Michael Jackson Dead at 50

Jackson's casual look..

Jackson's casual look..

Well it appears that the reports are true.

The self-proclaimed “King of Pop” has hung up the glove for the last time, and has died from a massive heart attack in Los Angeles at the age of 50.

Tributes are flowing in, including my own humble piece penned to the Jackson hit “Bad”…

Because I’m dead, I’m dead.
(dead really, dead)
You know I’m dead, I’m dead –
You know it –
(dead really, dead)
You know I’m dead, I’m dead –
Come on, you know it –
(dead really, dead)
And the whole world wants to know right now
Just to tell you once again,
Who’s dead . . .


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  1. How come Uri Geller didn’t predict that?

  2. So !

    joni: wordpress seems to be having some trouble at the moment – nothing we can do about it. Hopefully all will come good very soon.

  3. Turnbull must be happy to not be a front page news story today.

  4. Just got my first MJ joke SMS.

  5. “Just got my first MJ joke SMS.”

    joni, on June 26th, 2009 at 9:39 am Said:

    Well……………….share it with us !

  6. Strange day. Sunrise was pratting on about Farah Fawcett being taken so young – 62! Haven’t heard the same sentiment for Michael.

    I’m not shocked by Farah Fawcett. Jackson was a surprise.

    John Lennon was a shock. Elvis was a shock.

    I guess we’re going to see the MSM now extolling Michael instead of ripping him apart.

  7. It’s a bit disgusting…. more a guttertrash joke than a blogocrats.

  8. Any World with one less pedophile is a better World !

  9. Caridac arrest… a little boring for MJ… I would have thought his face collapsing and choking to death would have been more his style.

  10. There’s already some speculation that it’s being faked to boost his record sales and publicity, but I can’t imagine this to be the case..

  11. Are’nt these people supposed to die in plane crashes ……………….?

  12. Tell us how you really feel, IATW! 😆

  13. “There’s already some speculation that it’s being faked to boost his record sales and publicity,……….. ”

    reb, on June 26th, 2009 at 10:40 am Said:

    Yes……………..dieing is a rather radical sales and marketing strategy to embark on but it did work for Elvis, John Lennon,Roy Orbison, and a host of others.

    So yes it can work well as a strategy !

  14. TB

    It’s the Karma…………!

    It finally caught up with OJ as well…..!

  15. Bloody Hell !

    That was quick.

    It turns out that New Idea have got an exclusive on the first autopsy photos


  16. The Onion has tweeted:

    BREAKING: Last Piece Of Michael Jackson Dies


  17. R.I.P. Michael, and an early end of HIStory.

  18. Somewhere in California right now there is a funeral director frantically respraying all his black funeral vehicles ……..

    White !


    Elvis Presley has been seen visiting the hospital that Micheal Jackson was taken to …

  20. Ho Hum………………….!

    Another victim of pain killer addiction it seems

  21. @IATW
    *laugh* I like that… However I thought it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white you just need to look the man in the mirror in the eye and ask what more can I give?

    It’s not a surprise MJ is gone too soon, only being 50, but he did live a dangerous life. For a while I thought he was in the closet about his sexuality until he was caught abusing a pretty young thing. Smooth criminal that he was, he survived the court case about his loves gone bad claiming that he and those too young boys were just good friends. MJ came out feeling pretty much invincible.

    After that though, his privacy was gone with his life published for every tabloid junkie to read. “Leave me alone” he was heard to scream, but everybody is somebody’s fool and MJ became ours.

    Can I go on with this travesty of a joke? Probably, but I better beat it before I’m threatened with bodily harm by the mods 🙂 I blame it on the boogie or my flu – take your pick…


  22. Love it Ben – not as good as my Spandau Ballet one though 😉

  23. Please Joni..

    Don’t encourage him.

    And your Spanday Ballet one was bloody awful to be perfectly frank.

  24. Why you I oughtta ……

    I hear that MJ actually had an allergic reaction to 8yo nuts.

  25. (I’m surprised there hasn’t been more play yet with the issue of plastic and charged paddles.)

  26. Oh dear joni… I thought I was bad!

  27. I’m a little confused.

    The picture of Jackson’s casual look shows him in the background with the yellow shirt, I get that, but who is the black man in the blue trackie?

  28. joni, you sick bastard.

    Actually, I feel kinda sorry for the guy. He was, without doubt, a complete fruitcake, but I don’t think he was a pedophile. He was in many ways a kid himeslf. He was also awesomely talented.

  29. Sorry – but I thought it was too funny.

  30. Oh, I thought it was funny… but it was still bad 🙂

  31. Ooo – oooo!!!!

  32. Ironic that all the “extreme” talent ends up with strange people … always been curious about that …

  33. TB

    I think that is what is required for genius – a bit of the “curious”.


    Authorities have announced they would be melting down Michael Jackson to make plastic toys that children could play with …………………..for a change!

