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Turnbull’s Swan Song

Join us for the continuing saga of Ute-Gate and the up-to-the-minute unbridled, unopinionated and truly effervescent commentary that only the Blogocrats can provide…

With his credibility in tatters, Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull is fighting for his political life after conceding that Kevin Rudd no longer has a case to answer following the AFP’s finding that The Liberal party’s key piece of “evidence” an email, is a fake.

The Liberal Party has now focused their attention on the conduct of the Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, however the further they go, the more desperate they appear..

Is that Amanda Vandstone I can hear singing from afar?


108 Responses

  1. Is this the third of fourth thread for this same topic?

    In any case, it’s been one of the most engaging political stories for some time 🙂

  2. I watched some of the floggers in action on the ABC this afternoon.

    Why are we paying them again?

  3. Kate Ellis is a cutie!

  4. Ben,

    1. Friday Frolicks
    2. A Swan Dive (1)
    3. A Swan Dive (2)
    4. Godwin for Rudd
    5. Blogopoll on Utegate
    6. Turnbull’s Swan Song.

  5. Careful, Scapes, I baggsed her the other day, and she’s newly single.

  6. Is my input retrievable posted 2 minutes ago..or do I have to retype the whole thing…

  7. I’m just waiting for the next set of polls. I think they will decide Malcolm Turnbull’s fate. It’s clear what the media thinks of it and I have a hunch that a lot of people agree with the media consensus on this matter. Turnbull has damaged his own credibility. However, so have many other Liberals. Who could they credibly choose as an alternative leader? Hockey and Bishop have very little credibility. Costello has walked away and Abbott won’t ever cut it with enough people. Perhaps they need a less familiar face – perhaps Andrew Robb?

    The problem with this entire party in recent years is that they don’t know what they stand for and they don’t have any constructive policy. All they do is look for ways to score political points. They are a party of very low integrity.

  8. Is this the third of fourth thread for this same topic?

    Yeah, but mine has the best title..

  9. Shucks, missed out again…might have to go and get some takeaway.

  10. Al, maybe they should select an up and comer and throw him into the arena?

    Maybe someone like Dutton or Hunt.

  11. Someone from Labor is up spruiking that we are in a better position than most other countries in the GFC.

    I believe neither government is responsible for our situation, we are!

  12. The next lot of legitimate polling done will definitely be illuminating Al.

  13. Ben..did I write it or did I just think it? How confustigating.

    Perhaps the bestest best topic that lefties have had since the election. Or at least the most interesting political event since Peter Garrettl last sang with the Oils.

  14. I agree, Al. They can’t seem to agree on how to respond to ALP bad policy let alone formulate good policy themselves.

    I think they need a real shake up. Get a real leader in ASAP, my suggestion is Mal Brough, then go back to the drawing board and formulate some good policy around what are supposed to be their key strengths. Freedoms, economic and social, would be a good start. They are a good five years away from forming a government so their plan needs to be a long term one. Turbull’s tried the shortcut, and he failed. There is no alternative now but to take the long hard road.

    They can start by going back to what they stood for prior to the last election and having a good look at what was good and what was bad about what they took to that election.

  15. I’ll admit – it’s pretty good, reb. I did like the Swan Dive one as well though 🙂

  16. Andrew Bolt for leader.

  17. Freedoms, economic and social, would be a good start.
    Yeah, but that is not really in their genetics is it? I mean, advocating social freedom would imply equal rights for single-sex partnerships wouldn’t it? The thing is, they’ve tied themselves to the economically & socially conservative crowd, meaning that they’ll never advocate that line of thinking.

  18. reb

    great thread title

  19. Emmerson up and calling for Nelson to come down and show some leadership for the rabble…cool!

  20. Bishop is up…an old school mate has the hots for her…I’m going to bitch slap him when I head down to Sydney!

  21. Ben, this is going to annoy a few members, but I think that both parties are playing a pretty sensible game on same sex marriage etc. Social reform such as that takes time. It is unfair, I know it is, but it is a reality. The party that goes out on a limb on that issue will be stuffed in the short term. That sort of change occurs through evolution and whilst it is a quite loud group that calls for it at the moment, it is a long way from a majority. I think both parties are waiting for the voting majority to catch up with the leaders on that issue and will then move.

