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For those that may be remotely interested, my highly intelligent, critical analysis of the latest Newspoll results and the implications for Malcolm Turnbull can be found here.

In other news, Tony Abbott has introduced a new episode in the history of the Catholic Church with the establishment of “The Sisters of Perpetual Endorsement” in support of the beleagured Leader.


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  1. Told ya’..Abbott is setting himself up to be the next PM. Tactics: come out in support of T’bull, be pragmatic about the ETS. Cut Hockey out of the picture. Get some mates to run stories with pics about young and athletic.

    Stage next: Abbott takes over from Bishop as Deputy. He shows his credentials in parliament as per previous when he was acting speaker of the Opposition.

    T’bull is defeated at the next election..Abbott isn’t stupid enough to take over prior to the next election. Abbott takes over with support of the right and Hockey is provided with an obscure portfolio.

  2. Get some mates to run stories with pics about young and athletic.

    I think you might be onto something Min. Next step in the Prime Ministerial grooming process: get the ears pinned back.

  3. Tony,

    You can pin his ears back as much as you like, but at the end of the day the guy still looks like a reptile.

  4. You mark my words you young whipper-snippers..Tony Abbott will be the next Deputy Leader of the Opposition. T’bull has to do a deal or several with the right wing of the party.

  5. Wow, people are cottoning onto what I was told months ago by someone in the party!

    Who do you think was behind the ‘big swinging dicks’ and has been feeding Milne?

    Abbott has almost the numbers now to take over thanks to Costello and if Turnbull called a Spill he would still retain the leadership as he positioned himself to be the sacrificial cow…no pun intended.

  6. A wise person/s (could have been Possum or Matty Price or Tim Dunlop..or all 3) said that there would be 2 leaders of the opposition prior to someone ready enough to take over. T’bull made his run too early. Abbott will not go for the leadership until after the next election. However, he is clearly heading in this direction now that he has neither Costello nor Downer to compete with. Abbott’s only competion is clearly Hockey.

    Now the above says little for the Deputy Leader Bishop. She was appointed by Nelson to garnish ‘the ladies vote’. T’bull should have sent her elsewhere and appointed his own deputy.

    But who would Turnbull appoint as his Deputy? It seems that he has few (with the exception of the now resurgent Abbott) who are professing any sort of support for him whatsoever.

  7. But who would Turnbull appoint as his Deputy? It seems that he has few (with the exception of the now resurgent Abbott) who are professing any sort of support for him whatsoever.

    I immediately thought Minchin, but Minchin is a not a daylight person, he likes to lurk in the shadows and keep low.

    But then Abbott came out with instigating WorkChoices II for the next election. Either a move to undermine Turnbull or Minchin the architect of WC Mk-II is at work.

  8. Wonder what the Puppet Master, John Winston, is up to these days then?

  9. Adrian, this is what I originally thought also but am now beginning to wonder now that Abbott is putting out about being ‘pragmatic’ re the ETS and therefore aligning himself with Turnbull.

    I can’t think of any other reason for this other than the Deputy Leadership for Abbott…unites left and right wings of the party. Which of course at present are complete disarray.

  10. …and, Abbott, advocates, as an election policy, stepping up retirement age to 70 …

  11. TB..this could actually work. Then everyone over the age of 60 who can’t work goes onto the disability pension where they can at least work a few hours without having their pension ripped off them…..

  12. TB
    The chasers caught up with John Howard a few episodes ago and he was walking down his street alone in matching tracksuit. The chasers got away with a lot as there was no body guards and for a moment i felt sorry for him, it was a short moment indeed.

  13. Robber Baron, mentality, Min – everyone else works until 70 – as The Robber Barons suck us even drier … and enjoy the “fruits of our labours” …

  14. Hexx, on July 28th, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    … well he is only 4′ 6″ … 😀

    (Note: Apologies, Min, 😉 )

  15. Increasing the retirement age is already Labor policy, TB.

  16. TB Queensland, on July 28th, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    You hit it on the head there TB. They never put the same conditions on their remuneration and retirement benefits as they do on the general population. Mostly the more onerous and stingy they are towards the populace the greater they reward themselves for doing so.

