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Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine Rack. Our beginning of the week chit chat thread.

I hope you all had a fun filled weekend. As Ben mentions this morning, poor old Malcolm has taken a hammering in the polls following the Ute-gate affair.

Outwardly, the Liberal party, or at least Tony Abbott is pretending that it’s all happy families at Liberal Party HQ, however one can’t help but wonder what Joe Hockey could be scheming behind the scenes.

What do you think – is it time for Malcolm to fall on his sword?


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  1. Pulp mill, reb?,25197,25706345-12377,00.html

    I’d be more worried about your state than Turnbull!

    If Labor lets this happen then they have no creditability on the environmental issues but then again their flawed ETS has exposed them somewhat already.

  2. Question: why is there no mention of TB’s birthday? I think it is important national news and must be reported on.

    KAMAHL: Quite right. All sorted.

  3. I wouldn’t be worried just yet, scaper. The “go ahead” is simply to draw up a joint-venture agreement. No agreement yet has been made or contract signed to force the parties to stick together through think & thin.

    I noticed they haven’t released the name of the would-be partner yet… Wait until that is leaked, because Gunns’ history shows what happens when the potential partners are exposed to the public’s ire on the matter. That is, they fold and back away.

  4. Gunns’ history shows what happens when the potential partners are exposed to the public’s ire on the matter. That is, they fold and back away.

    Rumour has it it’s a consortium headed by Chris Corrigan. 😉

  5. (It’s also a handy piece of PR misdirection, given air quality and odour weren’t the issue, and water quality was, at least as I recall things about Bell Bay.)

  6. If that’s true, Tony – the unions won’t know whether to cheer or boo! 😛

  7. The main issue I have with Gunns is sustainability, if hemp was grown on 10,000 hectares in QLD it would produce 140,000 tonnes of product per year, year after year.

    Gunns is unsustainable in the long run and the result after twenty five years would be a tree plantation wasteland that would not keep up with supply demands.

    That’s what gets me about an ETS, it is all about money and power and does not address sustainability at all!

  8. This is a relatively slow day.

    It is school holidays up here and the site is too dangerous so I will not be working for the next two weeks…oh well.

    Then a couple of weeks work then a holiday down south.

  9. While sitting in the Commercial Club in Albury last week I noticed the large poster announcing that Kamahl will be performing live at the club, on a date that I took no notice of.

    The piped music at he time, was Neil Diamond.

    Where was joni?

    In Canberra!

  10. Time for a momentary reprieve from the toilet fixation.

  11. Human Dividend,

    I try to address you by your current moniker, out of politeness, but it’s hard to keep up lately. 🙂

    (I left a note for Toilethound on the footy thread.)

  12. *Miglo, on June 29th, 2009 at 4:48 pm Said:
    While sitting in the Commercial Club in Albury*

    Ha ha! I used to go there when I was a Nasho and we took our son there on our way home after he marched out of Bandiana (Army Apprentices School)!

    “Mem’ries – light the corners of my mind …..”

  13. Don’t worry about “politeness” with I Tony.

    I try & decipher “intent” rather than attaching importance to names or words.

    I do (kinda) apologise for the name-schizophrenia but variety is the spice & I don’t think I’m being misleading as my gravatar stays the same.

    The real name is Ben BTW.

  14. Oh! I forgot Neil Diamond was playing on the jukebox (how times change) and Kahmal was on every Satayday! (Hehe … why are people so,unkind …)

  15. HD!!!!

    Giving secret’s away?

    Ben? Ben? another f^#@n’ Ben?

    Friend of Micheal’s were you?

  16. You don’t look like a Ben.

    I would have thought either Francis, Guiseppe or Wolfgang might have got the money.

  17. Who is fkn Micheal?

    Apologies to BT but “Ben” (which IS my real name) is a fkn dog’s name & Toiletboss has much more of a ring to it.

    Human Dividend is lame but there is a certain nostalgia attached to it.

  18. You oughta see my surname (but you won’t).

    It’s a german abortion of a name that, even after knowing people for decades they still can’t spell it correctly; you get used to it after 33 years.

  19. How about Human Sheepshead?

  20. I think TB was referring to Michael Jackson. He was a big fan.

  21. Michael Jackson was a big fan of TB?

    So it was TB that taught him the moonwalk.

  22. Duh, I just got it!

    Well that’s a categorical NO. I’m definitely not the chimp that the bald, anorexic pincushion fiddled with.

    I stand corrected. Ben is a dog’s AND a primates name.

    That be a Buffalo head miglo, not a sheep.

  23. I just checked my super for the first time in about 12 months, and it is scary. I calculated that if I was to value the units I hold now at the 12/2007 prices I would be 50% higher than I am now…. but then again, it is not as bad as I thought it would be.

  24. Me pappy…

  25. “but then again, it is not as bad as I thought it would be”

    Hold onto that thought joni!

    IMHO that is the key to being content with life, especially when you’ve known darker days.

    Could Be Worse………is a fine piece of logic.

  26. HD, so, Migs, was close with Wolfgang (my Teutonic friend’s name BTW!)?

    PS – I knew that my old man was a Buffalo (Buff) in more ways than one!


  27. “clink” TB

    It does start with a “W” but it’s not Wilhelm or anything easy like that. It looks like a random arangement of letters that is barely pronunciable (is that even a word?).

    I haven’t given that much away either. No more than me “knowing” Mike, Terry or Tony.

  28. You’re right, Ben is a terrible name… Benjamin on the other hand 😛

  29. Hate to burst the “Benjamin” bubble but “Ben”, in my case is short for same.

    Fkn parents!

  30. That’s right, I was supposed to write about the ‘scandal’ today…tomorrow it will have to be.

  31. Ah yes, but you didn’t say “Benjamin” was bad – only that you share it! I cling to what I can – it’s my name after all 😛

  32. Tis’ but a name we share.

    I call my cat a different name every week. Oilcan Harry this week: anyone else remember Oilcan Harry?

  33. Without wanting to seem antisemitic I don’t like Benjamin as a name for me personally.

  34. My dog is called Ben, his nickname this week is chainsaw.

  35. That’s a good nickname.

  36. It seems that the World Trade Organisation is going to confront ‘free riders’ when it comes to emission controls. More pressure on the Opposition not to delay the current legislation?

    Imagine if the US et al. discriminate against Australian imports because of ‘inaction’. Careful Mal, be a realistic ‘conservative’ and think what might happen if this gains momentum.

    Never a dull moment.

  37. everybody’s doing it………..

  38. Human Dividend, on June 29th, 2009 at 8:17 pm Said:

    “Tis’ but a name we share.

    I call my cat a different name every week. Oilcan Harry this week: anyone else remember Oilcan Harry?”

    Certainly do, HD.

  39. via comments @ LP

    weez carries out an experiment:

    Noise Ltd: Move along, nothing to see here…

    Worse, News Ltd been manipulating the comments threads in OzCar stories which have been given them. As an experiment, I placed 20 comments under differing usernames and through various proxy servers to prevent the comments editors from knowing all of them were coming from one computer. 10 comments supported Rudd & Swan, 10 comments supported Turdbull. Of those 20, 9 were published. All 9 were those supporting Turdball.

    News Ltd: It’s not news- but it is limited.

  40. kittylitter, on June 30th, 2009 at 12:40 am. Quelle amazement.

  41. Not something I want to read:

    “In the name of the father – MPs flock to Jesus”

    The research shows that the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has been the politician most likely to cite his Christianity in public speeches, followed by the former treasurer Peter Costello and the current Treasurer, Wayne Swan.–mps-flock-to-jesus-20090629-d2ih.html

  42. Speaking of religion and politics..

    Abbott in the Immigration portfolio? This should give Abbott the opportunity to not only show off his people skills but to invoke his Christian attitudes such as caring for people less fortunate.

  43. Min,

    As I’ve often said to friends and family, the one benefit of being on the downslope of life, is that I won’t be here to experience what I see as a bleak future. Perhaps younger people growing up with the increased intrusion of government into our lives, the seeming reversion to religious influence be it Christianity or Islam, etc etc may not worry about it.

    I just no longer see Australia as the happy, carefree place it once was. Of course it had it’s problems. We just seemed have lost something(s) precious – individuality? Privacy? I don’t really know the question so I don’t have the answer – just a feeling of loss and doom and gloom.

    (Perhaps I need another cup of coffee?)

  44. Re coffee..yes I’ll join you! I am a little more optimistic..I remember the less than good old days where a company would not employ a person who was of a different religion. And this was just within christian religions. The days when christians would cross to the other side of the street if they saw an orthodox jew. There are certainly still pockets of bigotry, but I think that this is less to do with religion than an attitude of hatred (read envy) of anyone who is in anyway it religion, color or sexual orientation.

