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This is where we will be soon.


Update 23 June: our Joomla database is up and running, now I have to configue it etc. But in the mean time you can try our first poll for the new site. Go Here. Note that the menus and homepage are not configured yet.

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  1. Soon is the cat’s Uncle.

  2. HD – and a watched cattle never toils… this is a long term project and I am working hard (so hard) on the non-wordpress versions.

    we are weeks away from the launch.

  3. Oh – and one idea I have is so you can make comments to the people who you know are online… so you can target the music LOL

  4. I think it will be cool, I don’t mind how long it takes & it sounds like you’re investing much effort. Thankyou, seriously.

    My above comment was just because I thought I was probably the only one about after work at this time of night…& I just wanted to be the first to leave a brainless remark here.

  5. *…& I just wanted to be the first to leave a brainless remark here*

    Well done, HD … 😀

  6. Appreciate all your hard work, joni.

  7. The hard work is quite fun as I am learning lots about some new stuff – and that is always rewarding.

  8. Agreed TB..HD is once again successful 🙂 Nice to be the first, although I am certain that we are all quite capable in this regard (aka brainless remarks). I’m still trying to work out why Joomla isn’t a Malaysian curry or is it?

  9. So I guess that’ll be my new home. I look forward to the future.

  10. Seeing your paying for a domain and hosting, perhaps a tip jar might be a worthwhile addition.

  11. I wasn’t aware that there is an associated cost.

    I’d be happy to chip in, no strings attached.

  12. I think there are some coins down the back of my car seats.

  13. ” so you can target the music LOL”

    Just out of curiosity…does that mean that Blogocrats Mk.2;nowwithaddedpestscreen will be able to filter out the unwarranted Death Metal 🙂 ?

  14. Any hope of an open thread so more of my brainless input doesn’t end up here?

  15. HD..if you ever want an output re brainless you can always email your old auntie Min..most do.

  16. comment 16
    Dont worry HD you have a long way to get to my brainless level of uneducation. Head of the class i was.

    I opened the link up the top and it was a larger picture of what is at the top of this page. Do i need a particular browser to see the rest of it?

  17. Yes Hexx you need JohnHoward V2.0 with the Libtard add on apparently.

    Then you’ll be able to see the numbers.

  18. Yes you silly camel: you need the get-a-clue browser with the faster-please-Joni attachment.

  19. Thanx Auntie min 🙂 .

  20. Damn camels, all hump & no action. 🙂

  21. That’s ok little HD, now make certain that you brush your teeth before ni-ni’s.

  22. lol…

  23. Let me stress to everyone – we are not folding, not closing, not ending – just moving to some new premises and that is taking some time to set up properly.

    I am sure the new site will be something that everyone will appreciate.

  24. Joni, my cheque is in the mail.

  25. Where am I?

  26. ok – own up – who answered “meh”? that’s all the thanks I get 😛

    and you can join as a member if you want.

  27. Was a bit concerned that Adrian/Mobius got lost yesterday evening but it appears that he has been located this morning 🙂

  28. Was Mobius lost on his strip? Surely he’d find his way back to the start without any issues.

  29. There is no start or finish and it seems between here, GT and the new improved souped up here that you are creating a Mobius strip.

  30. Can I have a beer and a packet of chips, please?

  31. LOL – Guttertrash was reb’s creation to have some “blue” fun…. the blogocrats just went into a coma while I decided how to move forward, which is why we have the new domain and I am setting up the new site…. hopefully everything will smooth out very soon.

  32. joni, Adrian

    One of my “party tricks” is to make a Mobious Strip and then cut it around through the centre … still one strip … not two … kids are fascinated (and many adults) …

  33. I love mobius strips!

  34. … and sailors, I’m told, joni …

  35. I resemble that remark…. mmm, seamen…. hehe

  36. Being a non mathematical/non scientific person..thank heavens I looked up a Mobius strip. Was wondering what Adrian was getting up to! And how TB had managed to get him to make this manoveur. [And nooo..no comment about why the kiddies might have been fascinated].

  37. Joni..looking good, and the website also. Can we register now or is this just for demonstration purposes?

  38. No – people can register. In fact I’d love for people to register.

    I have just uploaded the template I intend to use, will be doing some configuration on the menus/layout etc.

