Friday Frolkyz!!


Good afternoon and welcome to Friday Frolykz – our end of the working week – beginning of the weekend thread!

I have to rush, so this is just a quick post, and Joni has already gone to the pub.

toodle pip!


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  1. Uh oh..I think that this means that we might have to fend for ourselves. Just to help..

  2. My daughter and I have been looking into UFO sightings on the net and checking some clips of this on Youtube this afternoon which got me to thinking…I know, doesn’t happen much!

    Now if there was proof of alien life forms out there would this negate the existence of GOD?

    The way I see it, there is a possibility that the proof might be there but governments could be withholding the information under the guise of trying not to panic man or the religious movement might be applying pressure to governments knowing that possibly their days on the gravy train exerting power over the followers would be over.

    I was wondering…has anyone here seen a UFO or know someone close that believes they have?

  3. Min, Is there a natural connection between the names Carol and Min? The reason I ask is I used to go out with a girl, named Carol who was also called Min. This was of course many many years ago. I know it wasn’t you (Phew!, says Min) but I’m curious as to the link between the two. Is it just one of those co-incidences?

  4. My kids saw ‘ghosts’ in the island of Marshalls Creek New Brighton on a very misty evening.

  5. Handy..just a coincidence. My son has been known to call me mini-mum due to my being a smidgey bit over 5’1″..hence Min. You can blame my parents for the Carol part.

  6. Maybe that’s it. The Carol/Min i knew was also very vertically challenged! Now why didn’t I think of that 40 years ago.

  7. You have asked some interesting questions scaper, and some that I’ve often given thought to.

    I’ve also pondered some other questions. If there are some more advanced, intelligent life forms somewhere out beyond, would they have the same theory on the Big Bang that we hold?

    Would they believe in evolution or intelligent design?

    I’ve seen a couple of things in the sky that don’t fit the description of, or have the capabilities of, being made on Earth.

    The first was observed in the night sky of Kangaroo Island. The object looked like just another star at first, but it was moving horizontal to the Earth before stopping, and shooting upwards at a speed that was above anything that could be produced by humans.

    The second was in Adelaide. I was working late on a uni assignment, went outside for a smoke at 3 am and saw 3 large, glowing orange balls travelling along the Adelaide coastline.

    One of the objects then shot off over the ocean.

    Maybe they saw me watching.

  8. In 1970 I was travelling on a the south west mail train with other Wagga teachers college students to Sydney. Needless to say sleep was hard to come by. At around 4.30am, or close to sparrow fart, we saw this light, just above the horizon that looked like a comet, but moved all over the place. We watched it for some time but no one seemed to have an answer. It faded with the full dawn. Today, it still remains a mystery. (And no, I wasn’t stoned or pissed…a little tired maybe…)

  9. About the closest that I have come too. I was watching what I thought was a shooting star when it suddenly reversed direction and took off at double the speed. This was on a very clear evening about 10 years ago.

  10. Migs and scaper,

    I’ve never seen anything strange like that but I did see minmin (no relation) lights between Tibooburra and Waarnaring around 1983.

    My Uncle swears he saw a UFO near Berowra in the 40s. He doesn’t drink so I tend to believe him.

  11. On the subject scaper brought up – I don’t think alien life would negate the plausibility of “GOD” at all. What it would do is raise questions in regards to the Judea/Christian idea of God.

    Unless said aliens look like Spock, the concept that God created man in His own image would be under serious scrutiny. If the alien’s are sexless or have more than two possible sexes – it would make one question the idea that God is a “He”. And so on…

    Then again, we could always declare war on the heathen infidel (our intergalactic green blob neighbours) as we have done to people different than ourselves in the past in the name of God.

    Personally, the idea of intelligent alien life simply shows how “human-centric” most people’s idea of God is.

  12. A mind-twister or a soul-shaker: Vatican says aliens could exist

    Just as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space created by God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin, he speculates.

  13. Ben, this then begs the question..wasn’t it that God created Man in his own imaginings and not in his own image. Also an image isn’t necessarily a precise physical fact an ‘image’ suggests that there are many reprentations.

    That is, if God has no physical form then there is as above can be no precise physical representation of God’s image.

