Single-Sex Marriage & Labor Policy

I admire Rudd for many things, but this particular issue has me livid with rage.

The ALP conference has kicked off and there is a few members from the Labor Left who want to adopt single-sex marriage as Labor policy. A futile effort, but one that I think should be tried now, at the next conference, the one after that, and so on until it is adopted. Regardless of how one looks at it, restricting the rights of marriage to us hetero couples is simply prejudice disguised as “family values”. Everyone knows my thoughts on the matter for this issue and it is shared by a majority of the bloggers here – so I won’t repeat myself.

What I will do is highlight the bloody hypocrisy of Rudd and the Labor power-brokers on this issue. Rudd states the following (my emphasis):

I fully accept that its a matter of controversy and there’ll be debate – and there should be – this is an open society where we can debate and discuss these matters

Yet he and his power-brokers are working as hard as possible to bury the debate completely or, at least, out of view of the public. So what Rudd means is that Labor can debate it and decide on these matters without the input of the public and/or their rank & file members. Now if debate is good & this is an issue that should be debated – why are there such strong political manoeuvrings to remove this issue from public sight?

I’m guessing that might be because they know (as we all do now) that ~60% of the Australian public are for a national civil union / marriage scheme that doesn’t discriminate against single-sex couples. Assuming that the Labor rank & file represents the general public (and I personally think they are a little Left of centre, but am ignoring that for the sake of argument) – this would mean a vote on the issue would go against Rudd and the Labor Right dominated power-brokers. In other words, they wish to deal with the issue behind the scenes because the public / rank & file members support something the leaders / movers & shakers of the Labor Party do not.

I just love democracy – don’t you? It’s just lovely when we as a nation and the rank & file members of the Labor Party are not allowed to have our voices heard because those that manipulate things behind the scenes don’t want us to.

Oh, and Rudd claiming a mandate on preventing single-sex marriage is the lowest form of double-speak I can think of. He promised more for single-sex couples than the Coalition, and now tries to imply that the Australian public think that is all that should be done! I don’t know which is worse – setting yourself a low bar so you don’t have to achieve anything (single-sex marriage, carbon polution targets, etc) or introducing something you know nobody wants in the hopes you can make it permanent before people vote you out (WorkChoices).

This is the t-shirt image that joni will be wearing at the protest on Saturday.

T-shirt for rally

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  1. Likewise Ben and well said. Just a thought, but what about a grass roots action plan to lobby for a plebiscite re gay marriage at the next election.

  2. I am equally livid and likewise posted this at the gutter yesterday.

    So Rudd thinks that there should be a debate, as long as the outcome is consistent with his own predetermined personal opinion.

    The c**t. “Howard lite” does seem to be ringing true.

  3. We shouldn’t underestimate the power of the Christian Lobby Group in all of this. They are agressively pursuing Rudd over this issue and reminding him that it was an election commitment to perpetuate discrimination against same sex couples.

  4. point in whingeing about it. It’s rally the troops time. Step 1 for myself is to write a letter to the PM. If he is the nerd that I think he is, he reads almost everything. If enough people write then he will realise how disgusted the majority of the Australian people are about his whimping out.

  5. Was just thinking the same thing myself Reb while I was writing the previous post. Are the far right wing Christian lobby proclaiming themselves to be ‘the majority’?

  6. Separation of Church and State … GMAB!

  7. Min, YES!

  8. “Are the far right wing Christian lobby proclaiming themselves to be ‘the majority’?”

    Yes. There’s a link to a press release at the Gutter issued by some Christian Lobby group claiming that it’s just a noisey minority of activists that want same sex marriage.

    I think the issue is greater than just the gay marriage debate – It’s about the whole idea that one man can impose his personal views – effectively perpetuating discrimination against a minority group – for no rational reason – and despite the majority of Australians opposing his stance on the matter.

  9. Like Ben, I admire the ALP for much of what they do, although I haven’t voted for them for quite a while either at state or federal levels.

