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And welcome to the shop. Open a bit late today due to new employment conditions.

I read a recent editorial piece lately, sorry I don’t have a link (but if anyone does, send it in, I’ll update the post), about how making positive affirmation statements like “I am a worthwhile person” and “I am worthy of love” can actually make people feel WORSE!

Yes, it seems that “the power of positive thinking” can actually bring on depression!!

So in the spirit of “sharing the love” I thought that perhaps we could each begin the working week with a personal positive affirmation statement.

Shall we begin?

Okay. Complete this sentence “I am very happy with my life because……..”


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  1. I’m too twisted and bitter to be happy. I’m a miserable bastard at the best of times.

    I’m a grumpy old tycoon.

  2. I am too jealous of wealth crazed pricks to be happy.

  3. ” “I am very happy with my life because……’s (oooooh, I correctly used an apostrophe) not taking place in Queensland.”

  4. Well at least somebody’s happy.

  5. Ignoring the magazine rack question for a moment….

    I was just watching the Michael Jackson concert on Channel 7 a few minutes ago.

    In walks Victor:

    “What are you watching…?”
    “The Michael Jackson concert.”
    “Oh. Is it Live?”

  6. Was Victor pissed?

  7. I just looked at him.

    “I’m not sure” I said. “What do you think…..??”

    I mean really. Sometimes I really wonder…….

  8. No. completely sober…..!!

  9. Then maybe he’s in a state of denial that MJ is dead. Some people have the ability to block tragedies from their memory.

    Here’s a simple test: Ask him if MJ is dead.

  10. “I am very happy with my life because……..

    ……no matter how stupid I sometimes feel, I can rest easy in the knowledge that there’s someone dumber than me.”

  11. I just asked. He says “No, he’s not (dead)”.

    You might be onto something Miglo. Maybe he needs counselling. Or perhaps I should check the medicine cabinet for any of those tablets with the pictures of rabbits on them.

  12. lol. Victor is Tres Cool.

    I wish I didn’t have a clue about the current status of MJ either; in fact I wish I’d never heard (of) him.

  13. Miglo, that’s the first time I’ve heard the term “tycoon” being used as a euphemism for “tax dodging hoon, slumlord”.

    Perhaps only in Port Adelaide or there abouts. They probably call car thieves/rebirthing – “auto industry entrepreneurs”.

  14. Are you missing MJ Tom?

  15. “Okay. Complete this sentence “I am very happy with my life because……..”

    …could be worse is always a valuable motivator I reckon.

  16. I’m happy with life because it’s better than the alternative.

  17. MANLY

  18. Dave’s still happy for getting Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sav at practically half price.

    I’m happy for Dave.

  19. … and my team won tonight, and I beat the rest of you this week in the AFL tipping (although I have NFI how).

    Drinking a nice 2000 Hunter Semlilon and life is good!

  20. Hmmm – too much beer and semillon me thinks.

  21. I’m happy because I just switched from PC to Mac. I may even be a little bit smug.

  22. …oh and my team won and josh carr is back!

  23. Yo Steve. I’m happy that you’re back. Not happy that Brennan only copped 1 match though. Extra unhappy that Troy copped 2.

  24. Thanks Migs. I’m happy to be back – I spent the last few weeks in Sri Lanka. Not happy about the cheating tribunal though. Brennan deserved at least a month off after hurting poor innocent Josh Carr. Chaplin’s bump was fair, footy is supposed to be a contact sport, I don’t know what he was supposed to do, move out the way while in midair? Still, Port’s back and we have a good draw and the Cows are likely to fall in a heap now…life’s looking good.

  25. BTW, did you read Tom of Melbourne’s comment at 9:51 about Port Adelaide residents?

  26. I did, but I think he confuses Port Adelaide with Footscray.

  27. We watched Milk on DVD last night. Great movie. Sean Penn thoroughly deserved his best actor awards – great performance.

  28. The Crows play Freo, Geelong & Portscum in the next three weeks so I’m not sure I’d wet my knickers with excitement just yet if I was you steve. Geelong being the only threat there; their draw is difficult for the remainder though.

    Portscum on the other hand have to play away this week & given their recent insipid efforts I wouldn’t think that they’re “back” just yet. Time will tell.

