Friday Frolyks

I just thought I’d get an open thread up for the weekend for any general discussions that anyone wants to have.

I will be busy over at Blog Renovations – my next task is trying to get the logo sorted out.

Haveagoodone everyone.


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  1. Quick NRL Tips for this week:

    Sea Eagles v Knights
    Smithy is leaving and the Knights have lost all their good players to Injury. Now the impending loss of Smithy might overcome the injured players but I doubt it – after all, he’s still here for the rest of the year. Manly to win.

    Titans v Broncos
    TB’s passionate about his beloved Broncos but all the passion in the wolrd isn’t going to counter the loss of just about all of the Bronco’s good players (lets face it, the list of Lockyer, Wallace, Inglis and Carroll would dent any team). Titans on the other hand are pretty much at full streength for just about the first time since the new club was formed. Hard to see the Titans losing this one (TB, get that WT ready to help drown the sorrows).

    Doggies v Eels
    The Eels suck. They might be chasing Thurston and getting Tahu back next year but that won’t make a lick of difference to their performace this year. Time for the boys to go out and have some drunken fun I think because they won’t have much fun for the 80 mins that the Doggies show them how league should be played. Young Mortimer will be wishing he hadn’t betrayed his Family history. Doggies by a proverbial shit load.

    Cowboys v Panthers
    Panthers have done attacking well this year but have only been good in defence as an illustration of how it shouldn’t be done (The Panthers are actually working with the Eels preparing a ‘defensive goofs’ film for release in the offseason – the Eels are hoping it makes enough at the Box office to pay for their twwo new recruits). The cowboys aren’t all that flash in defence either usually but have done OK this year and they attack is as good as ever. Cowboys to win on a Bowen hat trick.

    Storm v Sharks
    The Sharks actually played quite well last week I’m told (I had my hands over my face for fear of embarrasment that the mighty eagles may have been beaten by them) and could surprise the Storm this week. I don’t think they will though; beware the Storm at home after a loss.

    Raiders v Tigers
    Toughest game of the round to tip. The Raiders will be full of confidence after last weks win over the Storm and Parliament is still on holidays so the Raiders are in with a chance here at home. Wheteher Benji can weave his magic and get the Tige’s across the line is debateable. I’m predicting the cold weather will cause all his old injuries to cease up. Raiders to win but should be close.

    Warriors v Dragons
    As much as I hate to admit it, I just can’t tip against the Dragons at the moment – they are on fire. Del to score a double and the Dragons to win easily.

    Bunnies v Roosters

    You know a team is in trouble and needs to weed out dodgy off field behaviour when they sign up Smithy as a coach. The Roosters have actually won a game recently but it was only against the Sharks. The Bunnies on the other hand are on fire and have played back to back games well. Bunnies to continue the form and Fitler to look more depressed than ever. Expect more drunken controversy from Bondi and the Cross after Monday’s game. Bunnies by 20.

  2. It’s a big game for the Raiders Dave. I thus expect them to lose.

  3. You’ll be able to mock him back about his team on Sunday night Dave.

  4. Tboss – the Raiders are the local Canberra NRL team. They’ve been disappointing their fans for the last decade, similar to the Crows.

  5. This time next week he will be on the road down to the snow.

    We will be spending some time in Sydney and Canberra on business so I guess it will be a tax deduction.

    I won’t give dates as we don’t want to cause mass evacuations…lol!

  6. Scaper, after a little time in Sydney you’ll be looking forward to Canberra.

  7. Biiiiiirdmaaaaaaaaan!

  8. You again.

  9. What are you doing up at this hour, Migs?

  10. TB, old age has not wearied me.

  11. …as age as bloody wearied me!

  12. there, there

  13. Dave, as for the Broncos – we shall rememeber them …

    Almost a full bottle of WT before I got over that lost schmozzle (not serious – wouldn’t waste WT that way!), still as we fans say – GO BRONCOS! 😥

    Gotta go, The Last Enemy, begins on ABC!

  14. Looks like Migs was right about the Raiders, and the Eels didn’t suck … Oh well – at least Manly won.

  15. There there TB, there there. It wasn’t like the loss wasn’t unexpected.

  16. Who flogged the magazine rack & the tea trolley?

  17. I think the new place is nearly ready – comments (with numbers) seem to be working (there is a memory issue that I have managed a work around).

    So if you head over to you can have a play and make some comments.

  18. joni, can you help me with my memory issue? I can’t remember a bloody thing these days … 😆


    My eldest grandson turn 18 next weekend and I’ve just agreed to go paintballing with about eight others – then I started to realise what I had got myself into … oh, oh!

    I’m about twenty years older than any of ’em and about as many kilos overweight!

  19. TB, son did this (paintballing) a couple of years ago..make sure that you have the protective gear tightened..lots. Ah yes, but what’s that saying about old and sneaky beats ’em every time.

  20. joni, on July 27th, 2009 at 9:48 am Said:

    I think the new place is nearly ready – comments (with numbers) seem to be working (there is a memory issue that I have managed a work around).

    So if you head over to you can have a play and make some comments.

    I mosey on over and get this:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 56685 bytes) in /home/blogocra/public_html/plugins/system/sef.php on line 62

  21. Got it on third attempt but very slow to load.

  22. Mobius

    Yes – we know about the memory issue – and we are looking into it (that’s why I have you guys as the testers – hehe).

    And you just need to go to

  23. According to Turnbull we can all just sit and rot..well our teeth anyway. From

    THE Coalition will not support an increase to the Medicare levy to fund a universal dental health care schem, Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull says.

  24. “My eldest grandson turn 18 next weekend and I’ve just agreed to go paintballing with about eight others ”

    1) You need more than 8 for a good game of paintball – about 20 is good then you have enough for two decent sized teams
    2) My mum played when she was 73 so you’re never too old. (Mum helped us win two games that day – the blokes on the other team, including my brother, were too scared to shoot someone’s mum)
    3) The young blokes running the games usually make allowances for the old timers and give them a bit of a head start on some of the games.

    Good luck 🙂

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