  14. Yes Legion, but they won’t be God’s chosen children. After all, they would be like the other animals God created 🙂

    I really don’t like the idea of mankind finding aliens exist for sure – the resulting war our hubris would cause is likely to obliterate us!

  15. Malcolm Turnbull thinks he’s God. But Tony Abbott is clearly an alien.

  16. I saw two lights similar to, Migs, many years ago (in my thirties) – they were red – moved horizontally and up and down – much to fast for airoplanes (luv the original spelling) but very straight movement – after about four minutes they just shot straight up – changed my thoughts on UFO’s forever … too many sightings for there not to be something …

    … as for, scaper’s , question about GOD I think his assumption rests in a belief that god is a man made belief rather than – a real being/thing/whatsit!

    … if there is a God, then He/She/It would have created the lot – including “other” intelligent (or not) beings …

    Do I believe in GOD absolutely!

    (Grow Old Disgracefully)

  17. Hey! I thought you’d gone out, sreb?

  18. So we’ve moved from UFO’s to “God.” Ain’t that always the way.
    To my mind there are more ‘Gods’ out there than UFO.
    Every culture’s had one (or many) and some believe and some don’t.
    God is simply a way of explaining that which humans can’t or haven’t been able to in the past.
    The thing is that all explanations of God (creation etc) from various cultures are scarily similar.

  19. hnaydarb (hehe), scaper’s post @5:08 talked about UFO’s and GOD … 😀

  20. “Just as there are multiple forms of life on earth, so there could exist intelligent beings in outer space created by God. And some aliens could even be free from original sin, he speculates”

    Is religion evolving to accomodate fresh thinking lest it strangle itself with archaic dogma?

  21. This is a typo inclusive thread 😉

  22. Sorry TB.
    BTW you should know, you live in ‘God’s’ own. Love it up there.Dyslexic? and your right. I can read but I forget better.

  23. Sorry, I meant the church, not religion; IMO religion is a very different thing to the church.

    I liked this…

    “Personally, the idea of intelligent alien life simply shows how “human-centric” most people’s idea of God is”

  24. HD, and the obvious question is … why?

  25. A general lack of unhuman-centric understanding perhaps TB?

  26. I was sitting on the cliffs at Robe’s blowhole in the early seventies, looking up at the stars, when one of them apparently “fell down” and hit another one, making a flash, after which both vanished. Still bothers me a bit.

    I also reckon if any intelligent aliens became aware of our mob, it’d be a case of
    “break out the ray ray guns, we don’t want these buggers to spread !”

  27. I was debating whether I’d share this, but what the hell we’re talking all things kooky…

    How often do others have de ja vu? I get an accurate one approximately once a month. It’s never anything important, but it tends to be pretty damn accurate & not something I think I could have “guessed” would happen.

    I kind of freak out if I don’t get one after two months… thinking perhaps my time is up and I don’t have a future to see! Wish I saw lotto numbers though, just once.

  28. I like Robe pterosaur. I remember when there was a lot more ground around the obelisk than there is now.

    I get dejavu too BT, rarely but keenly. I always just put it down to my brain presupposing things (?). It is unnerving.

  29. “How often do others have de ja vu?”

    I don’t have it very often Ben – but it happened to me today at work. It was very weird. I can’t describe it, so I won’t bother trying but it was weird.

    How about recurring dreams? Does anyone have those…?

    I have them all the time. Which actually freaks me out a bit. It’s like there are very tangible places that I revisit in my dreams. Almost like parallel universe stuff.

  30. My recurring dreams ( I rarely dream, there is a correlation between this & Phelpy I believe) are like that gutter trash thread about workplace retribution reb.

    Just kidding, I never dream, ever; well not much, kinda.

  31. Me too HD, or at least I used to, when it was still just a little port, and there was only 1-2 houses above the lagoon/boat harbour. Many fond memories of the place.

    Had a flash of deja vu myself today – relatively uncommon for me, not so unnerving, as I read a physiological/cognitive explanation of the process some time ago, and that satisfied me.

