I was going to start today’s Frolykz post with the question “Are young people today just as thick as shit or what?” And then launch into this spiel about a simple task I have given to two (count them two) office juniors which basically involved assembling a kit of information and sending a copy of the kit to 25 managers in other States.

Ordinarily one might think that this would be a relatively straightforward task, but realising that the junior that had been allocated to me to assist with the task looked a bit “challenged” on the common sense front, I enlisted someone else to help.

That was at about 11.00am this morning. I mentioned that each pack would need to go out in today’s Express post and that it was very important and urgent.

Well bugger me, here we are at 3.00pm and the office juniors are squabbling amongst themselves and complaining that they don’t have enough time to do it!! Of course they had to take their obligatory one hour lunch break rather than focus on completing the task at hand.

What part of very important and urgent don’t people understand???!!!!!!


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  1. I’m ready to shake someone to death!

  2. Just from my experience, it’s a lack of initiative..comes from being spoon-fed at school in my opinion. I said to one lass when she was sitting around staring at the ceiling, that it would be good if she used her initiative. Use my what? she questioned.

  3. (joni wisely contacts reb’s office to get them to remove all sharp objects from reb’s reach)

  4. I hear there used to be an iPhone application for that… unfortunately I think they took it down. It appears that “shaking babies” for fun & giggles isn’t what the iPhone is all about… yet jiggling breasts is.

  5. reb

    That’s why wine (and alcohol in general) was invented – to reward us for dealing with imbeciles.

    As a wise frind once said (and I will repeat endlessly because it’s true):
    The more you work with people, the more you love your dog.

  6. Ben

    That Wobble App is way cool. James will love it! That App alone has almost convinced me to buy an iphone.

  7. There are now five office juniors working on completing this simple job, and they’ve all got the shits with me – because they couldn’t get their act together to do it earlier…

    FFS …!! 🙄

    And the original one was sitting at her desk texting on her mobile phone when I went round to see how she was coming along with the job earlier..!!~!!

    Aaaaaarrrghh!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaarrgh!!!!!

  8. Ben, I had to check theQueenslander’s work with wobbly boobs…

    … and I think that answers, sreb’s, dilemma … Gen Y … waste their our friggin” time with useless “productivity” …

    … its like that stupid phrase “negative growth” – negative WHAT! Its a friggin’ LOSS!

  9. sreb, there is no such thing as common sense … only learned behaviour … and, as an ex, (luv it), training consultant – learning never comes for free – you will pay one way or another … in your case its aaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh! (that’s why they pay you the big bucks ) …

    … and, having been there (as a line manager), I empathise (briefly 😀 ), however, my biggest problem at the moment is whether I should open another bottle of bubbly … it is Friday after all … 😆 … what do you think? Your advice is valuable to my decision making process … not to put more pressure on *your* Friday arvo, of course …


    Dave, my business mentor once told me … “… I would sooner work in a lousy job with great people, than work in a great job with lousy people …”

  10. I noticed an article on this morning condemning that iPod application. On the same page there was an ad for iPod promoting the same application.

    Uncle Rupert might not like wobbly tits, but he’ll gladly take your money of you to advertise them.

    I’ve a feeling that it would be prudent that I don’t download that application. Imagine Jedda if she finds me playing with her tits like that.

  11. MIgs mmm

    … there should be a “smiley” for speechless …

  12. Now I know why the public service is doing everything possible to keep its older staff. The replacements are likely to be mentally challenged.

    Take the young girl who asked me if there were 13 weeks or 26 weeks in a quarter. I said “26, but only in a leap year”.

  13. Reb,

    Maybe it would help if you get them to sing the Barbie Girl song while they work.

  14. “my biggest problem at the moment is whether I should open another bottle of bubbly …”

    BASTARD! Open it, go on, open it, even if it’s just to spite me!

  15. “Maybe it would help if you get them to sing the Barbie Girl song while they work.”

    I got sprung yesterday singing that! How embarrassing!

  16. Miglo

    Take the young girl who asked me if there were 13 weeks or 26 weeks in a quarter. I said “26, but only in a leap year”.

