Shuffle-bored on the SS Turnbull

It looks like Turnbull will be using the resignation of a minor minister (Chris Pearce, Superanuation spokeman) for a shadow cabinet reshuffle. The stories circulating at the moment seem to be saying that Abbott will get the immigration portfolio, just when the news from Indonesia is that 10000 people are ready to leave for Australia. Well, that last part is not actually true, the 10000 are in Malaysia ready to head to Indonesia – and then maybe onto Australia.

The question for today is, will moving Abbott to Immigration be a good move for Turnbull or a bad move? Remembering that this reshuffle is just as much as about saving Turnbull, and saving the coalition.

(joni: fixed the first sentence which, like me, did not make sense)

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  1. Abbott may just be the cumbersome (arrogant) anchor that drags the SS Turnbull to the bottom.

    I’m not sure that added bluster will help Malcolm in his present precarious position.

  2. I just thought, if Turnbull is the SS Turnbull, does that make Costello the iceberg that he is gonna hit?

  3. Or is Abbott to get Pyne’s job as manager of opposition business? Pyne has come out this morning saying there is no need for a reshuffle.

  4. The SS Turnbull veers to port side.

  5. What does ‘SS’ stand for?

    Nothing to do with a Sao I hope.

  6. Tony Abbott is one of the Coalition’s best parliamentary performers. It may be a good move to him a more prominent role. It would certainly be a good move to make him Manager of Opposition Business, in my opinion. He handles that job with aplomb unlike Christopher Pyne who has got right up The Speakers nose and gets thrown out of parliament at least every second Question TIme.

  7. Al, I agree – see what I wrote on the Question Time thread about Abbott.

  8. Pyne is a pompous whiney twat – Abbott is much better as leader of Opposition Business. But Pyne is a big supporter of Turnbull so unless he is promioted to the front bench, I can’t seem him being booted.

    What to do with Bishop seems the bigger problem …

  9. I think what is done with Bishop will be indicative of how secure Turnbull feels in his position. If I recall correctly, her holding that position was a bone thrown to the right-wing faction of the Liberal Party to keep them happy.

    If, as is currently being espoused in several media outlets, the Liberal Party are stuck with Turnbull as leader because there is no-one else willing/able to take the job – he might feel confident enough to give her the boot. As Keating as been rumoured to say Turnbull is brilliant & fearless… however he lacks judgement. Given the events over the past week – I’d have to agree with that assessment.

  10. “Pyne is a pompous whiney twat”

    Agreed. I have reached the conclusion that he’s a genetically modified clone of Alexander Downer. Look closely and you will see the similarities – the hair, the voice, that snivelling, nasally voice, pompous git that comes straight out of the “born to rule” mould.

    I hope they give Herr Abbott the Immigration portfolio. He’ll build a wall of razor wire around the entire coast of Australia as part of a nation building infrastructure program.

    Julie Bishop can run the camps.

  11. Abbott with immigration will be a constant reminder of how he treated poor old Bernie Banton. They’re just doing it to get attention.

  12. “[Pyne] …Look closely and you will see the similarities – the hair, the voice, that snivelling, nasally voice, pompous git” …

    … so typical of anally-challenged Christians. Notice he and Sen Fielding have a similar look as do the Brothers Jensen who run the Sydney Anglican Corporation (not too successfully going on the many millions recently lost gambling … sorry, stock trading).

    There’s something about pinched lips and puckered anus that’s generic with the type.

  13. I saw a snip on Sky this morning that indicated the reemergence of religion in political commentary.

    I believe it has risen 22% and the biggest offender is???

  14. “I believe it has risen 22%”

    Holy mother of god!

    Saints preserve us!

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

  15. Scaper 10:24 am,

    This is probably the report you heard:

    Australian federal MPs are increasingly invoking Christian beliefs to justify policies and articulate their values and visions for the nation, said a study.

