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Hi everyone,

I have been making very good progress on blogocrats II, but it will take a while until I get the new version sorted. Hopefully we will have a better site for us all, which will include some of the things that we have been missing (numbered comments, cleaner interface). It is taking a lot of my spare time to configure the new site (well, to play with the configuration) – so the number of posts from me on here will not be as prolific as before.

But, like Arnie, we will be back.

Technical details: For the nerds amongst us, we will probably be moving to a Joomla based CMS.


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  1. Ah, the Joomla based CMS…I’ll have a triple shot expresso when the Coffee Machine System is up and running!

  2. Thanks for the update joni.

  3. Who sang, Joomla CMS, again?

  4. Previously decided..Joomla is one of Victor’s (Food Trail) curries. Wave to Aqua/Hexx.

  5. The Blogonator, hmmm.

  6. Blimey, I bugger off for a weekend to see French & Saunders at St Kilda, with a spot of Salvador Dali to whet my appetite and I come back to find the sky is falling in! WTF!!!!!

    It’s all too much. We had to leave my car in the car park Friday night, because the snotty bitch at the taxi company didn’t want to take the booking because we would have arrived at the airport 30 minutes before the flight with our etickets. Apparently only being a 10 minute drive from the airport was too hard for them.

    Didn’t take my camera and missed some great photos of the sunset at St Kilda. I used my phone camera which isn’t too bad but am kicking myself just the same.

    Our flight home was delayed by 90 minutes bunging an extra 2 hours onto the parking charges only to find that the daughter had left the park lights on all weekend so we had to call out the RAA to get cranked up and pay more parking fees as a result. Not to mention having to drive to Elizabeth and back to get Hungry’s so I’d have enough charge to put fuel in the car!

    French and Saunders were fantastic, btw as was the Dali exhibition as was our meal Saturday night at Yak directly opposite our hotel on Flinders Lane.

  7. Good news I would say. You guys add a spicy flavour to the media matrix. We’d be worse off without your efforts.

  8. That’s great news joni & reb.

    I’ll be back too.

    I know that everyone’s missed me.

    I’ve just been enjoying a bit of a curry-crawl around Sri Lanka while retracing the steps of Arthur C Clarke.

    “my friend the wind…”

  9. C’mon Kamahloderator – that was Demis Roussos!

    I remember seeing his lap-lap/dress thingy waft out the back!

    Stick to yer own stuff “..why can’t people just unwind…?”

  10. Well somebody reads Blogocrats!

    This from Alan Kohler


    The paragraph fourth from the bottom is particularly interesting …!

  11. TB, watch what happens when carbon trading commences…remember the fuel spike?

    Gore and Goldman Sachs will make a fortune and guess who will be footing the bill?

  12. Me?!

  13. TB, at least you have solar heated water, solar panels and water tanks.

    The cost of everything will rise regardless if it is warranted or not but will there be less pollution in the long run?

  14. TB..do you mean the words Robber Barons?

  15. scaper, less on my patch!

    Min, yep! 😀

  16. TB: Cheeky d’vils aren’t they!

  17. Thanks Joni for the work your doing on the blog.

    *Waves back at Min

    Rumour is the new website will have unlimited funds to pay all bloggers house bills, im excited.

  18. Hexx,

    Rumour has it you’re the blog’s secret benefactor. You really shouldn’t be paying our bills, though, but, since you insist, thanks in advance.

    (What a generous camel.)

  19. Hexx/Aqua..Yes indeed I have insider information. I currently can’t tell you my sources but if you click onto to George or..well, I can’t tell you what my sources are without giving the game away. But anyway you are right..it’s conclusive Joni and Reb are prepared to pay all of our mortgages just so that we keep posting.

  20. lol Tony

    Tony your drinking again, what i said was reasonable.

    At least Min has kept up to date.

  21. sreb, WCP! Ha, now I understand…

    … and your NOT drinking again, Aqua? “clink” BTW

  22. “clink” TB

    Anyone see the guy on ABC rejuvenating sand to dirt with weeds and his work speaks loud, even the government speaks highly of him but dont fund him. He has been asked by a Arab nation to have a go at the dessert.

    It seems we loose all the people with good ideas to overseas as they acknowledge how important they are rather then staying in Australia on a loosing fight to get funding.

    Just a thought

  23. Hexx..re losing the good people with ideas to overseas. You’re still here…

    And a clink from me too..

  24. Deserting to combat desertification might be a great place to refine those ideas, especially if they enter into the commonstock of G.

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