  17. Not, 70, Tony …

    … and BTW, I think 67 is wrong …

    … I am a firm believer in a pension being paid after a set number of years in the workforce – not on age …

    … eg my grandson will be 18 next week … he’s never worked …

    … I started paying taxes (and much more than today!) at 15 …

    … the Poms have a much better system you pay into a government fund all your working life and then draw down when you retire – that’s why peple like my dear old mum get a part Aussie part Pommie pension …
    totals the same as the Aussie pension …

    … Adrian, the only reason I got excited about the wanker Latham is because he may have brought some “fairness” to government – how can anyone have respect for pollies when theydon’t live under the same rules as we do – talk about ivory towers and Robber Barons …

  18. Not, 70, Tony

    No, and nor is 70 Liberal Party policy, no matter what Tony Abbot might say; 67 is, however, Labor policy.

  19. Too true TB. Two things Latham was utterly and unfairly crucified over was private education funding and Medicare. In the former he wasn’t even advocating scrapping it, just making fairer so the poorer private schools got more and the wealthy ones less. You would have thought the entire education system was doomed if Latham did that.

    Still it was a very good thing he didn’t get in though I would love to have seen him shake George Bush’s hand.

  20. TB: I’ll be wearing high heels which will bring me up to 5’1 3/4″..

    That’s an excellent idea..the retirement age should be set according to how many years one has spent in the workforce (years as a student included). This is one of the things against raising the retirement age..one heck of a lot of difference between sitting behind a desk and someone who has spent decades in physical work such as plumbers and brickies.

  21. Adrian..I agree and it’s worth a thread in itself and something that has not been debated. Unfortunately whenever the subject turns to Latham it’s just smears. Perhaps it’s time when we can actually discuss Latham’s ideas..

  22. Well MIn for some here whenever Rudd is mentioned it’s just smears, so why should Latham be any different? I guess that Latham would get more smears from all sides though.

  23. My big problem with Latham is the way he still “smears” the ADF … the man really is a wanker …

    … and Min, no I don’t believe “study” should be included … learning is not productive until it is “employed” (pun intended) …

    Tony, Abbott wants, 70, put forward as a Liberal Party election POLICY … where I live a POLICY means a POLICY …

  24. I was thinking Adrian and TB..if the media tried the same tactics today would they still get away with it? I suspect that this is why JWH’s tried and true tactics lost him the last election. It worked against Latham, it worked against Beazley but by the time they came up against Rudd, everyone had seen what the trick was.

    And now why the negative publicity..earwax, Therese Rein’s sleeves and he sucks his lip etc isn’t working as a tactic. That is, the psychology of the times have changed and people are looking to positive statements rather than trivia being constantly harped about.

  25. And where I live, TB, one man can’t form a party’s policy on his own.

  26. But, but TB youngest is working 50hrs pw on a scholarship of only $400.00pw (rent, fares, books everything and nothing claimable on tax because it is a scholarship). Surely this is work too.

  27. Off topic but …

    Regulators at work – finally!


    Most of the buggers are back at cheating the public already – this just might slow some of them down – all we need now is Obama, Rudd and every other government leader to pick up the cudgel … AND the IMF … another bunch of high falutin’ wankers …

    … just who runs the world anyway ..?

    … democracy tells me I own at least a three billionth of it and I say control the bastards … N OW!

  28. “And where I live, TB, one man can’t form a party’s policy on his own.”

    Very true, Tony.

    I would add that policy is not determined until late in the electoral cycle.