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was the politician who most cited his Christianity in public speeches, followed by the former Liberal treasurer Peter Costello and Treasurer Wayne Swan, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

  16. What? Tony Abbott didn’t rate a mention???


  17. Some say that Abbott is a strong performer. The problem with Abbott is he is achhored by the taint of the Howard years, and he does make some absolutely shocking remarks when under pressure. It will only be a matter of when not if he makes a Bernie Bantonesque type of blunder. The old saying for Rabbit rings true, stay quiet and people will THINK why open your mouth and confirm it.
    As for Christianity, I don’t think either Rabbit or Fielding has the values of the one they say they follow. Bernie Banton is a modern day saint and for Rabbit to judge him differently is not Gospel values at all. As for Feilding, what idiot would support selling pop laced with alcohol to kids, let alone one who esouses the Gospel values. Both, ny their actions are certainly not Christian.

  18. Abbott will be given Immigration for one reason, and one reason only. To make a noise.

    As soon as the next boat load of refugees sails over the horizon the Govt will be attacked for their supposedly inadequate refugee policies.

    Another Liberal fear campaign will start. And it will be Abbott who starts the screaming.

  19. Hmm, very interesting..Hockey starting to position himself for a lunge at the leadership by coming up with policies of his own? Headline: Joe Hockey creates more turmoil for Malcolm Turnbull,25197,25716304-601,00.html

  20. Hehe I like this one: Re a potential future leader for the Libs..

    Some may dream of a future where a dedicated group of geneticists scrape away at Bronwyn Bishop’s back fat and a bit of bleeding eczema from Wilson Tuckey’s head, hurl the lot into a centrifuge and clone a new super force in Australian politics – Bronson Tuckshop (that’s got a ring to it, hasn’t it?).

    This could indeed be the answer to the Liberal Party’s woes. Or they might end up with an angry old man who wears way too much makeup.

  21. scaper, huge difference between the hard Christian Right of the Liberals (which cost them them NSW State election twice), and Rudd’s moderate Christianity.

    But still didn’t stop you or Tony from attempting to tar Rudd with that brush. Just another example of a banal attempt to smear Rudd. It never stops.

  22. Had to laugh yesterday when I heard my son and his girlfriend talking about a mutual friend. G/F said that D had to get some repairs done to his car and couldn’t afford it, he had to wait ’til he got his “Kevin Rudd Money”.

    I thought that Kevvy could not get better advertising than giving the poorly paid apprentices and young adults some extra cash to get ahead of living expenses. I also thought that the Rove appearance was great and Kevvy might pick up those young voters whilst the Libs geriatric voter base is dying off and the right wing religious faction won’t attract socially progressive young people.

    The fake email attack also went down like a lead balloon with the youth – not cool at all.

    Bonfire of the dead wood

    Australia leans centre left—for now (Megalogenis)

  23. Gee Adrian, I bring here something I heard on the news, Tony finds the link and we are accused of smearing your hero?

    Attacking the man and not the message is an attempt to curtail implied free speech and my respect for people that repeatedly use this tactic here has diminished!

    If you have a problem with the contents of the link I suggest you prove otherwise and if you can’t then revert to your favourite tactic and attack the authors for their perceived bias or their negativity towards the PM because of their imaginary agenda.

    I’m all eyes…

  24. Oh I see, we should not bring any negative news on Adrian’s hero here because Adrian doesn’t like balance and believes it best for this blog to be a lefty echo chamber…I reckon that if that was the case you would all either end up in a sickly leftest love in or end up eating each other as many here thrive on poppy cutting and hatred!

    Go read the Jackson thread…I thought people would at least have the basic level of decency to at least wait until the guy was buried before dancing on his grave!

  25. Oh I see, we should not bring any negative news on Adrian’s hero here because Adrian doesn’t like balance and believes it best for this blog to be a lefty echo chamber…

    Just out of interest:
    Can you point to where adrian has said that Rudd is his hero
    Where adrian has said he doesn’t like balance
    Where adrian has said this blog should be a lefty echo chamber?

    Or are they your words that you are attributing to adrian?

  26. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that people on the left hunt in packs and it is showing.

    If I want to be entertained by a kitty I would roll out a ball of string.