  32. It would be wet & windy at the obelisk tonight…

  33. Heh HD, checked out your link – the photo is more than a bit atypical I reckon. 8 ).

    Is it actually raining in that part of the world ? (I’m in Tas., and understood it had been pretty dry in the SE for a while)

  34. “Me too HD, or at least I used to, when it was still just a little port, and there was only 1-2 houses above the lagoon/boat harbour. Many fond memories of the place”pterosaur


    Have been to wreck the place many a time on New Years Eve but always felt for the townsfolk who see numbers swell over summer & then disappear with the damage done. A beautiful place to be sure.
    I learned to surf in Robe & grew up on a farm about 25min away. I’ve found it hard to swoon over supposedly scenic beaches in other parts of the world because of my familiarity with the area.

    Hard to pinpoint exactly when it became “the place to be” but it did & that licks’da’bagz. Beachport is a similar story.

  35. You better believe it’s raining right now!

    I had 10 days off last week & only 3 were fit to venture outside. Good for the grass.

    Cold, wet & windy. It’s Winter in the South East.
    Have definitely had shorter & milder (trending later) winters of late though.

    The pic is very atypical for this time of year. Still water. No swell. The dump is just around the corner.

  36. Link to Mt. Gambier weather radar…

  37. Long, dry summers have become the norm. Much better off than the upper SE & other areas around the country stricken by a lack of regular rain.

  38. “How often do others have de ja vu?”

    All the time and at times it’s uncanny and downright scary.

    Also probably purely chance and if someone like Possum did the stats on it it would turn out to be within the realms of normality, but I have lost count of the times I hear, read, think and see something that is not a very common thing or occurrance only to have it appear on TV soon after or mentioned in a newspaper or even a book I’m reading.

    For instance I heard about string theory for the first time a while back and that night there was a doco on it that I didn’t know was going to be on, and then the next day a friend handed me Hawkins a Briefer History of Time and then the next day in a doctors surgery I picked up on science magazine out of dozens and its feature article was string theory. Coinciding things like that happen to me all the time.

  39. Mobius Ecko, on July 10th, 2009 at 8:38 pm


  40. That’s it I think Legion, though I didn’t understand half of what was said.

  41. Adrian,

    I bump into string theory every time I visit Lubos Motl’s blog, even though I go there to read about a completely different subject. Spooky. 😉

  42. I’m one of those weird one that dreams to problem solve. My dreams tend to happen when I’m waking up in the morning and are about something I’ve been worrying about the previous day. Sometimes they help, other times the sheer randomness of the “dream solution” is scary.

  43. HD – did a bit of surfing around the area too (particularly at Beachport), had/have rellies in the area (out at Bray), who later shifted into Robe (Fishing). I used to work over uni hols at Robe in the Safcol factory in the early ’60’s.

    Beaches in Tassie are just as good if not better, plus we still have quite a few of the native animals surviving, (in contrast with the situation on the big island).

    Had my own “possie” just off the cliffs near the blowhole where I could jump down onto a ledge, but was sheltered from the spray by a portion of the cliff which had slipped down – don’t think it’s still there though.

    BT – that was my basic approach to problem solving throughout my career, I’ve found it works a treat, particularly when working on complex problems. Basically, I reckon it works (IMHO) because :

    1. Human brain /memory records everything it’s exposed to, even what is not “consciously remembered”

    2. The “dream state” allows syntheses of this data into solution(s) to the problems being faced, as the “linkages” between processes etc often occur outside of the “conscious” decision making framework that we each develop as we learn.

    Have often been unnerved by the beauty and practicality of the “solutions” reached, though.

  44. Your line of thinking TB was expressed by Isaac Newton when he said that “God didn’t create man. Man created God” (or something of that nature). Karl Marx said much the same thing some time later. It’s a saying that appeals to me.

    If I had the chance to communicate with a being from another world I’d want to know his/her/it’s take on the creation of the universe, the concept of time (where it began), the purpose of life, their view on the after-life, mental telepathy, and next week’s Lotto numbers.

    In particular the Lotto numbers.

    Returning to Earth, I BTW like Robe. Hum D can attest that I was born just up the road.

  45. I don’t know how I’d communicate with an alien life form. Maybe like this:

  46. Sorry to revive Michael Jackson, but . . .

    We were delighted to hear little nasties about the gloved one, such as:
    1. He was bald;
    2. His nanny had to pump his stomach after drug binges, and
    3. The children weren’t his.