  22. James, is there another avenue to change the policy, a high court challenge or the like?

  23. …it is a long way from a majority
    Actually, a recent survey showed that the majority of voters do want the government to put into place same-sex marriage. The issue is that the 40% that are against the concept are spread out over both party bases and neither side wants to go out on the limb and alienate the religious lobby groups.

    If both parties were to put it on the agenda – there would be no loss of votes as the vocal minority (which is the religious groups by the way, not the gay-rights advocates) would not be able to damage them. It is only because both sides are waiting to take short-term advantage of the other that this situation remains.

  24. As per mentioned previously..what’s stopping you blokes from getting engaged? There is no legal impediment to one’s partner becoming one’s fiance.

    [And yes I do realise that it’s a legal can of worms, but as above, there is no legal impediment to becoming a engaged and thus a fiance].

    We could therefore have defactos who are refused the legal status of marriage and fiances who are also refused this legal status.

  25. Just two of many great quotes to come out today:

    Yesterday, Turnbull slumped for minutes on end. As Kevin Rudd did him slowly.

    Malcolm Turnbull is the Liberals Mark Latham.

  26. I’ll concede that, Ben, I really don’t know for sure, but the point remains that both sides see it as a politically suicidal issue. And a socially divisive one as well.

    In answer to Scaper, remembering I am only a 1st year law student, I suspect that that is how it will evolve. But Common Law rights evolve over time also so I imagine there will be s series of ever closer decisions, say, one where a transexual marries a man or such (forgive the expressions) then the court will see little difference in a man marrying a man.

    But acceptance is an evolutionary thing too, and that’s what I was getting at when I was talking about divisiveness and politicians wanting to avoid it. Growing up, I “knew” homosexuality was wrong. No-one told me it was. Not parents, not priests, not teachers. I just “knew”. That’s because the prejudice was deep seated in society. As I have grown older, I have forced myself to challenge what were my deep seated prejudices. I remain prejudiced against homosexuals in that I can’t stand to watch men kissing on TV or the like. It makes me cringe. I think in time that will change. I am not ashamed of this, in fact I’m proud that I can confront myself and challenge my own deep seated prejudices.

    But, if you had said to me when I was 18 that I must accept homosexuality as the norm, and cop gay marriage and the rest well I can tell you which way I would have voted, and that would have probably meant I would never have challenged my own moral compass on the issue. I think legislating on the issue would have a similar effect. It would just create a divide in society. However, if you allow the issue to evolve, it will gain a far broad acceptance over time and I think that’s the best outcome for all.

  27. James of North Melbourne, on June 23rd, 2009 at 5:04 pm Said:

    ….it is a long way from a majority.

    For a person who loves to call people up on facts and honesty.

    If this is a majority then I don’t know what is?

    Just before the federal election in 2007, a Galaxy poll found that 71 percent of Australians supported same-sex equality, and 54 percent specifically supported same-sex marriage.

    A more recent Galaxy poll of Queenslanders found that 60 percent believe that same-sex couples should be able to have a civil union with the same legal rights and responsibilities as marriage, while 54 percent support same-sex marriage.

  28. “This isn’t a majority” sorry.

  29. Yeah ya got me, Adrian, oh whoops, I’d already conceded the point.

  30. Yeah, James is on the ball today Adrian 🙂

  31. James of North Melbourne, on June 23rd, 2009 at 4:41 pm Said:

    I think they need a real shake up. Get a real leader in ASAP, my suggestion is Mal Brough,

    Bad choice, read what he actually did during the NTER and the other baggage he has especially regards women. Women voters would run a mile from him and that’s an immediate alienation of 51% of the population. It was mostly women voters who in a surprise lost him his seat.