    LOL Are you sure we don’t work for the same organisation?

  17. Min,

    Following on from the other thread, I can vouch for Victor’s dumplings.

  18. reb and joni,

    Quick question – is there any reason why Possum’s Pollytics is not in the blog roll when he is a facebook friend?

  19. No reason at all… he should be there.

  20. Not only am I intoleant of fools or incompetents, but I also take a dislike to those on a power trip.

    In a previous department we had a very, very senior officer who took great pride in being a total bitch. She thrived on it. One day a meeting was planned in the boardroom, and she was one of the invitees. The other 8 invitees arrived before her and sat at the end of the boardroom table near the window. The table probably seated approx 30 people.

    In walks the bitch, sees everybody is at one end of the table, so sits herself down at the other end. Everbody had to move.

    Why did she do that? Because she could.

  21. Good point Dave…

    I’ll sort that out…

  22. Joni, can you do it ? add possums link?

    I’m having a stressful day.


  23. Reb, get one of the younguns to do it for you. Tell ’em it’s a job on Face Book. Chances are, they’re probably on Face Book somewhere this very moment.

    Meanwhile, pour yourself a drink.

  24. I was planning on having an alcohol-free evening.

    Now I’m wondering how many kegs I can have delivered before I get home..

  25. Done – possum is now clinging to our blogroll.

    And I am just heading out to the Lord Nelson for a night of beer. I wonder if I will find my “Hardy” there?

  26. I’m feeling very tired and emotional and not one of you NOT ONE OF YOU, has offered any sympathy.

  27. Not only am I intoleant of fools or incompetents

    I must be incompetent as I can’t spell intolerant.

  28. I’m feeling very tired and emotional and not one of you NOT ONE OF YOU, has offered any sympathy.

    Why are you surprised?

  29. Would Sir like a large glass of sympathy?

    Group hug for reb – and keep the hands where we can see them.

  30. “Would Sir like a large glass of sympathy?”

    Yes please. And the duck can sod off.

    Why are people so unkind, or at least “cruel but fair” as I’ve also been accused of this week!!!

  31. Reb..have you tried telling them that you’re gay and ferocious once aroused.

    And Migs..if you don’t own up, then I’m going to tell her…(Jedda).

    Thank you Reb, I am most definitely going to try Victor’s dumplings. Thank you for offering.

  32. joni, on July 3rd, 2009 at 4:47 pm

    joni, it was “…Kismet…” , not “…kiss me…” you myth, you …

    and as for, sreb,just singing – “… Blue Skies nothing but Blue Skies from now on … ” … pop .. oops .. effin’ froff eveywhere … ” Blue Skies …

    MIgs, that is cruel …. 26 weeks in a quarter – everyone knows its four …

    I’m feeling very tired and emotional and not one of you NOT ONE OF YOU, has offered any sympathy.

    I’m sorry, sreb, as Legion may say …”… ye reap as ye shall sow …”

  33. reb

    “there there” [virtual patronising pat on shoulder] “there there”

  34. Joni,

    The Nelson huh – there are only a couple of things I miss about Sydney and the Nelson and the Hero are two of them.

    Have a Three Sheets for me – I’ll be stuck having a beer at Shenanigans!

  35. Sydney where’s Sydney?

  36. TB

    Sydney where’s Sydney?

    Not in Queensland … one of the better things about Syndey IMO 😉

  37. The duck is soon sodding off to the golf club to slurp on a shiraz and puff on a Cuban.

    Speaking of Shiraz, people are raving about the 2007 Maglieri McLaren Vale Shiraz. At $20 it’s too cheap for me to buy, but for those who want to try it you might be able to find it as low as $15.

  38. Miglo – what people?

    I picked up the 2006 Wynns Cabernet for $18/ bottle last week at Woolworths (the idiots had it on special and then had 30% off the special price). There was none left in the shop when I departed.

    A fool and their wine are soon parted.