  45. And some good news:,21985,25709561-662,00.html

    EVERY newborn child will be tested for hearing impairments under a new plan unveiled by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

    My hearing specialist related that he estimated that 1:6 boys that he saw and who he diagnosed with an hearing impairment had previously been placed on Ritalin due to their hearing never being checked. These children’s lack of attention was in fact due to being hearing impaired.

  46. Min, on June 30th, 2009 at 7:05 am

    That’s great news, Min, our five year old g/son has been waiting for his hearing test now for well over six months (although the last appointment he had was changed because he had a head cold).

    My understanding is that it is difficult to test children under four or five years old?


    How come you’ve time to post – you’ve got “special” visitors, haven’t you? 🙂


    Not looking forward to today. My dental saga continues (incorrectly fitted bridge according to my toothache and the periodontist!) so its back to the dentist … after the money I’ve forked out this visit had better be free!

  47. Good news, Min, about the hearing tests.


    Good luck with the dentist, TB. Hope you get good news and a better result this time around.

  48. Hi TB,

    Yes we certainly do have special visitors who fortunately had a sleep-in this morning .. plus more arriving this arvo..son’s boat arrives in Brisbane from Melbourne and he and youngest are catching the train down to Robina.

    Under age 2 is the best time for hear impairments to be detected because this is the optimal time for language development.

    Hopefully g/son will be able to be tested asap. There are also other reasons why a child might seem to be able to hear at times but not at others. If g/son’s hearing checks out ok but there are still concerns, just let me know.

  49. I believe there is some report released today on the health system of Australia which might point out that the hospital system is worse than it was when the government took power!

    Hospital waiting times for operations will be an indicator…I believe the PM said that if there was no improvement the Commonwealth will take responsibility off the states.

    The PM also said “The buck stops with me.”

    So we’ll see if the PM carries this through or it was another one of his broken commitments.

    No link as it is for some unknown reason not the focus of the media…funny that.

  50. “Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and the Health Minister Nicola Roxon said if public hospitals did not get their act together by mid-2009 the Commonwealth would take control of 750 hospitals nation-wide from state governments.”

    Another broken promise maybe?

  51. And for those on facebook, do not forget that we now have a group that you can join.

  52. This should give Abbott the opportunity to not only show off his people skills but to invoke his Christian attitudes such as caring for people less fortunate.

    Didn’t notice him bravely opposing Howard’s asylum seeker policies as per Moylan, Georgiou and even Broadbent who is ashamed of his previous support.

    Nope, don’t think Abbott has ever publicly opposed any of the Opposition’s hardline Immigration policies which demonise asylum seekers.

  53. I think Min was being sarcastic..

    When have we ever known Tony Abbott to be “nice”.

    He’s one of the most vile, mean-spirited and evil people in public office…

  54. He’s one of the most vile, mean-spirited and evil people in public office…

    Now that I do agree with.

  55. Daphon, that’s just great (Aussie politicians invoking Christian beliefs) 😦 Especially this bit:

    But Ms Crabb sees the main explanation as lying with the September 11 terrorist attacks.

    The attacks had not only led to significantly more references to Christianity in speeches on foreign relations but had also prompted a wider erosion of the traditional view that political decision-making should be based on rational arguments rather than on religious faith or doctrine.

    Fantastic. Not. 😦

  56. Did anyone see this: “web filters to censor video games“?

    The Federal Government has now set its sights on gamers, promising to use its internet censorship regime to block websites hosting and selling video games that are not suitable for 15 year olds.

    Sure, first the web censorship scheme was said to be about child pornography (which it won’t stop), but then it kept growing and growing…

    The article also reports:

    Separately, the Communications Minister, Stephen Conroy, has been nominated by the British ISP industry for its annual “internet villain” award, competing alongside the European Parliament and French President Nicolas Sarkozy.


  57. Lotharson

    We will probably never find out if he wins as he will probably add the website announcing the award to the list of banned sites. 😉

  58. Min was most definitely being sarcastic re Abbott. Can you imagine his ‘people skill’s translated into ‘caring’ for asylum seekers. Ruddock was bad enough with his statement re people in detention sewing their lips together because young people were ‘into’ body piercing..this lives in memory because I cannot imagine a more cold-hearted callous attitude. With Abbott who can imagine what ‘excuses’ he might come up with in his mind based on his religion to mistreat refugees who are often not christians. Who knows, the milk of human kindness might suddenly manifest itself with Abbott but based on past attitudes I very much doubt it.

  59. About time there was a statement on this!,25197,25712656-12377,00.html

    Nothing is improving so the federal government has to step in and take over because the states are hopeless and getting worse.

  60. After today’s day at the office, I am beginning to appreciate what motivates people to show up the following day with an AK47 and simply wallk around mowing down anyone that you happen to come across.

    Personally, I would start with the IT department, work my way around to client services, finish off with Managers and consultants and then go and have a coffee somewhere.

    I’d leave the receptionists alone cos I figure they have a pretty tough job.

    Don’t surprise if tomorrow’s headlines read:

    “Digruntled employee dressed as Tin Tin goes on murderous rampage killing 120”

  61. People who knew him said “He seemed to keep to himself, he was such a nice wealth crazed prick”

  62. “Unconfirmed police reports indicate that he may have been under the influence of alcohol at the time given the number of empty wine bottles at his place. Police are however troubled by the existence of a Country and Western CD at the assailants house “

  63. Apologies reb, that line about the empty bottles reads really badly, not trying to imply anything 😳

  64. *Police are however troubled by the existence of a Country and Western CD at the assailants house “*

    Speaking of which … sreb

    and … Dave, yes you were! 😆

  65. Email your address TB and the Stars of Country CD is yours – consider it a Birthday Gift!

    And Dave no offence taken….

    I’ve just popped the cork on a nice shiraz….

  66. The buck stops fairly and squarely with the PM!,23739,25714031-5003402,00.html

  67. Despite his friendly disposition, those close to him often talked about his dark side.

    The murderous rampage came as no surprise.

  68. I’ve concluded that setting off a small nuclear device would probably be the way to go.

  69. sreb, I thought it was now evidence – isn’t that “tampering”?

    Don’t tell me its an illegal copy!

    Is thsi how you implicate other innocents in your grisly plots?

    Shame, shame, shame!

  70. Lotharsson,

    I did see the article that you linked to “web filters to censor video games“

    The crazy thing is, they want to censor any games that are unsuitable for a 15 yo, yet they refuse to grant an R18+ or adult category rating for gamers – why? and where is all the pressure coming from (perhaps christian groups?). Australia will be the laughing stock of the world – the only filtered for children internet that all adults will have to pay for!

    Australia is the only developed country without an R18+ classification for games, meaning any titles that do not meet the MA15+ standard – such as those with excessive violence or sexual content – are simply banned from sale by the Classification Board, unless they are modified to remove the offending content.

    Perhaps we can think of some suitable names for our new censored internet system? paedsnet or family values internet, christian internet or Kidsrule Australia?

  71. the breakup

    The punctuation police.

    Voice-over: Today’s episode of The Punctuation Police is all about proper punctuation.

    [The scene opens with a close-up of a uniformed male officer driving one of the Punctuation Police Department’s cruisers. He is wearing mirrored sunglasses.]

    Officer: Yeah, we got a call from some concerned citizens about their neighbor’s improper usage of punctuation. We’re going to go check it out.

    [The officer parks the car along the curb and approaches a young man sitting on the stoop in front of a house. He appears to be writing in a notebook.]

    Officer: Sir, please place your hands where I can see ’em.

    Young man: Uh… Whats this all about, officer?

    Officer: We’ve had a complaint that you are using apostrophes in the wrong places.

    Young man: Wha…?

    Officer: Sir, in order to maintain order and civility, I must confiscate your pencil and paper.

    [The young man hands the officer his pencil and notebook.]

    Young man: But what did I do wrong?

    Officer: Sir, it’s about apostrophes. If you are going to be trusted with a pen, pencil, typewriter or keyboard, you must follow the rules for punctuation.

    [The officer writes a few sentences on the pad.]

    Officer: O.k., look here.

    Apostrophes are used to show possession. As in “The dogs stole the cat’s toy.” The toy belongs to the cat.

    Apostrophes are used to show omission. As in “What’s your problem?” The apostrophe is taking the place of the “i” in the word “is.”

    Apostrophes are NOT used to make a singular word plural, and this is where you’ve broken the laws of proper punctuation.

