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The Liberal Party deserves to win the Next Election

Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull says that the Coalition “deserves” to win the next election.

It’s a remarkable observation for someone who had to flee the country to the comparatively less hostile environment of Afghanistan earlier this week.

Despite maintaining a veneer of self-assured confidence, there is no denying that Malcolm Turnbull has suffered a monumentous blow to his credibility and position as Leader of The Opposition.

The trip to Afghanistan was a pointless exercise in itself and a complete waste of tax-payers money, however Malcolm, obviously buoyed with same false sense of bravado and military confidence that comes hand-in-hand with donning a bullet-proof vest and “roughing it” with the soldiers has declared that he can win the next election.

“We will turn it around on election day, that’s our commitment”

“We can win this next election and we should win the next election” he said.

It’s an interesting choice of words. “Should win the next election” infers that the Liberal party has done something to “deserve” to be in an election-winning position.

Of course the reality is a vastly different situation altogether.

Can anyone recall, in recent months, anything that the Liberal party has announced as legitimate and alternative strategies and initiatives that it would do differently from the Federal Labor Government in terms of responding to the GFC, housing affordability, unemployment or nation building?

Despite murmurings to the contrary, Liberal party members are maintaining that Turnbull continues to receive their support as the party leader. He is after all, perhaps the most moderate senior figure.

However one can’t help but feel that the Liberal party is suffering from a severe identity crisis.

They are a party torn between the far right conservatism of the Howard years represented today in personalities like Tony Abbott, who for all intents and purposes, shouldn’t be let loose anywhere near a microphone or journalist, and the more moderate Turnbull who represents the affluent, forward thinking and contemporary mindset of the seat of Wentworth.

The elephant in the room (quite literally) is Joe Hockey. Clearly he sees himself as leadership potential, and despite my own personal opinion of the man, is actually perceived by some as quite likeable, or “avuncular” so we are told.

However, one thing is clear, if Turnbull’s ratings are not resurrected in the polls in the next few months then his position and the relevance of the Liberal party overall, will become increasingly tenuous.

The question is, in the context of a Government that has been universally praised by economists from around the world for its response to the GFC, does the Liberal Opposition really have anything left to offer?

By all accounts, their hugely unnsuccessful attack on the Prime Minister over the entire ute-gate affair would suggest that perhaps the answer is “no.”


39 Responses

  1. At this stage, I can’t see myself voting for either major party at the next election.

  2. The Coalition do not deserve to win the next election…either does Labor when I come to think about it so it comes down to bad or badder, or the ridiculous (Greens)!

  3. Tony, did you see the UAH MSU Global Temperature Anomaly graph at Bolt’s?

    It was most probably sponsored by ‘big oil’!

  4. If the Coalition are to increase their election-winning chances, avuncular Joe should never be allowed near a microphone either. Come to think of it nor should MT or JB. So who does that leave to represent the identity and election-winning chances of the Opposition?

    The Opposition must drop their oh so obvious “born to rule” mentality and offer up more than the smear and fear that is the feature of their current philosophy. The Australian people want something of substance, something that rings true towards real prosperity, and as TB says “with integrity. This is a virtue lost to the Opposition – they simply cannot identify with integrity. Until that day comes, they are forever lost as their words can never be trusted.

  5. Totally agree RN.

    The “born to rule” mentality is alive and well at the Liberal party.

    I remain convinced that they still to this very day do not comprehend why they were booted out of office at the last election.

    Remember Tony Abbott making all his snide comments about how the electorate was “sleep walking to the election” and that the electorate was “playing a joke” on the then government at the time?

    Completely deluded. The lot of them.

  6. However, one thing is clear, if Turnbull’s ratings are not resurrected in the polls in the next few months then his position and the relevance of the Liberal party overall, will become increasingly tenuous.

    No opposition leader has ever come back from the position Turnbull is now in, a position of his own making.

    He is in a worse position than Downer, and Alexander’s drop spelt the end of his aspirations.

    How bad was Turnbull’s Satisfaction Plunge?

    I know why Tony will not vote for Labor scaper, but considering the good things this government has done balanced against their proposed bad policies (most of which have not been enacted yet), why will you not vote the clearly better of the two parties? Seems to me you come from a position of utopia and will never be satisfied with what either party does, but especially Labor. In other words you will nearly always find fault. There are good and bad in all and I suppose it’s a balancing act of weighing up the good, indifferent and bad, but this government has on balance done just enough good that as it currently stands it deserves reelection.