    The Showdown looms large for both.

  29. I may even be a little bit smug.

    LOL! Maybe that should be next Monday’s question!

  30. dave55 picked well!

  31. I’m happy because …

    sreb, can I create a list?

    Starting with QUEENSLANDER!

  32. I’m happy because the Hottest 100 of all time countdown has begun on triple J. 100-91 so far:
    100 Franz Ferdinand – Take me out
    99 TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me
    98 Led Zeplin – Kashmir
    97 Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning
    96 Daft Punk – One More Time
    95 Stevie Wonder – Superstition
    94 Modest Mouse – Float On
    93 Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
    92 Bon Iver – Skinny Love
    91 ACDC – Back In Black

    90-81 This afternoon from 4pm. Worth tuning in to, even if you ain’t a J’s fan.

  33. Frightening!

  34. Dave’s list?

  35. Min,

    Do you mean what was my list or what has been voted for – The list above is what has been voted for so far.

    My Top 10 that I voted for was:
    Radiohead – Street Spirit(Fade Out)
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication
    Rolling Stones, The – Paint It Black
    Pearl Jam – Black
    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
    Andy Prieboy – Tomorrow Wendy
    Australian Crawl – Reckless
    MGMT – Kids
    Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning
    U2 – One

  36. D55… what? – no Ted Mulry (Maitland resident) or Bob Hudson (The Newcastle Song) – gotta support your local artists.

  37. Min, don’t you think it’s (note apostrophe ie its is) a frightening list AND off bleedin’ topic, Dave!

  38. TB,

    Sorry – to make sure it’s on topic (although I did think it was an open thread 😉 ):

    I am very happy with my life because……..(repeat above posts).

    I don’t think it’s a frightening list either. Not so sure about the Daft Punk song being there but the rest of the list looks OK so far (hell – I voited for one of them and there were 3 more that were in my ‘short’ list of top 50 (Modest Mouse, Massive Attack and ACDC).

  39. Milk is a highly rated movie:

  40. joni

    I’m only new to Newcastle and the Hunter joni (less than 5 years). No Silverchair in my list either (although I think Straight Lines will make the 100 and it was in my ‘short’ list.

  41. Min/TB,

    Some people have taste. Others have opinion. We clearly have taste.

  42. I’d be surprised if Straight Lines isn’t number 1, followed by Massive Attack at number 2.

  43. TB (an aside)..I think that it’s something happening on a radio station called Triple J. Unfortunately not much reception from the old cat’s whiskers… Agreed, it’s frightening especially when you haven’t heard of most of the artists except the ones from the 70’s and 80’s.

  44. Dave, apology, it is an open thread but you changed the “spirit” of the posts … I think … 🙄

    Min, since we are on music (thanks, Dave) I discovered a Kenny Rogers song on the way to meeting last night – not a KR fan – but I’ve (note the apostrophe) downloaded the midi file, lyrics and I’m learning it for The Minister’s birthday (December) …

    Youtube version (there is a few):

  45. Likewise not a Kenny Rogers fan..but I am sure that the Minister will love the lyrics, and especially with you playing it for her.

  46. Something different. A spider has been discovered to build life-size replicas of itself as decoys to misdirect predators.

  47. And a broken airliner was fixed by a passenger rather than waiting for an engineer to be flown out – must be a pretty rare occurrence to have a suitably licensed aircraft engineer on board.

  48. Both great links, Lotharsson … what a world we live in …

  49. an educational psychologist I have been useful on flights..especially Jetstar.

  50. Thank deity that airplanes do not have green-screen and run COBOL… I am normally three-sheet-to-the-wind by the time I get on a plane, it would not be good for me to fix the plane.

  51. Mega gardening day yesterday..I have a plan and it’s a landscaping plan and it requires hubby to implement this plan. (the aforementioned accompanied by creepy music).

    This has required offloading 2 tonnes of white stones for starters (not quite, but it felt like it).