    The Liberals first and foremost move must be to completely clean out all from the old Howard ministry, with the number one to go being Minchin. A lot of what is going on behind the party’s scene and tactics is Minchin, who is still the most powerful broker in the Party.

    Then they must clean out the right wing religious extremists like Alex Hawke who they are grooming for future leadership. Read up on the skullduggery he got up to in NSW when a State member. The ABC had an excellent expose on him. There are a few others as well.

    Once the clean up is finished get in some young blood with no ties to the religious right or the Howard ministry and they might just be able to challenge in the election after next.

  32. Sorry James, just got home after a hectic day at work and didn’t fully read the thread and took the post as being legit without scrutinising it. I should sack myself.

    Remove foot.

  33. For what it’s worth, I couldn’t give a rat’s arse about “marriage” being something that’s available to gays and lesbians.

    If “the hets” think that it’s such a precious “institution” where half of them end in tears, they can keep it.

    I’ve been with my partner for 16 years.

    I don’t need some piece of paper to “prove” that our relationship is worthy.

    I just watch as all the hetero ones that are somehow “more worthy” fall to pieces..

    We’re getting off topic. Should this have it’s own thread?

  34. reb the piece of paper that consummates your long standing union is the cook book.

  35. That’s a very wise and astute observation there Adrian.

    My delightful other half is presently whipping up some Thai dish for dinner.

    On the way home he asked, would you like Chinese, Malaysian or Thai for dinner tonight?

    Life is full of such simple luxuries…

  36. reb the piece of paper that consummates your long standing union is the cook book.

    Mobius Ecko, on June 23rd, 2009 at 6:17 pm Said:


    In reb’s case it’s the label off the empty bottle of shiraz that they have both just skolled…………………!

  37. That’s a disgusting unfounded and totally reprehensible allegation walrus!

    I demand that you withdraw it immediately.

    I’ll have you know that my better half hardly touches a drop!

  38. Reb..yoohoo. Do I think that you and your beloved are in a relationship less worthy than self and hubby? I will have to refer to the good book…

    But wait, Mobius has beat me to it, it’s the cook book.

  39. Malcolm Turnbull is the Liberals Mark Latham

    Classic! Thanks for sharing, Adrian….. nearly peed mesel’, lad!

    There are some clever people around, hey?

    James of North Melbourne, on June 23rd, 2009 at 5:53 pm Said:

    Good post, James – I’m a bit older than you (I think?) and I was brought up to believe in God etc and that “gays” are not “natural” (I hope you have a reasonably good idea of my “beliefs” by now) …

    …and the “culture” crap still makes me cringe and I often tell people I have “gay” friends (although {unfortunately at this stage!} they are virtual all on this site)

    … but I also have ex-friends whose gay daughter still considers, The Minister and me, to be friends but they don’t ‘cuase they have a problem – duh!

    sreb! You got it in one! 41 years ago I said that a piece of paper doesn’t prove that I love, cherish and respect The Minister – actions and words do (and I confess I’m not the world’s greatest “romantic”)

    Adrian, The Minister, has two exceptional talents – she is a fabulous cook (prefer her meals to going out) and she is Australia’s best Business Manager/Book-keeper

  40. Did I post on the wrong thread?

  41. That’s a disgusting unfounded and totally reprehensible allegation walrus!

    reb, on June 23rd, 2009 at 6:37 pm Said:

    Oh of course……………………………….Your idea of quality only extends to “cleanskins”

    So no label………………………………..therefore I apologise.

  42. James..I was lucky. I was brought up with gay neighbors. I wonder if anyone remembers from eons ago how my late father used to euphemistically call them the bachelors. And now my dad is gone and my mum’s neighbors partner passed away and so the old souls in their 80’s trot up and down each week checking that each other are ok.

    Life, love and the whole damn thing hey.

  43. Min & TB

    I once read the words of a wise man..

    “It’s not what you have that makes you happy. It’s what you do.”