  29. Min, she IS working … I’m referring to full time students, just going to college, anyway your’s is doing a Phd under supervision that has to apply learning in the field … settle petal …

  30. Tony, we are referring to the Liberal Party, I thought anyone could say what they want – i’ll send an email off to, Iron Bar …

    BTW, did Ute Turncoat, say anything to Wilson about his outburst? Been on my watch he would have been in my office (or me in his) before you could say – 16% …

    scaper, BS, policy is formed and developed constantly in business and in political parties – its an ongoing process , not just during an election campaign , when its released, or not, is important – ask JWH …

  31. BTW, did Ute Turncoat, say anything to Wilson about his outburst? Been on my watch he would have been in my office (or me in his) before you could say – 16% …

    Mine too. That particular email, and a further outburst today by Tuckey, tell me all I need to know about the Liberal party and its current Turnbull ‘leadership’ – one word: shambolic.

  32. TB, to be polite, I disagree as I know that the policy that counts is not formulated until towards the end of the electoral cycle.

    All else is to feed the chickens!

  33. The Baby BBQ calls … mm..mm

  34. “TB Queensland, on July 28th, 2009 at 5:22 pm Said:
    Wonder what the Puppet Master, John Winston, is up to these days then?”

    Entropy is increasing.

    WARNING! reading contents of link may cause uncontrollable vomiting. Gratuitous infatuation with old man ALERT….May cause Neil to become aroused & engorged.


    Probably wishing you hadn’t asked now eh TB?

  35. All I need to know about that link, toiletboss, is which commenter were you: Cyril Smudge?

  36. No Tony, believe it or not I didn’t even try to get up on that thread.
    Trust me when I say that nothing I could come up with as a comment for that would get published; the love-dripping Howard fans make my skin crawl.

    When I do comment at Andy’s (veeeery rarely) I use the same pseudonym every time…& it’s not Cyril Smudge.

    You’re not pining for John at the same level as the true romantics Tony?

  37. Is it that obvious?

  38. Oh wait – wasn’t it the Eye of Horus (or something)?

  39. S**t. I didn’t realise the Liberal character assasination show was on SBS right now. Sqooze me.

  40. Yes it was (that time) but that was just for you Tony. I don’t wanna render it (the “other” one) impotent so that it gets the same sort of reflexive abuse as the recos etc. ; otherwise I’d be happy to tell you my boltname, obviously it’s not HD or toiletboss.

  41. Liberal assassination eh? hope they get every last one of ’em.

    Haven’t seen any of it yet myself but Dad said it was pretty true to life & full of warranted assassination; then again he enjoys watching SBS & the ABC so is undoubtedly just a cog in the VLWC.

  42. Don’t tell me your nom de plume, toiletboss. Not only am I an untrustworthy Vast Right-Wing Conspiritor, but I have in planning tomorrow evening a visit from a certain swimming champion whose name begins with P, and couldn’t guarantee the confidentiality of any nickname you might reveal.

  43. *conspirator*

    (for the pedants)

  44. lol, fair enough Tony.
    My last nightshift tonight before 4 days off so I’ll be indulging the gold medallist tomorrow myself.

    I must protect my nom or it will become defunct & useless & render my occasional toying with the slavering Bolt-lickspittles benign.

    I watched most of Liberal Rule & didn’t see anything contentious; the Cunning Runt was/is a prick & this came through loud & clear in the documentary footage.
    I especially liked it when he lost self control as everyone turned their backs on him; I’d only ever heard about that one but only just now have seen it.

    Surprisingly, I thought Costello had some reasonable & realistic things to say in retrospect; but then he is no fan of the Cunning Runt either I suppose.

  45. I wasn’t aware you were such a fan of Spoonerisms toiletboss 😆

  46. lol, yes bacchus.

    I can’t take credit, read it somewhere the other day & thought it was a particularly good one. Much better than Lying Rodent.

    Fits the man in question perfectly.

    Off to work now.