  39. Weird.

    I registered and went to my inbox to wait for the confirmation so I could activate the account.

    I saw the confirmation come up and within seconds disappear. I thought it might have been spaminated, but no it’s nowhere to be found.

    As I said, weird or I’m an unwanted.

  40. OK found it.

    It was spaminated but the spaminatobotmoderator (spambotmod or SBM) thought the email so heinous that it put it into invisible mode in the junk email folder. I had to select show all emails to reveal it.

    Now activated, which is good as being deactivated is a bummer and boring.

  41. Oh and I got confused again for a short time.

  42. See Adrian..you are neither weird nor unwanted 🙂

    I found that by clicking onto the blogocrats.com link in the email that this went back to the blankish screen, so had to go back to Joni’s Go Here at the top of this thread..and traadaa.

  43. Yeah – the placeholder at blogocrats.com is just temp – that is why we have to use the blogocrats.com/index.php while I configure the blog….

    and there is a lot of work to get it configured (and a lot to learn)… so please bare/bear with me.

  44. But I do think that I have made remarkable progress since the weekend… so far we have:

    – our own domain
    – joomla installed
    – a basic site up

  45. I finally figured out facebook and got the finger from HD when i entered.

    Seems like a bit of fun and more internet stuff to get use to.
    I thought id never figure the website out, i feel like i should win something for doing it.

  46. MMM… just get a Blogocrats coming soon screen ?

    Help ..!

  47. TB..to save Joni answering (back to work Joni!). Click onto Go Here on the title to this thread. Click onto Here (highlighted). This will take you to the site where you can Register. An email will be sent to the account as Confirmation.

  48. OK IN!

  49. Used the clue (index) from, joni, been retired for four years now!

    Feel a bit of a dill actually … I designed and maintained our own www. domain com for 15 years? Duh!

  50. And Hexx..well done re Facebook. I guess the prize is umm, HD’s rude finger 🙂

  51. Just saw a bloke wearing a Goodies t-shirt running down Pitt Street pulling his hair out and screaming “I can’t take it anymore. Joomla, joomla, joomla. Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggh”

    Wonder what that was about.

  52. Hum D will be doing a lot of fingering this week after my team demolishes his team of wannabes.

  53. Huh, it sort of reminds me of Jumanji..with Joni in the role of Alan Parrish of course…26 years later…

  54. Well remembered Huh… it is a bit frustrating, but progress is being made… just trying to work out the menu’s at the moment.

  55. Joni, I am now an officially registered member of The New Blogocrats …

    … to celebrate “clink” to all …

    … sad tale – ran out of WT on Tuesday (had to drink single malts!) … good news – Dan Murphy had WT on sale today – restocked with a new case … phew!

    … see – one door closes and another one opens!

  56. *Insert virtual fingersign to duck here*

  57. HD, You want me to insert my what to where?

    Joni are you thinking at all to make the pictures big like at Gutter trash in this new blog, it would be nice if you get the chance. It was the first time i understood peoples avatar and read them after all this time.

  58. (Psst, Camel: Have you thought about glasses?)

  59. Just agree with me Tony, you;ll feel much better.

  60. Joni,

    Nothing i like more than a journey:

    The American Dollar – Signaling Through The Flames


  61. It’s coming…confused WE tick boxes

    they better hope we SEE THE LIGHT:

    Stafrænn Hákon – Þurr Þurr


  62. I fell into a seemingly endless pit…

    SOME reached out

    gave me wings…

    now I SEE

    from the UPSIDE

    and the DOWNSIDE

    of the DREAMS…offered

    HERE…and THERE

    the PASSING was rough

    Porcupine Tree – Stars Die:


  63. No expectations – Rolling Stones: Beggars Banquet

    was it really worth it? decades or more of holes.

    that train’s reeking…but too many swill and PREPARE
    to board again

    me, I’m HOME

    no gold, only smiles, lit eyes here


  64. Good to see you back Nasking

  65. Smiles to you & all Hexx.

    No WATER/AQUA theme in the following…but then

    we all move on…in the shortness of breath that comes w/ the energy we put out THERE

    Have a goodie

  66. Decoder Ring – Beat the Twilight


  67. For ONE of the wing-givers

    a true mate…levitation comes from the most interesting of places…


    Charles Jenkins – Rolling Into Houston – Blue Atlas Version

    sleep well friend…thnx

  68. Welcome back Nas!! You have been missed..lots! Where did the music go?

  69. You may have noticed some changes to the new blog overnight. I am just playing with settings and templates. So please let me know any comments on what you see over at the new place.