  27. And isn’t “[A]ttacking the man and not the message” exactly what you are doing by raising the use of religion in Rudd’s speeches?

    Yes – politicians all use words as dog-whistles – and using religion seems to be one of the latest.

  28. And the left are not the only ones who “hunt in pack[s]”. IMHO.

  29. If I want to be entertained by a kitty I would roll out a ball of string.

    And if anyone knows how to 'dig' big holes for himself and 'plant' nonsense it is a scaper.

  30. I suggest you read my comment and point out where I specifically mentioned the PM.

    I would also suggest you read Tony’s link and point out that the PM was the only person mentioned.

    Boy, getting defensive to a point that you miss the whole message!

    I suppose the use of religion to justify policy is acceptable to you if it is used by the PM of this nation and unacceptable if it is used by the opposition?

  31. No Scaper – you said “the biggest offender is?” – who did you mean then if it wasn’t Rudd?

    You were the one who led with the PM.

    And the study was up to 2006 – and Rudd was not PM then.

  32. Interesting, so you are saying that I can’t relate anything I heard on the news here without checking the veracity first?

    When one puts a question mark at the end of a sentence one is asking a question, not making a statement or accusation in the real world.

    And are you stating that the PM has changed his religious ways since 2006?

    How’s your crusade for gay marriage going, I’m sure now that the PM has changed his ways he will be introducing the long awaited legislation with his full support?

    You guys will not get your due rights whilst religion is the dominant influence by the politicians on either side but I suppose you still don’t get my original point at all, do you???

  33. And now I am on a “crusade” eh?

    And no – I must not get your original point. I was just pointing out how playing the man and not the ball is not restricted to just Adrian. You knew exactly who the main “offender” (your word) was.

  34. Min at 6:12 am.

    Incredible. The guy used to defend Howard’s policies to the death. Is he telling us that he told lies whilst in government (small g)?

    This is the same goose that shouted, nay, let off some steam in Parliament last week that the Government should be open and honest.

    I cringe when I read that people say he is a “nice, avuncular guy”. Wrong wrong wrong. He is a nasty piece of work. He’s a liar. He’s a turd. He’s totally useless.

    He’s lucky to be a politician because he wouldn’t be able to get a job anywhere else.

  35. Meanwhile, Malcolm Turnbull has been seeking refuge in the peaceful country of Afghanistan.

  36. I hope no-one gives Malcolm a lift in a ute.

  37. It’s clearly safer over there for him Al. He obviously would rather go out by treading on a land mine or facing machine gun fire than being stabbed in the back.

    Or maybe little Johnnie gave him a call and said “I know a way of boosting your popularity. Do you like war zones?”

  38. I’m waiting for the hilarious image similar to the one in Iraq and the alleged threat to Howard which saw him sprint from the plane surrounded by dozens of lap-dogs in uniform.

  39. “I hope no-one gives Malcolm a lift in a ute”

    Yes it’d probably be a rusty old bomb.

  40. Yes it’d probably be a rusty old bomb.


  41. Kitty

    And as a programmer I just sit here and “push buttons” hehe….

  42. Re AI’s link,

    MT – He told the troops that despite the vigorous goings on at home, both political parties were united in their support for the troops.

    Yeah, while you’re off fighting for them – all politician’s run for cover when digger’s need a hand … any colour – they’re just a bunch of wannabe Robber Baron’s …

    … the hypocrisy astounds me …

  43. My sentiments exactly TB.

  44. Min, on July 1st, 2009 at 6:12 am I watched the ABC news this morning and they were having a big fat chuckle over that.

    joni, on July 1st, 2009 at 12:55 pm Said:

    “I hope no-one gives Malcolm a lift in a ute.”

    Oh, I don’t know, joni, I rather hope they do.

    And then there’s this little gem fromone A Blot Bolt in today’s Advertiser.

    FFS, Blot, he didn’t have the cojones to go for it when he was treasurer, huffily rejected it when the libs lost the election, loftily ignored the chance when Nelson got dumped and has deserted the sinking ship when Trunchbull’s jugular was exposed and the job was ripe for the picking.

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