Tailgate & Public Service Leaks

Well, I thought it about time we start a new thread for the Tailgate/Ute-gate scandal given the length of the last thread. Thought I’d also toss in some new interesting tidbits that seem to be coming up as a consequence.

First interesting snippet is that Turnbull is legally liable for defamation, having made claims outside the security of parliamentary privilege. Rudd has, so far, made all his debatable claims in the House of Representatives. Turnbull knows this (he is a lawyer) but has decided he will not apologise unless Rudd makes an equivalent one. A somewhat interesting proposition from the man desiring to be the next Prime Minister.

Secondly, it would appear that Grech decided on his own to send the faxes to Wayne Swan’s home fax. Given the current suspicions surrounding the authorship of the fraudulent email (i.e. there are strong suspicions that Grech wrote it himself), this puts another very large whole in the Opposition’s argument against Swan.It also makes it quite easy to rebut the Opposition whenever they bring up their idea of “special treatment”.

Sure Wayne Swan got more faxes about John Grant. Thing is, we never asked him to. Oh, and wasn’t that the same guy you’ve had feeding you confidential information from Treasury deliberations? What other underhanded things did you get your stooge to perform in his trusted position? And so on…

All of this done under the protection of parliamentary privilege, but shown on the nightly news. It’s not a good situation for the Opposition. (Thanks to jane for the heads up on this snippet of info)

Finally, it would appear that remarks made by others in the previous thread on the Ute-gate scandal seem to have hit the mark. Turnbull has realised how badly this will damage his (covert) sources of information within the public service; stating that his cooperation with the AFP only goes as far as this specific leak. In other words, the Coalition has realised that if their sources clam up due to Grech being thrown to the wolves – they are going to have to get their information the hard way. Given how their minister-by-minister attack has stalled because of Turnbull’s stuff up, the Coalition needs every advantage they can get. Losing their moles would probably be more damaging than losing their leader, which is looking more & more likely everyday.

Oh, and apparently (breaking news) Malcolm saw the email last week and Queensland wins the State of Origin… again 🙂

And on to the discussion…

Come back Peter, all is forgiven…

Another thread on Utegate that has gone too long for the mobile users, so let’s bring today’s discussion into this thread.

Last nights thread finished off with some observations from myself and Tony on Hockey’s Lateline interview and this morning with some thoughts on Grech’s possible motivations.