Midweek Mayhem!

Looks like reb & joni forgot about our midweek thread of madness, so I thought I’d better put one up for those of us missing the general randomness of the discussion that follows…

I can’t rant like reb can, nor do I have anything really newsworthy to pass on. So I decided to post an interesting poem written by Dr Seuss… after reading Shakespeare ๐Ÿ™‚

Green Eggs & Hamlet

I ask to be, or not to be.
That is the question, I ask of me.
This sullied life, it makes me shudder.
My uncle’s boffing dear, sweet mother.
Would I, could I take my life?
Could I, should I, end this strife?
Should I jump out of a plane?
Or throw myself before a train?
Should I from a cliff just leap?
Could I put myself to sleep?
Shoot myself, or take some poison?
Maybe try self immoloition?
To shudder off this mortal coil,
I could stab myself with a fencing foil.
Slash my wrists while in the bath?
Would it end my angst and wrath?
To sleep, to dream, now there’s the rub.
I could drop a toaster in my tub.
Would all be glad, if I were dead?
Could I perhaps kill them instead?
This line of thought takes consideration
For I’m the king of procrastination.

Enjoy the mayhem peoples!


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  1. I love the poem – and apologies – but I am out and about this week on family stuff.

  2. I canโ€™t rant like reb..

    *everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief*

    Thanks for popping up the thread Ben.

    I’m just a bit flat out at work at the moment .

    Don’t you just hate the way work interferes with blogging….

  3. Here’s a Miglo original:

    If any man should call me honest,
    Then let that man be doubted.
    Though I doubt that any man will speak,
    For those I know . . . are all too weak.

  4. Iโ€™m just a bit flat out at work at the moment.

    We know reb, you gotta keep those bonus holidays coming! Hope your work project is very successful.

  5. For those I know . . . are all too weak.

    migs…there’s always brave tom!

  6. RIP brave Tom………

  7. Thanks Kittylitter…

    It’s all going surprisingly well (so far)…

  8. No hassles, reb ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just noticed that the threads were getting a little old and tired. We usually have a little mayhem to tide us over midweek, so thought I would add it.

    Good to hear work is going well, surprising or not ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Just noticed that the threads were getting a little old and tired.


    I sent you a (potential) thread yesterday. Please let me know if you can’t use it.

  10. Hi Tony,

    Would you mind re-sending it? I’ve been having some email problems lately…

  11. Sure Reb,

    It’s on another computer, so will do it later. (I sent it to the Blogocrats address, btw.)

  12. Bored, bored, bored!

    Nothing happening on the news front and I’ve done everything bar my BAS, maybe tomorrow when I’ll have a house full of ten year old girls…they lock me in the office and take over the place.

    I think we’ll take the wife out to lunch then do a bit of economic stimulation.

  13. okies, thanks.

  14. On the subject of poetry, my favourite is Raymond Carver. Here’s one of his called “Late Fragment” …

    And did you get what
    you wanted from this life, even so?
    I did.
    And what did you want?
    To call myself beloved, to feel myself
    beloved on the earth.

  15. More news on that niche market Rupert identified (half the American electorate).

  16. Tony, there must be something wrong with me because I see Fox News as the most flat-headed form of misrepresentative chestbeating possible while keeping a straight face.

    I mean Glen Beck ffs!

    I give you more credit than to think that you actually believe that Fox is “Fair & Balanced”.

    That it’s so popular says more to me about the disenfranchised multitudes of Joe Teh Plumbers than it does about the “success” of FoxNews.

  17. Sometimes, when I’m sick of feeling contented, I flick on FoxNews to aggravate myself.

    It works every single time. Soooo predictable, sickening faux moral outrage. Grrrrrrrr.

    Hannity, O’Reilly, Glen Beck…[shakes head].

  18. Reb 11:35 am,

    Re-sent now.

  19. HD,

    It plays to an audience, and they’re lapping it up, evidently. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  20. Right on.

    & lapping it up they are.

  21. Ben..umm..the threads are old and tired and you thought that you would add to it..??? Thank you Ben ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Tony, I’ve just emailed your bigpond account….

  23. *laugh* Yeah, I suppose I walked into that one, Min ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Of all the zillions of things Jedda buys on eBay she finally bought something I like: a battery operated/solar powered kitchen rubbish bin.

    It’s a lovely looking thing with flashing lights. You simply wave your hand over the top and the lid pops up. It encourages me to pick things up just to watch the magic at work.

    I am obsessed.

  25. My it’s been a busy week. Jedda wants some roller shutters for the windows and I want some new air-conditioning, so we’ve had bods running around the house all week providing quotes.

    One dude goes into the ceiling and yells out to me that we could do with some government funded insulation over the garage.