  47. toiletboss, on July 28th, 2009 at 10:08 pm

    It’s very interesting and illuminating to see the things Howard and his government said and did in retrospect.

    Without the hindsight we now have and armed with the revelations we now know, some of their reasonings, explanations and excuses for the harsh actions they took and divisive policies they implemented can appear to be logical and credible.

    Now we just see them for the ideological divisive lying bullshit they always were.

  48. eb, on July 28th, 2009 at 4:05 pm Said:


    You can pin his ears back as much as you like, but at the end of the day the guy still looks like a reptile.”

    Because he is a reptile, reb.

    Tony, on July 28th, 2009 at 5:47 pm Said:

    “Increasing the retirement age is already Labor policy, TB.”

    Tony, Labour isn’t increasing the retirement age, it is considering raising the age at which people are eligible for the age pension to 67. You can retire at whatever age you like.

    However, I do recall that Howard was very keen to increase retirement age to 70, but appeared to abandon that idea because of public outcry.

    toiletboss, on July 28th, 2009 at 8:36 pm Thanks very much for that link t/boss, I don’t think. I need some carbolic skin wash, now. The worst aspect is that I couldn’t resist bunging in a comment which will hopefully cause several seizures. Damn you sir!

  49. For the pedants …

    Labor = is advocating – raise the pension age to 65

    Liberals = is advocating raise the pension age to 70 (the gospel according to The Mad monk who wants it to be election policy)

    As I constantly tell friends and acquaintances – I am not a pensioner, I am a self funded retiree – another three years before I start getting a few tax dollars back, if any and another five for, The Minister) …

  50. Well actually TB – for the pedants:

    Labor = is advocating – raise the pension age to 67

    From the budget:

    Under changes announced tonight, the age at which people qualify will increase at a rate six months every two years, beginning in 2017 and reaching 67 years in 2023.

    I turn 67 in 2025 😦 (if I live that long) but that gives me plenty of time to build up super so I (hopefully) won’t be solely reliant on the pension then anyway 🙂

  51. jane,

    Tony, Labour isn’t increasing the retirement age, it is considering raising the age at which people are eligible for the age pension to 67.

    Considering? It sounds like a fait accompli to me:

    As part of the Government’s Secure and Sustainable Pension Reform, in 2017 the qualifying age for the Age Pension will gradually increase from 65 to 67 by 2023.

    As Australians are healthier and living longer, the qualifying age for Age Pension for men and women will be increased by six months every two years, commencing from 1 July 2017 and reaching 67 on 1 July 2023.

    The reforms are necessary to prepare Australia for the challenges of the future.

  52. I think you totally missed jane’s point Tony…

    You can retire at whatever age you like.

    Unless they fiddle with the super laws, this won’t change.

  53. I didn’t miss that line bacchus – I just took it as the patronising snipe it was meant to be.

  54. Tony, on July 29th, 2009 at 9:27 am Said:

    I didn’t miss that line bacchus – I just took it as the patronising snipe it was meant to be.

    Excuse moi, young Anthony. That line was not meant to be a patronising snipe!! You said that Labour will be increasing retirement age to 67 which isn’t correct. You won’t be eligible for the OAP until 67, but you can still chose at what age you retire.

  55. Bacchus,

    rest assured that the aged pension when you retire in 2025 will be virtually non-existent.

    Either that, or the twenty five dollars a fortnight that you’ll be entitled to will be means tested to buggery.

  56. True reb, but assuming super rules don’t change further (yeh right!), if I were to salary sacrifice $50K pa into super for the next 10 years or so (like I can really afford that), and with markets heading north over most of that time (yeh right again!), potentially I shouldn’t need the pension.

    Back in the real world, hopefully I’ll be able to stash away enough that a small part pension (with the accompanying discounts – electricity, rego, phone etc) will see me through to a relatively comfortable, but not rebesque WCP, retirement.

  57. “Mean tested to buggery”…. oh dear…. 😛

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