used as your avatar

  2. On avatars – ensure the image (or the part that you wish to use) is square (not rectangular)

  3. Sans Blog has suggested an alternative method of creating an avatar:

    If people sign up with

    then the gravatar will be available on all sites that use gravatars. When I first joined them, for $5 you could have as many email addresses as you wanted and a separate pic for each, if required – made me think I had multiple personality disorder at one stage!

  4. This link has some information on the smileys that we can use.

    For example:

    🙂 😀 😦 😮 😯 😕 8)

    And even some animated ones!

    😆 🙄 😳

    Kewl eh?

  5. I changed my avatar yesterday due to the fact it was too small.

    Why when I post the old one still comes up ?

    When I log on at wordpress the old one is gone.

  6. The GSC one is now appearing – which I think is a great avatar!

  7. but your nickname has changed too…. I think it is all about when you actually signon to wordpress etc… I will do some landscaping/digging to see what I can find out.

  8. Well I though it would be better than the bat and legs…by the way Bill Leak has apparently come out of his coma and is spritely of mind.

    I read it over at The Australian.

  9. Somehow I will get “bat and legs” as a thread heading, somehow, sometime, somewhere…

  10. Is there an option for ‘preview’ before posting, Joni?

  11. Yes – when you write a post, on the righthand side there is a “preview post” button that opens a new window to see what it looks like.

  12. I think they might only be for admins like yourself, Joni, because there’s no preview showing here (I did mean for comments like this one).

    Hope you had fun at quiz night.

  13. Hi, how do we do links?

    At the Blogocracy site, the syntax was:

    [url=]Link text here[/url]

    How do we achieve the same effect using WordPress?


  14. The previous code is: less thana hrefequalsurl in inverted commasgreater thanless than/agreater than

    Hope this one works.

  15. I will work on how to put links into a comment tomorrrow – it’s quite hard to show how without it being interpreted as a link.

  16. That’s the problem I had. I tried to use colour to break up my explanation above but this blog isn’t allowing colour tags in html. Is there a way of switching that on joni?

  17. Here’s a handy hint I found:

    Basic Notes – Useful Tips

    Always add a trailing slash to subfolder references. If you link like this: href=””, you will generate two HTTP requests to the server, because the server will add a slash to the address and create a new request like this: href=””

    Also for those using Firefox there is a great addon called BBCode. It gives you a right click context menu for BBCode, HTML Code, Symbol Code and Custom Tags so you can add your own tags to the context menu. Just highlight the text you want to apply the tag to, right click and select the code. It’s that simple.

    BBCode addons:

    The second one is good but hasn’t got a customisation feature.

  18. Unfortunately we are limited with colour, URL’s etc, by WordPress.

    I am going to look further into how we can improve the comments feature as I think there are some plugins that I can get for this template – so I think, in the meantime, the blogoccrats can just cut and paste the link into their comments without the HTML around it.

  19. Perhaps a tip jar to allow you to expand the options might be a consideration.

    The ultimate would be using the standalone version of WP which gives a HUGE range of plugins, themes and options not available in this multi-user version.

  20. Not sure whether you have fixed this already, because there are some tips under the comment box, but if not:

    Blogocracy used a kind of mark up that’s common to bulletin boards, but wordpress needs html.

    You need to use what’s called html entities so the operative bits shows up just as text. Lots more info on the web, of course. Anyway, to make a hyperlink, you need to do this:

    <a href=””&glt;link text here</a>

    I just cut and pasted it for the first six months. ; )

  21. I knew that would effing happen. Take two:

    <a href=””>link text here</a>

  22. Out of curiosity Zoe, how did you get the example to come up without it being a link?

  23. Adrian

    What a clever Zoe we have!

    The trick was the use the XML reserved characters for the less-than and greater-than signs, such as “& g t” (without the spaces)….

    very clever, Zoe!!!!

    I will tidy the comments in here now and will just leave Zoe’s – might even put it into the right-column FAQ portion so it is readliy available

  24. yep, that’s the “html entities” –this page is very helpful.

  25. Thanks very much everyone.

    Blogocrats site. Just Click It!!

  26. Ah similar to what I do with my email address on the company website so it can’t be harvested by spiders but still works as a clickable email address.

    Actually joni after I posted the question I bought up the page source in Firefox and worked it out, which is what I should have done before posting the question.

    If anyone is interested in how to BBCode your email on a website so standard spiders can’t harvest it but it still remains as a clickable email address I’ll post an example. This is a very basic protection measure and the more sophisticated harvesters out there can work around it, but luckily these harvesters are rare and complex to setup.

  27. A gentle word to everyone re swearing.

    As you know, we have been pretty relaxed in allowing everyone to curse etc, however it is worth bearing in mind that some of the posters here, encourage their children to read the topics and posts, and I sense (rightly or wrongly) that some of these people are becoming less involved due to some of the strong language being used in some of the posts.

