Happy Birthday TB!

Many of youse will know that today is a very special day for a very special Blogocrat.

Despite the fact that he’s from Queensland and is dressed exclusively by Lowes, TB Queensland has been a long standing member of “the crats” and Tim Dunlop’s site Blogocracy.

We have all come to know TB as someone who has a big heart and a broad mind and likes to keep up with the times with his new computer and new teeth. He’s also a “performance artiste” with his own unique, irrepressible style. He can also be a cyncial old sod, but we love him all the same.

So, from all of us, to all of youse TB, we wishes you a very happy birthday!

Monday by the Magazine Rack



Good afternoon and welcome to Monday by the Magazine Rack. Our beginning of the week chit chat thread.

I hope you all had a fun filled weekend. As Ben mentions this morning, poor old Malcolm has taken a hammering in the polls following the Ute-gate affair.

Outwardly, the Liberal party, or at least Tony Abbott is pretending that it’s all happy families at Liberal Party HQ, however one can’t help but wonder what Joe Hockey could be scheming behind the scenes.

What do you think – is it time for Malcolm to fall on his sword?

Utegate & the Polls

Well, for those who think that Turnbull had a good week last week (say, Tony Abbott & friends) – it would appear that the public disagree. There were several polls released this morning and all of them agree on it being bad news for the Opposition, for Turnbull in particular.

What interested me the most was the fact that there seemed to be no upside for the Opposition at all. I got the impression from Turnbull & the Coalition in interviews & door-stops that, while knew they were going to get hammered by the issue, Labor would be similarly affected as the public responded to their “grubby politics”. From what I’m reading in the polls, this is not the case. On the contrary, Labor appear to have moved up in the polls as a result of this, with Rudd coming out squeakier than he was going into last week.

I’m curious to see what long term effects this will have on people’s perception of Labor & Rudd. I too thought that some of the mud would stick but, then again, I was following the story. In terms of the soundbites on the evening news – there simply wasn’t any good news for Turnbull. The interviews on the ABC by various politic ans would have to be award to Labor as well. And on that subject, can someone please tell Rudd that appearing on Rove makes him look like a wally! Admittedly he was better than the last time he appeared on the show; but he simply shouldn’t be on it in the first place… Can anyone imagine Howard, Keating, or really any other Prime Minister (aside from perhaps Bob Hawke) appearing on a “variety show” where the host comes out dressed in a knitted jumpsuit complete with crochet man-junk? For gods’ sake Rudd – not all publicity is good publicity in politics, I don’t care how cool you think it is!

Aside from that travesty last night, I think Labor have worked this week very well. Which isย  a bad sign for the Opposition, because I still think if they hadn’t screwed up – they would have nailed Swan on the circumstantial stuff they had up their sleeves. Watching the House this week showed they had done their research. None of it was really a smoking gun, but tied together it would have been major embarrassment for Labor. No-one got to hear it though because Labor met accusation for accusation with the repetition of Turnbull’s calling on the PM to resign based on a “faked, false, fraudulent” email – a much simpler & cut-through message for the public who are not politragics like us…

Anyhow, my flu medication is starting to kick in & I should be getting on with work. Debate, discuss, & otherwise enjoy the day ๐Ÿ™‚