    Damn Media Watch had to ruin it. All those storied were false, and wouldn’t you know it, they were all generated in the Murdoch press.

    Why aren’t I surprised?

  47. Oooo – this happened in the building I work in!

    Man injured in lift shaft fall.

  48. Looks like foul play might have been involved joni.

  49. Don’t think so – it was an accident from what I have been told.

    But I had no idea until I went for lunch about 2pm – i exist in my own little world when I am coding. 😉

  50. ” i exist in my own little world when I am coding.”

    You exist in your own little world full stop.

    Mind you, so do I…

  51. bitch!

  52. slut!

  53. you’re up early for someone who was going on a bender last night..?

    min you, I’m an early riser myself.

  54. called?

  55. Min, I would never call your kind self such a derogatory term. Joni on the other hand…

  56. I meant..min you, I’m an early riser myself… Dobbed yourself in well and truly now 😉

  57. Think Min was referring to your last line
    min you, I’m an early riser myself”

  58. Oh I see…

    How embarrassing…

  59. Damn – I’m too slow off the bat this morning!

  60. Miglo,

    I don’t know how I’d communicate with an alien life form. Maybe like this

    I’m told they respond well to beer.

  61. I’ve heard aliens are fond of Gloria Gaynor

  62. I was in bed by 1am and at work at 9am (software upgarde).

  63. Question for the day…

    I’ve just been reading the bereavements section of the paper. Not something I do often. But I’m wondering, why do people write things like “I love you and miss you so much” when the person’s already dead?

    It’s not like they’re going to read it or anything…

  64. @joni: Urgh. Weekend software deployments suck… almost as bad as the midnight ones do.

  65. You’re right you know Reb..mostly the subjects of the bereavement section are dead people. In fact all of them. And even if dead people do read newspapers, they probably wouldn’t be interested in reading the bereavement section.

  66. We’ve got friends coming ’round for dinner tonight. Seeing as its bloody freezing, I’m think of having a go at making mulled wine.

    I think dead people would enjoy mulled wine. More than reading the bereavement section at least anyway…

  67. What a happy thread this is.

    Work, death and people going to reb’s for dinner.


  68. Reb, the dead do walk among us.

  69. Joni, did you notice that he didn’t invite any of us over for dinner tonight?

  70. Miglo..a warning is required before posting such images on a Saturday morning…

    And yes I did notice that none of us were invited to partake of Victor’s exceptional cooking, much less the mulled wine.

  71. Sort of hurts, doesn’t it Min?

  72. Returning to UFOs, I have to admit that I have had a close encounter of the third kind. It’s not something that I like to reveal due to the ridicule it might generate. Luckily though, I had my mobile on me and proof can thus be provided.

  73. I am sitting here sobbing into my keyboard at the lack of invite 😥

  74. Good pic Migs..and for once in a blue moon you are wearing clothes. Top half anyway.

  75. And my guess is that the teasing will continue by posting the recipe for the sumptous cuisine on Food Trail.

  76. I’m hitting the grog to ease the hurt.

  77. I feel like pushing him down an elevator shaft.

    joni: that reminds me that I need to be careful what lift I get into when leaving work this afternoon

  78. Just a quick note that Ross’ Smelly Tongues has move to wordpress and the link to the right has been updated.

  79. Don’t forget that Triple J are counting down 100-51 today (right now in fact) ’til 5pm and 50-1 tomorrow from 12-6.

    Pretty damn good list so far.

  80. Sort of hurts, doesn’t it?

    You’ll get over it..

  81. I’m over it.

  82. I’m not..I haven’t had mulled wine since the last trip to Mt Buller.

  83. Well have some pity for me…

    I have to start cleaning the house now. It seems to be the only time I do it, when we have friends coming ’round.

    Did I mention we have friends coming ’round?

    They’re coming round for dinner: some nice pan fried pork and ginger dumplings as well as Victor’s slow cooked “melt in the mouth” beef rendang curry.

    I’m making some mulled wine too. Have I mentioned that already?