    I therefore suggest that if you’re going to use the “F” word (in particular) that you do so obliquely, by using asterisks such as F**k or something similar?

    We all know what we mean, there’s just no need to spell it out.

    I’d hate to start editing posts (it’s a waste of my time for one thing), so hope that we can all adopt this approach for the sake of the broader blogocrats family.

    Thanks for your understanding, and by the way, I’m not singling anyone out, I’ve been guilty of this just as much as anyone..

  28. sreb, just read your last post and agree wholeheartedly, thanks, having spent 16 years in auto workshops, a couple of years in the DF and 16+ on minesites I can assure you I could make your ears curl – however as my dear old mum says – bad language indicates a limited vocabulary…and yes, sometimes the odd expletive adds emphasis!

    Colour Experiment # 1

    Go Maroons!

  29. I started my blog last year, and stumbled accross html’s and href bit by bit. I used the blogger help desk a lot, and finally it came together. It took me forever to get the avatar, and to be honest I can’t remember what I did. Good luck.

  30. I think it would be much better if long posts used the more/over the fold function as a standard.


  31. joni/reb is it possible to get some more html code accepted in this blog. Colours would be nice as would the horizontal line.



  32. I’d love to, but we are restricted at the moment with the current template. I am going to have a look around wordpress for a different template that will allow some more features. So if you find one – let me know and we will look into changing over to it.

  33. And SB, on the fold – I try to edit posts to have that. I just need to teach the follow posters to do it by default.

  34. I agree with Sans Blog.

    I agree with Adrian but I’m more interested in MAROON!

  35. How do I add a hyperlink?

  36. Miglo – the details on how to put in a link are at the top of this page… just cut and past it… work it will.


  37. Testing temporary avatar

  38. had to use shaneinqld to get registered for wordpres. Do I have to use all of that or can I still use shane

  39. Hi Shane,

    You can still use shane:

    1. Once you have logged into wordpress as shaneinqld, click into “my account” at the top left side of your screen.

    2. Then click edit profile.

    3. Within the section”NAME” you will see you registered name “shaninqld”

    4. Three lines underneath that you will see “Nickname” enter shane in there.

    5. it will then give you the option to “display name publicly” as “shaneinqld” or shane”.

    6. Select shane. and then go back to visit site Blogocrats at the top left of the screen.

    I think that should work. Nice to see Riley too!


  40. thanks heaps reb, will get to that soon, just let me through as shaneinqld as it is still me LOL.

    I have put Riley up until I get one of myself so people can put a face to a name.

  41. Dose anyone have a tip on how i can get the avatar(pic) back?

  42. Hey joni and Reb…an idea worth exploring.

    Look, the threads out there are going off topic and there is like two rooms that are on the same subject…maybe a kind of forum thread every day so people can get their stuff off their chest without the need to throw another thread off course???

    A kind of “Sandpit.”

  43. The scaper sandpit where you can come and roll your frustrations off in the abrasive sand and reshape your outlook?

  44. Hi scaper,

    “the scaper sandpit?” Excellent idea! Walrus suggested some similar called “By the Water Cooler” a Monday morning thread where we can offload whatever happened during the weekend ( as opposed to a continuation of the fragemented Frolykz thread by the time it reaches Monday).

    I totally agree, the threads are going off topic and maybe it’s time for me and joni to gently ‘prod’ people back towards the topic at hand.

    We can have the “general” threads for general social chit chat and discussions unrelated to specific topics.

    Just on that scaper, you’re our resident expert on the climate change, the water crisis, and the way in which the government is responding to these challenges.

    It would be really great if you felt up to posting a topic on it one day – maybe your perspectives on the challenges and whether the government is doing a good job or not (and whether the opposition has any viable alternative). Anyway, just a thought.

  45. As a general observation, it’s been suggested that comments are tending to go off topic. I’m inclined to agree, and although you all know that joni and I like to intervene as little as possible, I think this is a valid point.

    Howabout we keep the general threads like Weekend Frolykz and Midweek Mayhem dedicated to general discussion, and make a best effort to keep the other threads on topic. I’m as guilty as this as anyone else, so no one is being singled out.

    Also we’ll be introducing some new general discussion threads aside from Wednesday’s and Friday’s to provide everyone with a forum for general chat and issues which are unrelated to specific topics.

    On behalf of me and joni, thanks for your continued contributions and involvement, and if you have any suggestions just email joni or me at

    Lookout for our new general discussion threads coming soon – “By the Water Cooler” and “The Sandpit”


  46. I am a bit laid up still at the moment, and I would like to echo reb’s comments. We try to intrude as little a possible, and are still finding our feet on moderating and providing direction for the blogocrats.

