Caption Competition – The Ashes

What can we come up with for this photo of Rudd?

Rudd bowling

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  1. “You reckon I’m an unco, you shoulda seen the last guy”

  2. And the number one use for excess ear wax is …………………..

  3. Revealed, the secret love child of Julius Sumner Miller

  4. Hurry, get makeup and a hair dryer.

  5. No Kevin. That’s now how you moonwalk.

  6. That’ll be 4.

  7. Off topic – nice to see you again Tom R.

  8. Fair shake of the stick, mate! Me-too likes cricket! Can I just demonstrate how important little Aussie batt(l)ers are to the Rudd Labor Government! Any breakages are coming out of your pocket! Is this tip ‘n’ run?

  9. Miglo

    Glad to be back

    been lurking for a while, but have been unable/(too lazy) to post

  10. G’day Tom R – good to see you back!


    Is that a full tosser?

  11. TB – ROFL

  12. John Howard: I always knew it was the ball

  13. Bloke in background..if I don’t hang on I’m going to have a nasty accident. Such excitement!

    Cameraman: I’m not actually focussing on the action but there is a spunky blonde just out of camerashot.’s fairy dumb…

  14. I wish I could spin like Howie.

  15. Or is Howard aiming for scapers bails?

    (I remember the photo scaper LOL)

  16. Apologies, I meant fairly dumb not fairy dumb……

  17. “This is my ‘turn ball’ , Albo! This time hit him right out of the ground.”

  18. If you ignore the ball… it looks like Rudd is trying to “get jjggy wit it”. Something like this

  19. Damn – image

  20. That is hilarious ben! Much better than the original – can you email me that photo?

  21. It’s already uploaded into the blog 🙂 I can probably clean up a larger sized version – I just threw it together in half an hour 🙂

  22. “Kevin Rudd’s left testicle boldy asserts its right to an independent existence”

  23. Excellent Photoshopping, B.Tolputt 🙂

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