    This, Sir, is why I am here.

    It’s not “The dog’s stole the toy.” It’s not “The machine’s are taking over.”

    Have I made myself clear, Sir?

    Young man: Yes, officer. I’m sorry I’ve committed such grave errors against the English language. It will never happen again.

    Officer: Very good. Have a good day, Sir. All in a day’s work for The Punctuation Police.

  72. I was chatting to an Aussie mate in London last night who was saying that the government had issued health warning because the temperature was due to go above 30C… those Poms need to toughen up if you ask me (which no one ever does).

  73. Joni, those hot days might help the Aussies in the cricket.

  74. Good afternoon,

    Well after yesterday contemplating the very real prospect of showing up to work this morning armed with two AK47s and simply mowing down everyone in sight, I was summonsed to have a meeting with the CEO at 10.00am.

    While thinking “what the hell else does he want now?”

    I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the purpose of the meeting was to thank me for all the hard work I’ve been doing during the last couple of months (I have a major project which went live this morning) and he has offered me and my partner an all expenses paid weekend away to any destination of our choice in Australia.

    How cool is that?


  75. Well done reb – be proud of yourself – but remember, all of the credit is down to the bf!

  76. Well done reb! Whenever I’m called into the boss’s office it’s to have pieces torn off me.

    And would you be coming to Canberra by any chance? You’ll need to give me 4 week’s notice so that I have time to hide my vast collection of wine.

  77. Problem solved.

  78. The place will be heavily armed. My orders are to shoot on sight.

  79. No offence Miglo, but Canberra wouldn’t exactly be up there on my “destination of choice”.

    I thinking maybe Adelaide…the wine district…

    Has anyone been there?

    I haven’t been to Adelaide before..

  80. We have – a tour of the Barossa is essential – nay, demanded.

    And there is a great Indian restaurant in Adelaide too – we always rate Indian restaurants by that one. And still we have not found a better one. Here is a link for it.

    Jasmin Indian

  81. I come from Adelaide! I’m in no hurry to permanently return.

    Short visits are endured for its seafood and nearby wine regions, as well as reluctantly catching up with one or two rellies.

    Apart from that it’s a good destination for anthropological excursions. Take plenty of note books.

  82. You have to try some King George Whiting while in SA. It’s the Rolls Royce of seafood. You are deserving of it.

  83. I just phoned my car lease company to change my regular contact email address from my work email to my home email.

    The genius I spoke to said that he’d need to send me a form to complete. He said he’s send it to my home email address.


  84. g’day sreb et al,

    I graduated in Adelaide in 1992, spent four days there…

    … must do’s

    …get out of the city during the day, its bo–ooring.

    Wine tour(s) definitely – we found the one with the “most” wineries was five!

    There was a great Italian restaurant opposite the casino and …

    … the pie stall – gotta have a pie floater – traditional Adleaide food!

    … and the last sentence of Migs post is true! (2:02)

  85. Just had letter from your department Migs!

    We thought we’d apply for jobs and then thought, stuff it (not fair)!

    Cancelled our appointment with Sarino Russo’s mob a couple of weeks ago and just received a letter for an appointment July 24 – double duh!

  86. If you can get a tour to Kangaroo Island – take it. Otherwise . . .

    If you are looking for good restaurants in Adelaide look no further than La Trattoria (check spelling) in King William St. You can smell the garlic from 2 blocks away. They recently won an award in New York for the world’s best pizza.

    Ayres House is another good restaurant. Rod Stewart reckons it’s the best in the world. You’ll love the wine list. Grange starts at a few thousand bucks a bottle.

    And take TB’s advice and have a pie floater. It is a pie floating in thick pea soup. Don’t forget the tomato sauce.

  87. Just had letter from your department Migs!

    IThey do all sorts of funny things when I’m not there. (I’m on leave for 2 weeks).

  88. Thanks Migs, Joni, TB

    Sounds like it could be Adelaide then.

    I’m partial to a good Indian and the occasional (hard to believe I know) glass of red…

  89. Thanks Migs, Joni, TB

    We’re all only trying to deter you from coing to Brisbane, Sydney or Canberra.

  90. And it is slow in here today – I think that we need to take a breather from all the action last week.

  91. How about a little sing-along then?

    Roll out the barrell….

  92. …and Migs the weather here in the Sunshine State’s capital, at the moment, is perfectly beautiful!

    A balmy 23 degrees (too hot for Taswegians), bright blue skies (too bright for Taswegians), soft gentle breeze (too soft for Taswegians) – yep, I’d recommend Adelaide …

  93. Hey, sreb, did you get my “attachment” last week?

  94. Roll out the barrel of beer? I am just going to the gym to try and stop being a fat bastard… I just wanna be a bastard.

  95. Having a day off today so rolling out the barrel sounds good!!

  96. “I’m gonna leave ol’ Durham Town, I’m gonna leave ol’ Durham Town, I’m gonna leave ol’ Durham Town and I’m leavin’ leavin’ leaving'”

  97. I’m off for 2 weeks. While Jedda’s at work I’ve been enjoying a half corona on a daily basis.

    Leavin’ leavin’ leavin’.

  98. Durham Town!!

    I’m gonna strangle that duck!

    TB, no I’m afraid I didn’t get your “attachment…”

    (maybe re-send it?)

  99. There are now 10 of us on Blogocrats Facebook.

    I’m gonna strangle that duck!

    You’ll definitely want to after you’ve tried your first pie floater (and don’t forget the sauce).

  100. Hi reb,

    Sent an email earlier to blogocrats address.

  101. We’re having a nice day too TB. It’s about 5 degrees with howling winds. Good for this time of the year.

    Take your shorts to Adelaide reb.

  102. Dave,

    …funny that overspending got us into this mess (make no mistake it is a mess!) …

    … logic tells you that continuing to spend won’t fix it … only delay the inevitable …

    … my super income has nosedived (cash) and no handouts for SFRs …

    … trust governments with money and decisions? Not with the way they’ve farted around with my livelihood over the years …

    … three year guarantee for banks … making bumper profits and consolidating assets … YGBJ !… The Robber Barons and their minions at their best …

    … nice to be as independent as the bastards will allow …

  103. sreb, resent!

  104. Miglo, on July 1st, 2009 at 3:15 pm Said

    I thought it was raining down there?

    Our dams are currently 76.88% (just checked) Christ knows what happens if we get heavy rains in the “rainy season” at Chrishtmas …

    … and especially for Adrian – I am a believer! Rain (heavy) in June just not on!

  105. *rainy season” at Chrishtmas*

    THE BAR IS NOT OPEN! Simple typo …

    My mate will be over soon (he likes a red – hehe)

  106. TB,

    Christ knows what happens if we get heavy rains in the “rainy season” at Chrishtmas

    Maybe you could send some our way.

  107. Stop complaining, Tony!

    According to Flannery you shouldn’t have any water by now…same for Brisbane!

    I put a link up on the climate thread of Plimer talking down Sydney…the science is settled?

  108. Sorry TB,

    No sign of the email. Do you want to send it to the Blogocrats one?

  109. sreb, is 3Mb – problem?

  110. The main flood mitigation dam is only at 67.59% TB – we should be right as long as we don’t get too much more between now & Christmas. If we put what’s currently in Somerset and North Pine into Wivenhoe, it’d only just overflow… (116%)

    100% capacity for both Somerset & Wivenhoe doesn’t mean they’re full:

  111. TB, It shouldn’t be for yahoo

  112. sreb … that’s the one “two fat ladies”…

  113. Correct TB. It’s cold, windy and wet.

    At least it keeps the tourists away.

  114. Do any blogocrats have experience with ceiling insulation? Mr Rudd has kindly offered to install insulation in my ceiling and I’m wondering what’s the best type for the SE Qld climate. No doubt I’ll have salesmen tell me their answers to that over the next couple of weeks, but I’d prefer some impartial advice.

    I’m leaning towards Polyester Batts at the moment, mainly because I’ve heard bad things about the others – dust making the foil ones less than effective over time & the mess of the blow-in cellulose stuff. Wool Batts may be another option?

  115. Bacchus, ask Tom.

  116. I’ve just emailed your bigpond account TB…

  117. hehe Miglo No thanks – I was after advice, not a lecture on the evils of misdirected stimulus funds. I vaguely remember Min mentioning she had some connection to a manufacturer in an earlier life… And surely the WCPs on here will have only the best insulation installed in their modest abodes?

