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Australians React to Jakarta Bombings

Cross post for Global Voices:

Australia: Jakarta bombings bring personal reactions

Kevin Rennie

Liberals Rule, OK!

Tonight on SBS there is the first of a three-part series on the Liberal Party called “Liberal Rule: The Politics that Changed Australia”. Poor Gerard Henderson in todays SMH is very upset about the balance that the program gives, calling it “a shocker and a disgrace”. Oh – poor diddums. He says that the program “gave considerable time to left-wing commentators but censored all contrary views” (my emphasis).

But Gerard leaves his funniest line for the end of the article:

Unlike the Labor Party, the Liberals do not take their history seriously.

I was having some breakie with the bf this morning at Australia Square and that line caused an immediate (and embarrassing) guffaw from me. Or was it a chortle?

Anyway – the program is on SBS tonight at 830pm.