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And welcome to the shop. Open a bit late today due to new employment conditions.

I read a recent editorial piece lately, sorry I don’t have a link (but if anyone does, send it in, I’ll update the post), about how making positive affirmation statements like “I am a worthwhile person” and “I am worthy of love” can actually make people feel WORSE!

Yes, it seems that “the power of positive thinking” can actually bring on depression!!

So in the spirit of “sharing the love” I thought that perhaps we could each begin the working week with a personal positive affirmation statement.

Shall we begin?

Okay. Complete this sentence “I am very happy with my life because……..”

(S)excess Ledger on The HMAS Success

This is a guest post from Tony…

In light of the recent beat-up scandal surrounding the HMAS Success, and Deputy Prime Minister Gillard’s declaration that “the navy must investigate allegations that sailors were challenging each other to have sex with crewmates, warning such behaviour had the potential to discourage women from joining the defence forces”, it might be worth examining this ‘scandal’ in more detail.

What part of the behaviour of the sent-home crew members does the Navy, and Ms Gillard, find objectionable?

Is it the fact that crew members are engaging in apparently consensual sex while at sea (nowhere has it been alleged that any of these acts were against anybody’s free-will)?

Or is it the fact that the some sailors saw such acts as conquests? Or is it that they were gambling on the outcome?

Or could this all be just confected outrage, fanned by the media and taken up with gusto by our politicians, designed to maintain an unrealistic ideal of the members of our armed forces, instead of conceding that such behaviour is relatively normal in today’s society?

Or maybe our politicians are engaging in a bit of double-edged dog-whistling, hoping to appeal to those groups in society that are meant to be concerned with ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’, while at the same time pushing the buttons of some of the more moralising members of the electorate?

Repent – you sinners

The Anglican Bishop of Rochester Michael Nazir-Ali has come out and said that the church welcomes gays but that we should “repent and be changed”.

Why should I repent when I have done nothing wrong? Last weekend I took the bf to church where my mother was blessed before her operation. The minister and congregation warmly welcomed us – in full knowledge of who the bf is to me.

Corporate Waste

A director decided to award a prize of $100 for the best idea of saving the company money during the credit crunch.

It was won by a young executive who suggested reducing the prize money to $20.

Urban myth?