    I am disgusted with the concept (pretty much started by the rodent, IMO) that the PM has the “right” to impose his particular version of “morality” upon the rest of us, and in opposition to majority opinion.

    I was surprised with Rudd’s approach with respect to the Bill Henson photos, and reckon we all would have been better served if he had “stayed out of it”, as I can see no reason as to why the PM’s opinions should hold any greater weight than any other participant in our “democracy “.
    Pretty much the same argument applies to this gutless and hypocritical stance of the PM – at the very least , it betrays one of the basic aspects of professionalism, at least as I understand it, ie
    “keeping your personal opinions separate from your work”.

    For one so keen to expound his views on “morality”, it also strikes me as more than a bit hypocritical of Rudd to have remained silent about the gross abuse of the child which happened on radio yesterday.

    Agree wholeheartedly with reb and others on this – and am very disappointed in Rudd.

    Such hypocrisy seems to be a constant feature of “god botherers” in general, and does little to recommend their fantasies.

  10. Ben -can I add a photo to your post of the image that the bf and myself will have on our t-shirts on Saturday at the rally in Sydney?

  11. I’ve just written a stern letter to the PM.

  12. I am sure he will now see the error of his ways and change his mind.

  13. I’ve just written a heart-felt one about my mother’s most wonderful 82yr old neighbor and how he wasn’t permitted to mourn the loss of his partner of over 40yrs due to their relationship not being legally recognised.

  14. T-shirt image uploaded.

    Note the very very subtle advertising for the new home… hehe.

  15. Not happy Jan.

    As others have intimated I can only guess the Christian lobby is at work here, which makes Rudd’s spine more jelly like than I thought.

  16. Could not single sex marriage mean you only get it once a year? My wife seems to be all for it, but I’m not.

  17. LOL John

  18. Same sex marriage, no thanks.

    Civil unions, sure, why not.

  19. @joni:
    Your blog mate, your rules. I’d say “Feel free to add anything you like to the article”, but you already did 😉

    Sorry, I was actually out getting the car from the mechanic after its service. Strangely enouhg, the cops look down on me blogging while driving 😛

    Anyhow, good to know I’m not the only one disgusted by the hypocrisy. At the very least, Howard was upfront about the fact he disliked gays & lesbians (at least, as upfront as a politician can be). Rudd is just trying to have it both ways – keep his prejudice and get the gay/lesbian vote.

  20. I wonder what Penny Wong would have to say about all this.

    No doubt, she’s been told to keep her gob shut and/or tow the company line.

  21. Thanks, joni, now I’ll have to find another blog or put up with everyone assuming I’m gay! 😉 Jeese!

  22. Penny Wong will be in the same position on this issue as Peter Garrett is on environmental ones – that is, tow the party line or resign your position.

    “Party unity” is what killed representational democracy for Australia. At least in the USA, Republicans & Democrats are still allowed to cross the floor on proposed legislation. When the US political system is looking healthier than ours – there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

    Cue outraged spluttering from Sparta 😛

  23. Maybe not gay but certainly happy! hehe

    (and thanks Ben – BTW – you can author post at the new home by using the submit content option in the user menu).

  24. Ben..hopefully it won’t take Rudd too long to realise that he cannot have it both ways. Or else he is going to have middle class haus fraus such as myself calling him hypocrite.

    In some ways government and oppositions have ‘agendas’ and the public have other agendas. Rudd was able to perceive this prior to the last election and to hone in on what the electorate thought was important while the previous old and tired government was still trying to waffle on about what was no longer important.

    Get with the times Kevin..this is an important issue!!!

  25. If Rudd had the guts he just might be able to push same sex marriage through parliament. With Turnbull in a risky seat which has a huge GLTBQ population, enough bi-partisan support might have emerged.

  26. The Religious Right must be incredibly scared of the possibility single-sex couples could be married (or the legal equivalent). What exactly, aside from censorship issues, would they have political leverage on after that?