    The only differentiation I have seen coming from the opposition has been from Hockey, who has stated they will have half the discretionary debt of the government. Taking out the lost revenue, which no government can do much about in a short time, it means Joe is saying they will both spend less and save more. But that is not what the opposition have said they will do so far. From what I can gather on their website they will do more without spending anything.

    This is their much touted Recovery for Australia website. Notice anything wrong, no, because there isn’t anything there. Not a single detail, no policy, no costings, no tactical or strategic plans, no reforms, absolutely nothing but fear, smear and grand meaningless overarching statements.

    Welcome to the opposition’s Neverland and why they don’t deserve to be even considered for government.

  7. Bolt has done more sleight-of-hand. He’s used smoothed out data that doesn’t fit his view by taking a short section that slightly supports his argument, and then stretches the other axis to make it look less obvious what’s really happening.

    Also he has now changed the year he stated warming stopped, with it now being 2001. He used to assert unreservedly that it was 1998. At this rate it will be 2004 by the end of this year and 2007 the year after.

    Note the so called experts Bolt uses as reference, the same ones Fielding used.

    The real world.

  8. The only thing the Liberal party had to offer that was different from Labor was economic conservatism and a Thatcher-esque dislike of the Unions. Considering Rudd’s economic conservatism is now confirmed, it’s just the Union issue. And do we know where Turnbull stands on unions?

  9. If promising to fix health, education and the Aboriginal problems amongst others is Utopia then I am guilty, Adrian.

    Health: the PM made it quite clear if the states did not lift their game the Commonwealth will take over the hospitals, remember ‘the buck stops here’?

    Well, the long awaited report was released last week indicating the system has got worse and now the PM has backed down.

    Education: how is the computers promise going after nineteen months?

    Oh and the ‘education revolution’ going too?

    Yep, new school halls and the like will improve the education standard to new levels but at least the PM and his deputy will have those new shiny plaques in every school so their names can be enshrined there in history as the revolution that never was!

    Aborigines: I see they have made inroads to improving their lot since saying “Sorry” and I see they can at least build accommodation for them at break neck speed…not even one house built!

    I could go on and on concerning issues that this government promised to rectify and have either failed or have not come to fruition and one gets tired of hearing “in 2020 this and in 2020 that”, all talk and no walk which seems to be acceptable to the true believers but not this swinging voter.

    Another thing, why was it acceptable for when Labor was in opposition to release no policy until after the election was called but not acceptable for this opposition???

    Silly me, because of people’s sickly one eyed double standards!

  10. Its nice to see that Malcolm has day-dreams too, but lets not dwell on what people “deserve”.

    Howard probably deserves to be in jail right now for the conspiracy he, Bush and Blair cooked-up to get us involved in the unlawful invsaion of Iraq. There’s no point in dwelling on it though, as it will never happen.

    Just like the Libs winning the next Federal election. Or, probalby, the one after that either.

  11. A good piece from our mate George at the Oz: http://blogs.theaustralian.news.com.au/meganomics/index.php/theaustralian/comments/turnbull_may_be_beyond_repair/

    The real point here is the Coalition continues to underestimate Rudd because it takes the electorate for granted.

    Turnbull had been telling colleagues that the Coalition can’t win the next election without destroying Rudd’s standing. But what if the public sees this strategy as the desperate ploy of an opposition that wants to sneak back into power via the lazy road of smear?

  12. Min – checked yer mail today?

  13. Have just done so, but nothing from T&T.

  14. Gotcha..sent to my yahoo account…

  15. Yes scaper, pick out the delayed policies and back flips, which is the norm for every single party, even minor parties in opposition back flip and delay. Even on the things you mention more has been done or put in place to do than the previous government did or promised to do.

    It never ceases to amaze me that you always seem to want faultless instant and comprehensive results from government, any government. As I have stated several times there are things to criticise this government for but there are also things to laud the government for, and it appears to me they have done more or put in place to do more in their first term than the previous government did over their entire terms.

    There are good things this government has done and has kept its promises on, things the previous government would not touch with a barge pole.

    I believe on a very slight precarious balance this government is more or less doing the job. If you take the opposition on balance and on their performance in government then the see-saw would be bottoming with the weight of the undone, delayed, back flips and broken promises.

    If the opposition can on balance prove they will be fairer, more transparent, honest and do better than the government then you would have to vote for them. Currently all they can prove is they are all for smear, fear, banality and attacking government ministers.