    Then there’s the good guys – TB, N5 & Aqua who live in SE QLD, and Min who is so close she could be considered and honorary Qlder – someone’s gotta have an opinion in this forum…

  118. and scaper of course…

  119. Speaking of Qld . . .

    The ABS reckons that by 2056 a quarter of all Australians will live in Queensland.

    Here’s my tip: Buy shares in Lowes.

  120. I’m a fan of Australian wool batts but I’m biased.

    The next house I build will be insulated in the ceiling, walls and floor.

    The first house I built on the farm I had that I bred stud poll herefords for the detractors, had four inch western ironbark walls and only needed insulation in the roof.

  121. Thanks scaper – I assume the wool batts are more expensive than the polyester ones? They do have a higher R rating. so should be better…

  122. bacchus, we installed the cellulose (paper) and noticed a difference straight away (both our kids did the same when they checked it out!) not much “mess” at all – its sealed after installation, vermin, insect and fire proof – and recycled. It works, is cheap (cost us $1400) and environmentally friendy – people talk but often don’t walk!

    I like the idea of wool – avoid fibreglass … (ex OHS Manager, writing) …

    … I think Min was involved with Pink Batts (f/glass, Min?)

    sreb, resent on “reply”

  123. Apparently John Hartigan had a go at the bloggers today at the Press Club, maybe we will read about it tomorrow.

  124. scaper…, on July 1st, 2009 at 5:34 pm

    Shiver, shiver, do we care, scaper…

    I watched the beginning of his presentation (ten minutes) … always amuses me when the “professionals” are so far behind reality that they need someone like JH to “tell” them what’s happening …

    … the body language of his audience was fascinating …

    … one thing he did get right is that we need more competent, quality and quantity of investigative reporting …

    … sometimes the truth IS out there…

  125. Thanks TB – I like the sound of wool too, but we’ll see how the cost comes in. With Mr Rudd paying the first $1600, it may be worth considering now… Strange, the cellulose quote I got today came in at exactly $1600 🙄

  126. Ever since Hedley Thomas got his house shot up there has been a dearth of investigative reporting in my opinion.

    I believe George Megalogenis is moving in that direction and the more the better as there is plenty of material out there.

  127. Ever since Hedley Thomas got his house shot up there has been a dearth of investigative reporting in my opinion.

    As evidenced week in week out on Media Watch. Last Monday’s episode was must see TV BTW.

  128. I wonder who will get the Walkley this year?

  129. scaper, Pure Poison have a piece on Hartigan here. I gotta say that I quite enjoy the old media vs new media stoushes.

  130. Welcome to the brave new world of political (h)ac(k)tivism, Hartigan. The writing is on the wall for new-old (re-)framings by would-be ‘owners’ of the ‘content’ of what ‘the people’ want . Perhaps.

  131. bacchus, on July 1st, 2009 at 4:17 pm We’ve got pink bats here in the sunny south east of SA and they work a treat.

  132. Miglo, i just noticed at 10.30 pm SBS1

    10 canoes

    If you get a chance to watch

    waves at Min

  133. Thanks Hexx. I’ll stay up to watch it.

    BTW, how have you been?

  134. Bloody terrible,
    Im not coping well, im hungry and i look starved and my wife just left today (overseas).

    I read early on your on a break, hope its a relaxing one for you. Those breaks are often never long enough.

    Let me know what you thought of the movie
    I really got stuck into it

  135. Thanks jane – gotta listen to salesmen tomorrow & Friday & do some more research…

  136. Hi Hexx..great to see you again! If things get desperate let me know and I’ll send food parcels. Sadly I missed 10 canoes due to a house full of visitors.

    Re insulation, I used to work for Australian Gypsum who were later taken over by Boral (wasn’t everything). There is absolutely no difference between the fibreglass’s the R rating that matters.

    I would not go for the blow in type, this is only useful where there is no roof space. Wool/polymer blend or polyester blend are preferable in my opinion. On the down side polyester has to be thicker in order to obtain the same R rating as fibreglass and wool needs to be treated to deter vermin and to prevent rotting. And are more expensive.

    I would obtain at least 3 quotes. For SE Qld I would go for nothing less than R3.0 rating.

    Agreed, there has been rorting eg. Don’t bother with the 2nd quote, we’ll organise it for you and all quotes even for smaller homes amazingly coming in at around $1,900..$1,600 federal and $300 from state government NSW. However, from 1st July registered installers have to claim the federal $s themselves.

  137. Thanks for that Min – I’ll see how the quotes come in… I’ve got a salesman coming today from a company that sells all the different types of batts, so we’ll see how we go. I’ll ask him for quotes for each of them.

    I’m getting 4 quotes btw…

  138. I thoroughly enjoyed Ten Canoes thanks Hexx. I’m mighty glad you aleerted me about it being on last night.

    Min, you’re up early again.

  139. Alerted. I can’t spell this early in the morning.

  140. Throwing spears at eachother in a brutal variation of “Uncle” is definitely brave & well ‘ard; I’m not sure that it’s particularly smart though.

    A certain way of eliminating complex tribal “issues”; especially given the lack of options available for repairing spear damage & infection.

  141. I am up early too – off to see my Mum after her operation on Monday. From speaking to her she seems in great spirits.

    (BTW – I believe that her new frog is pride of place on the good sideboard – squishy hugs min)

  142. Yes..always up early. Two years of 5am starts 6 days a week for hubby is the culprit.

    That’s wonderful to know joni..and not only but also, the good sideboard! Give mum a hug or several from our crew.

  143. Thank you for the spelling correction Migs..was wondering how I might have ‘aleerted’ you and was this at all dangerous.

  144. Whoops even Hexx might have aleerted you.

  145. Hum D, I think it was toned down a bit for TV. In traditional society it would go something like this: “You killed my brother, so I must now kill yours”.

    A simple spearing isn’t quite good enough.

  146. I’ve been aleerted.

  147. The brutal reality of yesteryear eh?

    We’re a soft bunch these days.

  148. Well the mad monk’s off to a good start. He’s come out saying that he ‘supports’ the ban on smoking in a car containing children, but he thinks it is trivial.

    Is it a smokescreen for the news item today about the secret trip to Afghanistan by Bishop and Turnbull possibly to avoid answering further questions on utegate?

    No wonder poor old Bernie Banton got the duck’s shove, no christian charity for people with lung disease and no condemnation for those who endanger their own children’s lungs.

    Abbott slams ‘trivial’ smoking ban

    Mr Abbott says he supports bans on tobacco advertising and selling cigarettes to children. But he says there are things to worry about other than parents who smoke in front of their kids:

    “Being hard-hearted to your kids. Not encouraging them to be their best, I think are probably much more serious parental crimes,” he said.

    “I personally would not get hung up on something, in my view, as trivial as smoking while the kids are in the car.”

  149. Is this the greatest sporting anthem of all time?

    The result of more than two centuries’ development by a nation which inherited a rich tradition of song from the Celts, as demonstrated in the above video of the Irish crowd at Croke Park singing The Fields of Athenry.

  150. Kittylitter 9:42 am,

    I agree with Abbott, in principle. It is not the role of government to criminalise lack of common sense.

  151. Tony, on July 2nd, 2009 at 9:49 am

    Sad that parents don’t know how to protect their children – but if they don’t understand the dangers of primary smoking why would they bother with secondary smoking (more dangerous in a confined space) … my father died of emphysema, an old mate turned up a couple of weeks ago with his “little companion” (an oxygen bottle), he has emphysema …

    … if parents can’t do it then society (and I agree – its unfortunate) must …


    … watched 10 Canoes last night and thoroughly enjoyed it … another Blogocrats “infogem” (made up word but it just sounded right!) …

  152. I can see it now…Turnbull phones Bishop and says “the heat’s on so we better get out of the country to avoid those pesky questions!”

    Bishop says ” yep, we will be toast so I’ll book the next flight to Afghanistan to avoid that danger, will get some seats on Taliban Airways.”

    Turnbull says “we’ll hide out in the war zone to be safe.”

    Bishop says ” that’s a good idea.”


  153. Tony, on July 2nd, 2009 at 9:49 am Said:

    Kittylitter 9:42 am,

    I agree with Abbott, in principle. It is not the role of government to criminalise lack of common sense.

    I see your point re small government tony, but unfortunately secondary smoke can have serious health affects upon children and IMO should be criminalised. I can’s see a difference between someone physically abusing their child and smoking in their presence in a confined space (exposure to known carcinogens). Neither shows common sense but it is illegal to cause physical harm to your child.