    Don’t tell Tom.

  26. migsโ€ฆthereโ€™s always brave tom!

    Kitty, Tom would claim that it was a union inspired propaganda poem written while saluting an autographed portrait of Kevin.

  27. It encourages me to pick things up just to watch the magic at work.

    …small minds….

  28. Reb 2:23 pm,

    Done – third time lucky.

  29. Thanks Tony..

    New post on population online now…

  30. Migs re the rubbish bin popper-upper-thingy, what about a partner-clothes-from-floor levitation unit. The inventor would make a mega fortune.

  31. Min, Jedda has enquired as to whether they have a model for dirty clothes ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Yes I suppose that there should be 2 models..one for clean clothes thrown on the floor and the other for dirty clothes thrown onto the floor.

    I should imagine that this would have to involve some sort of sensory system..the ones that smell of Brut compared with the others that smell of Fabulon.

  33. Just thought like bragging. Finally got an Apple laptop and am posting this from it. There are some things that take getting used to (like no right click!) but in general – it is quite user-friendly… and something like 2 kilos lighter than my workhorse upstairs.

    Now I don’t need to be upstairs to be on the blog… I can be watching television and blogging at the same time ๐Ÿ˜›

    Just what we need, eh? Me live-blogging Law & Order… Or worse, reb live-blogging Master Chef!

  34. Ben

    What spec machine? I used Mac’s at home (but a silly windo$e machine at work).

  35. Migs,

    Do they have one for empty wine bottles..?

  36. Live blogging Masterchef…?

    Now there’s a thought…….


  37. Reb, I doubt whether they would make one that big. Especially for you. However, a moderate social drinker such as myself . . .

  38. MacBook Pro. Mostly top of the line stuff for the 15″ screen, but the system specs are on my other machine atm (haven’t configure email on this).

    Thing I am most impressed with so far, aside from the nifty multi-touch internet browsing, is how light, quiet, & cool it is. My Dell laptops are XPS monsters – they weight a ton, the hard-drives whir like crazy, and they get so hot you can fry an egg off them. Definitely not “lap” machines whilst half-watching the idiot-box.

  39. “a moderate social drinker …”


  40. Congratulations on the Mac Book Ben.

    Is that a Mac Air model?

    My partner has one, and whenever I use it I’m always thinking “where’s the right-click?”

    “How can this thing be real without a right-click??”

  41. No, not an AIr, though I think the missus wants one of them for the novelty value. I’m curious to feel just how light the MacBook Air is given the Pro (the one I have) is pretty damn light!

    Then again, I am comparing them to my Dell XPS – something that weighs about as much as a desktop but is classified as a laptop because the screen folds ๐Ÿ˜›

    Currently what I’m trying to work out is the shortcut keys… I’m used to CTL+Arrow being able to move back along a sentence word-by-word (instead of character-by-character)… Doesn’t work on the Mac though

  42. If you use a mouse with two-buttons it works as expected, but you just get used to single click and then use the option buttons.

  43. LOL. ABC Melbourne News just now reporting on Molly Sugden’s death: “She played Mrs Slocombe on the series Are You Being Served, on which there was a running joke about her pet cat.”

    Pet cat? Are they so PC on the ABC they can’t even mention Mrs Slocombe’s pussy?

  44. I got the coolest bluetooth mouse & keyboard a fortnight ago.

    Now I can recline & enjoy this whole phenomenon on my mega fullHD LCD TV.
    The mouse is an abortion of an ergonomic shape but it has this cool feature whereby the mousewheel freespins so you can scroll through a crapload of the page by giving it a twirl.

    Don’t know much about cr-apple’s.

  45. PUSSY! PUSSY! PUSSY!!!!!

  46. I gotta say, when I heard the news about Mrs. Slocum at lunch time it brought back memories of the disappeared thread.

  47. I think that might have been something to do with me and a comment about my nether regions. No further comment from me on this thread.

  48. New series of Breaking Bad starts in half an hour on Showcase. Enjoyed the first one, so here’s hoping.

  49. “Hell is other people.”

    Jean Paul Satre.

  50. Been away on business in SA (typing this in a North Adelaide hotel room) attending a conference and trade show.

    Kim Beazley was a keynote speaker (along with some pretty powerful government agency heads and business leaders), but damn Kim was impressive. He had a packed fora, along with outside monitors being surrounded with people, eating his every word and how true were those words, which was born out by lots of nodding heads.

    Sorry supporters of the previous government, I hardly came across a business rep who had good words for the Howard government, most complaining his government’s approach was too piecemeal, ad hoc and led to too much uncertainty in direction. On the other hand the current government is receiving muted praise for its approach of bringing out four year capability plans (take too long to explain why this is being done) and how well the government agency reform process is advancing.

