Monday by the Magazine rack.



Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine rack. And what a lovely day it is too. There’s almost a wiff of Spring in the air, if only it weren’t so sodding cold and if you had dropped half an e for breakfast.

Who, in their right mind, I ask you, could complain that life’s been boring lately?

We’ve had Kevin, on a mission from God, drop in on ‘his papalness’ at the Vatican with a cask of wine half expecting that that would rally the old codger into granting Kevin an Express Post service for Aussie’s own Madge McKillop to the position of Sainthood. The rumour on the street is that Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne are ‘incandescent with rage’ with the idea that Kevin thinks he’s got the power and the influence to sway the old git.

Of course, Kevin has arrived home, only to find himself in a media frenzy over the Chinese government’s kidnapping of Rio Tinto employee Stern Hu. For all his parading around and hob-nobbing with the black haired mop tops in Beijing, it will all amount to naught if Kevin can’t quickly resolve this situation.

Feeling stressed out lately? Well you’re not alone. A new report has found that nine out of ten of us feel stressed out and that most of us put this down to work! Who would’ve thought? Apparently, concerns about money stressed out two-thirds and one in five were “highly stressed” about it.

This may be partly responsible for this other finding that Australians are becoming rampantly addicted to painkillers and anti-depressants.

Over half a million Aussies are addicted to prescription only painkillers and sedatives – the anti-depressant Zoloft has been issued more than 230, 000 times in the past twelve months, while prescriptions of the powerful sedative Xanax have risen by 40 percent in the past ten years, in NSW alone.

Sensational stuff. But is it surprising? Frankly, I think not. With the news that Tony Abbott is about to launch a new book who wouldn’t be compelled to reach for a jar of sedatives?

Ostensibly based on an idea that it’s too easy to get divorced these days, Tony Abbott has a vision for Australia where woman are treated as second class, subservient citizens, and gays and lesbians are of course, the scum of the Earth.

Destined to be an international best-seller, Tony’s book has already been universally praised with an enthusiastic response from within his own party.

“What Tony’s doing is putting forward, I gather, is his own personal views on a particular matter” said Julie Bishop when pressed to comment.

One of the founding judges of the Family Court of Australia, John Fogarty, was even more enthusiastic..

“There isn’t any merit in it,” he said.

Family First nutjob senator Steve Fielding, was also keen to lend his support to the idea. He said, through a spokesman, “there were more important things to talk about.”

Sadly, poor old Malcolm hardly rates a mention this week after his credibility has been shot down in flames over the entire ute-gate affair.

And while Tony may have stepped in and dragged us all kicking and screaming back to the Howard years with his recent performance, his leadership aspirations may be trounced by Joe Hockey who represents the “generational change” that perhaps the Liberal party needs.

Certainly if this poll which has just been released is anything to go by, Malcolm should be worried…