This blog is started because of the closing of blogocracy at news.com.au.

The family of bloggers felt that they needed a home to keep posting their thoughts on the world, and so – here we are.

If you would like to contribute, just leave a comment.

joni and reb

70 Responses

  1. Hi guys, great to find you.

    Thanks to Scaper, who I caught up with over at George Mega’s blog, who pointed me in this direction.

    Has anyone emailed Tim to let him know about this place?

    I hope others of the Blogocrat community will find their way here. Gahd I miss the old place.

    Cheers and regards to all.


  2. Glad I found you, I’ve been missing Tim’s blog. Thanks for starting this.

  3. Accidentally found this from a comment in the Megalogenis blog

    Thanks for starting this and hope it takes off.

  4. Hi Caney, Jan and Adrian.

    Welcome! Great to have you here.

    Joni and I are also enouraging anyone who’s interested, to write a post on a topic of your interest, for others to discuss,

    So just let us know..


  5. A Tim Dunlop admirer discovered your blog and passed its name onto me. She suggested I consider writing posts for your site. Using the pseudonym ‘Ad astra’, I’ve contributed to The Possum Box and on my own blog The Political Sword. If you find these pieces along the lines you’re seeking, I’d be happy to contribute posts to Bolgocrats from time to time.

    Would there be any objection to the same or a similar piece being posted on both Blogocrats and The Political Sword?

  6. Ad Astra…. absolutely we’d love contributions.

  7. OK.

    When I tried the links in my comment (5) a ‘snap shots’ box popped up and when I clicked the link I got a ‘cannot display the page’ error message and the URL changed to http://www.thepoliticalsword.xn--com-5o0a/

    Yet I’m sure the ‘a href’ tags were correctly placed.

    I wonder what went wrong. Can you fix it?

  8. You haven’t yet indicated how I can submit a post. I have one on the Kathy Bedford saga on ABC 774 this morning if you want it. I’ve just posted it on my blog, The Political Sword http://www.thepoliticalsword.com

    Also you haven’t answered my question in item 7 about the non-operative links in item 5. How do I include a link that will work? Is there some special trick over and above the usual HTML code?

  9. I think I’ve answered my own question about links. The one in item 8, which had no surrounding HTML tags, worked perfectly.

  10. I’ve just popped in to make sure that there is some sensible input among the politically correct!!

  11. Tom,

    You are most welcome… we really do want people who have opinions different to ourselves. On blogocracy we all learnt (I think) when we challenged each others POV.

    So – please do come and comment.

  12. joni, you still haven’t told me how to submit an article to Blogocrats. There’s one I’ve posted today on The Political Sword http://www.thepoliticalsword.com titled “So will interest rates now always be lower under Labor?”

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  13. Hi Guys

    Thank god for Joni and Reb.

    What a wonderful idea to set up after blogocracy. I was lost until Human Dividend responded to my comments on the Stars and Snipes blog. So thank you Human Dividend. I have found a place where people can express their opinion. So I hope all the guys that frequented Blogrocacy are aware of this site. I enjoy a good debate with anyone but not the vitriol and nastiness of Piers Akerman and the like where the responses from him are bitter and nasty. So thanks Himan Dividend looks like I am home 🙂

  14. Welcome Shane!

  15. Thanks stuntreb. Just hope everyone forgives my typing as I am pretty pathetic at it 🙂

  16. it deosn’t raelly mattre if yuo’re no good at tpying becuase we will all undrestnad waht you maen anyawy…!

  17. Happy to cross post if you want particular themes or issues. My blog is diverse. Please let me know how/what to post. Suggest email.

  18. Kevin

    More than happy to have you as an author – you should have an email now that will allow you to write your own posts on us.



  19. Maybe as your first you could put up the Lemon Tree post?

  20. Just something that’s starting to occur and it might be just my perception but there have been a lot of topics popping up in the one day lately.

    There is a problem with starting so many topics one after another in that inevitably some will be ignored and usually one will see all the action.

  21. Good point Adrian and duly noted.

    I guess it’s partly to do with so much going on at the moment, in terms of the markets, but thanks for alerting us to that.

  22. joni, I just read Adrian’s post – that’s exactly what I thought.

    Maybe you limit the guest posts to particular times or topics or numbers. Otherwise it will get out of hand and become too difficult for people to keep up with.

    I only wrote The Knives to get off the gloom and doom of the market?

    I suspect too many authors may be a case of “too many cooks” too!

    I’ll be out all day tomorrow and my teeth will be out Tuesday morning 😀 and I’m not sure not sure how well I’ll feel…just so you know why, if I’m not posting!

  23. I suppose that these are the issues that we will have to work out – who posts, what they post and when.

    At the moment we have four authors, and I guess that we will settle down into what we write about and when.

    But I think that it is going pretty good at the moment, and as reb says, the developments in the markets is just so hard to keep track of. Anyway – I have taken down the boyfs posts, and might put it up again tomorrow.