    Computers in Schools is now well into its second round. Damn how were you to know because unlike the previous government this one just gets on with its job and doesn’t keep patting itself on the back using its Murdoch media mouthpieces.

    The hospitals report has only just come out scaper, yet here you are expecting instant results yet again. By the way the federal government is preparing to take over the first NSW hospital on the back of this report.

    Education revolution going along, no song and dance but you can’t pass a school without seeing new construction and expansion going on. Damn bastard government spending on education infrastructure, now dare they?

    Aboriginal Housing scaper. Listen to this and see how the white man is ripping both the Aboriginals and us tax payers off. Why the previous government did nothing about this is their shame.

    Indigenous housing: myths and realities

    Spend a little time actually looking at what the government is doing instead of automatically bad mouthing it for the sake of it and you will find, like I did with the Adelaide conference, this government is quietly getting on with and making whole scale large reforms and efficiencies with nary boast anywhere. This is so different to the previous government who were forever taking all the kudos for anything remotely approaching good news, whether it was their doing or not, whilst very quickly blame shifting and buck passing for anything remotely passing for bad news, even if it was 100% their doing.

  16. Reb

    I remain convinced that they still to this very day do not comprehend why they were booted out of office at the last election.

    One just needs to listen to the hypocrisy of Abbot: Poor us, the ALP attacked us with smear and fear, oh boo hoo! But we should be the ruling party.

    Then Turnball:

    We can win the next election and weshould win the next election

    LOL! On what basis pray tell? Perhaps when they develop the intelligence and fortitude to create robust socially equitable policies and refrain from the severe elitist policies like WorkChoices, the electorate will sit up and pay attention.

    Instead, their mantra reflects most of the hallmarks of the psychopath (all boxes ticked):

    1. Glibness/superficial charm (Hockey, Turnball)
    2. Grandiose sense of self-worth (Turnball)
    3. Pathological lying (all)
    4. Cunning/manipulative (Turnball & Abetz with Utegate and Min’s
    link @ 2.42)
    5. Lack of remorse or guilt (All)
    6. Emotionally shallow (All)
    7. Callous/lack of empathy (Abbot with Bernie and Turnball with the
    Solomon Islands deal)
    8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions (Turnball & all).


    Because of the psychopath’s inability to internalize superego precursors, they are typically unable to learn from past mistakes, and are completely devoid of a conscience.

    Sound familiar? And this is just in recent news. Although these characteristics have application to the individual, they can be so easily superimposed on this group that calls itself the Opposition, those who harbour the core belief of the rightful rulers. Until they develop a good dollop of insight and foresight they will fail to thrive and be doomed to remain the Opposition or even slide into oblivion (wishful thinking).

    There are far more Australians who would benefit from sharing even a small portion of the country’s wealth than those few who hold most of the wealth. If the Opposition could operate as a political party with a primary focus on nation-building, reflect the interests of all constituents in their policies, manage the economy towards narrowing the rich-poor gap, and perform this function ethically and with integrity, they would not be in opposition.

    Can’t see this happening with these bunch of psychopaths who call themselves the “alternative Government” anytime soon though.

  17. Scaper:

    SABRA LANE: This is the promise Kevin Rudd made on August the 23rd, 2007 when he was the Federal Opposition leader.

    KEVIN RUDD: It’s time for someone to put their hand up and take responsibility and if elected as prime minister in two months time, that’s exactly what I intend to do, so that when it comes to health and hospitals the buck would stop with me if elected as the next prime minister of Australia.

    KEVIN RUDD: A Rudd Labor government will seek to take financial control of Australia’s 750 public hospitals, if state and territory Governments have failed to agree to a national health and hospital reform plan by mid-2009, to eliminate the duplication and overlap which currently plagues the system.

    Where in Rudd’s promise is it stated that the public hospital system would be fixed by mid 09? The mid 09 deadline was the cut off for the states to get their act together re public hospitals. The rest you can read for yourself:


    Talk about misrepresenting the intention!

  18. The very statement by an idiot who is a joke to most punters in the street, is the reason why they can’t win the next election. In case Turdball has forgotten (he really must have) you need to win the majority or close to the majority of votes to win an election. I would have thought that an Banker would be reasonably good with numbers.

  19. RN..excellent analysis. The quite strange thing about the Libs in opposition is that they seem to have lost their ‘personality’. This compares with when Howard was boss..we might not like him nor his policies but at least we had a mental image of who he was.