    Think about it, if same-sex couples get the same rights as male/female ones – the religious busy-bodies have nothing left to hound the government with. While there may only be 60% of Australians for single-sex marriage or its equivalent – I bet that there would be alot more against removing rights from people once granted. Assuming Labor gets canned because of a Christian Right backlash the next election – it’s not like a Coalition government would remove the marriage rights.

    Personally, if I were Rudd, I’d see this as an opportunity to get rid of a painfully vocal lobbying group. Australia already has legal abortions, public schools cannot force prayer, and so on. With single-sex marriage off the table, what could the Bible botherers work their “base” up on as a threat to a government?

  27. @joni:
    Cannot login atm to the new site – the login keeps giving me an “Invalid Token” message *shrug*

  28. Hello gorgeous..have read your posts Daphon but we seem to often be on different time frames.

    I think that with Rudd’s popularity rating and the TPP being very very consistent that he should be showing more intestinal fortitude and going ahead with the reforms that he promised. Now I understand about needing to get it right, having the i’s dotted and t’s crossed with such substantial reform as per hospitals and schools BUT, same sex marriage is an easy one. Just delete Howard’s insert (amendment to the Act) re that marriage could be only between a man and a woman.

  29. Ben..with no same sex couples to harrass, then it’s back to religious groups harrassing women and their choices of contraception.

    Ben, try refreshing the page..still hiccups in the system it seems.

  30. That’s an interesting point, Min.

    Howard prevented same-sex marriage through a small addition to the Marriage Act. This didn’t so much as take away a right from people as clarify the fact that the Marriage Act didn’t give single-sex couples the right to marriage.

    Now removing it would not immediatley give single-sex couples the right to marry, as they would need to have the law clarified by the High Court in order for it to be used in that manner. On the other hand, if the Marriage Act were to be amended to explicitly allow the union of two people regardless of sex – that would be pretty damn clear. Not only that, but if people were to utilise that change to be married – there would be all manner of issues in reverting the change.

    The change to be made is simple and is not something that needs alot of investigation. The only thing stopping the Rudd Government from making said change is the same thing that had the Howard Government make the last change – outright religion-based prejudice.

    I personally can only see something to be gained from allowing single-sex marriage and nothing important lost (after all, does Labor want to be known as the “go to party” for enacting religious bias into law?)

  31. You people are dreaming if you believe what the PM uttered at the Labor conference will be altered.

    Gee, the Internet filtering and the PM’s comments on art and the war on everything is a blatant indication of his sanctimonious position as he wants to fashion the nation in his own image!

    But I suppose consuming ear wax is more acceptable than two people who love each other being recognised and their ensuing rights being granted.

  32. “The Religious Right must be incredibly scared of the possibility single-sex couples could be married (or the legal equivalent). What exactly, aside from censorship issues, would they have political leverage on after that?”

    ‘Zactly! When else do we hear from these Christian pressure groups? They certainly ain’t vocal on Jesus’ things such helping the poor etc.

    One thing that’s never been answered in all the discussions I’ve had on this topic – why is the Christian Taliban so focussed on homosexuality to the exclusion of most other things? There is the infamous church in the US – Westboro Baptist – whose sole raison d’etre is to attack gays and homosexuality. Methinks many of these ‘Christians’ protesteth too much (I know; not a genuine Shakespearian quote). Interesting that when US politicians, pastors get caught foot-tapping in public toilets and other sexual peccadilloes they are almost always Republicans and Christians (yes, I haven’t forgotten about Clinton and Kennedy).

    Are other religions and their lobbyists also in the PM’s ear on this topic too? Certainly not that we hear about anyway.

  33. Daphon, it’s the same as the anti-abortion lobby with about an equivalent amount of violence (but of course violence against gays never receives the same amount of publicity). If the far right religious froot-cakes think that they have won re the right of gay people to marry, then they’ll be back on the anti-abortion trail.

