Arrogant and inexperienced

I heard this morning a story on ABC radio about someone being “arrogant” and “inexperienced”. I thought, gee, the news about blogocrats II is certainly getting around. But it seems that the comments are from Wilson Tuckey and are directed towards Malcolm Turnbull.

The deep divisions in the Opposition over an emissions trading scheme have been laid bare for all to see, with outspoken Liberal backbencher Wilson Tuckey labelling his leader “arrogant” and “inexperienced”.

Oh dear – this is not good for Turnbull. But who will take over if he goes? And doesn’t all this attention on the opposition let the government off the hook?

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  1. Thanks joni – I was waiting for this piece to get up. If it wasn’t by lunchtime I would have put up my rant 🙂

    This is, in my opinion, about two clashing desires. Wilson Tuckey and the “old crew” want to maintain their tried & true conservative views as those of the Liberal Party. While I disagree with them, I can respect the fact that they are being honest about it. It’ll lose more voters and that’ll be felt by those in the marginals well before Tuckey & Co get the message; but it is an honest position to take.

    On the other hand, Turnbull knows that “green issues” are something the voting majority care about (even if the rusted on Liberals don’t) and that a double dissolution before the next Budget (which opposing the ETS outright allows) will give Labor an increased hold on both houses with the Senate balance of power held by the Greens. In other words, the Coalition will have no power whatsoever with the government held in the Centre by Labor & the Left by the Greens. Not to mention his leadership would be over.

    As such, Turnbull is trying to play politics in order to kill the double dissolution trigger as well as get the Coalition a little cred on the green issues via the ETS. Problem is, he is not a CEO and the safe-seat old school Liberals are not going to let anything get in the way of their principles.

    Personally, I think any leader of the Coalition rabble is going to go through hell until such time as the Howard-era Liberals are diminished in number and/or power. They will resist any move to the centre of politics and Australia is, at best for the Libs, centre-right.

  2. Agreed who will take over. To me Hockey is just a wishy-washy version of T’bull. With Tuckey coming out publicly about his opinion of T’bull, does this mean that only someone from the far right will be acceptable (inference being to unite the party)..and we all know who that would be..Abbott.

  3. Oh please pick Abbott! The Coalition will be toast for years if he were to lead them. The guy’s attack dog demeanour would destroy whatever credibility they have left!

    Not to mention he sits somewhere to the Right of Akerman in opinion & policy ideas. I don’t think Australia would sit easy with Abbott calling the shots, after all we support single-sex marriage by 60% to 40% against. Last thing I think the public would want is a failed Catholic priest deciding our moral choices for us (*cough*abortion*cough*)

  4. Ben, I think that you have pointed out the biggest of Turnbull’s problems:

    That he is trying to run the Liberals as if he was the CEO.

    There was nothing to prepare him for this – he was an up and comer, got to point the rude finger to Costello via his alternative plan for a good name for himself and was able to suck up to the boss in the process. All of the things that he is familiar with.

    Then he was able to sit in the boss’s chair and somehow things weren’t quite as he imagined them. Instead of dealing with underlings, he was dealing with elected representatives.

  5. Last thing I think the public would want is a failed Catholic priest deciding our moral choices for us (*cough*abortion*cough*)

    Grrr, there would be something fundamentally wrong with the Libs if that sanctimonious shit ever got the top job!

    He only joined the priesthood to avoid his parental (and catholic) obligations when his girlfriend got pregnant. Funny thing is, he was quoted as having to leave the priesthood because he couldn’t keep his hands off the catholic girls! I guess we can at least take comfort in the fact that he wasn’t sexually attracted to children!

  6. B.Tolputt, on July 22nd, 2009 at 10:58 am Said:
    “They will resist any move to the centre of politics and Australia is, at best for the Libs, centre-right.”