  35. Thank you, joni, 😀


    Micheal Jackson toys removed from sale because of toxic paint …

  37. I have a (completely non-verified, uneducated) opinion about that. It think that the level of creativity as expressed in the artists & eccentric geniuses we tend to admire is actually a symptom or side-effect of “problems” within the brain.

    Let’s face it, in the wild (even down to tribes of hunter/gatherers), the skills/talents these people have are useless in general. Michael Jackson’s ability to sing & dance might attract one or two of the ladies around the campfire – but it wouldn’t help much with the gathering of food. Albert Einstein’s ability to think of mathematics in ways & dimensions we find hard to fathom would not do much in terms of hunting down an elk or moose. And (sadly) Stephen W Hawking would simply be dead even today were he born in a third-world country.

    We’re not far (evolutionarily speaking) from the tribes of hunter-gatherers that made up most of humanity thousands of years ago. And in terms of genetics – we only stopped evolving traits that assisted in that lifestyle when our level of technology outpaced the environment’s capability to impose living restraints on mankind.

    But that starts turning this thread on MJ’s death into a philosophical discussion on eugenics & societal evolution…


    Micheal Jackson “original” offered for sale on Ebay …

    Contact btolputt@littlepuddle.con.au

  39. But that starts turning this thread on MJ’s death into a philosophical discussion on eugenics & societal evolution…

    Scientology on Friday, Ben? 😯

  40. Nah, Scientology is neither scientific nor philosophical… it is simply highly commercialised fiction posing as as alternative to psychiatry 🙂

  41. B.Tolputt, on June 26th, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    That sounds very much like science fiction you’re describing there Ben, my friend …

  42. Well, I did say it was a non-verified, uneducated opinion on the idea 🙂

    Perhaps I need to write it up into a series of “manuals” and trick people into paying thousands for my drivel by getting them to hold a voltmeter and shake my head sadly at it. 😛

  43. Or Ben..you could try moving to Byron Bay 🙂

  44. “Eugenolution” a Religious Concept from Ben L Tolputt

    Mmmm might sell – need an agent? I know a shonky accountant? … you in IATW?

  45. … you in IATW?

    TB Queensland, on June 26th, 2009 at 5:24 pm Said:

    Lets start printing the prospectus for the IPO immediately

  46. For philosophy buffs as a stocking filler…The Phenomenon of Man.

  47. Ooh – interesting… I’m sure I could borrow some concepts from that for my “Eugenolution Revolution” (borrowed from Kev’s educational progorm… er, program 🙂 )

    Seriously, thanks for the link Legion 🙂

  48. Legion – he’s a friggin’, Froggie! They’re all socialists (no wonder the Vatican didn’t like him) …

    … you can’t promote socialism on this site! Good grief, man, Blogocrats, is populated with free enterprise, free market, posters…!

    … why do they call it “free”? It costs me a bloody fortune!


    IATW and I have no political “links” and after this last week we suggest that you avoid any reference to the Government or the Opposition at all costs – this is exactly why you need an Agent – (Note: Having said that I must check on IATW’s affilations …)

  49. I really shouldn’t comment on this thar thread.

    The “thing” is dead, I guess he has children & should be afforded a little respect………..

    On the other hand, he made reeeaaaally shit music for waaaaay too long &, judging by his public (let alone inferred private fiddlings) behaviour he wasn’t very well upstairs.

    I won’t miss him (me being polite).

    Poor children etc.

  50. HD, I can “relate” but hismusic was exceptional…

    … didn’t “football” accept the John’s brothers and Wendell was commentating on the SoO – mate. the world is detiorating (I was going to cliche “changing”)at a very fast rate …

    OK MJ was a … have you read the words to Ben?


    Ben, the two of us need look no more
    We both found what we were looking for
    With a friend to call my own
    Ill never be alone
    And you my friend will see
    Youve got a friend in me
    (youve got a friend in me)

    Ben, youre always running here and there
    (here and there)
    You feel youre not wanted anywhere
    If you ever look behind
    And dont like what you find
    Theres something you should know
    Youve got a place to go
    (youve got a place to go)

    I used to say, I and me
    Now its us, now its we
    (I used to say, I and me)
    (now its us, now its we)

    Ben, most people would turn you away
    I dont listen to a word they say
    They dont see you as I do
    I wish they would try to
    Im sure theyd think again
    If they had a friend like ben
    (a friend)
    Like ben
    (like ben)
    Like ben

    Lovely song but the words can be interpreted in a number of ways – I suggest we ask Malcolm Turncoat, Joe Hoss, and the Abbott for their opinions, maybe Godwin too, that’ll give us a twist …

  51. Y’know TB?

    I had to listen to that thing 4 times today. I really hoped that would be the end of it.

  52. “HD, I can “relate” but hismusic was exceptional…”TB

    Exceptionally ecrutiating agravating lolly music TB. The Highest Order of The Worst Kind ever; also, he squealed & grappled with his giblets too much.

