Liberals Rule, OK!

Tonight on SBS there is the first of a three-part series on the Liberal Party called “Liberal Rule: The Politics that Changed Australia”. Poor Gerard Henderson in todays SMH is very upset about the balance that the program gives, calling it “a shocker and a disgrace”. Oh – poor diddums. He says that the program “gave considerable time to left-wing commentators but censored all contrary views” (my emphasis).

But Gerard leaves his funniest line for the end of the article:

Unlike the Labor Party, the Liberals do not take their history seriously.

I was having some breakie with the bf this morning at Australia Square and that line caused an immediate (and embarrassing) guffaw from me. Or was it a chortle?

Anyway – the program is on SBS tonight at 830pm.


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  2. According to Henderson, ‘the left’ (presumably he means Labor which isn’t exactly what one would call left these days) is awarded ‘free kick after free kick’. Poor old Gerard, he is so used to seeing the right being awarded free kick after free kick that he resents it if the other team is given even just one. Agree joni..diddums.

  3. Anyone with any other interpretation about what Henderson means by this (it’s at the end of the article)

    The Howard government had many achievements. But victory in the battle of ideas was not one of them.

    Therefore is Henderson saying that the Howard government lost the battle of ideas. I would agree with this..Howard did indeed lose this battle, that is Howard ran out of ideas most of which revolved around trying to recast society to conform with his own ‘ideal’.

    And what is Henderson’s inference re his last statement that a television show such Liberals Rule helps to explain this. Ohhhh gotcha..the Liberals were hard done by.

  4. Min,

    Haven’t read Gerrard’s piece yet – has he started blaming the umpires and video refs as well?

  5. Henderson has a problem because he once stated he wasn’t altogether happy with the Howard government and didn’t agree with some of its policies and actions. Now he is attempting to cement those aspects over and paint the Howard government in a propagandist light with all their failings either buried, diminished or rewritten as successes.

    Not going to work. Thing was that the people had the Howard government sussed for a long time and wanted to get rid of him and for at least two elections before they did dump him and his party. Many polls indicated this. They just needed a credible alternative leader and government to pin their banner to, and Rudd was the one who gave them that.

    They had Howard well and truly sussed very early in the piece where in most polls on trustworthiness and honesty he came a distant second or last.

    It is to be hoped that the nasty and deceitful aspect of Howard comes to light in the documentary otherwise it is just a propaganda gloss over in an attempt to rewrite history.

    I also hope that Howard’s great personal back stab of Keating (which is why Paul hates him so much) is aired in this documentary. That has been Howard’s modus operandi from day one. Win the trust and friendship of friends and foes alike and then well and truly fuck them over by sneaking around behind their backs and using the biggest knife to be had to stab them with.

    I don’t think I’ve ever met a nastier man than Howard.

  6. I can’t say that I’m pressed by Henderson doing his ‘critique’ before anyone else has had the chance to make up their own minds about the show. Surely, this story should have come out tomorrow AFTER the show and not before it.

  7. I also hope that Howard’s great personal back stab of Keating (which is why Paul hates him so much) is aired in this documentary.

    Would you mind elaborating, Adrian?

  8. Just watched ABC News at noon & there was a surprising (to me) amount of positive (premature?) feedback on Teh Economy (our deity).

    It crossed my mind that the LibNats are relying on things going ar$e-up as part of their incessant attack on the government & good news will not suit their purposes at all well. Any realistic chance of mounting a good showing at the next federal election is diminished everytime the current Economy is talked up. It just makes all of the targeted criticisms sound that much more desperate & shallow.

  9. Unfortunately I’ll be back on arvoshift so will miss the opportunity to reminisce about why I loathed the last government to such an extent. I haven’t forgotten though & reminding people is a good thing.

  10. And we are back – me happy now.

  11. Very good, me happy too…until 3:00 when work begins anyway.

  12. Without over-riding our wonderful, charming and quite frequently good looking Blog Masters…HD..just go for it!

  13. Tony, on July 21st, 2009 at 1:03 pm Said:

    I also hope that Howard’s great personal back stab of Keating (which is why Paul hates him so much) is aired in this documentary.