    Ben, that would be viewing it from a domestic only perspective. From an international perspective Australia would be firmly on the left. From the communist leanings of earlier years to a foray into free markets in the 80’s, Australians generally seem more comfortable with the former rather than the latter.
    I find it hard to distinguish left and right sides, so close, and interchangeable it seems, are the positions of each party and I believe this is reflected at the ballot box where it seems personalities seem more relevant over policies, apart from handouts that is.
    Perhaps I am just out of practise in recognising the fine detail having spent so long out of the country. 😦

  7. Typical Ironbar: Belting the crap out of some poor sod who can’t hit back.

    I’m starting to feel sorry for poor Malcolm here, people.

  8. One thing we haven’t considered, and it seems to be borne out by the extra detail coming out through the stories on the issue today, is that Wilson Tuckey is feeling a little alone at the moment out on the limb he is putting himself.

    It seems to me from the stories coming out in response to this that a significant portion of the decision makers in the Liberal Party realise that giving Labor a DD trigger on the ETS is a bad idea. Perhaps Tuckey decided to send his email out in an attempt to crash through the political games being played on the issue.

    It looks more & more likely that some “compromise” will be worked out that Turnbull can use as a “win” on the ETS whilst still backing down from the DD trigger (in order to set himself up better for the election post-Budget). It is possible Tuckey is hoping that shining the light on the politics will keep the Coalition on the “straight & narrow” and this is his way of trying to force Turnbull to stand by the old school Liberal Party values.

  9. But Ben..if Turnbull doesn’t stand by his principals and caves in to the right isn’t this going to make him look a bit (big bit) weak, someone who goes whichever the way the wind blows..a bit like a Fielding but with money.

  10. From what I know the decision to delay/oppose the ETS was reached in the party room via the democratic process as it should.

    There is a fair bit of tension over Turnbull’s handling of the Jensen situation, he has made more enemies and the sooner he is spilled out the better!

    It would be fitting, considering Turnbull’s back stabbing of Nelson.

  11. B.Tolputt, on July 22nd, 2009 at 10:58 am

    Too true.

    First. Methinks the opposition (at least the moderates) were hoping that Labor would fail economically because of the GFC so Rudd could not entertain a DD. The economic news (based on reality or not) just keeps getting better and with every piece of good economic news the opposition are undercut and Rudd cements his credentials as a conservative economic manager.

    Second. Turnbull has a nasty habit of bad timing, either through bad luck (which Howard never had) and/or through bad judgement. I have lost count of the times Turnbull would publicly make a statement to have the facts spruiked shot down within days, often by those on his own side. Take his debt truck as one small example. Barely a week out from its launch the figure was already tens of billions too high and now it appears the revised down figure might be revised down even more as unemployment is expected to peak at 7.5% instead of 8.5%. That has been Malcolm’s story from almost the day he took the leadership.

    Third. Rudd might not be the consummate politician Howard was (and that’s not praise for JWH) but he is as politically crafty in some ways and more so in others. Just take his appointment of Robert Hill to look after the Carbon Trust, genius, and as good as any wedge Howard might have thought of. Wasn’t Joe Hockey bitter at a press conference in response to this announcement?

    Tuckey is right in a way, but he is right because of the Party’s actions against Turnbull and lack of united support for him. So Tuckey can’t lay all fault at Malcolm’s feet and should look in the mirror and to his fellow hard liners for some of the blame for their failures.

  12. Mobius Ecko, on July 22nd, 2009 at 2:56 pm
    “Just take his appointment of Robert Hill to look after the Carbon Trust, genius,”

    As long as Hill remains on the same wavelength. What if he finds the concept flawed or unworkable?

  13. Wow, wedge politics is genius?

    Adrian, that would make the last PM a super genius, I thought the last PM was not in your top five.

    I wonder how many companies are going to compete with the Carbon Trust?

    They will just buy the credits for say $25 a tonne, create a shortage and sell the credits for $100 a tonne, that’s how one lets the market decide the price…lol!

  14. Whoopsie..stands by his principles, which compares with standing by one’s principals.

  15. Here is a thought. Just maybe Rudd thought that Prof. Robert Hill was the best man for the job.

  16. scaper…, on July 22nd, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    I said the previous PM was the consummate politician and that was not praise. Project.

    And every post coming back to the ETS scaper….