    Of course, ice-cream can make you happy too. Especially when it’s smothered with chocolate sauce…

    But that’s another story…

  44. Walrus, sorry I’m not going to bite. Stick to your cask.

  45. Min,

    Yes I remember “the batchelors”. How could forget? That was a classic story.

  46. You’re on the right thread TB..it’s the rest of us who are off topic.

    Apologies, I couldn’t help but stick up for my mum’s 82yr old gay neighbor.

    But back to politics..as per the other thread (one of ’em) this is clearly the most exciting thing that has happened in politics since Rudd’s missus lost weight and Swan wore white socks with a blue suit. Sadly the Opposition isn’t anywhere near as exciting…

  47. sreb, don’t want to sound “hetero”(?)

    …but I have always “lived (read worked my arse off)” for my family – and as an SRF I still do … their success is our (The Minister and me) success …

    …The Minister calls, I must obey, wasn’t that a great show!

  48. Oooh – ah. Gretch has been deep throating for the Libs. ABC News.

  49. So pleased that you do Reb. It was a long time ago. The remaining one is my very good friend and we write most weeks..he used to travel but can’t due to severe spinal problems. My Mum knocks on his door every 2nd day to make sure that he is ok and he hobbles up the street with his walking stick to make sure that she is ok.

    Re icecream and chocolate sauce..it just has to be covered with nuts 🙂

  50. TB..working one’s derrier off for ones family has absolutely nothing to do with what one does under the sheets with one’s loved one.

    Speaking as a married woman of 34 yrs (married that is). I have never thought about that piece of paper at all..it’s sat all these years in a cedar jewelery box, but if any of my friends would like one of these I will fight for their right to obtain one.

  51. Sorry, sorry..way off topic. Am feeling nostalgic and as I would have said on Tim’s blog..And Swan would think so too :-)..just to bring it back onto topic, sort of.

  52. Yep the ABC has reported that Grech supplied unofficial (offline) information to the Liberals as far back as when they were in government, so now Malcolm is being to asked to reveal how much he and the Liberals knew. It is now obvious that the Liberals knew of the email and its content before Malcolm said they did.

    Also Rudd had moved Grech out of the PM’s department to Treasury.

  53. And The 7:30 Report has reported that Godwin Grech has been providing Treasury information to Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals, a claim Malcolm refused to deny or confirm.

  54. Turnbull is still demanding Swan immediately stand down whilst he himself refuses to disclose his full dealings with the fake email and Godwin Grech.

  55. Godwin Grech is the Liberals ‘deep throat’ apparently.

  56. Mobius Ecko said:

    “Also Rudd had moved Grech out of the PM’s department to Treasury.”

    Got a link for that? I find it hard to imagine Rudd micro-managing to that extent. Or do you mean that Godwin was shifted under this Government?

  57. Sorry N5. Yes he was shifted sideways and Rudd probably had nothing to do with it. Grech was well known as a friend to the Liberals though and Hockey had personally thanked him and others in a parliamentary speech.

  58. This is really getting too exciting for words. We must note that Turnbull has done nothing wrong in taking information from Grech.

    But still – it does not look good for Turnbull. How long can he last?

  59. Politicizing the Public Service. Howards legacy? They’ve been ‘leaks’ for decades. Now . . . what is the Government going to do about it?

    Yes Minister – ‘the only ship that leaks from the top is the Ship of State’. Maybe appropriate.

    I wonder if Gretch actually authored the e-mail?

  60. Mobius Ecko. Thanks. I suspect that Rudd’s CEO, Terry Moran was responsible and it would be interesting to see who, how and why Godwin was identified, given that Moran himself came out of the Victorian public service and probably wouldn’t have know Godwin.

    Perhaps there was a low level ‘purge’ after all. I suspect that Swan will be livid he picked up the ‘leak’ and I’ll bet Ken Henry will not be too pleased as well.

    Not a promising future for our Godwin.

  61. joni, on June 23rd, 2009 at 7:57 pm Said:

    We must note that Turnbull has done nothing wrong in taking information from Grech.