    Would you mind elaborating, Adrian?

    Yes, I second that.

    I mean, for insults, which often to me appeared to get very personal, Keating was the king. It would have to be pretty low to outdo him, as entertaining as they were.

    As for Henderson, who cares??

    Sore loser I think is the term.

  14. HD

    It crossed my mind that the LibNats are relying on things going ar$e-up as part of their incessant attack on the government & good news will not suit their purposes at all well. Any realistic chance of mounting a good showing at the next federal election is diminished everytime the current Economy is talked up. It just makes all of the targeted criticisms sound that much more desperate & shallow.

    Plus their “debt truck” seems to be just a big trailer and not a truck at all. Sheesh – talk about over hyping something.

  15. It also looks like the poor old debt truck might be in need of some touch-up spray soon, if George is on the money (which he so often is).

    The final public debt bill is also expected to be tens of billions of dollars lower than the $315bn figure Malcolm Turnbull is using for his debt truck campaign.

    Which could backfire on him more than any fake email might have.

  16. The rehash of a 14yr old stunt re a debt truck makes the Libs look to be short on ideas..also reinforces the image that they’re stuck somewhere, not certain where but it is most definitely in the previous century.

    The truck/trailer billboard reads: The truck carries a two-sided billboard on one side warning of “Labor’s debt bombshell” next to a picture of a bomb stamped with the figure $315 billion and on the other, “Australians are now paying the price for Labor’s reckless spending”.

    Whoops..better grab the whiteout, it seems that the debt isn’t going to be that big. And ‘reckless spending’ as in Australia better placed than all major economies. Yes I know the ‘why’ Australia is better placed is open for debate, but the fact is that the vast majority of Australians having read the headlines about have well we are faring (compared with other nations) will be scratching their heads wondering whether this isn’t just more fear and smear.

  17. Min waves to Tom looks as if we were in parallel universes 🙂

  18. well we are faring and not have well we are faring…

  19. Tony, on July 21st, 2009 at 1:03 pm

    Research to a time when Howard in opposition was helping Keating with economic reform and the two worked together for a little time, and then how he stabbed Keating using personal information he had gleaned when they worked together.

    A quote in 2006 from of all people Gerard Henderson on the Keating/Howard relationship:

    One strength of The Longest Decade is that it reveals the strange working relationship between Howard and Keating in the early years of the Hawke government. Keating wanted Coalition support for the reform, which included a consumption tax. Howard was tempted but, as the Liberal deputy leader then, could not deliver. However, he played a significant part in stopping the Coalition from opposing Labor’s plan to float the dollar and deregulate the financial system.

    Then it all fell apart. The Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey made a false and irrational attack on Keating in Parliament. Keating demanded that Howard (who was, by then, Opposition leader) instruct Tuckey to remove the reference from Hansard. Howard did not support Tuckey’s comments but nor was he prepared to obey Keating’s orders.

    What had been an unusual relationship, albeit initiated by Keating, soon collapsed into recrimination from which it has not recovered. The full details are set out in The Hawke Government. Now Howard and Keating seem to have taken to conversing with one another through Megalogenis.

    Some of this can be found in The Hawke Government: A Critical Retrospective.

  20. Strange with all this talk of the economy getting better, the fake email, stupid debt truck etc. it seems to not matter a smick to the steady but excruciating decline of the government in the polls and the corresponding equally excruciating rise of the opposition.

    Possum has the latest on this.

    I’ve always stated that the large disparity between the government and opposition in the polls could never last and have been gob smacked at how long this gap has endured so far. I suspect by the time the election comes around that the gap will be much closer no matter what the state of play with the economy or how well the government performs as compared to how badly the opposition performs.

  21. Waves back to Min.. at least these Universes are better than the one henderson is occupying 🙂

  22. Keating demanded that Howard (who was, by then, Opposition leader) instruct Tuckey to remove the reference from Hansard. Howard did not support Tuckey’s comments but nor was he prepared to obey Keating’s orders.

    That’s it? This “great personal backstab” of which you speak?

  23. Read and research Tony, and lookup the personal (to Keating family level) attacks Howard engaged in during that election campaign.