    …man have you got a chip on your shoulder or what?

  17. Hill, best man for the job?

    Wasn’t he involved in the AWB scandal?

    Didn’t Hill quit politics under dubious circumstances?

    Yeah, the best man for the job!

  18. Adrian, Adrian, Adrian, admit it, you have a soft spot for the previous PM as you voted for the coalition…didn’t you?

    Hey, you brought that link to this thread and I commented on it…obviously you agree as the best you could do to deflect such is your pathetic chip on the shoulder crap!

  19. It’s probably worth doing some research. ~~During his career he has won many awards including the Clarke and Burbidge Medals for his research into the impact of long-term climate change on the evolution of Australian vegetation.

  20. And Aye to Matelots…

  21. the oo still has’nt run a word about this issue.funny that.

  22. Aye aye

  23. Tuckey’s email to his colleagues from Crikey.

    Sent: Tue Jul 21 12:58:50 2009
    Subject: Emissions Trading Scheme – Confidential

    The issue of the arrogance and inexperience of our Leader on the issue of the Emission Trading Scheme has to be addressed.

    As a simple example of the negative politics of an ETS has anyone asked why Labor now titles it’s legislation the ‘Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme’.

    As this note goes to all Members I insist that those who support the ETS should write me a detailed response as to how a Government process of selling certificates to pollute will guarantee that Australia will automatically reduce its emissions. One as versed in business as our Leader knows full well that judgements will be made on the commercial basis of “can I pass this cost onto a captive market” or “should I run down my existing investment and leave town” for greener pastures such as China, where Government investment is going to achieve the emissions reductions for me, or the USA where the science could be disproved* before their Claytons ETS is implemented and that’s assuming it can pass the Senate, considering 44 Democrats in the House of Representatives voted against even this Claytons Bill.

    Just in case you didn’t know or don’t care, the total vote in the Congress was 431 with the numbers being 219 for and 212 against, so the Bill only passed by 7 votes with 44 Democrats crossing the floor. If the same pattern of voting is followed in the Senate, where the Bill needs 60 votes to advance, and the Democrats have 58 votes, the Bill will be defeated or further diluted.

    Another myth is the proposed massive job creation arising from a Derivates Trading Scheme not a Renewable Energy Scheme*. What is more every Green Energy job that cannot reduce the cost of energy is just a further burden to the economy.

    There are no amendments to the ETS that will make it work. By its nature, it is either a simple job destroyer or must be so generous as to fail in its purpose.

    I can think of no better issue upon which to fight an election be it early or on time.

    All that is needed is to differentiate the ETS from the Climate Change response.

    I talk to many people and get stopped in the street and in the airport by people who recognise me. Not one has directly raised Climate Change nor do they do so when they are asked to independently list the areas of their concern.

    An ETS is a job destroyer and they are worried about that, hence the ACTU 1 million jobs campaign which even Sharryn Burrows can’t make sound convincing.


  24. On yer Wilson! Get stuck in son, yer the pride of Western Australia, OK?

  25. Maybe he should forgo the iron bar for a rod made out of human ear wax?

    No use in asking the PM to contribute as he consumes his ear wax!

  26. So why did you hand out for him scaper?

  27. scaper…, on July 22nd, 2009 at 4:15 pm Said:

    Adrian, Adrian, Adrian, admit it, you have a soft spot for the previous PM as you voted for the coalition…didn’t you?

    scaper, scaper, scaper, scaper, I voted for Joanna Gash. Huge difference. If Howard had been my local member I would never have voted for him even in a fit, just as I never voted for Peter Reith when he was my local when I lived in VIC. Also if I lived 200km south I would have voted Labor even though Eden-Monaro had a decent Liberal representative. Mike Kelly was that much better in my opinion.

  28. Burp!!

  29. Wilson Tuckey is a nut case,everyone knows that. Giving turnbull a little bit of grief is just wilsons way of beating boredom. He may well have a point, but I don’t think that anyone takes him seriously. However,I do wish that Rudd would stop handing out tax payer funded jobs to former politicians who already receive massive super payouts. This is really getting on my goat, and if he thinks that wedging the liebrals is his primary motive, then he should have a little re-think,pissing off his constituency may well put him in a dubious position come the next election.