  39. Dave 55, the guys on the Wine week website were giving it the thumbs up.

    You should be jailed for getting away with Wynns Cab Sav for $18 a bottle. That’s pure robbery.

    A fool and his money are soon partying.

  40. You should be jailed for getting away with Wynns Cab Sav for $18 a bottle. That’s pure robbery

    I know 😀 I actually had to read the add three time to make sure it was right, then ask the shop attendant as well. I grabbed the wine, paid and ran (clinking) in case it was all a dream.

  41. D55 – not the Shenanigans at the Imperial (?)

  42. joni, The very one. Just going to have one on my way up the street to dinner.

  43. Wow – last time I was there was for my brothers birthday.

    If you see my nephew there say hello (he often dresses up as a smurf – I am not kidding).

  44. Well I’m going camping on Sunday night & have 3 bottles of $5 reds to drink.

    Take that wealth crazed pricks!

  45. Wynns – I remember when allthey made was awful “fortified wines” and that was a glorified description – how times change!

    … and David, I shall ignore your attempt at humour regrading Queensland the Sunshine State … mmmph!

  46. HD nothing beats the Inheritance range for $5 value – wine is not judged by price alone …!

  47. TB,

    I spent two days in Brisbane a couple of months ago and one was wet and windy and the other wetter and windier. I struggled to work out which one was ‘beautiful’ and which one was ‘perfect’? Sunshine State my Ar$e 😉

  48. HD..will that be enough? Why not lash out and buy a $12.00 cask, currently on special and with the government’s per kg/ml pricing you should be able to quickly work out whether it’s value for $s.

  49. Dave, I spent a week in Newcasle one day.

  50. (With a ‘t’)

  51. lol min. Not all for me, but I am packing Panadol just in case.

    If I get a headache I probably deserve it for that price. Not keen (or desperate enough) to go for the cask stuff; back in uni days, well that’s another story.

    Do get some pretty decent quality stuff cheaply being so close to Coonawarra though.

  52. With a “t” but is the Victorian pronunciation “cassle” or “carsle” & what do the natives prefer?

  53. I refuse to communicate with anybody that drinks $5 wine. $5 a glass, maybe, but not $5 a bottle.

    Would someone tell Hum D that I’m not talking to him.

  54. Victorians say ‘cassle’, but you missed my point.

  55. wealth crazed prick 😦

  56. Migs…Hum mean the Hum Dinger? Meaning excellent said it, and now HD is going to be stuck with it.

  57. No I didn’t Tony.

    A day in Newcastle feels like a week(?).

  58. Sorry to have doubted you.

  59. Hey, at least your still talking to me Tony 🙂 in spite of my despicable drinking habits.

    It’s about that time of night so…

    BTW, I noticed scaper is familiar with billys.

  60. HD, speaking as a native born Victorian.. it’s Newcasle and not Newcarrrrsle. It’s reserv-woir (the French pronunciation) and nor reserv-war.

    One wears bathers or togs to go swimming and not swimmers to go bathing *how pooncey is the word ‘swimmers’…imagine..I am going to the bathroom to put on my pair of swimmers.

  61. Tony,

    LOL – the ‘night life’ is much the same.

    Still, the beaches here are better than the banks of the Yarra or anyhting St Kilda has to offer and spending a week on the beach isn’t such a bad thing.

  62. I’m not a wine snob like some WCPs around here, HD, although I did fill my trolley with some nice cellar releases from Dan Murphys on Sunday – all between 2000 and 2003.

  63. But min, bathers is just as silly as swimmers and it’s not like you wear them in the bath.

    Togs is just plain wierd.

  64. It’s actually swimmin’ togs, Dave.

  65. Dave55, on July 3rd, 2009 at 5:38 pm

    Another bloody perfectionist!

    Oh! Ye of little faith!

    Where’s Newcastle – Newcasle – Newcarsle?

  66. “you are” or “you’re”.