    Technically correct and besides it is more likely that Godwin used an intermediary.

    As for:

    How long can he last?

    Who knows? But I suspect the next set of polls will be interesting. Rudd is losing his gloss but where that support goes is a complete unknown. BTW, Rundle’s analysis of Turnbull in today’s Crikey is ‘interesting’.

  62. Ouch – so Godwin is not so innocent after all… I get the feeling from his testimony that he is the faker of the email. If that is the case, it could actually be a conspiracy to take down Rudd/Swan…

    Wow, this is the story that just keeps on giving!

  63. brian, on June 23rd, 2009 at 7:58 pm Said:

    Politicizing the Public Service. Howards legacy?

    Not really. Been underway for some time but certainly Howard accelerated the process quite ruthlessly. Rudd is more measured and realises what radical movement can do to internal morale.

    As for:

    I wonder if Gretch actually authored the e-mail?

    if he didn’t then it’s reasonable to suspect that he has a co-conspirator, which is another worry. is there a ‘nest of vipers’?

    What is reasonable to assume, is that there are any number of very worried people who have communicated with the current Opposition, some innocently, but some with deadly intent.

    The fact that the AFP have been on the case for some time will cause many sleepless nights. Perhaps checking ’emails’, departmental phone records, mobile phones – who knows. Lots of ‘grilling’ to come. Not pleasant.

  64. Wonderful to “hear” the musings of a former? insider in these things N5…

  65. To clarify – given the Grech appears to be Liberal’s DeepThroat, his body language takes on a new light. If he is the faker of the email, it would explain why he really didn’t want to come out and specify that it existed but knew he had no choice.

    Funnily enough, haven’t seen Neil of Sydney around these parts since the story broke 🙂

  66. bacchus, on June 23rd, 2009

    Bacchus – been through more investigations that I care to remember, and while I survived and prospered, they are quite a worry.

    They are not a Court of Law and when the ‘balance of probabilities’ rests with relatively young men in suits, it’s always a cause for concern.

  67. Y’know . . . being whimsical on this matter . . .Hoss ringing Godwin could be seen as a Godfather moment. AKA ‘Making Godwin an offer he couldn’t refuse’. No Mafiosi likes a stoolie.

    Its a shame Mr Bolt is overseas . . . watching his blog would have been rivetting.

  68. B.Tolputt, on June 23rd, 2009 at 8:24 pm Said:

    his body language takes on a new light.

    Actually it doesn’t ‘take on a new light’. Now, you give that ‘light’ new meanings. Meaning isn’t transmitted like heat is transmitted. If it was we would all ‘get’ the same meaning. And clearly we don’t. No! ‘meaning’ is given. Just sayin ..

  69. We must note that Turnbull has done nothing wrong in taking information from Grech.

    Technically correct and besides it is more likely that Godwin used an intermediary.

    But it could make Turnbull a liar from the outset. Turnbull quite emphatically stated on several occasions no one in the Liberal party saw the email until it was published by Lewis on Saturday in the Tele. We know that is not true as Abetz had quoted the email the day before and used it in questioning Grech.

    Turnbull had been going on about a damning document that was bad for Rudd since the 4th of this month, and if this turns out to be the email then he is caught out continuously lying on the matter for several weeks. His character is shot now but when the time line of it all comes out and exactly what the Libs did know then I don’t think Turnbull can go much lower.

    As an aside this type of underhanded thing done by them and their supporters is not unusual for the Liberal party. From distributing faked leaflets, bodged how to vote cards, dirt units and blank ballot rigging at State level to ensure pre-selection by drys just to name some. So if it turns out to be faked in an effort to help the Liberals or if the Liberals had input along the line in this (conspiracy theory I know) then it would not surprise me.

  70. When Turnbull takes the knives in the back there is one contender I’d like to see take his job. Hockey.

    Sitting on center stage Hockey will be in full view of a country who will finally see what a complete buffoon he is. They will see a lying, snivelling, immature goose. With Hockey at the helm the Libs are destined to decades in the electoral wilderness.