  30. I think its important to remind people why we have Rudd as a leader, to make Howard disappear.

    One can never say enough about this.

  31. Hexx/Aqua..I agree re burp. Just imagine if a comet had hit 3 days prior to the last election and Howard could claim that it was all the fault of the unemployed/unmarried mothers/lazy disabled and we now have this tiny little wizzened (sp) Howard as our PM. Can you imagine his tiny little bony hand shaking as he approached that of a Black US President. Scone and tea on lawns of Kirribilli anyone..but not if you’re of a darker hue.

  32. scaper, scaper, scaper, scaper, I voted for Joanna Gash. ”

    Adrian I found this on Blogocracy

    “I have voted for Joanna Gash every since moving to the South Coast of NSW and this will be the first time I won’t. It will also be the first time I will vote because of being against a party rather than voting for a local member no matter what their party.

    Adrian of Nowra
    Tue 06 Nov 07 (03:51pm”

  33. I had a look at Joanna’s Gash website and it mentioned that the Rudd debt is increasing by $162M/day

  34. Neil of Sydney, on July 22nd, 2009 at 11:54 pm

    As would the debt if the opposition were in power. The opposition always skirt around that issue when confronted with how they would achieve no debt and still keep the country and economy running.

  35. Neil of Sydney, on July 22nd, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    And I still ended up voting for Joanna Gash Neil because the Labor candidate was a no hoper dunce, there were no credible independents, well there was one independent standing who had changed his name to (and I kid you not) ‘Of The Above None’, plus the Greens candidate was a Dutchy like me so he was out.

    To add to her credibility as a candidate Joanna came round to our workplace and said she would fight hard for reform our boss said he would like to see so it would help his business get round some of the ludicrous and costly bureaucracy. The Labor candidate Neil Reilly didn’t fill us with confidence, though he did get a +5% swing, but I wasn’t one of those voters who gave him the swing.

    When it comes down to it you should always vote for the best local candidate not by ideology, which is where you fail of course Neil, you will always let your misguided ideology blind you in every decision you make on candidates and politicians.

  36. Interesting that nobody has questioned Tuckey’s description of T’bull as arrogant and inexperienced ;-). What about Julie Bishop coming forward and supporting the Leader.

  37. Hockey has come forward and supported Turnbull but without criticising Tuckey. It was very telling.

  38. But Hockey did say this about Tuckey:

    Every family has an uncle who goes a little wild at the family wedding

  39. Hockey is after the deputy’s job…

    And agreed, only with our wedding it was a friend’s mother (a largish lady)..danced with hubby’s Italian uncle and they both ended up in the fish pond. Uncle required physio for the next 6 months.

  40. Legacy and change would seem a tension for conservation of momentum; especially considering the reversal of roles and resistances over what counts as generativity and stagnation. Perhaps.

  41. Every family has an uncle who goes a little wild at the family wedding

    Hockey is after the deputy’s job…

    Hockey is after the Opposition Leader/PM job.

    I find it really annoying that he answers serious questions with little homilies to avoid actually answering the question. Hockey just wants to laugh everything off and maintain a popular public image.

  42. I agree Kitty..also Hockey knows that it is very likely that the Opposition will lose the next election and so he is positioning himself for a future takeover. That is, Hockey places himself in the next-best position by taking over from Bishop (who is dead-meat politically due to her many stuff-ups/little or no support from the party), then after the election Turnbull retreats to the backbench or resigns from parliament. Hockey then takes over as Leader in a bloodless coup..the choice being Abbott or Hockey.

    Hockey then has a few years as leader with no challengers with the exception of maybe Pyne.

    Hockey’s biggest problem as you say Kitty is ‘homilies’ and wearing those Shrek ears..I’ll save’ya Fiona from the evil unionists. How many times could this one be replayed in a Labor Party advertisement.