  20. There are some moment in politics. For Latham it was the hearty handshake with JWH. As the newspapers called it, you would think that Latham had twisted the poor little b*rds arm up his back.

    For T’bull he has set his persona in concrete due to Utegate.

    With apologies, I don’t have the link, but via the popular press..the suggestion that Turnbull suddenly popping his head up in Afghanistan looked a bit odd. That is, usually there would be press releases about foreign policy/help for defence force families..that is..policy. But Turnbull just popped up for no known reason except to visit.

  21. But Turnbull just popped up for no known reason except to visit.

    Well it was also a very lame diversionary tactic too. The headlines were relentlessly negative for Turnbull. He had to do something, anything..

    The photo opportunity that comes hand in hand with having a compliant media in tow in Afghanistan probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Talculm must be thanking his lucky stars that Michael Jackson kicked the bucket as that successfully directed the MSM in an entirely new direction altogether.

  22. Min the Liberal Party website tells all about Malcolm’s visit to Afghanistan and how important it was for Australia’s defence in an Alan Jones interview and from what I can gather he went there to tell the troops what a great job they’re doing.

    He also went there according to the LP website to tell the troops if the Liberals won the next election they would do everything to support the troops in the fields. Strange as the Rudd government has just committed to one of the largest Defence spends in our history and all based on supporting troops in the field. Is Malcolm saying that whilst he would not put us into deficit he will increase Defence spending? I’m still waiting to see how they will pull off that miracle.

  23. For heaven’s sake Adrian, can you please put a warning or something that your link is going to take people to the Liberal Party web site?

    I’ve just had to scrub myself down with disinfectant.

  24. Given the organization that would be needed for Turnbull to turn up in Afghanistan along with the protection required – I wouldn’t be so sure it was to divert attention from his bad headlines.

    It would make more sense to me that he planned on them being a “good leader” alternative to the “bad Labor” a good week would have given him. Had his plan worked out, Rudd & Swan would have ended the week in disgrace and Turnbull would be having a photo op showing the world what a good leader he is.

    That said, he stuffed up royally and still thinks he deserves to be leader? What kind of kool-aid re they drinking in the Liberal Party room?!

  25. Is Malcolm saying that whilst he would not put us into deficit he will increase Defence spending? I’m still waiting to see how they will pull off that miracle.

    Malcolm Turnball is full it and cannot be trusted!

    A bit off topic but compellingly related nonetheless: That Turnball’s history places him in the position of merchant banker with a penchant for hunting filthy lucre is yet another reason he is not to be trusted. Leopards never change their spots as the saying goes. And there is zero evidence of spot change in Mal’s profile. The following is a critical look at Goldman Sachs, as an example.

    an extremely unfortunate loophole in the system of Western democratic capitalism, which never foresaw that in a society governed passively by free markets and free elections, organized greed always defeats disorganized democracy.


    What chance at true prosperity do we really have when such crony capitalism is rife. My concern is MT’s pursuit of the top job is to position himself to exploit the “free market” by creating loopholes in what little market regulation exists. How can anyone trust a man whose motives are driven by 100% self-interest and unfettered greed.

    Words are cheap, especially MT’s!

  26. “But Turnbull just popped up for no known reason except to visit.

    Well it was also a very lame diversionary tactic too. The headlines were relentlessly negative for Turnbull. He had to do something, anything..”

    Reb, do you really expect anyone to believe that Turnbull just decided to go to Afghanistan to avoid the media and left???

    This would have been planned months in advance!

    I know he’s not much chop but to invent wacky theories like this to enhance your disrespect for him is pretty low.

  27. scaper…, on July 4th, 2009 at 7:17 pm Said

    This would have been planned months in advance!

    True! As for:

    I know he’s not much chop

    Agree also. Then again we have:

    which seems to be acceptable to the true believers but not this swinging voter

    swinging voter ? Really? LOL. And I won’t bother citing the ‘flexibility’ of your position.

    BTW, scaper whom do you think has ‘much chop’? Pauline?

    As for Turnbull, he would probably like to lead a ‘Liberal’ Party but finds that there is none to lead, only a Conservative rabble.

    In a nutshell, it is extremely unlikely that Turnbull will becomes the next PM because Rudd stole the ‘middle ground’ and seems determined to retain same.

  28. RN, on July 4th, 2009 at 4:02 pm Said:
    Rudd and hospitals I didnt know that. Guess i just believed the crap getting around that he failed on this.