  70. Excellent joni! But does it come with a translator?

  71. LOL – actually there is a translation plugin – but not for the test article…

  72. BTW Min – Did you notice the frogs that sometimes appear in the image – purely a coincidence (its part of the template)… squishy hugs.

  73. The font size at the top right corner above the search bar is a good feature.

  74. Hexx – yeah – for those who have missed it, at the top right you (above search) you can change the font size.

  75. Hexx and joni, yes I did miss this. Excellent idea..and very useful for me personally, saves having to use zoom in.

    I missed the frogs joni..all I saw was leaves..had better have another look.

  76. Oh – and still apologies for the lack of posts. Joomla is taking up all my free time. Made it to bed around 3am last night playing with the new template.

    If anyone want to post an article – please let me know.

  77. Joni,

    Made it to bed around 3am last night playing with the new template

    just wanted to say thank you for the improvements to the Blogocrats site and acknowledge your time and effort. You certainly are one clever little vegemite.

    Min, must agree about the Joomla/Jumanji association. Loved that movie.

  78. Just saw that bloke in Pitt Street again with a giant sized coffee in hand. Still muttering “joomla, joomla, joomla” with little hair left (although he may not have had much to start with) and looking rather the worse for wear.

    Poor bugger. Felt like telling him he should visit Blogocrats for a bit of light relief.

  79. RN..maybe that’s an idea for a weekend Favorite Five (I used to enjoy those and it was nice to get away from politics and the economy over the weekend when not much was happening anyway). Five Movies that You are Embarrassed about Liking!

  80. Min

    Five Movies that You are Embarrassed about Liking!

    Maybe Joni or reb could have a regular thread to include not just movies but books, music, famous people, hobbies, desirable jobs etc.

  81. Once I get the basic site sorted out, I will then ask for what regular features we want (OMD – what am I letting myself in for?)

  82. You really are a Star Joni! It’s all very much appreciated.

  83. Just activated a new top menu over at the new place – I know the home links do not work – that is because of our front page banner…. but what do the blogocrats think of the menus?

  84. Very clear, states the case – will attract much interest for anyone who has an interest in the particular topic.

    Nothing else to say!

  85. Oh yeah – the stuff (?) in the right hand column is collapseable – see the little triangles….

  86. Off topic. Stage 2 of painting which means the doors and the skirting. I was thinking that the logical way to go about it would to be obtain at least one sample pot. First sample pot which was meant to be a shade darker than Hog’s Bristle (the walls) was Russian Toffee..far too light and so hubby went back to the paint shop and returned armed with color chart samples which we duly cut up and blu-tacked to the wall so as to obtain a comparison (my brilliant suggestion :-)).

    The above narrowed the field down to 2 choices. Hubby, starting to get a little bit exasperated ended up stating. Wait for it…

    Well what do you want? Do you want to’pick’a’pot’o’Puddle or do you want Self Destruct.

    I decided on Self Destruct, it being a little less pinkish….who is it who thinks up the names for these paints!

  87. Nasking, you’re back! It’s so great to see you again. Oh joy oh joy.

  88. Hi Min & Miglo. Nice to hear from you. Just thought I’d pop in & see how the new venture is going. And throw a few tunes yer way.

    Looks good Joni.

  89. The bear has shaved.

  90. Easiest way to lose weight Migs…:)


  91. Migs and Nas’..was thinking the same but different..that is, now I know why Nas’s previous avatar was a bear 🙂

  92. Hello Nasking. I might have a dash of tabasco in my pre-dinner beer tonight, as a welcome back gesture. That photo’s not quite how I’d imagined you’d look. (I’ve thought of using my own picture as an avatar but it would probably frighten the kiddies.)