    The essential ingredients for exceptional music, all of which MJ lacked, are-
    *insanely fast & brutal guitars,
    *machine-gun drumming,
    *horrible lyrical subject matter (OK, so maybe he checked that box with his banal squealing)
    *vocal delivery characterised by death growls (OK, so maybe the irony is that his final performance this morning may have at last achieved this at least).

    Apologies for poor taste (not as poor as MJ, who didn’t ever apologise to the best of my recollection).

  53. What is it you think that that song (Ben) is saying TB?

    That MJ fiddled with his chimp too?

  54. I won’t speak ill of the dead. 😯

  55. Maybe Deicide will record a tribute?

  56. Yes Tony, you are right & I am a hypocrite.

    Should have trusted my first instinct…

    ie. “I really shouldn’t comment on this thar thread”

  57. What about this one HD Toiletbosshound?

  58. I’m not saying others shouldn’t speak ill of the dead; for some reason I just painted myself into that particular corner. (If someone had questionable traits in life, who’s to say it shouldn’t be spoken of after their death?)

  59. lol.

    Yep, that’s approaching the kind of ferocity which he should have been aiming for if’n he wanted my business.

    Not sure about the mincing moves though.

  60. Heh. Original Jacko video (I think).

  61. ROFL. Some of these covers are hilarious.

  62. “If someone had questionable traits in life, who’s to say it shouldn’t be spoken of after their death?”ToSY

    My philosophy too Tony.

    Death is THE END of existence for an individual, it doesn’t however erase the acts (good or bad) that they undertook in life. I’m sure most don’t have qualms about speaking ill of Saddam, Hitler, Phillip Ruddock etc. Rightly so.

    I do, often, lack decorum…but I didn’t form my opinions of MJ the day he died & would/have state(d) the same things during his living days.
    I wouldn’t think highly of anyone widely regarded as “Teh King of Pop” (whatever that’s supposed to mean); whether they made shit music or not. (Alleged) Kiddie fiddling isn’t exactly a commendable quality either.

  63. Bwahahaha…the Shakira one is awesome. lol.

    Wish I wasn’t on nightshift so I could Phelps out for added amusement.

  64. JT: Cry Me A River

    (I’ll stop now, although I can kind of see the attraction in ‘your’ music, Tboss.)

  65. It’s cathartic rather than safely synthesised saccharine Tony.
    The first aim of it isn’t to be “popular”.

  66. The JT cover pwns.

  67. Cathartic. Yes, I can see how that could work. Is – how can I put this – <headbanging part of your cathartic experience? Or do you just ‘dance bang on the inside’?

    (No need to answer. Just shit-stirring.)

  68. Bit of both Tony. My shit doesn’t easily stir.

    Got to get ready for work. Have a good one.

  69. Whatever you think of him, this comes as no surprise.

  70. RIP MJ.

    Meanwhile Moto overload at London tribute

  71. ^ Oops.. try again.
    Moto overload

  72. Our pal Tim Dunlop has written this piec on Michael Jackson…


  73. It seem’s Michael Jackson’s “personal physician” has done a runner…

    It’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say when they track him down…

  74. Two things about Michael Jackson that are not well known:

    1. The moonwalk isn’t a Michael Jackson creation. It has been around since the 1930s.

    2. Beatle Paul once told Michael Jackson that big money can be made in music publishing. At that time, Paul was trying to buy the publishing rights for the Beatle songs off Robert Holmes a Court (who had bought them off Brian Epstein’s Northern Songs).

    Paul offered Holmes a Court big money for the rights, but Holmes a Court sold them to Michael Jackson for half of what Paul was asking.

    Paul then offered Jackson something like 4 times what Jackson had paid for them.

    He wouldn’t sell. All Paul wanted was his songs back.

    IMO that made Jackson a real bastard.

  75. Was talking to my mum this morning with her complaining about the wall-to-wall articles in the newspapers..she wants to know when they’re going to lower the flags to half mast 😉

  76. Also,

    Michael Jackson didn’t write Billie Jean.

    There was a reggae version that pre-dated his version. he ripped it off and claimed it as his..

  77. That looks like Leif Garrett in the yellow shirt.

  78. You’re just fantasising Daphon…

    A little bit of leg, and you start salivating!

    You dirty, dirty old man…

  79. Why is MJ wearing Darth Vader’s dirty helmet?

  80. Just went and checked my two Leif albums (dusty, of course, because they haven’t been touched – like me – for years) and I’m sure it’s Leif.

    What a waste to see what happened to him:

  81. Daphon

    Looks like he’s been ravaged by Crystal meth in that pic.

    I’ve just been reading the latest about Michael jackson…

    Latest reports say he was anorexic weighing only 51kg and practically bald. His bodu apparantly riddled with needle marks after being injected three times a day with painkillers.

    Makes you wonder whether he ever really had any intention of being able to do those comeback concerts at all really,,,

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