Half a Million!

Wow – we have reached half a million hits. Pretty amazing in itself, but the more telling statistic is that we have had over 46000 comments – which means that 4 in every 10 hits results in a comment.

So (at the risk of upseting myself) – what are we doing good, what are we doing bad, and how can we improve the blogocrats?


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  1. And any suggestions for today’s top five?

  2. Congratulations and well-done.

    What are you doing right? Well, you tolerate people like me, for a start. Not to mention my sparring partners, like Tom of Melbourne and of course, Sparta..

    This is a fun blog. It has a whole range of opinions from vastly different people. Its also Informative from time to time, too, with people posting some interesting links to the humourous and idiosyncratic backwaters of the web

    What are you doing wrong?

    Well……putting-up with people like me and Tom and Sparta.

    But lets face it, where would this place be without the ratbags.

    Again, congratulations on a job very well done.

  3. Nice one lads!

  4. A half a million hits indicates that there is very little done wrong.

    It’s a winning team. Why change it?

  5. Congratulations joni and reb. (Where is reb, by the way – wasn’t he supposed to live-blog the 500,000 hits party?)

  6. rebs off in Melbourne on a dirty weekend…. oh wait, a wicked weekend.

  7. Joni..shock!..it was a clean weekend to visit an art gallery. However, it depends upon one’s interpretation of ‘wicked’.

  8. Well – he is going to see Wicked – the musical.

  9. Favorite 5? Favorite 5 reasons to not have an avatar:

    1. Don’t know how to do it and am too embarrassed to ask.

  10. Evan asks what you are doing right. This blog is fun. There’s always a bit of humour (even if it’s unintentional) from someone to stop us all from getting precious.

    500,000 down, 600,000 in the sights.

    Congratulations everyone, especially joni and reb and to all the regulars who make this site a compulsive time devourer.

  11. That would explain reports of a dazed (crazed?) and confused man wandering the streets of Melbourne last night in a smoking jacket calling out ‘Noods’. (He was either hungry, or had lost his cat.)

  12. LOL Tony – as long as reb was not wandering around in the “nood”.

  13. Congrats Joni and Reb and everyone on this great and fun blog, and I’ll still be lurking when we hit one million.

  14. Joni..today it’s 15 degrees in Melbourne (minus wind chill factor), if in the nood then we’re not going to see much of Reb either which way.

  15. What about de-lurking Gravel..the more the merrier.

  16. This is a nice place to visit. Thanks reb and joni.

  17. i thought id pop in for this occasion.

    One thing this room needs more of is the fun blogs, like captions or 5 best things, lately its been very uptight.

    Overall with some of the choices faced on this blog for both you and Reb it seems you have taken the better options.

    The people indicate how good the blog is and there is a lot of good people and just a few idiots from time to time.

    Cheers (opens a bottle early)

  18. Hello aquanut,

    I might even join you in a celebratory early refreshment – only because it’s such an auspicious occasion, mind you.


  19. # only because it’s such an auspicious occasion, mind you.

    Yeah i looked really hard everywhere till i found one to drink to

  20. Hey fellas, is a female allowed into the room? I will have a wee dram of Bailey’s, thank you. Reb and Joni’s shout.

  21. Have two min, dont hold back on lifes pleasures.

  22. So pleased I’m not drinking on my own, aqua and tony. Clink!

  23. Of course Min. Cheers.

  24. Bloody hell… I leave the room for a minute and my drinks cabinet has been raided.

  25. You too handyrab. I’ll drink to that.

  26. Cheers Handyrab

    Lol joni walks into the room to find Min’s legs hanging out of the liquor cabinet.

  27. Have two Min?

    Aqua…Glasses or litres??

  28. Howdy everyone,

    Just got back from Melbourne.

    We had a great time by all accounts – the highlight being dinner last night at “George the Car Thief’s Restaurant – The Press Club.

    Many thanks to Tom of Melbourne for the recommendation.

    Wicked was just so-so, but the Dali exhibition was really excellent.

    I am now settling in to to a respectable afternoon glass of sem-sav blanc.

    Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments.

    Noods will be posting a review at some stage of the food we had at the Press Club as well as another place – Gingerboy.

    He’s also very delighted with a new wok (one of the reasons for the trip) that cost $800!!!!!

  29. Miglo is sneaking around Rebs cellar while he is away, charity shopping.

  30. Aqua..it would have to be a very short liquor cabinet.

  31. i was thinking barrels Min.

  32. $800 dollar wok,

    Im having trouble picturing what it looks like and what it does different.

  33. It’s a demeyere wok – “the Gucci” of woks.

    It looks like it ought to displayed in a sealed glass cabinet at a modern art gallery.

    Rest assured I won’t be going anywhere near it for fear of being blamed for ruining it…!

  34. Whoops..cheers to Tony and Handyrab too. Gentle clink as am drinking the Baileys from the Cristal d’Arques.

  35. I have a very cheap wok that i use, it gets scratched when you look at it

  36. Reb..re the wok, excellent excuse to get out of dishwashing duties.

  37. And cheers to you min. Gee Cristal d’Arques. Bought some of those in 1980, none left of course! My hand and the glass were quite incompatible. No, it had nothing to do with the copious quantities that the glass had previously held and which I subsequently consumed. Always justified it by reckoning there was too much lead in them anyway.

  38. The best destroyer of all glassware is the tap.

    And $800 for a wok, but then it’s nothing to spend similar for a bbq to produce nothing much more than a burnt chop.

  39. Whew! 1/2 a million!

    Well done, joni & sreb!