    Maybe we could publish a timetable of our regular thread topics?

  47. joni, I was thinking that we could have a generic email for blogocrats. It’s already taken at gmail but is available at yahoo.

    Do you want me to register it? That way we could both check inbound enquiries etc..

    whaddaya think?

    How’s the shoulder by the way? Hope you’re taking a few days off work…

  48. Will get the email setup now.

  49. Aiyoh! I’ve just set it up on yahoo!

    Did you have another one in mind (ie gmail) or are you happy with the yahoo one?

    I can email you the user name and passwd if you like…

  50. Guys, I would love to let on the amazing progress of the Great Southern Cross Project but it is finely balanced at the moment and the tidbits I have sent to joni has morphed into a feast and I’m in the state of digestion.

    As someone said, there will be many tears on the path but the active members and myself are well hydrated…going public next year and the media machine is primed.

  51. Am I the only one where the stuff in the right hand column disappears on the home page? It’s there when I go into any topic but is blank when I goto the home page.

  52. No – there is an alignment problem with one of the posts on the main page… I think it is one of the posts from last week. When it drops off the front page all will be well again (I hope)

  53. Thanks.

  54. Hello,

    If you would like to make some text bold simply type this:

    this is the text I want to make bold

    and for block quotes type this:

    this is the text I want to put in quotes

    I’m afraid I don’t know how to do italics..

  55. Hmmm, that wasn’t very educational was it….


  56. reb

    leave it with me and I will come up with the guidelines…

  57. Now I understand

    When i want it bold I do “this”

    When I want to put something in block quotes I do “this”


  58. Tom, have a look here (there are other links at the bottom of the page):

  59. Glad to be of assistance Tom.

    Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    (said in my best Telstra call-centre voice)

  60. Testing.

    [quote]quoted text[/quote]

    [b]bolded text[/b]

  61. Works a treat!! thanks Tony

  62. Try the other side of that page Tom.


  63. See – I am now superflouous to requirements on this blog


  64. testing again

    quoted text

  65. How interesting, but I’ll never remember.

  66. Tom, use the drunken v symbols (ie v on its side) above the , and . on your keyboard instead of [ ] and replace “quote” with “blockquote” Same for bold – just replace the [ and ] with the drunken v

  67. :hooray:

  68. Tom,

    very disappointed you didn’t use the opportunity to bash unions!

  69. Thanks for the suggestion dave

    It is about time the men and women of Australia turned their collective backs on the dead hand of unions, usually run by hacks and thugs. They are only interested in knocking off some hard working employer, and then getting a seat in parliament, so rip off us taxpayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. What’s all this Myspace stuff?

    & more importantly is it “safe” to use?

    I am a Myspace non-adherent & generally highly dubious about such things regarding permanent loss of privacy.
    Of course if’n someone can make an intelligent case for it I may dabble.

  71. Create an “online profile” to use Toilethound. (perhaps Mr Toilet Hound for eg. – mine is Bacc Hus and there’s a Mr Tony Baloney in there as well) Just be careful in creating it that you don’t include any information about yourself that you don’t want made public. It’s all pretty painless really…

  72. Thanx bacchus. Much appreciated.

    I’m a little wary of such things.

  73. Human Dividend (of Buffalo Lodge),

    Just had a look at the Blogocrats Facebook Group at this link (you should too):

    You’ll have to register, but it’s worth the trouble. 😉

  74. We will gladly welcome you to our elite little group.

  75. Excuse the language in advance!


    I just (not 10 minutes ago) signed up to fkn MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!

    No wonder I can’t find damn blogocrats!

  76. Miglo,

    I’ve joined facebook under a nom de plume, and don’t feel worthy of joining the group until I’m prepared to reveal as much as you guys. I’m still coming to terms with that leap.

  77. I bet you I know what Human D is doing right now.

  78. ROFL. You couldn’t put enough money on it.

  79. Turned out I was right too.

  80. Nice profile, HD. You’ve found a middle ground between full disclosure and cryptic snippets. The gauntlet has been thrown down. (How do you actually get your mug on the board, btw – send a friend request?)

  81. Not sure how I did it Tony but it must have been easy because I’ve had quite a few & haven’t slept after N/S.
    I think I did something on the group homepage?

  82. I discovered that you gotta be careful about how specific you get about your employer etc. or otherwise you start linking to people in a 50km radius. Scary.

  83. Or even worse..your kids end up finding you 🙂

  84. Can somebody please tell me how to edit a hyperlink.

  85. What you mean? This?

    link text here

    Oops – see the part at the top of the FAQ page on links.

  86. Thanks joni, but it says “page not found”.

  87. Cheers Tony for mentioning facebook, i like how many old friends it is putting me in touch with.

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