Turnbull’s Swan Song

Join us for the continuing saga of Ute-Gate and the up-to-the-minute unbridled, unopinionated and truly effervescent commentary that only the Blogocrats can provide…

With his credibility in tatters, Opposition Leader, Malcolm Turnbull is fighting for his political life after conceding that Kevin Rudd no longer has a case to answer following the AFP’s finding that The Liberal party’s key piece of “evidence” an email, is a fake.

The Liberal Party has now focused their attention on the conduct of the Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan, however the further they go, the more desperate they appear..

Is that Amanda Vandstone I can hear singing from afar?

Time out Tuesday

Hello and Good afternoon.

It’s reb here. Well it’s only Tuesday and already we’ve had enough excitement to last the whole week. There’s been tempers, tantrums, tears, accusations flying left and right, doors slamming and that was just at Parliament house.

It was a hotbed of activity here on the blog yesterday, so much so that I forgot to open the magazine shop.

I doubt I would’ve had any customers anyway.

So here’s a little teensy weensy time-out thread for those that want to talk about anything other than ute-gate. You know, like your favourite type of soup…

Double Dissolution Defused?

In all the fun and games yesterday, the opposition helped pass the Alcopops legislation, although four coalition MP’s voted against the legislation.

Of course, the coalition rightly want to spin this as helping the budget, but the more cynical would see it as removing a possible DD trigger – especially with the fun and games in the lower house yesterday.