    Go Joe.

  71. Another profound “insiders” view that I look forward to on this blog Miglo…

  72. Mobius Ecko, on June 23rd, 2009 at 7:53 pm Said:

    and Hockey had personally thanked him and others in a parliamentary speech.

    I noted that, but that info needs to be treated with caution. For example, it is not unusual for both the Minister and the Shadow to thank Public Servants who ‘worked’ on legislation in the sense that they ‘worded’ it, clarified its intent etc with BOTH the Minister and the Shadow.

    In other words, the Public Servants in question did what they are paid to do (try to ensure government policy is legislatively sound and at the same time Shadows don’t make absolute fools of themselves by misinterpreting various clauses).

    Also many Public Servants work as Departmental Liaison Officers (DLOs). They are in the Public Service but are seconded to the Minister’s Office for a period of time so they can smooth out relationships between two entities with very different cultures and certainly very different ‘imperatives’. Ministers often thank their DLOs. Grech fell into that category – a DLO.

  73. True N5, but it was bought up in the context that Hockey and indeed many Liberals personally knew Grech and spoke highly of him. Turnbull stated today he personally knew Grech and that he was an outstanding PS.

    It goes to there being a closer link between the Liberals and Grech than was first thought if you followed this through the media.

  74. Nah Mig, Hockey is shot. The only reason he is not being canned as much as Turnbull is because he’s not leader of the opposition, but make no mistake about it, Hockey was in the thick of it making even more outlandish accusations than Turnbull and more shrilly calling for Rudd and Swan to be immediately sacked, and he’s still doing it.

    If Turnbull goes (and I don’t think he will, well not for a little bit) then the spotlight will fall on Hockey and Hockey will not want to be in that light. I have a feeling he will decline any offer of leadership and won’t challenge for it if there is a challenge.

  75. It’s only a wish Adrian. In reality I couldn’t see the Libs entrusting the leadership to that goose.

    Bacchus, the reasons for my dislike of Hockey cannot be made public. I have ethics.

  76. Understood Migs – I have a close relative fairly high up in the state PS – his lips are usually very well sealed when it comes to his opinions of political players and the reasons for those opinions.

  77. Miglo, on June 23rd, 2009 at 8:59 pm Said:

    Hockey will be in full view of a country who will finally see what a complete buffoon he is.

    Well I agree. But being a ‘complete buffoon’ is sometimes NOT a political disadvantage. As evidence I offer Barnaby in the current context and Joh in the historical context. Both ‘mental retards’ but both successful politicians.

    Mobius Ecko, I think Godwin is indeed the ‘Deep Throat’ (can’t prove it at this point) but the evidence is mounting. And I agree that Turnbull will not be toppled at this point. After all – who wants this poisoned chalice? But most, if not all politicians ‘believe that they are the the chosen ones. Poisoned Chalices notwithstanding.

    If it’s offered, the Avuncular One will jump at the chance. Tis his ‘Destiny’ or so he believes. And you only get one chance because the political circus is always at a different location tomorrow.

  78. Very true N5. You don’t have to be a good person to be a good politician. You don’t have to be wise, of moral virtue and a good heart. You don’t need intellect or have the ability to empathise with the electorate. You don’t have to be a good speaker or a good listener.

    You can be a complete turd and somebody out there will like you for it.

  79. If it’s offered, the Avuncular One will jump at the chance.

    I can’t wait til he lands.

  80. Mobius Ecko you would be well aware that the previous government had a ‘dirt unit’ (even if some on this Blog dispute same). They created a ‘culture’ which persists and I suspect has deep roots within the current Commonwealth Public Service.

    I would hope that the current AFP investigation goes far beyond Grech and starts to untangle that Web. I suspect that given Godwin’s woeful performance at Estimates, he might prove to be the ‘weakest link’.

    The irony abounds.

  81. I reckon Turnbull is finished.

    Footsies with Godwin, faked documents, bullshit and blather, we’ve seen the lot from him in the last week. He’s looking right now a bit like the Liberals’ answer to Mark Latham.