    A nice heady mulled wine gently warmed with cinnamon, cloves, star anise, orange and brandy…

  84. I offer the first amount of spitty for reb….

  85. joni..translation please…

  86. oops – surely i meant PITY not Spitty…. my bad – hehe

  87. Thank you joni, for one moment I was thinking that you were going to do something nasty into the pan fried pork and beef redang as an act of revenge…..(attempt at a smiley) 😯

  88. That is, if one could spit from Sydney to Hobart…

  89. Some of reb’s guests are on their way now. I snapped a photo as they drove past. He invites them but not us!

  90. Migs..shhh..they’re just the rellies..

  91. LOL Min.

  92. We’re just Abbott and Costello Migs 🙂

  93. Shit Tony – I accidentally deleted your comment that went into spam – hit the wrong button (the one that said “it’s a formal”). Sowwy.

  94. That’s OK Joni. It was just another picture of one of reb’s guests:

  95. Rescued Tony….

  96. This friend didn’t get an invite.

  97. This friend did.

  98. Tom of Melbourne missed out too.

  99. Migs,

    LOL @ ToM.

  100. Tony, I think Tom’s like that all the time.

  101. Is he still – how can I put this – in moderation?

  102. Tony, I picked the Swans today.


  103. Tony @ 6.40pm That’s the butler…

  104. A take on Daft Punk:

  105. So did I Migs. I note Human Divergence Dividend was the only one to tip the Bombers.

    /Hopeless Tipper

  106. Adrian,

    They’re wearing tinfoil hats just like yours.

    (Don’t get mad – I’m only serious ;-))

  107. Mobius (et al)..always be wary of girls who wear silver cardboard boxes on their heads. That is of course unless they are dinner guests of Reb’s.

  108. So the Div picked the Bombers. Who in their right mind would have done that? He clearly has no idea about tipping.

    Adrian, I didn’t know you were into punk.

    Min, the butler deserved a LOL.

  109. God don’t tell me you don’t wear tinfoil, how else are you going to stop the AGW religious fanatics stuffing with your brain via satellite, turning you into dreaded Greenies?

    Even my cat wears a tinfoil hat.

  110. Migs, like most things I’m into a lot of things across a wide spectrum, I’ve never been easy to pigeon hole.

  111. Very funny Adrian. This is my personal favourite of you and your kitteh.

  112. Used that picture on occasion myself Tony. Did a quick check but must have deleted it from my computer so used the other two instead.

  113. Look, look, look, drop whatever petty activities yer currently engaged in an pay 123% attention 2 yer (busted) Unca Bwoocie, OK?

    It’s great news, tiny brains, bonuses fer bankers are back. Thanks to the BWOOCE star, the Vulture Hedge Fund LLC has jest asset stripped another coupla smelly third world countries an as a result moi salary package has edged up 2 $US 550 million fer the current foinancial year. Natch, a top bloke like moi is worth more – he pulls out a fat cigar an fires up – but with them surrender-monkey Euro regulators on the flippin regulatory rampage, we’ve decided that faux restraint is the way to bloomin go.

    As fer yer little ppls? Pay cuts an longer hours all round are the macro economic necessity of the day, I’d say, OK? Jest remember, it’s never 2 late to suck up to a master of the universe, tiny brains.

    There are many crumbs on my corporate banquetting table, so play yer grovellin cards right an one or two of em could be yers, OK?

  114. BWOOCE, I thought you’d be at reb’s place.

  115. Is religion the church evolving to accomodate fresh thinking lest it strangle itself with archaic dogma?

    The church is evolving to accommodate the influence and beliefs of the good Scientology folks HD!

  116. 20% salary cuts across-the-board fer all tiny-brained workers are not enough. A 50% cut fer Miglo is definetly not flippin enough. These indicative rates really don’t do it fer moi an my hot-shot bizoid mates. An they are way too small to intill any confiedence in the bloomin markets, OK?

    Let’s get real here knuckleheads.

    I mean, moi little ppl are gonna have to wear salary cuts of 35% or more, so yers should 2, yer follow? Good.

    Here’s a few hard facts of loife fer yers from yer Unca Bwoocie, OK? Like I mean the reality is, moi Vulture Hedge Fund LLC salary package has just passed the $US500 per annum mark – I said yee ha, drongos, bonuses fer us super stars of sophisticated financial management are back! – an yer cyber bludgers are gunna pay, OK?