    Stage next is the border. I was thinking little strappy plants such as dianella or liriope. However, on Better Homes & Gardens hubby found this idea…whad’ya recon 🙂

  52. Min, doesn’t (note apostrophe) look good for mossies?

    Well, in fact it does look good for mossies to breed in but … oh bugger .. you know what I mean …

    … have you got along border? If you have I can pop down and give J a hand to produce the raw materials for the edging … 🙂

  53. TB..I don’t know whether hubby is looking for donations..he can probably manage the entire edging all by himself 😉 However, all donations gratefully received.

    And yes..agreed…your use of the apostrophe is excellent.

  54. Well this fucks nuclear power for Australia. they can’t handle the heat.

    France imports UK electricity as plants shut

    Also I won’t tell Fielding that parts of the northern hemisphere are having a shocking heatwave.

  55. The new research, published in the journal Climate Dynamics, doesn’t specify a cause or reason for the retreat, but it does note that if sea ice melt continues at this level, it’s likely that the North Pole will be completely ice-free during the summer months within a few decades.

    This is the messenger if you want to shoot it down.

    Hang on, I thought warming stopped in 1998 and we have been cooling for the last decade, so why is the ice still melting?

  56. Adrian, I’m sure just south of Nowra would be a perfect place to site a nuclear power station as the way I see it coastal sites are having no such problems in Europe.

    I think you should inform Fielding and while you’re at it can you answer the three questions that Wong and co can’t?

    Gee, it might get warm enough to grow grapes in the UK…that would be a first…lol!

  57. Um no scaper – they grow grapes and produce wine in the UK already.

  58. Wrong again, scaper, they have grown grapes in the south of England for many years and in fact one Oxford winery recently won a gold medal for champagne – in France …

    Strange language from you, Adrian, although I know that nuclear energy is your favourite energy source …

  59. Oh – and I should add that the wine from the UK is (mostly in my experience) pretty disgusting…. you are better off sticking to real ales.

  60. I am still wanting to get a post together on the IFR’s that Barry Brook talks about.

  61. That’s true Joni, they do; only not very successfully, apparently:

    In the 1990s the increase in the number of vineyards and the acreage under cultivation has levelled off, maybe even declined a little. There are a number of reasons for this – many English vineyards have undoubtedly been established with little knowledge of, or even concern for, their financial viability. A saying has grown up that the best way to get a small fortune is to have a large fortune and buy an English vineyard. Whilst this is cruel, it is also pretty certain that it is true.

  62. Joni, yep you are right and I am wrong.

    Hey TB, still waiting for evidence that Turnbull was responsible for scuttling the republic referendum…


  63. No scaper – you are not wrong, just better off never tasting it… hehe

  64. No joni, I am wrong as I should have considered the fact that wine is grown on the same parallel.

    I never liked English beer so there would not have been a chance of tasting their wine.

  65. scaper…, on July 8th, 2009 at 8:51 am

    Wrong. Fielding’s questions were answered but he used a compromised group of experts to ignore those answers. He had already made up his mind and was always going to ignore whatever answer he was given that didn’t go along with his fixed point of view that had been formed by another compromised group in the US.

    Luckily for us his ratings are so low in his electorate he hasn’t a hope in hell of being reelected, and if keeps pulling these stunts he will probably have one of the biggest swings against an independent ever.

    Listen to Xenophon on this scaper and read his views. He also went to the US on a fact finding tour on climate change. But unlike Fielding, Xenophone sought a far wider range of viewpoints, including several US government departments and independent scientists not in the pay of vested interest groups.

    TB Queensland, on July 8th, 2009 at 9:01 am

    True, I have nothing against nuclear, only third and fourth generation though. Current nuclear technology is wrong on so many levels, not the least being it is extremely inefficient and costly, requiring massive government subsidies to remain viable.

  66. Mobius

    Just to pick up on the Fielding swing comment – I am a member of a anti-Fielding group on Facebook that has more members than the number of first preferences he received (from memory it is about 2500?). And so – to get a swing of 50% only 1250 need to not vote for him.

    My guess – he will not stand for re-election as a senator.

  67. Hey TB, still waiting for evidence that Turnbull was responsible for scuttling the republic referendum…


    Turnbull’s idea of a republic was where the head of state was chosen by the parliament, the politicians refused to consider that the people could have and should have any input into the decision. The pollies want the power to remain in their hands alone and the public to be excluded (Turnbull’s ARM model).