    All he’s gotta do now is start talking about conga lines.

    Who to replace him with? That’s the question.

    Some have mentioned Hockey, but he’s a lightweight, sort or a poor man’s Kim Beasley. True, he might be every bit as fat as Kimbo, but definitely he lacks the brains.

    And judgment.

    Lets not forget, he just spent the last week calling upon Rudd to resign on the basis of the same faked email his Leader was banging-on about. Did he ask to see the cocument before opening his gob? Not bloody likely. So much for Joe Hockey’s sense of judgment.

    Who else is there? Julie Bishop (Already tried and found wanting). Pyne?

    I am minded to say that on-one is that desperate, but Hell, its the Libs we’re talking about here, so I suppose anything is possible.

    Abbott? No-way. The Libs might be desperate but they’re not insane.

    I suppose it is always possible that Peter Costello’s resignation is a fake.

    I guess the Libs had better hope so.

  82. (This thing is becoming positively labyrinthine. A stable timeline is problematic, too, because there are so many actors — including phantoms, shape-shifters, illusion-casters, and (un)soothsayers — and they all keep moving from where they were and in relation to each other with each new update/backdate.)

  83. Evan, on June 23rd, 2009 at 10:04 pm Said

    the Liberals’ answer to Mark Latham

    Crap! Modern day ‘Liberals’ don’t write books let alone contradictory tomes’ like ‘Civilising Global Capital’. indeed the evidence abouds that readin’ is an ‘option’.. And to the best of my knowledge they don’t attack taxi drivers and break their arms.

    No Mark and Mal are poles apart.

  84. This thread is positively dull. Not a RWDB in sight. One wonders why.

    The profound and detailed analysis of the days past have all turned to shit, so I suppose it’s understandable they are all keeping their heads down.

    But the political cycle always turns. Sad but true.

  85. I’d love to join in as the token RWDB, Nature 5. It’s just that I agree with you that this thread is “positively dull” at the moment.

  86. My only comment to make is that this whole things proves that Swan/Rudd do not believe in global warming.

    Rudd does not care for the environment otherwise why does he drive a rusty ute.

  87. Did anyone see Hockey’s eyes with one of the questions from Jones – his look off camera gave (to me at least) a look of “oh shit”.

  88. Very poor performance from Hockey so far. Tony Jones’s isn’t much better.

  89. Jones cannot do much with Hockey being this bad.

  90. Funny – I was just reading a book by Robert Fisk where he says beware of politicians that say “Let me be frank” and “let me be completely honest” because that means they have something to hide.

  91. Hockey has the Nixon upper lip!!!

  92. Probably, but I think Jones might be overstepping the mark as a supposedly impartial interviewer. he should ask a question and accept the answer (whether he believes the answer or not). At the moment, he is doing everything but calling Hockey a liar.

  93. Perhaps Tony – but he needs to push because there are so many unanswered questions on the relationship between the opposition and Grech. Something that goes to the centre of the allegations against the government.

  94. Notice the change from “special treatment” to “advantage”.

  95. He must have been reading Legion’s commentary.

  96. Very avuncular! hehe…. sleep beckons.

  97. scaper…, on June 23rd, 2009 at 4:25 pm Said:

    “Kate Ellis is a cutie!”

    Don’t you start, scaper. ToM is bad enough.

    reb, on June 23rd, 2009 at 6:37 pm Said:

    “That’s a disgusting unfounded and totally reprehensible allegation walrus!

    I demand that you withdraw it immediately.”

    reb, he has the email and he’s prepared to use it!

    Nature 5, on June 23rd, 2009 at 7:45 pm Said:

    “Godwin Grech is the Liberals ‘deep throat’ apparently.”

    More like deep ditch, N.

    B.Tolputt, on June 23rd, 2009 at 8:24 pm Neil will be desperately trying to turn it into a moral victory for the libs, and yah! boo! sucks! to Rudd and Swan. I think he’ll have to have a lie down cos I reckon it’ll make his brain hurt trying to spin that little lot.