    Howard had no policies, the first opposition ever to go into an election without policy frameworks, so he attacked on the current account deficit, which he went on to increase many fold, economic management, knowing full well things were improving rapidly anyway, a fact he admitted in a famous speech after winning the election and he attacked at a very personal level using stuff that had been told to him at an in confidence level.

    I haven’t the time and space to reiterate tomes of political history or chase up passages from the books I have just for you.

  24. joni, on July 21st, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    … this is the “new” version Blogocrats, joni? Or have I missed something?

  25. FFS, TB. It’s quite obvious even to me that is Joomla configured to covert WordPress mode. (You’re obviously not a techie.)

  26. Howard approached the campaign with a determination to present as small a target as possible. Throughout 1995, he refused to detail specific policy proposals. By 1996, however, it was clear that the electorate had tired of the Labor government and Paul Keating in particular. “The recession we had to have” line resonated with deadly force throughout the electorate. Although Keating’s big picture approach to republicanism, reconciliation and engagement with Asia galvanized support within Labor’s urban constituencies, Howard was able to attract support amongst disaffected mainstream Australians – including traditionally Labor-voting blue collar workers and middle class suburban residents.

    Telling isn’t it that when Beazley tried this tactic Howard was all over him like a rash. Howard always had a very short memory and it was always do as I say not as I do.

    A good example is this 2004 Howard opposition environment policy A Sustainable Australia. Nearly everyone of the principals espoused in this policy were abandoned on winning government. And you can through most of his 2004 stuff to find the same. Can’t do the same for his 2006 stuff because there is very little.

  27. Tony, on July 21st, 2009 at 3:49 pm

    Are the numbered posts invisible in the Joomla conversion?

  28. Mobius..the numbers are visible to all of us. Is there a reason why you can’t see these? Maybe it’s because you’re not psychic 🙂 [Min refers to earlier post re pizza, anchovies and being psychic].

  29. Adrian Mobius Ecko @ 27. The numbers are there. What browser are you using?

  30. *high fives Min*

  31. “Australians are now paying the price for Labor’s reckless spending”

    What, reckless spending such as:

    Improvements to the facilities of every primary school in Australia,

    Improvements to highways and railways across Australia,

    Construction projects in every council precinct in Australia,

    Ceiling insulation to shield Australian living spaces from the harsh climate

    … Poor old Liberals up the brown creek without a paddle.

  32. Tony @ 30..and high 5s back again. And (might I say it)..a huggy squish as a follow on.

  33. This is NOT the new version – rest assured, you will all notice the changes when it happens. It will be a BIG change.

  34. Caney (where is Tom..noo I won’t ask). Insulation was always going to be a brilliant idea. It addresses: climate, pensioners, small business, employment, power bills. It was always going to be a win-win situation.

    If X number of houses are provided with insulation, the savings not only to the individual householder re power bills but the effect on power usage has to be substantial.

    And now for what Rudd promised us prior to the last election, ports, rail and other infrastructure. In spite of a number of hiccups along the way, I have always thought that Rudd’s overall strategy was on the right path..short term stimulus flowing into long term infrastructure projects.

  35. I don’t see any reason why my taxes should be utilised to pay for people to have insulation.

    If it is that brilliant, pay for it yourself!

  36. hey scaper – your gonna (eventually) get a blogocrats upgrade for free – and that is nothing to sneeze at.

  37. Speaking of Liberals…I was checking out Bolt’s and it is amazing how many over there will not be voting for them if Turnbull is the leader.

    I believe the backstab on Jensen last weekend was the final straw!

    joni, well this place would not be complete without the village grouch…lol!

  38. Thank you, joni

    ToSY, nananana!

    Now back to programming my new model engine sound decoders on my Loksound Lokprogrammer. On my new dell XPS computer, with Intel Quad core Q9650 3GHz 33FSB 12MB CPU, 4Gb DDR2 800Mhz SDRAM Ram, 1TB internal drives x2 and 2TB external x4 drives , Blu-ray burner, creative X-Fi Pro sound card system and 23″ w/screen monitor.