  34. Gorgeous, Min? Oh what lovely number on this board deserves that approbation?

    I heard this quote yesterday and I’m just coming out of the doldrums, “if you’re over 60 you’ve have as much chance of getting laid as winning Lotto!”

    So am I wasting my time walking 10 kms a day, swimming a 100 laps most days, watching my diet etc.? Old age is so cruel: the brain tells you your 18-28, your body scares the bejesus out of you when you look in a mirror and see the old person looking back. The gay ‘community’ ain’t a place for old folk.

  35. Daphon..laid I can remember (lots), winning Lotto has never happened. I am hoping for Lotto.

    The walking and swimming are excellent of course…the bod can’t be that bad if you’re doing all that.

    Not that I’m a part of the gay community (obviously) but could this be a problem..that ageing and the problems associated aren’t recognised? (Not that you’re ageing are cute and spunky). That being gay is perceived as a young person’s issue.

  36. “if you’re over 60 you’ve have as much chance of getting laid as winning Lotto!”

    It’s not winning the big one that counts, it’s appreciating the little wins along the way that matters….

  37. But Reb, what if all you ever get is 2 and the supplementary?

  38. Supplementary? Is that like a reach-around? 😛

  39. I’d try “powerball” instead.

  40. Well countered Reb 🙂 Hugs.

  41. Dunno why Rudd is so wary of letting the rank and file push this issue.

    Perhaps it’s something he personally has strong opinions against. Certainly, he’s certainly not shy of pronouncing-upon his own personal foibles as if they were Holy Writ. Some above have recalled the Henson incidfent. This could be another example.

    Perhaps though, he’s just trying to butter-up Fieldng and the right-wing religious fringe so that he can keep the Senate numbers onside.

    Either way, I hope the Left of the Party runs with it.

    I for one have had quite enough of PMs making my moral judgments for me under John Howard and his Father of The nation routine. I’ll be buggered if I’ll let some weedy little nerd from Oueensland pull the same caper.

    I didn’t vote for him to be my bloody conscience.

  42. Perhaps making a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009 would generate some clout. The closing date is August 29:

    How To Make a Submission@:

  43. RN..thankyou for the link. I have made a submission with the final comment being that my mother’s very good friend is down at No.1 is age 82. However, he is not even afforded the status of widower and is thereby being denied the right to mourn the loss of a partner. It’s not about what happens in the bedroom it’s about love and family.

  44. Well one (State) Labor MP, Tom Kenyon, has joined the debate arguing that There’s no logical reason to allow gay marriage because

    … we have two significant areas where gay relationships are different from straight ones and there are others. Gay relationships do not meet our historical/cultural understanding of marriage (essentially revolving around gender) and they are not the same in terms of the production of children.

    I agree with many of the responses to this article that say that, at best, this is a weak argument. At least he has given an opinion I guess. Hopefully other Labor members will do so as well.

  45. Ah Boo hoo ! Man thats a gay t-shirt !

  46. “Perhaps though, he’s just trying to butter-up Fieldng and the right-wing religious fringe so that he can keep the Senate numbers onside.”

    I think “long-term” might be part of the equation Evan.

    Tho if interest rates start rising again they’ll be plenty thinking “short-term” for Labor.

    Particularly those who are just coming out, or about to come out, of a fixed rate that did not see the benefit of the lower interest rates.

    Some are getting tired of the GAMBLERS &/or just plain negligent types benefitting in society over the cautious, responsible types.

    As someone who doesn’t overdraw on their account due to careful budgeting I’m not overly keen on seeing interest rates going up partially to pay for the abolishment of punishment fees…and partially to flatten a slight housing bubble created by greedy fckers…and partially for banks to pay off bad investments…and partially to provide higher rates of returns for the investors & financial robber barons who grabbed the dosh thanx to puppet Obama’s willingness to bail out the BIG BAD SALIVATING WOLVES and those admistration-based ENABLERS of the money lenders who stalk the halls of a White House built by Blacks.