    I know of an old lady who lives with a middle aged daughter who chain smokes inside the house. The old lady has never smoked but she has a chronic cough and respiratory problems. The doctor mused out loud that it was as if the old lady was a smoker herself. The dirty secret is the daughter won’t let her mother tell the Dr that she is a victim of secondary cigarette smoke – can’t make her feel ashamed for mum’s health problem!

    People can smoke themselves to death if that is their choice as an adult (we are seriously getting into the realm of refusal of health services if they choose that option though), but their lifestyle should not impact upon the health of minors and others who can’t choose for themselves.

  154. Cigarette smokers should be rounded up and shot.

    Cigar smokers, and even gentlemanly pipe smokers should on the other hand be treated with the respect and deferance they deserve..

  155. Do water pipes count reb?

  156. Reb, just take the kids from their irresponsible parents…another stolen generation!

    Maybe we could shoot all the people that don’t conform to the busy bodys’ ideal of left leaning, tea drinking, tree hugging, poppy hating sanctimonious fuckwits?

    I hope I live long enough to see the revolution to rid society of this scum!

  157. Maybe we could shoot all the people that don’t conform to the busy bodys’ ideal of left leaning, tea drinking, tree hugging, poppy hating sanctimonious fuckwits?

    …what was that about attacking the “man” (sic) and not the sticking to the subject …

    … and if that “description” rant, refers to me then I can assure you the issue is not about politics but about the health (and safety – driving while smoking can have many consquences) of our society’s children – far more important than a parent’s feelings …

    … and BTW you often get national socialists mixed up with democratic socialists … and communists …

  158. Yeah Migs, for an Australian movie i was a little upset i havnt heard of it. Imagine how much better it would be if one understood the language

    Thanks Min, i have painted a big “X” in the backyard and am sitting here with my plate, knife and fork waiting.


    bacchus, on July 1st, 2009 at 4:39 pm Said:
    Cheers buddy

  159. Hexx it’s chicken sweet and sour with jasmine rice tonight..will that do?

    Kids all depart tomorrow morning..E back to uni, son to the boat in Bris for the journey back to Cairns and M & little grandie flying home to Cairns. M thinks that it would be a good idea if E’s daddy took her with him on the boat..perhaps smuggled in with his kit 🙂

    Re children being exposed to passive smoking in cars. Apart from the health issue there is also the safety issue much akin to using a mobile does a person light up, puff away, use the ashtray and still be able to concentrate on driving?

  160. Hexx it’s chicken sweet and sour with jasmine rice tonight..will that do?

    I don’t know about Hexx, but it’ll do me. Jedda’s at work and I’m stuck here – miles from any shop – without the car and there’s nothing in the fridge worth eating. I guess I’ll have to have porridge for lunch. I had porridge for breakfast. If I get hungry mid afternoon I suppose I can have some porridge for afternoon tea.

    If there’s any left, that is.

    And reb, with Jedda at work I think I might just go outside and light up a half corona. She’ll never know.

  161. ‘she’ll never know’..and what are you planning to do with the empties??

  162. Is the dog sleeping on her pillow miglo?

    I gotta hand it to ya, that’s the coolest trick ever. I’ve been trying to get my old girl (the dog, not the other ‘alf) to comply ever since I first heard of it.

    No success as yet.

  163. Hexx..have ordered the ‘copter and with clear skies the drop should happen by 1.30.

  164. “She’ll never know”

    You better hope she isn’t at work reading this thread.

  165. Hum D, dogs only sleep on her pillow when I’ve been given strict instructions not to let the dogs sleep on her pillow.

    The dogs know. Somehow, they just know.

  166. Speaking of indigenous issues..l somehow dobbed myself in to make the nibblies for grandies christening. As the other grandmother has 7 brothers and every cousin and friend has to be invited, so far it’s 3 dozen mini quiches. Reb..will most definitely need HELLLPPP from Victor at Food Trail!!!!

  167. Dogs are smart like that.

    Mine usually yaps to be let in or out the instant that I put my feet up.

  168. Migs,

    If it’s a choice between a bowl of porridge and a half corona, take the half corona.


    3 dozen mini quiches? Solution: buy them.

  169. Reb, quiches are under control..have posted to Food Trial in order to ask (aka pick someone’s brain) re other ideas.

  170. Umm..I meant Food Trail not Food Trial..however, knowing my cooking…

  171. TB, I was not directly referring to anyone here, regardless of my opinion on smoking in cars I am sick and tired of personal freedoms being eroded chunk by chunk by governments whose purpose is to wrest personal responsibilities from society with the added bonus of revenue collection, alcopops being one example.

    I see a lot of stuff I don’t like out there but I believe in peoples rights and don’t expect anyone to live up to my moral standards as that is not what freedom is all about.

    The answer to perceived woes by our respectful moralistic law makers is to enact laws that in my opinion is the big stick that should be seized from these charlatans, broken in half and shoved up their f**king arses.

    This not the society I want for the children to inherit as personal freedoms are paramount and to me education is best to form the foundation for a healthy society, not pathetic laws!

  172. I’ve raised this before, but what annoys me are those idiots who throw lit cigarette butts from cars. Some fires (and deaths) have been traced to butts being discarded from cars.

    If smoking in cars will cease this irresponsible behaviour I am all for it, regardless of civil liberties being violated.

  173. I think all civil liberties should be violated irrespective of the reason.

  174. scaper…, on July 2nd, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    That’s a relief … I notice your personal freedoms are more important than mine though and noticed your language has become more colourful since you play in other people’s sandpits … thanks for “educating” my older grandchildren who sometimes visit Blogocrats …

    … have you tried Gutter Trash?

  175. TB, if you have a problem take it up with the site operators!

    I have seen language in posts and have seen the C word used here so the standard has been set, take a walk through a primary school yard at lunch time and you’ll hear all the expletives coming from the innocent mouths.

    I suppose the governments can legislate to prosecute parents that swear in front of their children too.
    KAMAHL: Actually the “C” is rarely (if ever) used here, and if it is we usually edit it once we find out. The “F” word while permissable is usually represented with asterisks out of consideration for the others.

  176. I remember something that a camel once told me about personal freedom and in his own down to earth style stated: You mean the freedom to be an a*hole.

  177. It must have been the camel that ate the ‘money tree’.

    When it comes to martial arts Olympic medals, Google is my friend!

  178. scaper, my dear old mum always says that swearing demonstrates a limited vocabulary so I guess I try not to use expletives too often …

    … now, I spent the first 16 years of my career in automotive workshops, a couple of years in the army, a few years in production and most of the last 16 years on mine sites … do you really think I “can’t” swear?

    … none of my family swears in front of the younger members and if it happens its as a joke not in anger …

    … there are lots of issues in schools and playgrounds that I object to (and will continue to do so) swearing is NOT accepted at my childrens’ schools …

    … just because other people accept lowered social standards doesn’t mean that my family or I have too …

    … BTW on subject – SMOKING KILLS PEOPLE! (including children) …

    … following you’re argument, we should abolish all road rules and allow people to walk around with firearms … and maybe start using asbestos again …

    … democratic freedom is a privilege NOT A RIGHT … people have fought and died (still are!) to protect your right (and mine!) to free speech …

    … in a democracy you can do whatever you like – as long as their is no law against it …

  179. TB..likewise none of the men in my family swear in mixed company. The same as your mum, my dad always said that if a person needed to swear (badly) then it was because of a lack of imagination/a lack of vocabulary.

    And that is the’s one thing to swear as a matter of emphasis or as a joke, but to swear and use words such as ‘turds’ from an adult so as try to impress is a bit of a worry.

    Google is only useful if you know what you are looking for. Here’s one for you son was Victorian Champion judo (I’ll give a hint, it was open division), coach Mr No olympian from Korea..daughter came 1st on the beam for gymnastics.

  180. TB, interesting, so you believe I advocate smoking in front of children?

    You can have whatever moral standards you choose but that does not mean you can enforce them on others, especially on or in their own property.

    Gee, I don’t like parents feeding their kids junk food but I would not agree with a law to prevent that.

    That is just one example of where this madness is taking us, people have their own beliefs but the moral minority want to fashion society into their image, just like a religion.

    Laws are important in society but laws that impinge on freedoms are not right in my opinion, the diggers not only fought and died for our implied right to free speech, but so we could enjoy our personal freedoms and they would shake their heads in disgust in how our freedoms have been eroded in the name of protecting us from ourselves!