    After that I’ll brush up on my “techie” stuff … 😀

    scaper, already have! Nanana to you too …

  39. But TB, can it cook the dinner and keep your tootsies warm in bed at night? And hugs to the Minister from our crew.

  40. TB @ 40:


  41. Tony..Min grabs the calculator. I think that it’s your post which is @ 40. (an aside I think that the hint has been taken and that Joni and crew are working on it).

  42. Deity-damn you are an impatient lot…. the new site is weeks away – you oughta see the amount of work that I am putting into it. It’s gonna be extra special.

    (now for some beer – it has been a stressful day)

  43. Scaper said:

    I don’t see any reason why my taxes should be utilised to pay for people to have insulation.

    If it is that brilliant, pay for it yourself!

    I don’t see any reason why my taxes should be utilised to pay for people to have 30% private health insurance rebate.

    If it is that brilliant, pay for it yourself!

    I don’t see any reason why my taxes should be utilised to pay for people to have negative gearing for property investment.

    If it is that brilliant, pay for it yourself!

    Scaper, your consideration of others is astounding!

  44. But, but, but uncle Joni..whyyy do we have to wait that long.

  45. Scaper, your consideration of others is astounding!

    Well, thank you…as far as I’m concerned the poor and disadvantaged deserve support but the middle class leeches can go and get stuffed!

    My pet charities are the Salvo’s, the Guide Dogs and five disadvantaged Aboriginal kids and the amount I give each year is “astounding”!

  46. My pet charities are the Salvo’s, the Guide Dogs and five disadvantaged Aboriginal kids and the amount I give each year is “astounding”!

    Well good for you and so humble about it too!

  47. I think that it’s your post which is @ 40.

    Oh, so it is. These new-fangled Joomla comment-numbers sure take some gettin’ used to.

    Deity-damn you are an impatient lot

    *glances at watch while impatiently waiting for beer o’clock*

  48. You are certainly right there RN..we could all go on and on about which charities we support, how we do pro bonos and for which people and for which organisations we have acted FOC and then make statements about how noble we are.

  49. Tony..I am getting impatient with you lot. Joomla is a Malaysian curry, just click over to Food Trail (link rhs) [aside for thinks that it’s somefin’ to do with computers..but it’s a good joke anyway].

    Yes indeed gentlemen and ladies, it is now beer o’clock. For myself a nice light white to go with pan fried barra. Hubby is personing the bbq this evening.

  50. Well said, RN, but then I’m a socialist … we’re a bunch of hard nosed sods always with our hand out – paying taxes with nothing in return … except government super for fat cats and pollies …

    Min, The Minister says hello back to your lot!

    Tony, on July 21st, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    “clink” (and to all others imbibing) eg, joni, Theakston’s Old Peculiar are we having …?

  51. So, joni, will the new blog keep us all on topic? Hehe

  52. *clink* TB. Am about to have a wee dram or three.

  53. Well, it’s better than giving it to the government to blow on the middle class.

    Noble…doubt it, it’s called a tax deduction!

  54. Who’s, scaper, mumbling at?

  55. TB..I suspect that your crew can yell a lot louder than my crew. How many kids is it??

    You know..after reading what you have said, I am thinking that it wouldn’t be half bad if I called myself a socialist also..well hubby is most definitely a unionist..apprenticeship with Brownbuilt.

  56. Too true Min, and TB, I used to be a depressed inner city (Sydney) Chardonnay swilling, Latte sipping Leftie – then Howard got kicked out, I moved to Tassie and now I’m happy. Yippie!

    BTW, reb, Victor’s Food Traill has enticed me to check Cygnet out sometime this week. Still unsure of precisely where I want to end up in this Paradise.

  57. RN, RN, RN – Queensland is Paradise – why do people always want to manipulate the truth?

    Min, only two kids, their spouses and five grandkids… eldest about to turn 18 – celebrating with a day at Skirmish (paintball) and BBQ to follow … should be fun …

    Must tell you about the funeral, the service went for over an hour and the widower (I’ve known since I was 12 – we were in our first band together) was on the Program to sing a song to his wife (something I could never do under the circumstances) and the poor bugger starte singing the wrong song …

    When I was leaving the wake (had to pick up the g/kids) I said goodbye to him and said what a nice service it had been (always polite 🙂 ) he said, “… yeah, but I started the wrong song, TB..!” I said, “… but , B, you’ve always done that …” (and he has, and I couldn’t help myself!) He grabbed me and gave me a hug and said, “TB, you’re a C%^$ … but a nice one”

    Strange day … only time I see some old friends and they always say “…we must get together…”

    … FFS walk the talk …

  58. TB, oops, Queensland is Paradise but only for those who can tolerate the heat. For the rest of us, Paradise is like beauty – it’s in the eye of the beholder.