    Performance management processes all round fer the small end of town, I’d say. Let me spell it out fer yers, one rule fer us top bosses, another one fer yer work-shy little people, OK?

    Now get back to work, b4 I drop kick this baby koala right outta the bloomin ground, OK?

  117. Here is a list of government failures that have been put on a few different blogs by posters which I suspect come from Liberal Headquarters.

    I’m sure people here can prove otherwise?
    The list of failures, blunders and back flips grows:
    1. 2020 – 1,000 B&B;minds ,+ $2+m = 9 useable ideas.
    2. Save the whales (using the navy to confront Japanese) – dangerous stunt.
    3. Inflation Genie – Genie = Supernatural Pre-Islamic myth
    4. Fuelwatch – cost $21 million –lenses fell out.
    5. Grocery Watch, err, Choice – cost $13 million
    6. Taxes up (Gas, Diesel, Transport, Alcopops) – inflationary
    7. Arresting Iranian leaders – Stunt
    8. Bank Guarantee – still over 200,000 bank accounts frozen from September 2008
    9. Education Revolution – still revolving
    10. National Broadband Network (from $4b, to $7b to $43 billion) – inexpicable
    11. Cash Splash 1 – borrowed
    12. Cash Splash 2 – also borrowed
    13. Work Choices /Fair work – Will cost jobs
    14. Immigration/Refugees/Asylum Seekers = Open door
    15. Defence – cut expenditure & increase weaponry?
    16. Security. (See latest CSIRO oops)
    17. Global Cooling/Warming/Climate Change/Carbon Reduction – Scam
    18. Budget Surpluses – Ancient history.
    19. Economic conservatism – new words, still not in ALP dictionary.
    20. The buck stops with me! – I am supported by the unemployment industry.
    21. Electric cars (remember the bionic eye? Does that count?)
    22. Job creation & security from IR reforms – for Trade Union leaders.
    23. Securing water on the Murray/Darling – it’s secure alright – nobody can even see it.
    24. IVF Program – the caring ALP.
    25. Medicare/Private Health – rebate – outright lie
    26. Dental Scheme – gone – the caring ALP
    27. Cataract Surgery – costs doubled – the caring ALP
    28. Superannuation – the government needs it more than you.
    29. Home Savers – a fizzer, not enough people saving
    30. First home Owenrs grant – inflating houe prices
    31. One Stop Super Childcare Centres – maybe in 2095
    32. One Stop Super Clinics – for the rich
    33. No compulsory University Union Fees – an outright lie
    34. Coastguard – huh!
    35. Maternity Leave – out in the never never
    36. Worker Share Options, June 2009 – on, off, on, off, on like a light switch
    37. Carbon emissions reduction – LPG conversion subsidies being phased out l – June 2009
    38. Carbon Emissions reduction Part 2 – Household Solar Rebate axed 9/6
    30. Schools Stimulus/? Infrastructure Program – absolute chaos. – subject to AG inquiry.
    40. Flood Relief NSW North Coast June 2009 – serves them right for living there. Qld got it so all OK
    41. Ruddbank – fizzer.
    42. ABCCC – backflip with twist
    43. Federal takeover of hospitals by mid 2009 if no improvement . – to dream the impossible dream – a lie.
    44. Indigenous conditions – worse
    45. Reduce consultancies by $112 milllion = increase to $800 million (6354 consultancies)
    46. Govt will pay small business invoices on time = takes a lot longer (good one when cash flow is a problem) $16 billion in bills to small business.

  118. I would’ve preferred it if you could’ve rounded it up to 50.

  119. Or down to 40.

  120. Reb, so I take it that you do not dispute any of the items on the list?

    I do…why should I round it up, it is not my list as I have clearly explained.

  121. 47. Stimulus paid to dead people, people in jail and overseas residents
    48. Giving wine to the Pope when we have a financila crisis
    49. Not declaring war on Vhina because we have a citizen in jail
    50. MMMM getting harder …

  122. Oops! Typo correction “financial” and “China …

  123. 44. Indigenous conditions – worse

    Scaper, the current government more or less continued with the intervention policies of the previous government.

    To me, it shows that the previous government’s policies were never going to work.

    I look forward to seeing what policies will be formulated in response to the worsening conditions.

