Flick Crit: Disgrace

Back in town after 8 weeks in Spain and France without a cinema visit. Broke the drought with Disgrace, an Australian film about South Africa.

Both J.M. Coetzee’s novel and its film adaptation leave their audience wanting more answers. It is a confronting and brutal tale of life in modern South Africa. The message is clear. There are no simple solutions.

Full review is at Cinema Takes: Disgrace – bleak morality tale

Kevin Rennie


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  1. I’m more intrerested in some travel stories, and a review of the best of France.

  2. Great to have you back Kevin. And I agree with Tom – give us some travel stories.

  3. To borrow a cliche, the travelogue is in the pipeline. I’m still recovering from the Saints’ triumph over Geelong. Michael Gardiner’s mark was immediately below us.

  4. Kevin – that comment belongs in the sensational Footy Preview – due later. don’t miss it!!

    The travelogue is required.

  5. Good to have you back Kevin. I’ll add Disgrace to my list of ‘must see’ movies.

    I for one don’t want any travel stories for they are bound to make me jealous. But at least during your absence my real estate holding have increased quite substantially and this will cushion the jealous blow.

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