Message from reb

Hello fellow human beings (and Toilet Boss)

Tony has asked the question – “WTF is going on?” And I suppose it deserves an answer.

The following is just my view, and joni (and others) may have differing opinions; neither view is perhaps universally right nor wrong, and mine is just my own personal interpretation of how I see things. I guess I owe some sort of explanation.

As most of you know, virtually one year ago (can you believe it?) Tim Dunlop threw in the towel at with his blog site – Blogocracy. A few of us kept in contact via email, and from this early collaboration this new site “Blogocrats” was born..

The editorial content has been mostly written by me and joni with occasional guest posts from other bloggers. The debate has been lively and sometimes heated.

We have tried to be as open as possible – with anyone allowed to comment ‘without moderation’.

As you may be aware, joni and me both work full time, so we don’t really have time to review each and every comment before it is published.

Unfortunately, this has led to some occasions where bloggers have launched fairly personal attacks against other participants.

There have been calls for individuals to be banned, and in some cases this measure has been enforced.

I am sure I speak for both joni and myself when I say that I really feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to ban someone from participating, however this has been a step that some people have felt necessary to impose.

At this time I decided to open The Gutter as a no-frills, trailer-trash type of blog with no pretences about being anything intellectual or intelligent. I also wanted to maintain an “open comments’ policy.

Joni has been working on a new home to replace this site using new technology rather than the wordpress software. The new home is now working and live at

I imagine joni is making some final changes before announcing “The Launch” of the new Blogocrats web site, but for all intents and purposes people can start blogging there now. You will need to register before you can submit comments.

I think one thing that joni and I have always maintained is that Blogocrats belongs to all of us, it doesn’t belong to me, or joni. The site has evolved over time, with input from many of you, and is what it is at the new home.

I imagine that the lights will soon be switched off here soon, and you’ll be able to continue blogging at the new home…