  181. scaper,

    … funny, most diggers I know have good manners and obey the law …

    … and to be honest most who have been on the firing line defend their mates and themselves, I’m afraid thoughts of Queen, country democracy and freedom don’t seem to rate very highly when your being shot at – (luckily I’ve not experienced it, apart from holding up targets on the range – but that was friendly fire 😆 ) … if you’re mates survive, better chance for you …

    … BTW all laws impinge on someone’s belief in freedom – ask those parents who may be fined if their kids are truants, or, duck hunters, if we didn’t have duck hunting laws, we’d have no, MIg’s 😯

  182. Oh! scaper, re smoking and kids in cars … and don’t put words in my posts …

    … I really don’t care what you “advocate” – I agree with the law …

    … its not a moral issue either (just as its not a political issue) – its a health and safety issue … as I said before …

  183. scaper, the point is that smoking in cars is a health issue not a civil liberties issue. Second hand smoke is a health risk and smokers don’t have the right to endanger non-smokers’, and in particular children’s, health.

    Smokers are more than welcome to smoke their heads (and lungs, heart, arteries, mouths and other organs) off, but they can keep their carcinogens to themselves.

    Seeing them puffing smoke all over babies and young children makes me very grumpy indeed.

    reb, try Coorong mullet, a particularly delicious morsel which beats other fishy substances hands down.

    If you’re interested in culcha, the art gallery has a very decent Jeffrey Smart collection as well as Dorrit Black, Heysen etc. Worth a look.

    For nosh of all types, you probably can’t beat Gouger Street with the bonus of the Central Market right in amongst it. Haighs and Ditters also feature. Rum truffles. Sigh! And Cheong Liew’s Grange restaurant is just around the corner in the Hilton.

    If you’re a chocolate fan, the Menz factory is on Glynburn Road, I’m reliably informed. I’m told by the same reliable addict that Fruchocs are apparently sold to the public in large economy-size packets at a very reasonable rate.

    There’s a pretty decent collection of wineries south of the city, in the hills, and Clare Valley as well as the Barossa .

    Eat and drink yourselves senseless.

  184. Hello Jane,

    Kittylitter and I are big fans of Fruchocs. Big, big fans. Coorong Mullet is good, but give me King George Whiting any day.

  185. What on earth is a Fruchoc?

  186. Little balls of apricot covered in chocolate. They are only sold in SA, yet they are to die for. Reb can bring us some packets.

  187. TB, you don’t wanna eat them. Uuuuuugh1 they’re foul!

    Think crabsticks covered in chocolate.

    Interestingly I didn’t know that they were a South Australian specialty.
    Must be a Port fan thing.

    King George Whiting is indeed superb though.

  188. The taste of little balls remains a mystery.

  189. Hexx,

    Me too. Am I missing something?

  190. (What happened to the camel?)

  191. im trying to get a new picture up but no luck yet

  192. Fruchocs, King George Whiting, and the pie cart are legends . . . officially.

  193. im trying to get a new picture up but no luck yet

    How’s this look?

  194. TB, lets look at a few of your quotes.

    “… just because other people accept lowered social standards does not mean that my family or I have too …”

    Fair enough, but judging others on your standards is somewhat elitist just like christians, as there are causes why people have lower standards.

    Here’s a cracker!

    “BTW on subject – SMOKING KILLS PEOPLE! ”

    I don’t need your condescending attempt at educating myself to a well known fact or the shouting as it displays your anger, as swearing displays mine.

    Then you say this.

    “Oh! scaper, re smoking and kids in cars … and don’t put words in my posts

    … I really don’t care what you “advocate”

    Well by your shouting you accuse me of advocating this behavior so if you don’t care why bring it up?

    Boy, this even is more laughable.

    “… following you’re argument, we should abolish all road rules and allow people to walk around with firearms … and maybe start using asbestos again …”

    Now you skew this to include road rules, guns and asbestos in an attempt to justify your argument or from where I sit, vilification…lowering yourself to play the man or is that the standard that you live by?

    And finally this.

    “… its not a moral issue either (just as its not a political issue) – its a health and safety issue …”

    Well, if that is the case why doesn’t the law extend to people smoking with children present in the confined space of their own homes?

    Lets put cameras or sensors in every smoker with children’s houses if this is such a problem because the exposure to smoke is over a longer duration which would indicate that this is where the most harm would be occurring!

    Until this eventuates this smoking with children in the car will not achieve much at all but for the government of the day to look good and revenue raising.

    Maybe that is the next move to satisfy the do gooders who really have no business interfering in other people’s lives.

    If this is the so called ‘society’ that you want, quite frankly…you can jam it!

  195. WOW!

    “Re children being exposed to passive smoking in cars. Apart from the health issue there is also the safety issue much akin to using a mobile does a person light up, puff away, use the ashtray and still be able to concentrate on driving?”

    I had a photo sent to me of this person and family and what was on the table?

    Packets of smokes and an ashtray and this person asks these questions on how does one light up, puffs away, uses an ashtray and concentrates on driving???

    I am flabbergasted by the continual deceit!

  196. *getting popcorn*

  197. Save me a seat up the front, HD.

  198. I might have to charge for seats as if this is an indication of the society that some want then give me an economy anyday!

    HD, pack some billys.

  199. I would just like to say how I find Abbott slightly hypocritical in saying that government should not intervene. Funny – he is one of those who wants to stop me getting married to my bf. I thought he should be for all personal freedoms.

  200. Too right Joni; if that’s his position then he’s being highly inconsistent, to put it nicely.

  201. Joni, I find Abbott very hypocritical, if two people are in love then they should not be prevented from getting married in my opinion…why should society deny this fundamental right?

  202. Might have a fair bit to do with Abbott’s imaginary friend in the clouds I’d suggest.

  203. ie. no rational consistency of logic required when you take your orders from a higher power that only ever materialises between your own ears.

  204. Mr Abbott should have a read of this:

    The Republican Case for Gay Marriage

  205. That’s a very intriguing link Tony.

    “there are two fundamental schools of thought here. Some of us believe that to be conservative is to defend freedom, preserve individual liberty, and keep government small. Others believe that being conservative is about electing a government that will defend and enforce “traditional” values.”

    I know which stream I’d prefer. The article goes on to make a very reasonable case.

  206. In case you hadn’t worked it out by now, I’d place myself in the first group. 😉

  207. I think I worked it out a long time ago Tony.

    I wouldn’t categorise myself as conservative but I can see strong correlation with my own thoughts in the first group; to a certain extent.
    The critical point in the article for me being the realisation that it’s not always ones favoured “side” in power & the ease with which our ideological penchants can craft nooses for our own necks if we don’t realise this.

  208. Oh you mean my son’s cigarettes do you scaper? He does not smoke inside the house and he does not smoke around children and he does not smoke near people who are non-smokers and he does not smoke while driving.

  209. scaper…, on July 3rd, 2009 at 9:04 am

    Not including the idiots who throw lit cigarettes out of car windows that start fires, and in my case as a motorcycle rider hit me. I once had a lit cigarette thrown out of a car in front of me lodge in my motorbike jacket neck roll and cause a small burn on my neck before I could get it out. In the only time I’ve lost my cool in control of vehicle I chased them only to get the finger and mouthings of “fuck of arsehole”. There was nothing I could do.

    But hardly a week goes by, summer or winter, that I don’t see lit cigarettes being thrown out of a car or truck window, either to bounce by me in a shower of bright embers (extremely noticeable at night) or to even hit my bike on occasion.

  210. Fruchocs…memories of them sustain me!

    … and BTW you often get national socialists mixed up with democratic socialists … and communists …

    Yeah, becoming more fundy by the minute…the commies are coming! Some people have no idea, they think they are all one and the same, comes from absorbing the fear and smear of the free market adherents, anything that imposes upon their ‘right’ to make money and freedom for self interest is a communist takeover plot.

    Funny how the people who advocate the right of self responsibility, want the state to be looking after their interests eg laws to protect their hereditary and privilege, their property and their ‘right’ to fleece others of money. They like laws which protect private property, non-labour income, wage labour exploitation, capitalists and landlords.

  211. sorry, hereditary and privilege = hereditary privilege.

  212. Eeeeeew Fruchocs!

    I forgot to add earlier that pie-floaters are the epitome of a garbagecan buffet also. I mean why ruin a perfectly good pie by submerging it in vomitous green pea soup?! blech!

  213. You forgot the sauce.

  214. Eeeeeew Fruchocs!

    I forgot – Crow’s supporters only like Fruittingles.

  215. “Communism” is another one of those useful catch-all labels like “War on *TERROR*”.
    I rarely see it applied correctly.

    Gotta keep everybody looking over their shoulder & cringing beneath the hem of authority.

  216. Even sauce can’t rectify a pie floater.

  217. Fruchocs are what!

    Chocolate coated crabsticks !

