The Gutter Trash

  • High Court finds Chaplains in Schools program is invalid
  • Millions spent on programs so far
  • Govt vows to fight to keep chaplains in schools

The Gillard Government is once again defying the High Court this time vowing to maintain the controversial “School Chaplains” program.

The program has attracted criticism for amounting to a form of taxpayer funded religious indoctrination, propaganda, and a recruitment channel for religious organisations who are given free reign to prey on vulnerable children who may be subjected to unwelcome religious “counselling.”

Originally founded by John Howard in 2006 and lauded by conservative Christians and the religious right, the schools chaplains programs has cost taxpayers some hundreds of millions of dollars on what many regard would be better spent on secular counselling services free from the influence of religious scripture.

Toowoomba parent Ron Williams successfully launched a High Court challenge against the chaplaincy program, arguing it violated…

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