  47. …and it hasn’t taken those financial robber barons very long at all to give themselves considerable bonuses the moment their institutions turned around because of the huge US government cash injections.

    Nothing learnt anywhere, even though Rudd stated at the ALP conference there would be regulatory changes afoot in the wake of the GFC and the lessons learnt, so as to prevent it happening again.

    What I see is a rapid return to the same old ways, thus ensuring the current GFC will be peanuts compared to the next one, and that next one will most likely come sooner and last longer, only for it all to be repeated again as governments shove trillions of our money to prop up the robber barons to keep them in the luxurious lifestyles to which they have become accustomed. It will one day come to a point where there is not enough government money in the entire world to prop them up anymore, and fuck knows what happens then.

  48. And I might add, it’s a bloody shame that pragmatic political motivations and the oft bigoted attitude of the bred on ocker tabloid media, blinkered profiteering religious institutions & fair-weather polling masses ensures that gays and lesbians aren’t being treated as EQUALS under the law.

    Taxation w/out appropriate representation it seems, for far too many.

    Ironic how CAUTIOUS people are on progressing the EQUAL OPPORTUNITY issues…but too often these days not in their approach to markets, personal debt, fast food, tech consumption, what their kids are watching and playing…

    Ain’t life the shits sometimes? In an advertising blitzed & toxic products cheap as chips world.


  49. “What I see is a rapid return to the same old ways”

    I’m seeing same Mobius Ecko. Makes me feel sick at heart.

    “It will one day come to a point where there is not enough government money in the entire world to prop them up anymore, and fuck knows what happens then.”

    Corptopia…where all your needs are met, provided you don’t question food & liquid sources, the shortness & harshness of your life compared to those who live in the domes and vacation on extravagant space stations, nor query the occasional extermination rounds.


  50. Oh, and we’ll be able to grow anything from DNA to entertain the future cowered masses…like dinosaurs, or any of the millions of species we drove to extinction over the past few environmentally abusive centuries…

    they’ll even be able to bring back the stereotypical gay hosts of pap reality-based shows and sitcoms…those not disimilar to those blacks who tapped and tapped and smiled and smiled their way to the bling bling & corridors of the powerful dynasties.


  51. Was reading a comment or several about same sex marriage and that the anti’s state that it is all to do with parenting. I personally think that blokes make excellent parents and that ladies do too. Is parenting dependent upon gender?

    The argument doesn’t make sense does it.

  52. Very very true Mobius..same sex equality is this generation’s civil rights fight.

  53. You mean Jeremy Spears is gay? Typical..all the good looking intelligent blokes are 🙂 ..with the exception of the good looking heteros on this blog..(double grin).

  54. Sorry..I meant Sears. The same bloke from Crikey.

  55. …and the difference between Corptopia and Communism is … “O”

    … the rich get laid and the rest of us are rooted …

    … smile prad ’em wide and enjoy …

    … no wonder people riot …

    … especially the smarter ones …

  56. I don’t think Sears is gay min. There is an ongoing campaign on a particular RW blog to insult his (presumably) female partner.

    I may stand to be corrected.

    He is an advocate, not gay as far as I know (actually don’t know much about him).

  57. T’boss. I don’t know where I got that one from (my saying sorry is for me getting it wrong). I don’t think that Jeremy would want an apology as why should anyone apologise for being gay or mistaken for being gay.

    I’ve been ‘accused’ of being a feminist but not accused of being gay (well not yet anyway).

    Why should people feel intimidated if people think that they’re gay? eg Thorpe.

  58. “the rich get laid and the rest of us are rooted”

    never a truer word was said TB.

    But the assistance to my wife’s school & the coming insulation helps ease the soreness.

    Brandis got tied in knots over questions & bold statements from a viewer on Q&A that had the guts to say similar to you TB.

    Thought Anna Bligh handled herself well.

    I wonder where she stands on the gay marriage issue?