  67. you mean there are other types of togs Tony? Bloody hell, you Victorians are just strange – no wonder we call you mexicans – you speak a different language 🙂

  68. And yes, Scaper’s a bit of a dark horse, I think.

  69. Yes Dave. TB or even Reb may be able to educate you on what other kinds of togs there are.

  70. I say reserv-woir.

    Who says swimmers? lol, that is poncy.

    Everybody knows that they’re budgysmugglers.

  71. TB

    We don’t advertise that we’re perfect though TB, infact Newcastle doesn’t advertise itself at all, we prefer all the tourists go up the valley and pay way too much for wine from the cellar door – keeps the beaches free for us residents. No parking hassles etc.

  72. Like the Black Gelding?

  73. Tony,

    from the free dictionary:
    2. Austral, NZ & Irish a swimming costume [probably from toga]
    From toga? WTF? Who goes swimming in a toga. You’re all mad.

  74. It’s a long story, Dave.

  75. Just poured a WT to finish off the day – the bubbly wus nysche but you can’t beat the WT …

    “clink” to the Workers of the World!

    Dave , advertising Brissy was the biggest mistake ever made – its now full of bloody Cockroaches and Mexicans …

  76. For TB…

    And lovers of the undead.

  77. Geding? Sorry to hear about your wedding tackle, Scaper.

  78. HD – you know how old I am … Why TF are five clowns “talking” BS on my computer for “me” 😯 are you a North Korean refugee with a Teutonic background …?

  79. Tony, on July 3rd, 2009 at 6:16 pm

    … and did I miss something?

  80. TB,

    No offence, but personally I’m not sure what is in Brissy to advertise (I mean the Expo was great and all but that was 20 years ago). The fact that us Cockroaches and mexicans keep going there either says you have brilliant marketers (who must surely be skirting the limits of the laws agains false and misleading information) or there are some very gullible people from the sourthern states.

  81. lol, I thought you might hate that TB. WT clink.

    Soz, won’t happen again, I promise.

    BTW, I assume you’ve seen the end of the series of Battlestar? was it any good ?(no spoilers). I’ve seen up to where they make it to Earth & it looks to be a dessicated husk (no doubt the US levelled it as its empire crumbled) but no further.
    Bear in mind that so far I’d say it’s hands down the best scifi series ever made.

  82. test CO2

  83. “The fact that us Cockroaches and mexicans keep going there either says you have brilliant marketers (who must surely be skirting the limits of the laws agains false and misleading information) or there are some very gullible people from the sourthern states”

    A bit of both I reckon dave.

  84. Sorry about that – trying out my new HTML code bar in firefox and was seeing if subscript worked – it doesn’t BTW.

  85. HD
    True, should have had “and/or” in there really.

  86. “… and did I miss something?”TB

    Just pretend you didn’t read that TB, I’m trying to.

  87. And TB..did you eventually collect the birfday card…

    Thankyou for the correction HD, I wasn’t sure how to spell the word poncy.

  88. Hey reb, did you get the kits out or are you strangling Jen Y’ers as I write.

  89. HD, re BStar that’s the last I saw too. Just hope its not another bloody Deadwood although I suspect it may be … which reminds me I haven’t seen the new Startrek movie yet! … and Brokeback Mountain either … so much to do and see so little time … working to get here seems so easy now … 😉

    Dave, the buggers don’t just visit – they “live” here – completely changed the lifestyle of Brissy

  90. Well that’s me for the day – off to the pub and then to drink French Burgundies 🙂

  91. Min , yes (and peed mysel, classic for a muso!) I also sent you thank you? Not received?

  92. Me to the kitchen..and a sip of mineral water.

  93. This wealth crazed prick has arrived home and is straight into a glass of four sisters’ sem sav blanc (while the cab sav is breathing).

    Meanwhile the other arf is preparing a beef curry (to be slow cooked for tomorrow night’s dinner), I’ll be up next to cook some pan fried fresh Tassie scallops which will require sacrificing a glass (or at least a splash) of the white wine..

    And thanks for the comforting pat on the back Dave.

  94. Dave, I left “the juniors” in charge of the kits and told them to please explain themselves to the CEO if they didn’t meet the Post Office shut off time.

