The Resurrection of Tony Abbott

Hot on the heels of the spectacular implosion of Malcolm Turnbull in the polls, there is a growing concern inside the Liberal party that Malcolm’s dramatic fall from grace is beyond redemption.

If these reports are anything to go by, Malcolm has until Christmas to redeem himself, or face a leadership standoff that could see Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey jockeying for the top job.

The Liberals, in their infinite wisdom, believe that Tony Abbott could hold the key to their salvation.

Tony Abbott, one of the last remaining members of the Howardesque rat pack, has been praised within Liberal ranks over his performance in recent weeks in pursuing the Rudd government over the “ute-gate” affair.

Of course, there’s nothing new about Abbott’s tactics, they hark back to the days of the Howard government when the modus operandi of the day was to keep repeating the party’s mantra in the hope that constant repitition would help make some proposerous unbelievable rhetoric somehow plausible.

It didn’t work then – think WorkChoices and the so called “fairness test” – and it won’t work now.

The only thing commendable about Abbott’s performance was that it wasn’t as abysmally catastrophic as Malcolm Turnbull’s. Apparantly that’s sufficient reason for Liberal party insiders to consider handing over the reigns to Tony Abbott.

The Liberal party is suffering from a severe identity crisis. If they are to become a relevant force they need to reinvent themselves and clearly state what they stand for. At the moment they are a spent force floundering in a sea of irrelevance.

If they believe that the future lies with Tony Abbott at the helm then they are seriously deluded and more or less conceding defeat.