  59. Turned Q&A off, N’, there’s something about it that makes me squirm …

    … every time I came back to it (yeah, surf’s up, on Thursday nights), Anna bLie was burbling away …

    … I’m afraid she will have to work very hard to get any votes out of this family next time, my kids are all free thinkers and not one of us agree with selling off the farm …

    … fancy having a high school kid as a Treasurer … the mind boggles …

    … and I DO NOT want to go back to JBP brown paper bag era …

    … and Peter Beattie and Anna bLie saying that Nuttal was an exception is just BS … he just happens to be the dumb (how dumb – $9999 doesn’t need to be declared because the law says $10000?) bugger that got caught …

    JBP’s government suffered from Groupthink – so does Anna bLie’s …

  60. And the answer is cutting our 1st female premier down before she has a chance to make significant reforms?…whilst the blokes have always been left in place to fester.

    Should we have traded a Bligh government for an Opposition that prided itself on flying God class w/ a super duper wealthy mining magnate?

    I say give the lady a chance. Too much of this sounds like the same HYPERBOLE i’ve read in the biased media for far too long.

    Howard’s cronies made a MINT due to their business contacts over the years…and the siphoning of moolah from the average tax payer into the private system…yet the muzzled and/ or complicit media were eerily silent on much of this…but now we get an intelligent lass in power & suddenly everyone’s HOLIER THAN THOU & sticking the needles in her doll.

    Gimme a break!


  61. You a sexist, N’, Wow!

    I don’t care what gender the Premiere is – if he/she blunders I’ll say so …

    … selling off the farm in the second richest state (maybe the richest in natural assets) is poor management where I come from … the ducks and geese breed – killing ’em is stupid …

    … quick money, demonstrates a problem with finances almost as irresponsible as Costello counting the money and doing nothing with it … or worse still corruption …

    … knee jerk reaction … and I’m not comparing Ms bLie to anyone state or Federal – her (our) government has problems … ignore them at your peril …

    … as a staunch Labor voter I have concerns …

    … especially if we leave the door open for the other lot to get in …

  62. I will admit TB the SELLOFF is worrying:

    but it ain’t happened yet. Hopefully the recent positive comments about the future of the economy will bring about a rethink. Rothschild, Merrill Lynch and the Royal Bank of Scotland…shiver.


  63. *Rothschild, Merrill Lynch and the Royal Bank of Scotland…shiver.*

    …almost medieval, N’ …

    … reminds me of those bloody Robber Barons! …

    … the Selloff! – is pandering to the IMF – (bunch of twats – I dealt with the World Bank in PNG – I repeat a bunch of twats, who want to think they rule the world) …

    … if we sell the farm, Anna bLie and Government, are dead in the water … and the other lot move in (shudder) …

  64. Good points TB.

    “almost medieval” indeed.

    Frustrating. Atrocious! Fckn irks me after all the effort we put in to help the Labor gvts.

    Have they no shame? Pragmatism gone mad.

    Or do these big firms blackmail & threaten?

    Or offer untold goodies?

    “for the people by the people”

    yea right…pig’s arse.


  65. TB, you never your luck…I sense a formation of a new political force.

    Queensland is screaming for accountable governance.

  66. Ray LaMontagne – Let It Be Me

    Good album. LM knows.

  67. Chris Rock – Gay marriage (2008 during Chimp’s reign)

    He’s spot on.


  68. I hadn’t seen Rudd’s remarks. Unbelievable. Let’s hope the numbers turning out tomorrow encourage him to rethink his bigoted stance.

    PS Min, as you say, being thought to be gay would be no insult at all – but it’s “Sear”. Why do people add an “s” on the end? Cheers 🙂

  69. Whoops sorry with the surname Ahern, let me count the ways that you can spell that one, plus it looks like Ahem ;-).

    And even Gillard can be quoted as stating that Marriage is between a man and a woman. Silly me, but after 34yrs of marriage, I thought that this was between people who love each other.

    Surprisingly, because Rudd is mostly on the ball, but has he not noticed that the far right religious are a waning force in Australian politics? One thing about Rudd is that he seems to have problems altering his position..I think that this is just his nature.