    Naturally I did this while waving goodbye..

  95. French burgundies…mmmm. french burgundies…..

  96. No TB..obviously a hiccup in the system.

    Was hoping that you might like it, I tried to find something which might give you a laugh for your birthday. Sorry that it arrived a bit late..but better late than never.

  97. Time, gentlemen, time …

    The Minister calls for my crumbed prawns and apple fritters “a la Nederlands” for dessert … mmm … should take her shopping more often!

    … and for those interested, Lowes have a wide (in many ways) range of swimming togs all year round … 😆

    Brisbane clobber play The Warriors tonight … trouble is Trial and Retribution is on ABC at the same time … decisions, decisions …


  98. Let’s get this party started….

  99. Min, I suspect I have a problem with my Outlook Address Book and sending – apologies…

    … my thanks said I almost fell off my perch laughing …

    … did you get an email today?

  100. You’re supposed to be sulking! Nice to see you back swinging – big fella 😉

  101. TB..last email was yesterday arvo. Have to most definitely choof as His Lordship awaits…

  102. If you see my nephew there say hello (he often dresses up as a smurf – I am not kidding).

    Do the blogocrats ever cease to amaze you?

  103. TB – where’s my quando ?

  104. Lowes and ‘wide’ swimwear/togs..anything that might fit me??? Ya’recon 😉

  105. cocktail hour..

  106. Umm..youngest does Morris Dancing.

    Reb..not sure about your Quando and am not sure where you lost it, but maybe this one might do.

    Just for you.

  107. Large brandy and a cigar please…

  108. Dave, this is Wine Week:

    I download their weekly video through iTunes but you can watch it straight from this site anyway.

    They generally give the notes on wines between $10 – 30. Wines under $10 are rarely mentioned which would disappoint some Blogocrats.

    However, judging by the trials and tribulations of one certain blogger today at work he’d be excused for drinking anything at the moment.

  109. “Mandy” seems nice.

  110. Migs..what is the difference between one glass of vinegar and the next glass of vinegar? And yes J is asleep on the couch.

  111. HD..seems reasonable..nothing else to do in Perth except go to a brothel???

  112. I was in Perth once when the US Navy was in town. The place was overrun with rampaging sailors, many being ‘shown the sights’ by local ‘maidens’.

  113. toodle pip

  114. Seeya.

  115. The Crows are gonna dismember your lot this weekend Tony.

  116. bye, I’m off too. Tacos & Heinekens then Guitar Hero Metallica with my youngster.

    We’re gonna dedicate “The Thing That Should Not Be” to TB.

  117. I know, but being a loyal supporter I’ll sit through it all, as usual. (I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve to barrack for the tigers; I blame my father, and his father, along with every male member of my immediate and extended family, who all barrack for Richmond.)

  118. Has been fun peoples. Even miglo.

    I wish I’d captured the link earlier in the week from AdelaideNow about 1000’s of hooncars being taken off of the road.

  119. I like the Tiges, but not when they’re playing Adelaide. Good luck.

    I don’t think playing on the Gold Coast will help much but stranger things have happened. I remeber a few years back the Crows were flying until they came across Richmond who beat them at their own game of keep-mes-off………frustrating.

  120. Later………

  121. Oops, found it. This is for brave Tom…,22606,25720476-5006301,00.html

  122. Isn’t the duck meant to be at the golf club?

    My pan seared scallops with white wine were a sensation by the way…

  123. Meanwhile reb spends half an hour updating this blog instead of working and then spends the rest of the afternoon monitoring responses! Apparently it wasn’t all that urgent after all. And then complains about the underlings texting! Maybe they know what you’re doing at your desk when you pretend to be working eh?

  124. Davo, some people are paid to work, while some people are paid to make other people work.

  125. So Davo is there anything you can do about it or is that just a whinge.

    Im sure if you wait long enough we many whip ourselves into a frenzy over this extremly important moment for you. 🙄

  126. very funny davo.

    Clearly you are unfamiliar with the class system and the concept of multi-tasking.

