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Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine rack.

I’ve just returned from a weekend trip to Adelaide, which, by all accounts, was thoroughly enjoyable.

Despite its reputation, Adelaide is actually quite an interesting place. It’s also very pretty.

It’s also not Queensland, which further adds to its appeal.

And it’s very user-friendly. The airport is very nahce – and is only a twenty buck fair to the City. Compare this to Melbourne where a taxi ride to the city will now cost you fifty smackeroos.

Adelaide also has wine. Lots of wine. And good wine too.

There is also a very nice little seaside town called Glenelg. A very pleasant 30 minute tram trip from town and is similar to say Manly, but without the white trash.

Victor will no doubt provide a full report on the restaurants we went to, so I won’t dwell on that here.

One peculiarity is that the city is almost entirely shrouded in shade. I guess that’s because it’s facing South, or maybe it was just because it’s Winter.

It reminded me a lot of Christchurch but with the distinctive advantage of not being part of New Zealand.

However, Adelaide, like the rest of Australia, is not part of Asia. Which is always a disappointment when staying at five star hotels.

Compare the service you get here to the service one receives in a five star hotel in Asia, and by and large there is simply no comparison.

Catching the flight home also provided some entertainment, with an elderly lady behind me verbalising everything that she could see to her immediate family.

“Oh look, there’s a Cathay Pacific plane”

“It’s about to take off”

“Look Jimmy, the plane’s taking off”

“I think we’re about to take off now”

“I wonder when we’ll be taking off”

“Oh look, they sell coffee”

“And muffins”

“Do you want a muffin?”

“Does anyone else want a muffin?”

“Let’s just eat these chips I brought from home”

“I’m not paying five dollars for a muffin”

“Who in their right mind would pay five dollars for a muffin?”

“Glad I brought these cheezels with us too, eh”

“I wonder when we’re gonna land”

“Is that Hobart there?”

“Aw what a lovely beach”

“Can you see the beach?”

“There’s a coupla boats down there”

“Can you see the boats?”

“Can you see those two boats?”

“Down there.”

“Those two boats…”

“Can you see them?”

“Noice eh?”

“I can’t see the airport”

“Can anyone see the airport?”

“Maybe that’s not Hobart.”

“Where are we goin?”

“Is that Hobart?”

“That can’t be Hobart.”

“That’s a nice beach”

“Oh, he’s turnin’ the plane my way”

“ We’re turning around”

“Yeah, we’re turnin’ around”

“That’s a nice beach”

“Aw, that’s the same beach I saw earlier”

“Can you see the beach?”

“The beach. Can you see it?”

“Down there”

“Aw,and there’s those two boats.”

“Can you see ‘em?”

“Down there”

“the two boats”

“Nice eh?”

I think you get the general idea. This went on non-stop for the entire 90 minute duration of the flight.

All the while I was thinking “Excuse me madam but would you mind kindly just SHUTTING THE F**K UP!!”

But, it’s her family I felt sorry for. Imagine having to live with that night and day.

Jeesus wept.

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