  43. The real power behind the Liberal party spoke today and it was to change the meaning of what Turnbull said and to override Turnbull on his ETS stance.

    Nick Minchin stated that the opposition will oppose the ETS and that Malcolm Turnbull did not mean they would pass the ETS with amendments, apparently what Malcolm meant, even though it was not what he meant at all, is that business was seeking amendments and Malcolm was just echoing business sentiment not Liberal Party policy.

  44. Mobius,

    I’m glad that the senior Liberals are all singing from the same hymn sheet in that respect…


  45. And so a conclusion might be that Malcolm only represents ‘business sentiment’ and that this is now somewhat different to Liberal Party policy…at least according to Minchin.

  46. …apparently what Malcolm meant, even though it was not what he meant at all, is that business was seeking amendments and Malcolm was just echoing business sentiment not Liberal Party policy

    I thought that they were one and the same!…unless it conflicts with the ultra right conservatives (minchin & co) and/or the nats kicking and screaming about it.

    It really is true that the liberals are a party machine designed purely to be in power and because of that cannot function properly as an opposition.

    Just as an OT comment:

    I like the sound of this for health care reform, what do others think?

    Out of pocket: rethinking health copayments (there is a more detailed downloadable pdf available on the page too).

    …Currently more than one in six dollars spent on health care in Australia comes directly out of consumers’ pockets. Co-payments are the third largest source of health funding in Australia after Federal and State/Territory Governments and contribute over $15 billion a year to the health system – more than double the $6.3 billion paid via private health insurance.

    Although consumer co-payments influence both how consumers access health care and which goods and services they access, they receive little political or policy attention. There has been no attempt to develop a national policy on co-payments within the health system and no coordinated approach between governments and health providers to assess the impact they have on consumers.

  47. Why am I not surprised?,25197,25824482-12377,00.html

    So much for openness and transparency as I believe the government had no plan for the NBN, the back of the envelope is being used by this government too, to come up with the figure, $43B!

  48. Hang on scaper, the government is following the current legislation which was bought in by the previous government.

    So you rightly should not be surprised.

    Faulkner has not tabled the new legislation yet and if the opposition hadn’t dicked around with utegate wasting so much time it might have been tabled by now.

    Also remember that the opposition are going to oppose aspects of these changes, so they can’t go around crying foul. What a complete disingenuous hypocritical lot they are.

  49. Shanahan hits the nail on the head, and especially as regards Turnbull’s failure to attempt development of coherent policy. At:,25197,25825700-17301,00.html

    THE ETS will destroy Turnbull’s leadership unless he can master the policy dividing his party.

    MALCOLM Turnbull faces a true test of his leadership in the next 20 days and it’s not just because of Kevin Rudd’s clever metronome politics or Wilson Tuckey’s inchoate expression of Liberal frustration of an emissions trading scheme and the Opposition Leader’s arrogance. It’s about a failure of courage, commitment, co-operation and policy development during the past year.


    –policy development has lagged. The Coalition has pursued a totally negative agenda based on economic difficulties, rising unemployment, debt and budget deficits without having an alternative positive policy narrative it can call its own.

  50. Min

    see – Shanahan can be a sensible journalist when he wants, instead of looking for the end of the honeymoon in the polls.

  51. I am looking forward to the demise of Turnbull.

    What’s the use of releasing any policy at this stage of the electoral cycle as the PM will steal them and call them his own!

    People should stop whining about the opposition concerning the ETS as they should save some whining in reserve when the flawed ETS comes to fruition.

    There will be enough hair shirts for everyone…lol!

  52. Off topic, but are Australian taxpayers still having to subsidise city people to drive gas-guzzlers aka 4WDs around suburban streets?

    The article states ‘lower emissions’ but how low compared with a small car?

  53. On Q & A last night, Nick Minchin categorically denied Turnbull’s support for the Government’s ETS policy and stated that Turnbull will be voting it down in August with the rest of the Coalition. Minchin claimed that the Coalition were absolutely united in voting against the “deeply flawed policy”.