    Just for the record, 2 adult children and 4 grandchildren are living in your Paradise and would never, never, leave, or so they say. Never is such a long time.

  59. just has to do ones best. There are a lot of feelings happening there, for good or for worst. I’m sure that it doesn’t matter if the widower sang the wrong song..maybe it was meant to be.

    The day before my dad’s funeral the pipes burst in the bathroom and my mother had to do a bolt clad in only a towel and shower cap from the bathroom. I can imagine my Dad saying..Told ya’so.

    And so..before we all cark it..when is the get together?

  60. OK, what’s the secret with the comment numbers? I’m new to this blog, but I can’t see them. I’ve tried three different browsers.

  61. RN..hubby’s Auntie and cousins and extended family are in the New Norfolk area. I have been promised a holiday down south as I have never been to Tassie.

  62. Hi Min,

    I was recently in New Norfolk on work-related stuff – Picturesque, and not that far from the capital. A bit far for daily commute to my usual workplace for me though. Otherwise it would be a consideration for me to procure a residence.

    If you do get down here, look me up, if you want that is. Trouble with family though (well my family anyway) is that it’s a bit difficult to escape when visiting.

  63. Tony, on July 21st, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    Howard V2.0 with the Liberal Party add-on.

    Now I see my problem.

  64. Min, fair call we’ll put something together …

    The Minister and I are planning a trip to Tassie soon, gonna stay at, sreb’s, place, even though he’s a WCP … I think we’ll manage to get around that side of him … might call into Canberra and stay in style for a couple of days with Migs (luv to see the Golf Club and, is it The George?

  65. Adrian,

    How many times do I have to tell you guys: You need the Government Will Provide browser coupled to the Welfare State extension.

  66. Iron Bar for PM!

  67. LOL TB. He’s saying what many most of us rightoids are thinking.

  68. Could you imagine, Wilson, in the top job 😯

  69. No TB. That’s a scary thought. Then again, Malcolm’s not the great white hope either. (I still clearly remember Tim Dunlop endorsing MT as Lib leader. I’ve been worried ever since.)

  70. ToSY you may also recall TD and I disagreeing about MT’s, skillset/competence/ability to perform at the time!

    This is currently doing the email rounds (as a SFR I’d probably dip out on this “stimulus” package too):

    Dear Mr. Rudd,

    Please find below my suggestion for fixing Australia’s economy. Instead of giving billions of dollars to banks that will squander the money on on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan.

    You can call it The Patriotic Retirement Plan:

    There are about 3 million people over 50 in the work force. – Pay them $1 million apiece severance for early retirement with the following stipulations:

    1) They MUST retire. Three million job openings – Unemployment fixed.

    2) They MUST buy a new Australian made car. Three million cars ordered – Auto Industry fixed.

    3) They MUST either buy a house or pay off their mortgage – Housing Crisis fixed.

    4) They must send their kids to school / college /university – Crime Rate fixed

    5) They must buy $50 of alcohol / tobacco a week there’s your money back in duty / tax etc

    It can’t get any easier than that!

    P.S. If more money is needed, have all members of parliament pay back their falsely claimed expenses and second home allowances

  71. Interesting email campaign, TB.

    I’d have no objection to early retirees getting a lump sum; after all, they’ve been very well taxed while working, so I don’t begrudge them a belated payoff.

    Point One: Should work.

    Point Two: Yes, provided they are actually Australian made, and not Completely Knocked Down imports, assembled here.

    Point Three: Only if they add to the existing stock of housing; i.e. a new residence or a dual occupancy where there was previously one residence. There should be no incentive for these retrirees to compete for existing properties.

