The John Howard Memorial Cricket Tragic Thread (I)

In a mark of respect to our former PM, we will have a thread for each Ashes Test match. And I think that we need to have his bowling as a fitting start to the first test.

So let’s bring all the cricket chat into here.

Midweek Mayhem!

Welcome to Midweek Mayhem!

The place where anything can happen but it generally doesn’t.

There’s a large vacant space in the middle of Hobart where the Myer department store once stood before it was destroyed by fire over a year ago. There have been many suggestions in the daily newspaper as to what should be done with the vacant lot. A number of readers have suggested that it should be made into a public space, with a park, lawns and trees, and seating for people to enjoy eating their lunch. Others have suggested combining the public space with some cafe’s and restaurants with an area for performance artists, musicians and artworks. Many readers have written in to support these ideas, and that’s all well and good you might think.

However, imagine my surprise, when a number of readers took umbrage at my own well-considered suggestions for the space, with one actually asking me to leave town!

I ask you, who in their right mind would argue with the idea that every town ought to have its own dedicated community heroin injecting centre and designated smoking zone?

This is precisely the concept I put forth as a useful way to make use of this wasted space. And what do I get for efforts? Shot down in flames by concerned citizen “irate of Sandy Bay”

I imagined a sort of “festival” like environment, where users could congregate and shuffle from stalls selling everything from gear like tablespoons, aluminium foil and rubber tubing, as well as a needle exchange shop. All in one family-friendly environment.

Dealers could also set up shop, but I would probably restrict this to sensible operating hours like say from 10.00pm until 6.00am in the morning, so as not to interfere with other nearby retail trade. We could even have a “drop in” centre, where people could drop in, to drop out….

Somehow I can’t see it happening. But I reckon the idea has merit. I should’ve been a town planner.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves…

Reducing Arctic Ice Field(ing)

One of the meme’s that some (like Bolt) continue to use is that the ice area in the Arctic is not getting smaller. But it is not just the area that is important, but the volume – that is, the total amount of ice. And now we have some new data from NASA that says that the ice in the Arctic has “dramatically thinned’.

Arctic sea ice thinned dramatically between the winters of 2004 and 2008, with thick older ice shrinking by the equivalent of Alaska’s land area, a study using data from a NASA satellite showed.

But what is important for people like Bolt and Fielding is that their questions (loaded?) must be answered before they will consider that AGW is taking place. By the time they accept the science it might be too late to do anything. To me it is all about risk management – we should act now to prevent what the climate scientists say could happen.