    Maybe if I had posted the task on facebook it might have been given the attention it deserved..

  127. Min, on July 3rd, 2009 at 4:57 pm Said:

    “Thank you Reb, I am most definitely going to try Victor’s dumplings. Thank you for offering.”

    Min, better still, kidnap the fellow and force him to cook for you, while you flop around guzzling the drinkies of your choice and nibbling on the delicious morsels he will be pumping out of the kitchen. Why should reb have all the fun?

    They’re bathers and carsles and satchels.

  128. I can’t believe I came out in support of reb. What came over me?

  129. Its the expensive wine migs, try the cheap stuff

  130. how did you go at golf, or was that just to get a meal? 😉

  131. i’m slightly inebriated..

  132. is the duck back from the golf club?

  133. I can’t play golf. I’m a social member of the club – I go there to drink.

    But after my big announcement I ended up giving it a miss tonight. Grabbed some take-away and watched the footy instead.

    I had my chance to have a big night, and I blew it.

  134. Whoever recommended 3-sheets is a f-ing genuis… joni loved it!

  135. What is joni talking about?

  136. d55 – all his fault

  137. Palin quits.

    We are not retreating, we are advancing in a different direction

    You betcha!

  138. joni- Great beer isn’t it!

    No smurfs at Shenanigans last night but I was only there for about 15 mins.

  139. You’ll never guess which wine is for sale on Grays wine auction today:

    Hint: it comes in a funny shaped bottle and is from Spain and was very popular in the 70s and 80s I’m informed.

  140. The bottle also makes for a very elegant candle holder once the contents have been consumed.

  141. Kyxzil beat me to it!

    The Palin farce rolls on.

    Now Bolt will be able to continue to indulge his hardon for Frau Palin becoming POTUS along with his lurid & debauched fantasy about Cowardly Costello arising once more to be PM.

  142. head hurts, brain hurts, thinking hurts…. off to a rally now to save Union Sq in Pyrmont.

  143. Better hurry Joni. They wouldn’t dare start one of these things before you got there.

  144. The bottle also makes for a very elegant candle holder once the contents have been consumed.

    I just tip out the contents first and then use the bottle as a candle holder.

  145. I know what you mean Migs.

    Similarly, the contents of any bottle of chianti that comes in some woven basket thing should only be used as paint thinner.

  146. Well it hasn’t stopped raining here in Hobart for what seems like about 25 years now. So it looks like I’ll be orf to the DVD shop.

  147. Now I’m a gelding, eh?

    That slapping sound last night during the doggy must have been my leg hairs caught in the suspenders…lol!

  148. The US National Security Agency is going to monitor private communication networks (i.e. commercial, rather than governmental) for cyber-threats. They say they’ll only monitor traffic going to/from government networks.

    Then again, they used to say they were only wiretapping under the FISA law, until they were found not to be. Then they said they were only monitoring non-American citizens (including presumably anything you or I say/write that goes through any US Internet/phone network, and perhaps more than that), until they were found not to be. Kind of like our government’s attempts to apparently block child porn on the public Internet – until we discover they’re blocking far more than that.

    All your communications are belong to us? 😉

    What I don’t understand is that they are placing a filtering box on the telecom’s network, but apparently ONLY for the purpose of filtering traffic about to enter the government network. Er…how about placing that very same box AT THE OTHER END of the link between the telecom network and the government network? Using boxes at either end of a network link is standard practice for routing, filtering, etc…so this tickles my bulls**t detectors.

  149. And speaking of reb’s straightforward office task and general competence levels, I do get the impression that more young people these days are less competent at a lot of things (including spelling and grammar and arithmetic!) than I remember being the case 20 years ago – but maybe I’m just getting older and my memory is selective 😉

  150. old grannie used to know when you’re getting old when all the football players start to look young.

  151. Lotharsson, on July 4th, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    (including presumably anything you or I say/write that goes through any US Internet/phone network, and perhaps more than that)

    …no maybe about it, it’s called Pine Gap.