    Just one short example of dozens I heard spoken about in keynote speeches. Rudd is in the process of reforming government procurement. Apparently there were few or no highly qualified procurement officers in departments that were buying at times billions of dollars of stuff. So now the Rudd government is putting a large focus on procurement with “value for money” being the core tenet. They have talked to universities and TAFE and are setting up AQF for Procurement right up to a Masters. This is a much simplified explanation of a paper that is complex and most of which is above my head, but it illustrates what the Rudd government is doing in reforming government and the way it does business, which will not go on the way it has up until now.

    So much more and I might attempt to impart some other areas that came up, and how there is a real optimism for these businesses working under a Rudd government.

  51. Hi Adrian,

    If you read the Murdoch media you will be lead to believe that business confidence is low. The people you have spoken to in Adelaide confirm that this is not the case.

  52. Adrian,

    That sounds like a good initiative by the Rudd government, and it’s probably something they’re genuinely committed to, since it wasn’t used as a news-cycle announcement (well, not to my knowledge, anyway).

  53. Reb, while in SA you might want to consider this:

    In the Clare Valley there is a 17k bike track called the Riesling that winds through vineyards and wineries. Why not the pair of you hire a bike and hit the trail?

    I can just imagine you trying to motor along on a treddly as pissed as a fart.

    Please excuse me for laughing to self.

  54. ross sharp,
    re Raymond Carver and โ€œLate Fragmentโ€

    So poignant ross, you are a very deep thinker I believe. Reading that poem does make me want to check out some more of Carver’s work though, thanks for sharing.

  55. Tony

    There were a couple of news orgs there but mostly to cover the the small protest (business are killers etc.). It was at the Adelaide Convention centre, and why should it make news cycles, it was about very dry subjects, capability plans, IP, procurement, government/business partnerships, doing business with government etc. etc?

    As I stated a long time ago when the Rudd government was accused of doing nothing, that in the background away from the spin and news cycles his government was in fact doing huge amounts or work and reformation, which is why the public service has been complaining. They are being overhauled and made accountable like never before, and have been told they are to become highly qualified professionals or else. Quite bluntly they have been told to fit into the new ethic and work culture or get out of the way.

    Business has also been told this is not a one way street, and that in dealing with government they will also tow the line and meet government requirements, on time and on budget or else, as one major company found out in the example given by the government agency head.

    As you say Tony good stuff, but not stuff that will make news by-lines let alone headlines, except in some of the very dry specialist business magazines or subscriptions.

  56. As I stated a long time ago when the Rudd government was accused of doing nothing, that in the background away from the spin and news cycles his government was in fact doing huge amounts or work and reformation

    This is the same argument I sprang last year on Blogocrats when bloggers were saying that the Rudd Govt appeared very inactive.

    I used the analogy, at the time, that before a house could be painted the cracks had to be filled in first. The Howard govt had left many cracks. There was lots of filling to do.

    I remember too, Adrian, that you commented that you hoped I was right.

  57. Miglo,

    As I said to Adrian last night, this kind of reform is good. It doesn’t make for sexy press releases, and may upset some in the PS (hopefully not you), but it’s the sort of thing I’d rather hear about than 2020 summits, or Gareth Evans ridding the world of nuclear weapons; showy announcements that are all show and no go.

  58. Hi Tony,

    Attacking the public service is good for popularity for the government of the day. And yes, I have seen some changes in ethics since Rudd came into power.

    After the election one of our senior staff members was seconded to work in parliamentary liaison. Upon her arrival on the job she spoke to a number of Parliamentray Liaison Officers from other departments. Their comments included: “This mob’s very professional in comparison to the previous government”.

  59. Tony I’m not PS, I just work for a business that deals with them nearly every day. Unlike many other companies, especially the big boys, we never seek to rip off government for every cent we can get just because they are government. Our company has a very well earned respect and admiration within government as a company that will wear a smaller profit (and indeed a loss every now and again to get things right) to ensure we deliver the best product for money the government can get. It allows us as an SME to outplay the big boys who we can never compete against purely on price and scale.

    This was something we had a lot of difficulty with under the previous government, especially their piecemeal approach to dealing with industry and concentrating almost solely on the big end of town, throwing scraps to SME’s who could only hope to stove pipe onto the arse of a major corporate as a bit player subcontractor, and wear all the heartache that entailed.

    The Rudd government it appears (and this was stated in the speeches) has realised they cannot circumvent the major corporates, especially the large multi-nationals, but they can insist that these big companies have Australian content and use credible and proven Australian SMEs as subcontractors whilst treating these SMEs fairly and ethically.

    This is such a big change and relief from the previous government’s allowance (and seemingly encouragement) of a dog eat dog mentality to business dealings with government.

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