A Midweek Winter Warming Healthy Meal!!

Most westerners would be familiar with the idea of the mid-Winter heart-warming dish of porridge made from oats.

The Chinese have their own version, made from rice, it’s dead easy to make, is delicious, healthy and nutritious. Called “congee” or rice porridge, it can be eaten at any time of the day as a mid-Winter, comfort food snack.

Make a pot, and it will last for a good few days. All you need are some basic ingredients which you probably have at home already.

Check out Victor’s recipe here



10 Responses

  1. Sure sounds a lot tastier than Fruchocs or a pie-floater.

  2. Sago?

  3. Fruchocs go just nicely with porridge Hum D.

  4. Bubur ayam, used to be a Sunday morning tradition.

  5. Personally I prefer Rum or a good red to keep me warm. Not so good for breakfast though 😦

  6. Bubur(?) Chicken?

  7. I have always seen congee, but have never actually had it.

    Next time I am in Singapore I will try it. Or maybe I can get the bf to cook some for me.

  8. Of course it’s polenta where I was born.

  9. And porridge where I was born..as in Hawthorn Victoria. And with a spoon of honey from the beehive as topping.

  10. Guido..I’ll bet that your Nana’s spaghetti cannot beat Nana Coloretti’s spaghetti. Everyone’s Nana’s spaghetti is the best.

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