    Point Four: Fail. (That will not affect the crime rate.)

    Point Five: Why not expand it to any or all drugs of choice. You would at once expand the revenue base and solve the problems of drug prohibition.

    The P.S.: Who could argue with that.

  72. TB

    I understand that they tried something similar in France a while back – it failed dismally. Sounds great in theory but didn’t work in practice. I’ll see if I can dig up the comment on this from my economist fried.

  73. hmmm “friend”

  74. A good example is this 2004 Howard opposition environment policy A Sustainable Australia. Nearly everyone of the principals espoused in this policy were abandoned on winning government.

    And my personal favourite – when a desperate Howard promised to hold a referendum to formally recognise the Aboriginal population by including a “statement of reconciliation” in the preamble to the country’s constitution.

    After a decade of pandering to racism, division and prejudice, it was just way too cynical, hypocritical and exploitative.

  75. polyquats, on July 21st, 2009 at 7:02 pm Said:
    OK, what’s the secret with the comment numbers? I’m new to this blog, but I can’t see them. I’ve tried three different browsers

    The inmates are engaging in delusional Joomla trickery poly.

    Actual numbered (!!!) Joomla will be found here…

    Beware of shifty Queenslanders having Joomla visions.

  76. Watched Part 1 of Liberal Rule Cycles of Power last night and it bought back just how much I disliked Howard and how right I was to dislike him.

    When you look back in hindsight at the things he said, promised and the actions he stated he would take to what he actually ended up doing, you can see how all his actions was about one thing and one thing only, winning and maintaining power. All other considerations were inconsequential or secondary to that aim.

    A perfect example was what appeared to be a very sincere and heartfelt speech about his unswerving fealty to Andrew Peacock, when now in hindsight as we hear that seemingly earnest speech we know just how deceitful and underhanded he was at that time.

    The doco already shows just how lucky Howard was in the timing of events outside of his control that substantially benefited him. Any one of those happenstances if they had not occurred would have seen Howard relegated as a minor footnote in Australia’s political history. I think more than any other leader in our history, and certainly amongst democratic leaders in the world, Howard had a lot of outside events fall into his lap and the advantage of being able to claim the work and events of others as his own.

  77. Adrian, don’t give too much away (you probably can’t anyway 😀 ) we recorded it and will watch it at lunchtime today …

    … its always amazed me the luck that falls the way of @r$e#oles … and that it takes many people so long to see what they are really like …

  78. Damn – I missed it. That’ll teach me for going to the Ivy for a few.

  79. Nah TB I think most people had Howard sussed almost from the get go and factored that into their voting choice at election times.

    From memory, I think apart from his first term, Howard rated from poor to very bad on just about every poll held that asked the question on honesty and integrity.

    Circumstances not of his doing, unique profound events, the ability to blame shift, a mostly unified behind him Party and poor oppositions allowed his obvious bad character flaws to be overlooked by the voters up until 2007. As long as people were doing OK and there was no alternative they stuck with the devil they knew and/or were scared into staying with the devil they knew.

  80. I’ve always seen Howard as the sort of person who knows which buttons to press. I don’t know whether it was JWH just being an opportunist or whether he staged-managed events from a suitable distance but one thing that always comes to mind for myself when I am (forced) to think about JWH is:

    The press runs ‘shock, isn’t this disgusting stories’..examples include against the unemployed (won’t get a haircut for a dream job) then amazingly Howard comes up with ‘a solution’ which mostly means punitive action against the unemployed. Same again against the disabled, then the same again against single mothers.

  81. Yes, the “alternatives” weren’t all that hot in the Labor Lean Years – so bad in fact that a hand shake cost a possible election win … maybe the voters were right with Latham, as it turns out …

  82. TB..I’m pleased that you’ve brought up the subject of the Latham hand shake. This is something that has me a bit confused re the interpretation. At the time I thought, Oh no don’t shake hands with the sly little b*stard however it seems to have been interpreted by others as a sign of Latham’s ‘aggression’.

  83. Christ, what do we have to do to get Howard and his crappy Former Government off our TV screens?

    I for one am heartily sick of the bastards.