    Then in the SMH this morning this headline:

    Abbott backs Turnball on emissions trading

    Is there any communication between these ministers?

    And what’s Minchin’s story? He seems to know Turnbull’s approach more than Turnbull himself.

  54. RN, which gets us back to the Shanahan story over at the Oz, that the ETS will destroy the Liberal Party unless Turnbull ‘can master the policy dividing his own party’.

    It seems that Minchin is of the opinion that he is in control of the Leader of the Opposition.

  55. That’s precisely my take on the the opposition’s ETS issue Min. Very interesting subliminal messages coming through that ought to alert us to the deceptive force that is the alternative government.

  56. It is interesting to see the sides being chosen by the individual party members. There appears to be a “practical, political” side of the Liberal Party looking at what they can do to return to power and a “stick by our principles” side of the party who either don’t believe &/or don’t care that the public has rejected their previous policy positions in favour of Labor’s.

    Malcolm Turnbull is (obviously) the leader of the “Practical Faction” of the Liberal Party, with Tony Abbott (surprisingly, given his usual attitude) on board looking at how the Liberals can return to power (i.e. how can the Party change to match the voters). Nick Minchin appears to be the leader of the “Principles Faction” with Tuckey (not surprisingly) in tow. I’m curious to see how the rest of the elected Liberal representatives fall out. I reckon the marginals will mostly side with Turnbull as they want to remain elected. However, Minchin is no push-over, so I wonder how many of the “safe seaters” will follow him.

    I personally hope the party splits 50/50… It’ll leave them in electoral oblivion the country over. Which is a god damn shame because I want their to be an alternative, NSW Sgtate Govt shows why!

  57. Not for the feint hearted is the pic (also from today’s Oz): Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott rides a wave yesterday at Manly Beach in his Warringah electorate in Sydney. Ah yes, Tony Abbott sex-god. Does this man’s skinny little butt-tocks (pronounced a la Forrest Gump) deserve a front page pic?

    But seriously (or as serious as one can become having viewed this photo), it would seem that Abbott is angling up for the Leadership. Turnbull throws the towel in and it’s either Abbott or Hockey. Abbott is clearly trying to disassociate himself from the Minchin/Tuckey far righters and also trying to disassociate himself from the old Liberals. Pics such as these are definitely not accidental but an attempt to show that Abbott is a young’un ‘new’ Liberal.

  58. There is not one mention here of The Greens voting down the ETS!

    The inconsistency is absolutely breathtaking.

  59. “There is not one mention here of The Greens voting down the ETS!”

    1) Because the greens aren’t jumping from one position to another\
    2) This thread is about the comments made by Tuckey about Turbull not the ETS per se

  60. Also Huh..The Greens are yet to vote down the ETS. At least The Greens have been prepared to negotiate to get the best available (in their own idealogy), but while being practical about how far they can push things while the Libs + Fielding have control of the Senate.

  61. My comment @ 57 (or thereabouts) re Abbott’s attempt to reinvent himself sex god/’new’ Liberal (and yes there was an article written a couple of weeks ago to this effect..SMH??) refers back to Ben’s comment @ 1 re

    Personally, I think any leader of the Coalition rabble is going to go through hell until such time as the Howard-era Liberals are diminished in number and/or power.

  62. Huh, on July 24th, 2009 at 3:09 pm Said:

    2) This thread is about the comments made by Tuckey about Turbull not the ETS per se

    Currently every thread and post is about the ETS to scaper.

    Victor’s blog is about the ETS as is the blog on Uncle Torture Magazine, Loop Tard, Evil Patchie (grindcore skate punk) and Octopus’s Diver’s BlogDen, the Canadian octopus diving adventure site.

    Methinks scaper on the ETS is surpassing Tom on unions for single minded one track posting.

  63. Gee, Turnbull goes against the party room policy and apparently the coalition is jumping from one position to the other?

    I suppose everyone believes that everybody in the government is in agreement on the ETS too?

    The only difference is one side has got a control freak that holds the party position and the other has a maverick that is not holding the party position.