  70. And today..

    A ‘mass illegal same-sex wedding’ will be held outside the conference from 1pm, presided over by MCC Crave pastor, the Rev. Karl Hand.

    I wish I could be there to wish all the best, and to let these people know that although governments might not recognise their marriage, that the majority of Australians do.

  71. Hot off the press and happened an hour or so ago, the Labor government cops out:

    Labor compromise turns down gay marriage

  72. Adrian, this will mean marriage for all intents and purposes except for the word ‘marriage’. A bit the same as JWH expressing ‘regret’ while failing to apologise.

  73. By the above I meant, a technicality but an important one.

  74. And yes a cop out…

  75. I am just back from the fantabulous rally at Darling Harbour. I have to do some work now (gotta pay the bills) but will give a full report later at the new home.

  76. Thank you Joni..we’ve been waiting!

  77. Spineless centre right arseholes.

  78. Thank you t’boss/t’div’ ..yes, I can imagine this.

  79. Incremental change. Kinda Howardish. How long did he last?

    Sad tho. But a core voting block are pretty fair-weatherish. Abbott’s timing was perfect…certain BIASED media doesn’t help. Actually works hard to ENTRAP Labor & progressive pollies/supporters…diss their reputations.

    Labor’s got so many economic-related issues to deal w/ for the next election the leadership probably fears being morally, socially-cornered, painted w/ a distorted Whitlam brush. Be accussed of DIVIDING the nation. Could be a disaster in the Senate. The public still have the Howard era stench about them…but it’s lessening by the day.

    Still early days yet.

    Not for those gay & lesbian couples tho…sigh.

    Tho, toiletboss’s response is the one I feel instictively.
    Hopefully many voters will feel same down the road. But older, conservative voters appear to be living longer. And they’ve bred plenty of ockers. Same in working class areas. Plenty of churches & holy rollers door knocking around. Including Mormons.

    Good to see the gay community & mates/supporters taking the issue seriously…communities perception can be distorted by seeing too much “bum in yer face” mardi gras-like activities & AIDS/HIV-related stories sometimes. Need more responsible reporting of gay & lesbian issues in the mainstream media. More DIVERSITY.


  80. Very true Nas’ re communities perception can be distorted by seeing too much “bum in yer face” mardi gras-like activities..

    Likewise all women are pole dancers and all teenagers and all raped children were ‘wise beyond their years’…little Lollitas.

  81. Someone made a comment about gay parenting above so I’ll just slip the following link in. There are an increasingly large number of papers coming out which support the fact that children of same sex couples are not disadvantaged by having two mums or two dads.

    Study: Same-sex couples just as good, if not better, at parenting

    “OTTAWA — Parenting by same-sex families is just as good — if not slightly advantageous — for children when compared to heterosexual families, a Justice Department study has concluded.”

  82. I’m all for gay marriage, and not just because the weddings will be good for the economy. Can you imagine how much fun the divorces will be?

  83. News media busy underplaying the rallies.

    Photos of the Melbourne rally here.

  84. Jeremy

    And here are some photos of the Sydney Rally.

    I need to finish some work and then edit the video that I took – should have something up tomorrow.

  85. They’re just toeing the party line, Jeremy.

  86. And I think Sydney had more than 1500 people…

  87. Joni..your Facebook link as provided above comes up with Content Not Found.

  88. I know – I have to get the Bf to change it to public.

  89. Two new threads up at the new place. One on Turnbull by reb, and one with my youtube clip.

  90. Min, on August 2nd, 2009 at 12:04 pm Said:

    Joni..your Facebook link as provided above comes up with Content Not Found.

    It worked for me, Min.

  91. Yeah – the facebook photos should be OOK now.

  92. Thank you Jane and thank you joni..excellent pics.

  93. I should mention, I like the last one especially. I think that these 2 blokes might have featured in one of the newspapers, but Charles’ pic is better..captures the moment.

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