  29. On things Liberal,is there a similar theme here:
    Goodness, what a collate, must be ‘just by chance’, eh..

  30. reb, on July 4th, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    Sorry reb, instead of just saying the Liberal Party website in the first few words, I should have stated the Liberal Party website I’ve linked to tells us…

    Advice noted reb, but I often check other party websites, especially during election campaigns. There is usually lots of stuff the media doesn’t bother with as they don’t make sensational headlines, but are usually important policy frameworks which indicate the way the party is planning to go or not to go if in government. Checks of the NSW Liberal’s site during the last election they loss so dismally illustrated why they deserved to lose even against an incompetent Labor State government.

    Looking at the Federal Liberal’s site it is even worse than their NSW State counterparts was, yet it is a long way until an election, but they really need to change direction on that site fairly quickly and start bringing out some positive non-fear mongering stuff or they will really go down in a big way.

    For example, during the last Federal election the Labor site had key areas of attack against the Howard government, but the attacks were mostly based on major policy issues (+me-tooisms) and Howard’s malfeasances. Also on that site were clearly delineated from the attack lines but linked where there was relevancy were promised policy frameworks, strategic outcomes and immediate tactical implementation to meet perceived government shortcomings. Whether they would ever do what they promised on their website was a mute point because the message conveyed was that Labor was more into looking after the social aspects of society whilst the Liberal’s site mostly contained smear, fear and doom if Labor was voted in. Any policy framework was couched in promises of more wealth for individuals with nary a mention of looking after society as a whole.

    If Malcolm the moderate does turn the team around it will be evident on their website.

    By the way one of Barnaby Joyce’s comments the other day on Rudd’s announcement of closing the gap between whites and Aboriginals was that to help the indigenous populations environmental constraints should be lifted from large tracts of National land and forests so the Aboriginals can clear fell them, clear bush and set up farms and industries to make money.

    This on the back on Abbott saying that banning smoking in cars with children onboard was being an overlord as part of a granny state.

    Are you getting the picture of what an absolute disaster the opposition would be in government.

  31. This would have been planned months in advance!

    Not necessarily.

    It’s called disaster recovery, and is a crisis management concept familiar to anyone that works in PR.

  32. I know he’s not much chop but to invent wacky theories like this to enhance your disrespect for him is pretty low.

    Well being the master of whacky theories (or should that be “the mayor”), perthaps I should stick my thoughts to rationale, realistic ideas like the miracle of Crapperville?


  33. Reb..I kind of like Ben’s idea. Imagine it..having decimated the government via cutting criticism and incisive wit..what better to follow this up with and to complete the picture of an alternative government ready to take charge than a tour to Afghanistan.

  34. True Min, True…

  35. Perhaps that’s what T’bull was talking about re ‘deserve’..he had forgotten that the previously well organised script hadn’t quite gone to plan.

  36. From reports, Turnbull has less than 6 months to turn things around or face a challenge from the two Tonys, Abbott and Smith. Below was also reported on Sky.


    So..what can Turnbull do to turn it around?

  37. I’ve just put up a new thread about that Min…

  38. They deserve to spend the next decade out of power just for SerfChoices. Add on another couple of years for inflicting us with Howrodentism, climate change denial, dog-whistling, spinning us a line about their so-called economic “credentials”, and for going too far along the road to fascism.

  39. “Turnbull … represents the affluent …. and contemporary mindset of the seat of Wentworth”.

    As a consequence he does not represent the vast majority of Australians. (A majority of Australians is what you need to win Government on TPP vote after preferences).

    Howard was adept at managing competing constituencies, both in the “affluent” urban areas represented by Wentworth in both Sydney and Melbourne and the outer suburban & rural areas in places that were not as razamatazz as Mr Turnbull’s harbour-view seat.

    This skillfulness was what made Howard’s Prime Ministership endure.

    It is this tall-poppy psychology that will ultimately be Mr. Turnbull’s undoing.

    He may think he’s smart enough to weave together a consensus between the moderate left and right wings of the Liberal Party and communicate that to the public, but unfortunately the dux of the class Liberal-elitist is not what Australian’s are looking for atm.

    However in the end no matter how much he tries and no matter how much of his own money he throws into it, the Australian people will not go for his pitch.

    It is an unfortunate political timing situation added to a lack of credbility that the Greche-Utegate imbrolio proves.

    What his leadership ultimately boils down to, is one last lingering try at taking a leadership position in Australia that will allow himself the opportunity to try and ram through both the Bill of Rights and by intellectual extension the Republic.

    He will fail. Mark my words.

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