    HD, I reckon your food taste comes from the same place as your music!

    Migs, can you buy online? Your version sounds much nicer…

    … we already have enough choc coated prawns at Blogocrats … 😆

  218. “HD, I reckon your food taste comes from the same place as your music”TB

    If I believed in heaven TB I’d have to agree with you; thankyou for your kind words.

  219. Bugger! … and I forgot to say I LUV pie floaters …

    … SA thinks they invented ’em (and that’s OK) but some of you forget my birthplace … and that of the floater … including the original fish floaters … mm mmm …

  220. More like choc coated crab-balls I guess. Really & truly, they’re not made out of the choice parts of an apricot.

    Think seafood extender.

  221. Fish floaters!!!

    A new low in unpalatable cuisine.
    You guys must have been hungry in the old country TB.

    Do you have sauce on a fish floater too?

  222. HD, 😆

    I was thinking more ‘tother way!

  223. … HP, HD

  224. Hum D, dead fish usually float to the surface. TB used to go around and scoop them up – that’s more than likely his fishfloater.

  225. TB, go into Big W and get some Menz Chocolate Coated Snakes. Menz also make Fruchocs, but the snakes are better.

    Try eating just one.

  226. Migs, me mum and dad had a fish n chip shop just before we emigrated … like you they were into property and business expansion … they paid 3000 quid – worked it for 12 months and sold it for 6000 quid and emigrated to Oz …

  227. This wealth crazed prick has to attend a 2.00pm meeting.

    Obviously I am very important.

  228. Migs, just answered my own question and checked them out online – they have an online store …

  229. Have to disagree with you on the whiting-mullet debate, migs. Mullet wins hands down any day of the week. However, reb and Victor should feast on both.

    Miglo and kitty, we have friends living interstate who stagger back over the border with fruchocs-laden vehicles to satisfy their addiction. Some have been known to make fruchocs runs when their supply runs out. I’ve even managed to addict o/s rellies to fruchocs and fantales. TB, think chocolate-coated apricot delight.

    HD, I know what you’re up on the Fruchocs front! You’ll never corner the market. My daughter has accomplished that already. Easter, birthdays and Christmas all taken care of.

    If she had to go to hospital, she’d rather be put on a Fruchocs drip than plasma, antibiotics or other germ killing substance!

    Oh, just remembered another SA fangable, reb. Yoyo biscuits; absolutely delicious sandwiched together with butter and a real health food, much like the now vanished Amscol and Alaska ice cream, polar bars, Woodroffe’s lemonade, creaming soda, big sars (or fly tox, depending on your pov), snowtop champagne and kola beer. Sigh!!

    At least we’ve still got bung fritz. I can remember having fried fritz and chips on the very rare occasions I bought my lunch when I was at school. However, that particular culinary treat is best left with other childhood memories. A fritz and sauce sandwich is still OK, though.

  230. reb, on July 3rd, 2009 at 2:00 pm


  231. ” Menz Chocolate Coated Snakes”

    Now they are good.

  232. This wealth crazed prick has to attend a 2.00pm meeting.

    Obviously I am very important.

    Yairs, 2.00pm meetings are only for the most important of people, the meetings that I am forced invited to attend are never held at 2pm.

  233. As a kid one of our local soft drink favourites in my village in Yorkshire was called “Dandelion and Burdock” … Gawd knows what was in it but it was THE “preferred” soft drink …

    … as you got older you graduated to “Theakston’s Old Peculiar” …. sigh!

  234. Jeez, HD, what about a bit of consistency here!

  235. Fritz is damn good to! Apparently they don’t have fritz in Sydney?

    The same argument applies to it though. ie. it’s not the “choice parts” of the animal in fritz. Akin to seafood offal in crabsticks & wormridden filth in fruchocs. lol.

    Having said that, I loooove fried fritz, yum.

  236. “too”

  237. It’s the death penalty for anyone in our office who goes to SA and doesn’t return with Fruchocs for all. Knowing that Hum D doesn’t like them, raises their stakes IMO.

    His opinions on most matters are questionable.

    Jane, I need some Tanunda Metwurst. Please send some over.

  238. Mmmmm, Tanunda Metwurst. drooool.

  239. Jane, Hall’s Cola Champaigne was a drink to die for.

    Fried fritz!!!! I stopped eating fried fritz when I was 10.

  240. What the hell is fried fritz?

  241. Ah TB..the ye olde fish and chip shop. In Victoria where the only fish was flake (aka gummy shark) or whiting and bottles of pickled onions lined the shelves. A special treat was a deep fried banana or a pineapple fritter smothered in sugar. Blessings to good old Joe (the Greek) fish and chip shop man in Hawthorn.

  242. Think a slice of compressed offal seared in a frying pan Tony.

    Sometimes ya just have to make allowances for a Victorian I guess.

  243. Oh good. I don’t do offal.

  244. This wealth crazed prick is going outside for a cigar while I contemplate my next chore.

    Jedda won a Russell Hobbs Panini Press (toasted sandwich maker) at the glof club last night. She had plans to use it as a gift come Xmas time, knowing full well that if I ever used it, it would be used once only and would never get cleaned.

    She is out of town tonight. I have 24 hours to remove all the burnt melted cheese that dripped out of my generously proportioned lunchtime sandwich.

    Maybe I’ll throw it away.

  245. “Fried fritz!!!! I stopped eating fried fritz when I was 10.”

    I suppose I can excuse you for that on account of your apparent pie-floater syndrome.
    You shoulda kept on with the fritz, who knows where it could have lead you to.

  246. Never never never eat fish from a Victorian fish’n’chip shop. It’s probably flake, which as Min points out is shark.

    During a biology class at uni it was pointed out that only 2 ‘animals’ don’t piss. The urine dissolves in the body. One is the frog, and the other is the shark.

    Victorians thus eat piss.

  247. lol. Our sandwich maker has been sitting next to the sink for a fortnight waiting to have the burnt cheese chiselled off of it.
    I hadn’t thought of throwing it out.

    What a sterling idea!

  248. Hum D, I never ate a pie floater sober. No-one ever has.

  249. Is flake is good. But yes, full of concentrated ammonia.

  250. “Hum D, I never ate a pie floater sober. No-one ever has”

    You’re probably right considering where the piecart is located.
    You’d have to be patient to be behind the counter in that particular part of Adelaide of a night time.

  251. Thank you Migs that solves the problem about what to feed you and’s most definitely going to be flake aka shark with a frog leg aperitif.

  252. “a slice of compressed offal seared in a frying pan”

    Now that’s just DISGUSTING!!

  253. at the risk of asking a question that may already have been answered…

    what is a “fruchoc?”

  254. Look like fritz is just devon or luncheon sausage to real people… This bloke seems to have the right idea about SA too:

    Should a state that calls devon ‘fritz’ be part of the Commonwealth, asks David Carmody….

    Not only do they not share that penal colony heritage that makes us Australians what we are, but they’re proud of it.

    It’s no wonder they voted pro-monarchy in the republican referendum – they’re practically Poms….

    I’ve always thought of South Australia as a haven for murderers and sex offenders. Recent evidence suggests I’m half right. Exhibit A: Snowtown. Exhibit B: Recent reports describing Adelaide as the “murder capital of the world”. Certainly if I were a criminal looking to disappear I’d grow a goatee and get the first available to Gawler, one way. It’s not healthy to have a state that harbours people like this. They even took Wayne Carey….

    For the wine buffs out there, the Barossa of course will be annexed by us. It will be rather like West Berlin in Cold War Germany, with a protected air corridor to the eastern border. For many of the residents there it will be just like old times. And in the event of a “putsch” or any other security threat, our nationals are only a short air balloon ride to Victoria and safety.

    Of course we must compensate the southerners for this, and our terms will be generous – in exchange for the Barossa we will give them, say, Lithgow. Any shortfall will be put down as reparations for giving us Alexander Downer. There will be no complaints about needing the wine for church services because, let’s face it, if they’d attended a few more church services then maybe they wouldn’t be having this little murder epidemic now, would they?

    😀 😆


    FruChocs are an unique product with an apricot and peach centres covered in rich milk chocolate. Generations of Australians have grown up with FruChocs … they are simply irresistible! FruChocs were first produced in 1948, and have satisfied generations of children and adults since.

  256. Migs,

    Don’t throw it away!

    A toasted sandwich maker is one of life’s basic necessities.

    Providing you have two slices of bread (even one folded in half will do), and half a kilo of cheese, you can make an entire meal for the whole family.

