Keep your enemies enemies even closer

Reports are now surfacing that Costello has been offered a position on the board of the future fund.

“We are looking very seriously at Costello for the job,” the source said. “He is more than qualified and the nation knows he has economic cred. Politics doesn’t necessarily play a part here, experience does.”

Well that’s one way to neutralise a former treasurer.

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  1. Costello on the board of the Future Fund?

    Suits me!

  2. Good move, looking after one of the good things he did implement, even if the implementation was flawed.

  3. In which way was the implementation flawed?

  4. Personally, I’d be interested to see what Costello was like as a financial manager without Howard splurging every election. Don’t like the guy, but I know alot of guys I don’t like that are good at their jobs. Whether Costello is good at the job though has nothing to do with his time as Treasurer, but on his skills as an investor.

    That said, it looks like this is a story thrown in to distract the media. Wayne Swan is denying it. I reckon this is an attempt to get the current scandal off the front pages as quick as possible…

  5. It looks like the news article was speculation after all.

    A shame really.

  6. Scaper

    Not quite how I read the Swan comment (watched it on C9)… to me it looked like an evasive political answer. I suspect there maybe more truth to it than we think.

  7. Joni, the Treasurer being evasive and more truth than we think?

    Tanner is looking better by the day!

  8. Not bad evasive – just not wanting to disclose any confidential negotiation details before he needs to.

    But Tanner is looking very good – seems to be positioning himself very nicely in the media.

    BTW – where is the coalition today? they should have been all over the Sunday media programs.

  9. I reckon the opposition is holding back and keeping their powder dry.

    What fascinates me is this whole thing has been going behind the scenes since the first week of last month and it has only come to light in the last four days.

    There is a high stake bridge game happening here and I believe the other bower has not been played yet due to the need to finesse.

    Just a hunch, mind you.

  10. Scaper – same thoughts here. The river card is the kicker that could change everything. It is like slow motion poker.

  11. I believe there is a bower yet to be played.

  12. You’re playing euchre and I am playing poker…. either way – we both have them same suspicions.

  13. I have a “hunch”!

  14. “It looks like the news article was speculation after all….’

    Scaper, sounds to me it was probably just Glen Milne trying to make sure his idol has a job.

  15. scaper, the hand to be played mightn’t be to your liking. I suspect Rudd and Swan have all the high value cards and will be going 13 no trumps. Malvolio would be wise to cease now, imo.

    I really can’t imagine the govt handing Tip a job, but hey, weird sh@t does happen. Some people reckon John Howard is honest.

  16. Jane, why do you suggest thay if Turnbull gets fried it would not to be to my liking?

  17. The Angry Dwarf is just massaging his Costello-gland again.

  18. “BTW – where is the coalition today? they should have been all over the Sunday media programs.”

    “I reckon the opposition is holding back and keeping their powder dry”.

    I think that Turnbull and Co. are tightly huddled somewhere, desperately trying to come up with something, anything (except the fake email) which will save Turnbull’s hide.

  19. scaper…, on June 21st, 2009 at 1:06 pm Said:

    “Jane, why do you suggest thay if Turnbull gets fried it would not to be to my liking?”

    Just a feeling I get from your comments, scaper. If I’ve interpreted them wrongly, I apologise.

    kitty, I agree 100%. I’d say there is feverish activity at Trunchbull HQ-who knows, they may even call in Jackie Kelly’s ex to knock up a few posters.

  20. You can get much more work from a bow-legged mule.

  21. Turnbull, Swan, Rudd wont be sacked, a warning at best to the looser. I find it weird the only thing liberals look for is dirt as no policy will get them through, same way Rudd won because more hated Howard(they want the public to hate Rudd so they have a chance).They dont have a chance unless the whole labor team blew up mysteriously.

    Its embarrassing to see any side of government act this way, the libs seem championed in this field.

  22. oops wrong blog, that was ment for swan dive..

  23. Either/or Aqua, it’s been crossing over a bit.

  24. scaper…, on June 21st, 2009 at 9:48 am Said:

    In which way was the implementation flawed?

    Look at who got the contract to handle it and where the large fees go. Not Australia. And it was given to a firm that had done some shonky stuff.

    Future Fund chair defends overseas bank choice

    And it wasn’t as though there were apt and adept funds managers in Australia that could have done it cheaper with the fees remaining in this country.

  25. If Turnbull does go, will Rudd offer Costello the position of leader of the Liberal party?

  26. Adrian, good point.

    Not a real good investment in the future having half of it in cash either.

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