    Gore, Goldman Sachs and several other institutions in the world are maneuvering into positions to make billions from this new speculative bubble and I suppose no one can grasp the connection as far as Turnbull is concerned?

    Too busy feasting on the carcass to see the obvious.

  64. I can imagine that Adrian. Victor’s Chinese Dumplings won’t have a hope in hell of getting off the ground. The inconsistency/hypocracy is breathtaking!!!

  65. Whoops..forgot to do a 🙂

  66. So Adrian, I take it you are a proponent of the flawed ETS?

    That is strange for a coalition voter!

  67. Min, did you accuse me of handing out for Labor at the last election?

    Another lie!

  68. Sorry mistake. You told me to tell my daughter that you were handing out for Rudd (pic forwarded includes your previous avatar). I made a mistake (apologies), she handed out at Indooroopilly and not St Lucia as I previously stated. She had gone to lunch when you went to meet with her..this is because she used to live across the road from the school.

  69. Min, I’m starting to believe that your memory is not as sharp as it used to be.

    Apology humbly accepted.

  70. My only error in memory was the name of the booth, it was Indooropilly and not St Lucia. But I guess that I’m excused re booths not being a Q’lander.

  71. Then that explains it…now it is my turn to apologise.

  72. You are kidding..all this time you have thought that I was fibbing just because I got the names of the booths mixed up?

  73. Scaper,
    I remember you standing near an election sign for Rudd, were you not promoting him if not through leaflets.

  74. Yeah right, I was standing there with my cricket bat all day threatening to hit people if they did not vote for the person.

    Shame it was in the wrong electorate…lol!

  75. Yeah right, I was standing there all day threatening to hit people with my cricket bat if they did not vote for the person.

    Shame it was in the wrong electorate…lol!

  76. Yeah right, I was standing there all day threatening to hit people with my cricket bat if they did not vote for the person.

    Shame it was in the wrong electorate…lol!

  77. Yeah right, I was standing there all day threatening to hit people with my cricket bat if they did not vote for the person.

    Shame it was in the wrong electorate…lol!

  78. How did that happen???

  79. Here goes Turnbull again!,25197,25829050-12377,00.html

    I bet he has not got the party room support for this either…I hope they get rid of him soon.

  80. “I bet he has not got the party room support for this either…I hope they get rid of him soon.”

    Yea, bring on Tony A. as leader…we could all use a good chuckle during the evening news as he throws his puritanical nonsense like entrails to the slobbering guilt-racked media that inhabit the fourth & too oft pathetic estate. Just what Aussie needs…a Victorian era.

    Or how about dull as dishwater Hockey? The smile that wants to sell us a trillion shonky goods & services.

    I think Rudd’s got this one easy.


  81. Scaper said

    I bet he has not got the party room support for this either…I hope they get rid of him soon.

    I bet you’re are right on this one. Going by Minchin’s very domineering clarification of the Opposition’s stance on the ETS on Q & A – that is, the absolute voting down of the policy in August with or without amendments and with Turnbull, according to MInchin, in complete support of this position. The only thing that’s clear with The opposition is who is pulling the strings, and it is not Malcolm.

    Watch here:

    [video src="" /]

    Guessing that Minchin has forgotten to let MT in on the Opposition’s position. Either that or MT is a rebel without a cause.

  82. *scaper…, on July 24th, 2009 at 5:04 pm Said:
    How did that happen???*


  83. *scaper…, on July 24th, 2009 at 5:04 pm Said:
    How did that happen???*


  84. *scaper…, on July 24th, 2009 at 5:04 pm Said:
    How did that happen???*

    Nervous reaction?

  85. *scaper…, on July 24th, 2009 at 5:04 pm Said:
    How did that happen???*

    How did that happen???

  86. LOL! Excellent hypothesis TB.

  87. Nasking,
    Have you been over to Reb’s gutter trash

    Also that way i can see that avatar properly. 😀

  88. And what was that again about Abbott angling for the top job..


    Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has rebuffed a call from his frontbench colleague Tony Abbott to pass Labor’s emissions trading scheme to avoid a double dissolution election.

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