    Polling showed that Australians want to elect their own president and it was articulated at the Convention. This was the reason the push for an Australian Republic failed despite overwhelming support for it amongst the population.

  68. Where is the proof that Turnbull was responsible for scuttling the republic issue?

    I suppose he bribed the delegates like the wacky theory that he just up and left to go to Afghanistan to avoid the media over Utegate?

    The Constitutional Convention held in Canberra over two weeks in February 1998 resulted in the adoption of a model for a republic that was presented to the electorate at a referendum in November 1999.
    The Convention was attended by 152 delegates, 76 appointed by the Federal government and 76 elected by the people in a voluntary ballot in late 1997.

    I don’t have time for Mitchell, Fielding or Turnbull but I object to pathetic accusations and innuendo being levelled at them!

  69. scaper…, on July 8th, 2009 at 11:18 a

    Turncoat rolled over to Howard’s manipulation of the Referendum questions – over 70% of this country’s population were positive about becoming a Republic until Howard fiddled behind the scenes with a double barrelled question that fogged the real issue… if Turncoat had fought the issue of a Republic only we just might have a become independent …

    … as it turned out Turncoat pops up as a candidate for a safe Lib seat not long after the Referendum and moves into the leadership past Tip not long after that …

    … more circumstantial “evidence” than Turncoat had for “utegate” …

    … either that or he’s a dichkhead and should never have had the opportunity to lead the republican Movement or the Liberal Party – your choice – either way he’s a wanker in my view and always will be …

  70. Hi All

    Having a quick break and trying to catch up on some of the goings on at Blogocrats.

    As you know I am moving house. ( I Rent) stuff is in storage and was supposed to start moving into new house yesterday.

    Got phone call from real estate agent last Monday advising that at this stage I could not move in. The guy that has been renting the house has had a mate staying with him.

    The mate decided on Sunday that he did not want to move out even though he was not on the lease and 2 weeks notice had been given.

    He got upset with his mate that rented the property and promptly took to him with a samuri ( hope thats correct) sword. Needless to say the police were called.

    The real estate agent will not go near the house until they have all left. the teneant will not go near the house until his crazy flatmate moves out just in case he loses an ear.

    I am sitting, waiting and now wondering whether a samuri sword wielding lunatic will visit me after I move in.

  71. shaneinqld, on July 8th, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    AK47’s are good, shane, or you might be able to hire the local bikie gang?

    Sorry, mate, its not a funny situation for you (costing I suspect, too) but the tale is …

    … laughing wif ya, not at ya … 😀

  72. No a good situation Shane – be careful.

  73. TB

    Yes a few rifles from some of my farmer clients is being considered.

    Have to laugh TB and I am happy to laugh at myself as well.

    Does anyone have a Japanese friend who has a samuri sword ? 🙂

  74. joni

    Could be worse, I could be the driver for Turnbulls debt truck 🙂

  75. I’ve got a machete you can hire?

    (BTW, shane, its samurai, just in case N5, pops around)

    …these “smileys” are appalling … can you do anything about them Blogmaster?

  76. But doesn’t the driver just stand around waiting for the tow truck?

  77. Shane, there are some real nutters around (especially in Queensland – I think it’s the heat).

    Hope you get a resolution soon, and as Joni says be careful. I’d keep a safe distance until the cops and real estate agent have sorted it out…

  78. I don’t like standing around waiting !

  79. reb

    Safe distance ?, you bet. !! I am 17km from the house and plan to stay that way until it is all sorted out.

  80. I’d also be changing a few locks when I move in too!

  81. reb

    my thoughts exactly.

  82. The guy sounds like an ice user…seen a few of these psychos in my time.

    Unless you can really handle yourself in a situation I would suggest that you stay well away.

  83. scaper

    I thought exactly the same thing “an ice user” and as such will be staying away as those users feel no pain.

  84. I think you should inform Fielding and while you’re at it can you answer the three questions that Wong and co can’t?

    Ah yes, the old “questions they can’t answer” gambit, wherein the answers are rebutted with a mixture of falsehoods, distortions, and misunderstanding or just plain ignoring the answers actually given.

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