    One of my favourites:

    take two slices of bread, insert a one inch thick slab of tasty cheese, add salt, pepper, and whatever runny condiments (barbeque sauce, tomato sauce, mustard, etc), and grill until you hear a burbling, sizzling sound.

    Serve with a litre of red wine.


  257. lol bacchus.

    Yep, that’s the stuff Tony.

  258. Thanks Bacchus. I must try one.

    Tony, that picture of “devon” looks more like something one might use to chamois down the car rather than something one would consume…

  259. reb, with your recipe – do you throw away the cheese toastie and just drink the red?

  260. Reb, a Frochoc is a small ball of apricot and other delicious fruits smothered in chocolate.

    The civilised world goes crazy over them.

  261. Oops. Bacchus answered it for me.

    Reb, you can buy them at the Adelaide airport.

  262. Joni,

    Usually I drink the red first, and then have the cheese toastie at about 2.00am in the morning.

    It’s a real health kick.

  263. Ergo I must go to Adelaide.

  264. Now we have 12 Blogocrats on Face Book.

  265. Not only do they not share that penal colony heritage that makes us Australians what we are, but they’re proud of it.

    Yes, we are from honest hardworking pioneer stock, not the thieves and felons of the british empire.

  266. Best thing daughter ever bought her mother:

    Put as much cheese as you like on your sandwich, let it bubble and dribble onto the surface – not a problem – just wipes clean with a damp cloth.

    Daughter cooks herself chicken burgers on it & it’s just a quick wipe when finished – throw the sandwich toasters out – these things can be had for < $50

  267. mean that fritz is just ye olde luncheon slice aka devon and not even as exotic as pan fried spam…

    What about chocolate covered that’s something worth going crazy for.

  268. Of course the WCPs might prefer a Café Series® Contact Grill & Barbecue:

  269. Reb..I think that the other half wouldn’t mind checking out the Make it, Bake it, Grow it at The Channon Market..hinterland Byron Bay which I believe you haven’t visited since the 90’s. It’s either that or freeze in SA.

  270. This is all too much for me. I’m off to Big W to get some chocolate coated snakes.

  271. I hope he freezes in SA.

  272. Or bullets Min?

  273. mean that fritz is just ye olde luncheon slice aka devon and not even as exotic as pan fried spam…

    No min, bung fritz is so much more than devon and luncheon, there is no comparison.

  274. Big W is a bit low brow for a duck of your calibre isn’t it Migs?

  275. are the one with such excellent abilities re the what is fritz like then.

    And yes Bacchus bullets will do as will chocolate covered peanuts and raisins.

    OR Reb and partner could go to Cairns where it is a balmy 28 degrees..breakfast on the foreshore would be nice..sigh…wish I was there right now.

  276. Howabout chocolate coated coffee beans then? They’re a blast!

  277. The Channon market Min?

    It’s all a distant haze…

    I can hardly remember what I did yesterday never mind where I’ve been in the 90’s.

  278. Yes reb..yummy too..but if we’re talking chocolate then it’s a Crunchy Bar for me every time.

  279. Reb..close your eyes, deep’s the early 90’s and you and partner went to Byron Bay. I recommended The Channon Market re fresh produce..or aren’t you keeping up with the blog 😉

  280. Min, choc liquorice that’s TheMinister’s fave! The soft type), long pieces about 125mm (ask J! about 5 inches)

    … and there is nothing wrong with shark flake … very sweet … must be the urine that acts as a tenderiser …

    … I was priveleged to have tasted North Sea cod before the buggers fished it out – the best fish on the planet for taste and texture – in 1997 went back to UK after 38 years and all they had was haddock … chalk and cheese (metaphorically speaking) …

    … and I now have proof that sreb, does not read my posts anymore 😥 !

    What is a Fruchoc was asked yesterday, sreb, and answered by, HD, its crab extender in chocolate …

    … have you noticed how SA’s always say bawl (ball) and wawl (wall) – its ’cause most early immigrants came from Sussex, Essex and Kent … Allie Moore on Business Lateline is a classic …

  281. Hey! How come we are all posting on Monday BTM and its friggin’ Friday!

  282. TB..we’re having problems with ‘closure’ 😉

  283. … and speaking of slipping society standards – maybe there is a level in society that eventually “holds” –,28348,25727405-5014239,00.html

  284. Dunno about this pommy heritage in SA thing raising its ugly head. I’m 3/4 German.

    Achtung! Ein Victorians Verboten!

  285. And TB, a good portion of early immigrants to SA were German. And a good portion of English indentured immigrants did their 5yrs and went mostly to Victoria but also to WA. Amazing that Australian dialects are mostly unstudied. Apologies…this would be boring to most too..(one of my things as a family historian).

  286. Min, on July 3rd, 2009 at 3:35 pm


  287. Human Dividend, on July 3rd, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

    … and that explains da musik!

    For you HD (warning offensive – to some, not you HD – symbols)

  288. HD..hubby’s other side of the family were Muller, Bertram/Bartram (of Clausthal)..the Bertrams to Australia via SA. Also my g/grandfather Lucas (parents from Thornbury, Gloucestershire) was born Coromandel Valley.

    I’ve made the offer before, but since the subject has come up, I thought to mention this again. If anyone would like their Family Tree researched, I have all the CDs for SA and Victoria (these are not available online without having to spend $s). These are the BD&Ms for these states. Just email me..either reb or joni can provide my home email address. A freebie for blogocrats of course.

  289. HD, now we all know why your musik tastes are really, crap!

    Min, geneaology is very important in our family my third grandson is the last of my surname – he’s 11 now and interested in his heritage – got very excited when he was told his Grandma (The Minister) was born in Holland so probably came from a family that went a’viking and his Granda (yours truly) was probably descended from a Norman baron who landed in 1066 (our history has been traced to 1515) …

  290. Allie Moore on Business Lateline is a classic …

    TB, have you noticed how she can’t stop saying “Indeed?”

    She says it all the bloody time!!

  291. Reb, I never shop at Big W, but someone at work told me that they sell Menz Choccy Snakes. That means I’m allowed to shop there for that item only, or preferably, send a pleb to buy them on my behalf.

  292. are the one with such excellent abilities re the what is fritz like then.

    The texture of bung fritz is tighter than devon and luncheon without all the extra globs of fat. The pressed meat is encased in an orange skin which is tied off at intervals with string. The difference is in flavour, devon or luncheon doesn’t seem to have much it tastes plasticy compared to a nice bung fritz. My mum used to cut of cm slices and boil the fritz to heat it for fritz and sauce sangers (kids love them) you have to make cuts around the edges of fritz or it will curl up when heated.

  293. sreb, my nickname for Allie Moore is “Squeak”

    kittylitter, on July 3rd, 2009 at 4:14 pm
    The texture of bung fritz is tighter than devon and luncheon

    KL, probably not a good choice of “phrasing” on this site …! 😆

  294. TB..I can imagine that.

    Kitty..I think that you will have to post off small samples to all. Orange casing is strasbourg sausage (aka stras, Victoria) but it can be fatty..hehe..whereas devon and luncheon are lean but are blander of flavour.

    TB..I don’t think that my Pioneer CDs go back to 1515. Although I can boast that Ahern were the Horse Masters for the kings of Ireland (Mallow, Co Cork).

    A ps..someone mentioned about hard to pronounce and spell surnames..try being an Ahern, it’s only 5 letters, think of how many ways that this can be misspelt and mispronounced.

  295. Miglo, on July 3rd, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    “Jane, I need some Tanunda Metwurst. Please send some over.”

    Is this the mettwurst you mean, migs?

    Bacchus, Tony has provided me with the evidence I need. That twat at SMH has no idea. The photo on Tony’s link proves it. Fritz most definitely isn’t devon or luncheon meat or bolony or whatever. Proper fritz comes in a bung with an edible skin.

    As for the Lord Downer crack, the SMH twat is skating on very thin ice when you consider NSW has inflicted John Howard, Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, Phillip Ruddock, Bronwyn Bishop, Mark Latham and Malvolio Trunchbull to name but a few, upon the unsuspecting nation.

    After that little lot, you should be coughing up the Hunter Valley as compensation.

    kitty, a great description of the noble bung fritz-firm texture and no great globs of fat like devon, luncheon meat and those other plastic-wrapped pretenders.

    The two bung fritz manufacturers of note were Jacobs and Chapmans and each had their passionate regulars. I’m a Chapmans girl, myself. Their franks and savs were to die for.

    These days Don has the sav mantle, imo. All the footy clubs in the local league use them for their hot dogs.

    Min, you’d be astonished to find how few people can even manage to spell jane correctly. Throw in another couple of letters and it’s mayhem.

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