    The guy looks like a cleaning products salesman: Mr Sheen himself.

    Now that he’s been compeletely waxed and polished I just wish he’d piss-off.

  84. You’re definitely not gonna like this little video, Evan.

  85. Tony @84

    As much as the right attempt to paint Rudd in the same light as Howard or even as a Howard lite, they are two entirely different kettles of fish.

  86. Adrian,

    Why don’t you lighten up, just for once, and see that for what it is: a bit of fun.

  87. I read somewhere the other day on a blog the PM being called “Chucky”.

    The best laugh I had that day…a vision of Chucky in the halls of power swinging and cutting away because he didn’t get his preferred lunch and hairdryer.

    It is a well known fact that the PM is a control freak and any decision greater than lunch orders has to be vetted through his office.

    Give him a couple of terms and he will be just as bad as the last PM!

  88. Min @80

    You hit upon one of Howard’s favourite tactics.

    He would run down a section of government after promising to spend big on it during election campaigns. He would ignore it as long as the complaints on the lack of funding or services were not making the mainstream media and it was outside an election cycle. The moment something made news headlines and an election on the horizon then in would ride Howard, golden knight on a white charger, throwing buckets of money at the problem to assuage the disgruntled whilst marginalising the minority and those least able to lobby or raise media sympathy.

    Part of his trickery was to put difficult to meet onerous conditions on being able to get government funding, which meant that in some major funding initiatives only part of the monies allocated were ever spent.

  89. If Rudd is Chucky, does that mean we now have a nickname for Therese? “Bride of Chucky”?

  90. Yes, Joni, but it appears the nickname monitor is no longer with us.

  91. Mobius Ecko, on July 22nd, 2009 at 1:44 pm Said:
    “which meant that in some major funding initiatives only part of the monies allocated were ever spent.”

    Where did he learn that?
    He was never an owner in private enterprise.

  92. I remember when I was a young teen rager a joke getting around about Mrs Whitlam kick starting the government jet.

    I’m not for deriding peoples’ wives and besides…no need to kick start the government jet these days, it gets used so often it just sits on the tarmac in perpetual idle!

  93. So funny..the half brains are still trying to run with the hair-dryer, Rudd does a tanty thing (from unknown sources and no formal complaints). Yet Howard was well know for his ability to throw a formidable wobbly..worse, Howard kept a mental ledger about who did or said what and how he could use this. A very creepy person.

    Adrian..sometimes I think that it could have been the other way away. Was JWH this sly? Yes, I do believe he was. That is, if JWH wanted to attack a particular group of people (the unemployed, the disabled, pensioners) then ‘amazingly’ negative stories relating to these groups would suddenly appear in the newspapers. And then traadaa, Howard to the rescue. That is, it was a series of setups so that Howard instead of being the ‘bad guy’ became the rescuer. Instead of: How disgusting that Howard is against disabled pensioners, it was Did you read the story about the about that bloke who was ‘pretending to be disabled’…

  94. This guy could be the next PM!

  95. Tony at 1.03: Well, bugger me.

    Nice one. Perhaps they’re triplets.

  96. scaper – that is not nice – that image should have a warning on it

  97. johnd, on July 22nd, 2009 at 1:53 pm

    His farther and brother were.

  98. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  99. Look, look, look, it’s conservatives who rule tiny brains. I mean, get it flippin right would yer? Besides, I’m 123% alowed ter do a skidder here cos moi view is always much much more important than yer ignorant views are, OK? Pink Flippin Floyd an trade union extremists are 123% barbaric, mate – they should all b sent straight 2 tha flippin afghan front if yers ask moi, OK?.

    Time for a few hard facts of life from yer Unca Bwoocie, OK? Tha reality is that shabby little ppl an cyber bludgers should be payin us – he winks – payin us super stars of management 4 the right to work with such illuminatin greatness, OK? A job is our gift to yers, salary is yer problem, OK? Yer got that? Good.

  100. Hey scaper, shhow some bloomin respek yer treacherous dingbat, OK? John Winston Howard is the greatest political leader in human history an he will reign over us again, OK? It’s all in the bloomin book of prophesy, resistance is 123% futile, OK?

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