    Grech worked for Hockey for a while, so that’s why the love and kisses this morning. Apparently, Hockey has been in touch with Grech telephonically (I love that word), fairly recently.

    Was it to give him the pre-arranged signal, one wonders? Do we have phonegate in the making? Bugger, we’ve already got that. Maybe Grechgate! 🙂

    Mobius Ecko, on June 23rd, 2009 at 8:51 pm Actually, he said he’d seen it published on Friday in the CM in an attempt to explain how Abetz was able to read it out at the Senate hearing. When it was pointed out it wasn’t printed until Saturday, he changed his story.

    Miglo, on June 23rd, 2009 at 9:25 pm Said:

    “…..the reasons for my dislike of Hockey cannot be made public.”

    Could it be that he shaves his palms, migs?

    Evan @10.04pm, Costello’s probably already got the “I was only joshing” letter in the post.

  98. From Michelle Grattan: http://www.theage.com.au/national/a-story-that-just-keeps-on-biting-20090623-cver.html

    WHAT a nightmare! A trusted source, who has apparently helped Malcolm Turnbull with all sorts of useful information in the past, suddenly lands him with a fake.

    Turnbull is no doubt doubly shocked: first, at the spectacular falsity itself and secondly, that it could come from where it did.

    Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together and why Turnbull didn’t bother to check the authenticity of the leaked email? That is, previous leakages had been accurate and so bother to check this one.

    The question is why would Grech suddenly decide to feed Turnbull a fake email.

  99. And the tlot phickens.

    The AFP are investigating other apparent leaks out of Treasury to the the Liberals and have seized Treasury phone records.

    Turnbull has been in recent phone contact with Grech and has had regular contact with him and maybe other Treasury officials.

    My only question in this is that if the Libs had clandestine access to Treasury how come they couldn’t formulate a decent economic policy?

    Imagine now how bad the opposition is going to be that they no longer have inside access to government. It means they will have to get off their arses and actually do some hard opposition Yakka, and I don’t believe this mob is up to it. They were very lazy in government allowing most things to come to them and by being reactive instead of proactive, and they have been much worse in opposition.

  100. Has Grech played Turnbull like a guitar?

  101. Maybe, but to what end? Godwin’s career is effectively over, too.

  102. Two choices that I can think of:

    That Grech thought that he was doing Turnbull a favor..he hadn’t been caught previously as the leaker and wasn’t aware of the AFP ongoing investigation.

    That Grech knew that the falsity of the email would be discovered and had set up Turnbull to try to destroy his credibility (maybe some sort of falling out between himself and the Libs).

  103. Humourous moment.

    The ‘Be Aware Not Alarmed Ad’

    Towit . . . .’if you see anything suspicious or not sure of . . . ‘

    The ad. was run just after the Utegate piece onTeev last night.

  104. (my Grech guitar line was just a pun that I was working on – hehe)

  105. Looks like I’ll need to catch up on the Lateline interview with Hockey – thanks for the heads up. I had an early night last night due to flu, so no late night news.

    On the subject of RWDB’s – I don’t think there is anything for them to say on this matter. Even Neil is left with only a joke. Quite simply put, most RWDB’s didn’t like Malcolm in the first place and most the blame can fall on his shoulders alone. They don’t want to defend the guy, let alone can think of how to defend him.

    That and us “lefties” pretty much agree that there looks to be a case to answer for Swan (not water-tight, but definitely circumstantial). They won’t get rise out of us that they usually try for on that – leaving them with admitting the Liberals fucked up.

  106. Joni.

    Try Dr Seuss.

    Gretch is a wretch.
    Oh dear he retched . . .
    the email he did fetch . . . .

    (I think on these things . . . .)

  107. Are we getting to the stage we need another thread on this? It’s getting a bit long in the tooth here as well…

  108. Sure guys and gals…. new thread coming up.

    New thread up and running.

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