Godwin for Rudd, Badwin for Turnbull

As the second thread for Utegate now has over 300 comments, I think it is time for a new thread. Old thread will now be closed for comments.

Lateline will be great viewing, so who’s gonna be online for live fun.

Update: changed the title of this thread

Blogopoll on Utegate

A Swan dive – or a Rudderless goverment (continued)

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Oi! – what about the economy?

In all the shenanigans over Utegate, we tend to forget that the economy is on life support and actually needs the attention of all of the people who can help (or are supposed to help). Yep- those in Canberra.

Interest Rates

Some think the next movement will be up, some think that the next movement will be down. But even if the next movement is down – will the banks pass the cut on? We saw what CommBank did a few weeks ago. But in their defence, all they did was make a change to move their margin back into a range similar to the other three.

Credit Cards

As news that credit card balances are finally falling, we have stories that the interest rates are now higher than they were two years ago.

Stamp Duty

And finally, there are reports that stamp duty for housing loans could be abolished under the Henry review.

So while the bozos are going on and on about Utegate – who is looking after the steering wheel for the economy?