  93. Hey Tony! I’ll drink to yer kind salutation & to yer good self. That photo is a wee bit out of date…madame just blonded my hair for a party. Ain’t it odd when the dyed hair reminds ya of younger years but the face refuses to go along w/ it? It waves every heavy grog night & stressful occasion right back at ya. C’est la vite.

    “now I know why Nas’s previous avatar was a bear”

    bearly recognisable now tho Min….:) Like yer gravatar. Tropical fish?


  94. nasking, on July 24th, 2009 at 5:12 pm Said: And throw a few tunes yer way.

    Ohhhh! Dear!

    How’ya going ya old bastard?

  95. Can’t complain TB. And you? How’s that band of yers goin’?


  96. Hey, joni, I reckon your Test Article is a load of Bollocks – well one, anyway … 😆

  97. How dare you TB – that is my masterpiece!

  98. N’

    Had our first “run” week before last (guitars only) – ‘frigging slave drivers! 7:30 till 10:45 NON STOP! And all on two glasses of water !

    Early days yet! Got through 40+ songs rejected two – not bad for the first spin – drummer’s frustrated now – no “jam” for about four months … he told he was sick of instrumentals (ie no singer, no drummer) – poor bugger just wants to belt the skins!

  99. joni, its a play on words 😆

  100. Joni,

    just noticed the user-rating function at the top left-hand side when the topic is opened. Good work!

    TB, there’s no button for “load of bollocks”. 😉

  101. Yes indeed Nas’..I have gone from a scenic view of Byron Bay to a rainbow lorikeet, obviously both amateur photography 🙂

    Don’t worry TB, I got the joke.

  102. Nas, here’s a welcome back song for you – and one to remind you of Canada. It’s a few kids on Canadial Idol paying tribute to the great Gordon Lightfoot. Enjoy.

  103. I can’t spell Canadian.

  104. Yes Min – you found the ratings button. Did you see the collapseable menus on the right?

  105. Thanks, Min … how can you fly like an eagle ..?

  106. joni, I like the second menu item on FAQ … 🙂

  107. Can you fly like a duck?

  108. Who gives a cluck?

  109. “Got through 40+ songs rejected two – not bad for the first spin”

    That’s quite a feat. Preparing for long wedding receptions? I hear the Gulf States pay well…:) Bit tough on drinkers tho.

    “And all on two glasses of water !”

    Disgraceful. I imagine a bit of clinking went on afterwards to lubricate a sore throat and thrashed fingers?


  110. Everything is looking nice over there joni joomla (I think I will call you JJ for short).

    Curabitur et arcu. Fusce auctor ante sed urna. Sed sed dolor sit amet dui dignissim feugiat. Integer vel tortor. Aliquam erat volutpat. Sed id nibh.

    I am not happy with you at present. I was at Big W last week and on the strength of your word, I bought 2 x pks of chocolate snakes – and they were bloody ‘orrible. I had to give both packs away, they would have gone off before I could eat another snake.

    They were nothing like fruchocs!

    Today (because I can’t get fruchocs) I bought some maltesers (on special) instead. They’ll go lovely tonite as I veg in front of the telly whilst recovering from some bug that’s given me a hugely sore throat and much fruity coughing.

  111. Thnx for the song Migs…but unfortunately I can’t access it, let alone see anything but a white box (been happening to me for mths…must be something to do w/ something techy or such). It’s the same w/ Mins Jumanji-like comment. Just a blank screen…:(

    This quack feels quite slack.

    You might like this Migs. A mate has re-introduced her into my life…wish I could find a song from her album “Into the Blues”, but this will do :

    Joan Armatrading – Willow (Live in the Studio)



  112. Sorry, dropping my N’s. Comes w/ age.

  113. Kitty, were they Menz Choccy Snakes?

    N, I’ll check out the music later.

  114. Kitty, were they Menz Choccy Snakes?

    Sure were, I’m shuddering just thinking of them!

  115. joni does going over to the new site mean your hit count starts from scratch or is there a way of adding the figure from here?

  116. I can add the number from here – but I feel it would be better to start from scratch.

  117. Your call.

    It would be nice if you could put a side item with something like “Blogocrats 1 – 600,000 hits”

    Just my thought.

  118. Thats looking really good

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