    Personally, I’d like to see something along the lines of the old ATSIC, but without regional councils.

  124. 50. The hairdryer and the ham sandwich.

  125. TB: surely giving wine to the Pope would be categorised as a stimulus to the in a advertising.

    Migs..I agree. And re building homes for remote peoples..apparently state governments are holding up the works..and for schools too.

    I was reading that in one community, if you were on the white side of the fence then you have a dancing classes, regular bus services and it goes without saying..sewerage. Yet only 10km down the track the indigenous community has no sewerage, no garbage collection and a 10km hike into town due to no bus service just for a doctor’s appointment.

  126. 51. Shaking the bottle on colloquialisms.

  127. On a positive side, this looks good.,25197,25768394-12377,00.html

    The Future Fund has over $30B in cash so why not utilise it for the betterment of Australia and still have the funds available for super?

  128. How about doing a list of previous government failures and then the ones this government are fixing.

    A lot of those failures have no source so should be taken with a grain of salt, especially since the deceits and exaggerations the opposition and their mouth pieces have been caught out in.

    Can you give us the source for that list scaper, or if you harvested it from various blogs and website a list of those?

    PS. Inflation Genie was coined by Costello.

  129. I was reading that in one community, if you were on the white side of the fence then you have a dancing classes, regular bus services and it goes without saying..sewerage. Yet only 10km down the track the indigenous community has no sewerage, no garbage collection and a 10km hike into town due to no bus service just for a doctor’s appointment.

    It’s not just one community Min. It’s just about every community.

    A community could be just a few k’s from town, yet they would receive no local council services. ATSIC subsequently would provide funding for municipal services such as rubbish collection and dump maintenance, airfield maintenance, pest control, landscaping, cemetery maintenance, fire control services, infrastructure needs such as a basketball court, footy oval etc etc etc.

    And then we’d cop it from the press that we were wasting money by giving it to Aborigines.

    Thanks to the press and the Howard govt, ATSIC got such a bad name. When Howard closed down ATSIC these essential services faltered.

  130. Adrian, this list first appeared on Bolt’s then on Jack’s by different posters so I tend to believe it was either a case of plagiarism or came from Liberal HQ.

  131. Well Miglo, I think the indigenous policy response needs to go well beyond representative an administrative structures.

    The longer term response has to deal with cultural respect, cultural renewal an development.

    Within the broader community, indigenous culture is incorrectly seen as static. Indigenous culture is undergoing a renaissance, but lacks the necessary funding and recognition An important government initiative would be to spend a $ billion or 2 (eg less than half the cost of some insulation) on building and supporting indigenous cultural centres in each major city and regional centre.

    Perhaps the sensational Kanak Cultural Centre in Noumea is a model. It has greatly assited to provide reconciliation and recognition in that troubled community.

    Building cross cultural understanding and respect is the key starting point. This is clearly up to the national government.

    That’ll do for now. I’m on the ”moderation necessary” list, and naturally I have no intention of complying with this restriction, so I’ll post from surreptitious internet cafes from time to time. I’m sure you’ll be grateful for the relief.

  132. Scaper – it does look like a case of deliberate propaganda, but it need not be from Liberal HQ. As we’ve seen on this blog, you need not be an official party mouthpiece to share their opinions.

  133. Migs..this is indeed the truth. I read something about ‘dirty Abo’s’ (it was probably a Bolt blog or similar) and then the community raised the point that they had not had a garbage collection for SIX MONTHS.

    Basic resources are not the fault of the Federal starts from the ground up. Why would the local council not provide garbage disposal to a particular community? Why would a state government ignore the protests from this community. And WHY does it need Federal government intervention to try to make improvements.

  134. I went through the list and only agree with seventeen points.


    Even a few of those could be argued but I stand by my opinion.

  135. That’ll do for now. I’m on the ”moderation necessary” list, and naturally I have no intention of complying with this restriction..”

    Good on you (formerly) Tom. I must say I admire that reb-ellious streak!

  136. “Oooo – this happened in the building I work in!

    Man injured in lift shaft fall.”

    Just across the road from my new office, Joni. Had to laugh at the crowds out the front of the building all looking up at the roof ‘watching’ the excitement – I couldn’t figure out what they were looking at. Turns out they were watching nothing!

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