  24. joni,

    I too am concerned by the volume of new threads…I’m finding it difficult to keep up and Tim’s formula of using the mid-week and weekend threads for general chit chat kept the other threads on topic.

    By the way…I enjoyed reading the bf’s post…thought provoking.

  25. I should limit posting to perhaps one every few days.

    It can be confusing. Actually, it may be an idea for me to fill some gaps when joni and reb are bogged down from time to time.

    We’ve got to control the volume of posts for sure.

  26. Agree with limiting posts.

    I guess the rapid proliferation in the first few days was in part due to wanting to keep the blog alive.

    But now that we have a few authors (which is most excellent) there’s less of sense of urgency for me (and joni) to ensure there’s regular threads for people to comment on.

    I’m confident that the blog remains “fundamentally sound”


  27. Has anyone been over to Pollbludger to promote this site?

    I had a major falling out with Billbowe over allowing ‘classified’ to reveal my personal details there…I don’t hold a grudge for long but I’m not into getting savaged either.

  28. Reb

    “I’m confident that the blog remains “fundamentally sound”

    Please don’t jinx us.LOL

  29. I agree with reb, this “working family” is “fundamentally sound”.

  30. like the avatar john!

  31. Speaking of avatars, I know it’s been covered elsewhere but how do I get one? I can’t find the thread with the link to wordpress previously put up.
    I am but a humble internet philistine.
    Apparently jesus still loves me though, or so I am lead to believe.
    Darth Vader & Indiana Jones love me too.

  32. Gee, I got this logo on jpeg that you guys helped to design but do you think that I can utilise it???

    I suppose I should contact the members to ask for IT assistance…can’t even put out a newsletter…a real mover and shaker?

    Yeah, right!!!

  33. scaper,

    email me your logo and company details and I will create a word template for you


    just go to wordpress.com and you should be able to upload a avatar for your user.

  34. Comments are now being moderated?

    EDITOR REB: No, I don’t think so, TB. Sometimes the spam filter picks up legitimate comments and puts them in moderation. I don’t know why it does this. But at any rate, your comments should now be posted…

  35. TB

    No – but sometimes they fall into the “need approval” bucket… and reb and myself just need to approve.

  36. Hey guys, Is it possible to cut the posts per page down to say 30 with multiple pages for long threads. It’s not a prob for most threads but with the weekend thread and a couple of others getting up over 100, it starts getting a bit annoying scrolling all the way down and chews up unnecessary download volume.

  37. Agree Dave55.
    I reckon a comment total alongside thread titles in the sidebar may also help to more easily determine which threads are still active.

  38. While I’m on a roll for offering suggestions, How-about a relevance deprivation thread where we can just rant and get it off our chests about anything – a bit like my Kochie and dumb news.com.au story sprays which, lets face it, were way off topic.

  39. Dave, that would be the Midweek Mayhem thread on Wednesday. You’ll have to save up all your pent up frustration util then..!!

  40. OK – but there may be a bit this week if Monday is anything to go by – and Friday could result in a massive spray if politics are involved 😉

  41. I’ve just popped the finance thread Dave…

  42. *cough* I meant “popped up” the finance thread, ahem..

  43. D55… I wish we could implement the suggestions you make re comments etc

    But with the wordpress templates we can’t change much – well, nit until I learn a little bit more and pay for the upgrade for the blog.

  44. joni,

    I’ve been up to secret Mack’s business.

    You see guys…I have had this insane idea concerning a blog site that is elevated to a point that certain people can post here without the fear of being lambasted?

    What I admire about this site is the respect shown, even if one disagrees with another’s opinion…the bottom line is we all want the best for this nation and many views add to a formulation for the path to the

  45. OOPS, avatar test didn’t appear on blogofaq, probably coz it’s a waste of faq’s?
    I’ll try here instead.

  46. Not working just yet, still rasmussen biting my hand.

  47. Aaaah! satisfaction! wordpress has delivered again.

  48. Well well, so this is where the ‘faithful’ hang out? Hmmm!
    G’day one and all. So we’re all suffering from post-dunlop-stress syndrome eh?
    Gotta say I have missed you guys. However, no sooner do I peruse this blog site to see the Rodent still rates a mention, albeit of a derogatory nature.
    Not to worry. Hopefully the Three Stooges World Public Speaking Tour will soon commence, featuring of course, GWBush, LD (Little Dick) Cheney, and our very own JWHoward, king of all rodents.

    Speech Topics:

    GW Bush – How to destroy the world economy, how to run up a multi-trillion dollar deficit, how I raped my own nation, why I’m so stupid.
    LD (Little Dick) Cheney – How to privatise an illegal war, how to rape my own nation, how a deficit can become real profit, how I met stupid.
    GW Howard – Babies do float when thrown overboard. I hate saying sorry. I’m stupid too. How under my Prime Ministership, Australia had (all) 8 Labor state and Territory governments.
    How I met and love stupid 1 and stupid 2.
    Why none of us is no longer in power.