  152. Excellent descriptive piece from Mark Davis of The Age at:

    IN THE 1920s Dr Dolittle stories, the pushmi-pullyu was the rarest animal of all, having no tail but a head on each end of its torso. As long as both its heads worked in tandem, pushing and pulling together, predators could not sneak up from the rear and the pushmi-pullyu could nap while still looking out for danger. Yet it got into trouble when one head ignored the other and it tried to run off in different directions.

    The asylum seeker policy debate at the moment is a kind of pushmi-pullyu.

  153. Rush Limbaugh publicly reiterated that he wanted Obama to fail. In the same spirit, some Republicans(?) who get on TV appear to be completely insane.

    On Glen Beck’s show a former CIA analyst said:

    ” The only chance we have as a country right now is for Osama bin Laden to deploy and detonate a major weapon in the United States. Because it’s going to take a grassroots, bottom up pressure, because these politicians prize their office, prize the praise of the media and the Europeans. It’s an absurd situation, again. Only Osama can execute an attack that will force Americans to demand a government protect them effectively, consistently and with as much violence as necessary. “

    And this apparent call/desire for a major devastating attack on the US by a US citizen attracted very little media response (apart from Jon Stewart). At least the host, Glen Beck, who is one of the most … out there Fox News hosts pointed out (despite the provocative and somewhat misleading title on the YouTube page) that if he was Osama bin Laden, that would be the last thing he did – although he apparently agrees with the analyst’s sentiment itself.

    Imagine the outraged howls of treason and calls for trial – if not execution – if a Democrat expressed a desire for an attack on their own country?

  154. What happened to Sparta?

  155. What happened to Sparta?

    Nobody has said the magic word: Aborigine.

  156. Nobody has put shit on America!

  157. I was part of an enquiry into a sex scandal in the Navy once as I had worked with both parties over an extended period. Can’t say much about it as both parties decided to not make anything public, but the female got a large payout and left the Navy.

    There have probably been about five incidents I know of in my 20+ years, as well as several from the other two services.

    I know of one incidence (second hand but did know the woman involved) where a drunk female officer who was married had it off with a sailor and the day after in panic claimed sexual assault against her. It was more the other way round. She quietly disappeared after the truth came out.

    The first time I ever went overseas with women sailors onboard (as a reservist, no women on ships when I was a regular) I was utterly surprised at how hard the girls could party when ashore and how much they could swear. From what I saw and heard it was the girls who were going on about whose bones they would jump and how many.

  158. What I’d like to know is what happen to all of the spam email? I remember that from about 10 years ago, spam was part and parcel of owning an email account… Nowadays my inbox is pristine. Where’d they all go?

  159. kyxzil, I think you’ll find most spam is filtered out by ISPs these days…

  160. Also, anything that originates from Hotmail or Nigeria usually heads straight to the spam filter..

  161. I see the government is going to get serious on tobacco with the doubling of tax on smokes to bring the cost up to $20 a packet…good stuff!,,25735485-5003402,00.html

    Hopefully they will go the same way with alcohol as the cost of abuse to society is much worse, they have to raise more revenue to pay off debt and the sin taxes should be the base then move on middle class welfare.

  162. Scaper, I think it might also stump Turnbull who flagged an increse in tobacco in his Budget Right of Reply.

  163. Miglo, I believe Turnbull flagged a ten cent rise per cigarette and the government will up it to nearly thirty cents a smoke.

    Now if Turnbull would come out and recommend a 15% rise in alcohol excise then the government might up the ante to 45%…who said the opposition is irrelevant?

  164. Hopefully they will go the same way with alcohol…

    Perish the thought

  165. I’m still bitter with Howard for increasing the brandy excise when he was Treasurer in the late 70’s.

  166. Jedda wants me to clean out the water fountain today. She’s gotta be kidding. That’s a 20 minute job and requires manual labour.

    I’ll sit outside with a half corona and contemplate the task at hand.

  167. That’s a 20 minute job and requires manual labour.

    Migs, take my advice – if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth paying someone else to do it right.

  168. But wouldn’t that upset Davo?

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