    Maintain the rage blogocrats. I’ll be watching and reading from time to time.
    Question to Joni: You think for one moment the Rodent has a collection of Kneel Diamond stuff?

  49. LOL Oftenbark… you’ve been mentioned in despatches around these parts and you are most welcome to come and play.

    And on Neil – grrrrrrrrr.

    BTW – how’d you find us?

  50. Greetings Joni. A certain ‘Angel’ alerted me to this blog site. Great to hear from you too Joni and thank you. I’ve passed this site info on to Orang and Lekhni. We may hopefully hear from all of the aforementioned blogocrats some time soon.

    And on Kneel . . . grrrrrrrrr.

    Hey Joni. That’s how I feel about Kneel too! Pass the bucket.

    (Just joking Joni, you know I’m simply joking, don’t you Joni? – wink)

  51. hi oftenbark, lol @ 48 (Speech Topics, how i met stupid)

    Orang, i always enjoyed his G.Bush comments.

  52. Orang, if you are watching…please come out & play here at blogocrats.

    Definitely one of my faves from Blogocracy who has so far been missing here.
    Thanx for giving orang a heads up Oftenbark.

  53. 100,000 hits before Xmas?

  54. “100,000 hits before Xmas?”

    You bet your sweet ass!

  55. FFS Reb, ‘arse’, not ‘ass’, please!

    Reb, have you forgotten your Glaswegian roots?

  56. yes reb “arse”

  57. Oftenbark LOL!!

    Nae danger big man.

    In my defence, I was actually quoting from the 70’s movie “Thank God It’s Friday”:


    Which reminds me, an old joke of my dad’s:

    “Hey you! You wae ra brokin’ nose, let’s here ye sing Danny Boy.”

    “Whit? I huvnae got a brokin’ nose”


    “Oh Danny Boy, da pipes, da pipes dar callin’, frae oo’er here din oo’er dere n’ awe…”

  58. reb@54


    And it’s definitely an “arse”…not a donkey from whence I speak.

  59. Excuse me everyone. I have an announcement.

    Our friend Aquanut made this remarkable prediction on our weekend thread “Never Mind the Frolkyz” with surprising accuracy:

    89. aquanut | December 15, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    “100,000 tomorrow. If im right i want an inground pool with spa and rocks”

    Indeed, Aquanut was 100% correct in predicting that 100,000 hits would be reached on Dec 16.

    Regretably we’ve already given away the the inground pool with spa and rocks to another punter, however I may be able to russle up one of those cheap, imported from China desk top water trickling things that has pebbles n stuff in it..

  60. Is it one of the desktop water thingys that has the pretend smoke too? If it is, he is a lucky lucky blogocrat.

  61. The ones that pretend to smoke?! Are you kidding me? That’s way over my $2 prize limit budget.

    Maybe as a compromise Aquanut could simply use it as an ashtray – thereby achieving the same result.

    Actually, aquanut, howabout saving me throuble, and just fill up an old jam jar with water and some pebbles and just use it as an ashtray?

    Whenever you want to hear the “calming trickling effect” you might just need to give it the odd shake now and then.

    Why didn’t I think of that in the first place…..

  62. I’d like to be, under the sea, in an octopus’ garden, in the shade.

  63. But i dug the hole. Thats it.! you guys owe me rocks

  64. After introducing my wife to Blogocrats and falling under its appeal, she pondered how good it would be if one day we could all meet.

    Not a bad idea.

    How about we have a get-together after our first year? Perhaps a bit of a bash, say in Sydney, for those that could make it.

    I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to drive up from Canberra for the drink fest.

  65. “how good it would be if one day we could all meet.”

    Somehow I think we’d all be a bit disappointed. It would be like the pensioners Big Day Out.

    Perhaps we shouldn’t shatter the illusion that we’re all sharp, witty individuals with a good sense of humour and fairly attractive looking (speaking on behalf of myself of course)

    However I was suggesting to joni the other day, an idea about having “an about the gang” page, where we could have profiles about all the regular contributors – all voluntary of course.

    Oh f**k it, who am I to spoil the fun. Go ahead and arrange a bash. I’m sure joni could think of a few appropriate “establishments”.


  66. What we need to do is hire a house boat for a week and go down the coast picking people up untill we…
    The hole in my head prevents me from holding an idea for to long, the idea just leaks out

  67. Hexx, I’m determined to go for an excuse for a fish in the next week…will give you a tingle to allow for the lead time to get down there.

    I want to meet up with TB over the same period…I’ve got to go up to his neck of the woods to look at a construction due to commence in March.

  68. Scaper, sounds good.

  69. Hey Wow!!! Here you all are again, just like before!

    Thanks to scaper, who sent me the website address.

    It’s really great to read all your wonderful thoughts again. I have so missed Blogocracy!

  70. Hi Elise!

    Welcome, great to see you have found us..!


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