    … and of course all you Blogocrats who just keep comin’ …


  40. Yeah Min when i thought about it, its not a big cost if your after a tool to do the job better.

    Hell i spend heaps of money to breath, so thats a waste if you look into things closer(air is free).

    Anyway for $800 dollars that wok better do its own dishes. 😉

  41. Congrats Joni, and Reb, and all the Blogocrats (in particular, those who have stepped up as thread originator-authors).

    (My only observation is on the maths of the comment-to-read ratio on the numbers provided, but that observation simply means that the ratio is both healthy in terms of the blog not being too bounded in its readership-commentariat nexus, and healthy in terms of offering scope for further growth in contributions of ideas, discussion, debate, and fun.)

  42. Damn, an $800 wok? That could bring down a PM or his treasurer.

  43. Well……putting-up with people like me and Tom and Sparta.

    You’re too harsh on yourself Evan. I for one don’t mind you or Starta.

  44. Miglo is sneaking around Rebs cellar while he is away, charity shopping.

    Aqua, I can assure you I found nothing of note.

  45. I meant Sparta.

  46. …as for change, joni, I think not … I began my career as a motor mechanic and I’m a firm believer in the adage – “… if it ain’t broke don’t fix it …”

    … and it works just fine in the Land of Liquid Sunshine!

    (Been raining again in Brissy …)

  47. Did that mean that you’re ready for a drink too Legion..

  48. Hey, Migs, I like Starta … starts arguments, research, arguments, off topic comments, arguments, misguded quotes on Oz, arguments, unusual approaches to politics, arguments …

    Yep, Starta, seems quite approriate to me

  49. You’re a clever wit TB.

  50. TB..yup, rain here today too. Ah yes, but if it was up to you, we’d still be driving around in FJ Holdens. Mind you, built like army tanks. The cars these days give the impression that you’re encased in a flimsy plastic bubble with lots and lots of lights.

  51. Not to be outdone, it’s raining in Canberra too. But it started early here. We were first. We’re always first.

    Catch us if you can.

  52. Catch us if you can

    We wish we could catch you bastards (at it) in Canberra! Migs!

    Min, my first two cars were Holden 415’s popularly known as FX’s (mmodel before FJ’s)

    … I worked for the Nissan Distributor in Qld. 1964 – 1979 and I can assure you the modern “plastc bubb les” are far safer than the “tanks” … one of the most difficult “innovations” to explain to ownwrs was the concept of energy absorption via “crumple panels” – the cars a re designed to slowly, well, crumple – it saves lives …

    … bugger, off topic again, we’ll be in trouble …

  53. TB, My dad only had a motorbike licence and so my mum used drive the FJ.

    My first car was a Ford Anglia (white top)..ran on the smell of an oily rag. I think that we are excused re off topic, it being the Half Million Celebration…

    Migs..I defer..it is most definitely wetter and colder in Canberra.

  54. Migs..I defer..it is most definitely wetter and colder in Canberra

    Clever, Min!

    Migs, I take your complement at 4:55 with thanks (slight bow, to show deference, to a Public Servants recognition). Your feeling better I take it?

  55. You should all be here in SA, sun’s been working overtime. Another glorious day in the sunny southeast.

    A perfect evening for a glug of Wangolina gold medal semillon sauv blanc. Yum!

  56. Hi Reb and Joni

    I would first of to thank you for letting me post.

    My only criticism of this site is that I appear to be one of the few people to make intelligent comments. I would urge all posters to lift their standards.

  57. My only criticism of this site is that I appear to be one of the few people to make intelligent comments.

    I agree Neil.

    And just to add that you’d be more than welcome to author a post to further impart your knowledge should you feel so inclined..

  58. And Reb, how was the Dali exhibition? I believe that it was brilliant. Son is in Melbourne too.

  59. Min,

    The Dali exhibition is magnificent. Definitely worth a trip to Melbourne to see it.

  60. Jane, the only time it rains in Adelaide is when Port play. Evens the gods conspire against us.

  61. Reb, why did you have to go to Melbourne to see the Dali exhibition? I thought they would have brought it to you.

  62. He’s already been Reb, and off to Nana’s in Hawthorn after a couple of days duty (for others, son is in the Navy), then back up to Brisbane..then the crew [kids and partners] are all lobbing here at home.

  63. Migs,

    These were the last remaining dregs that aren’t in my own private collection.

    I figure if I help do my bit, by paying to see the substandard works, that will only serve to increase the value of my truly rare personal Dali collection.

  64. Reb, I like art to grace my home as well, as a picture of my smoking room will testify.

  65. And I was just saying the other day, how my nickname at work used to be “The Prince” as I used to always stay at “The Prince Hotel” in St Kilda, Melbourne when traveling on business.

    Just as well I didn’t stay at “the Queen’s Head”

  66. Neil of Sydney, that was brilliant. TIC, I hope.

  67. You’re mean Miglo..how on earth is Jedda expected to dust the wretched thing!

  68. Reb, at least it wasn’t The Dirty Habit..

    (and yes this is a dinky di pub name..monks who arrived wearing dirty habits..umm clothing).

  69. Very gratious Miglo, and suitably appointed..

  70. Neil – I promise to try harder! (Clever post {for a change}, BTW!) 😀

    … and Neil, if you do author a post it means you will have to research any radical ststements you make – in your case that could be quite time consuming …. 🙂

    … g’day, sreb, *clink*, BTW what’s a Darli? Sounds like something ourt of Dr Who?

    Oh! and I have another “gig” next week – birthday party (should be fun) …

  71. Just as well I didn’t stay at “the Queen’s Head”

    Adrian & Min’ll, tell yer a Head is the $#!thouse in the Navy – so I agree … 😯

  72. Am pleased to note that the sport of duck-baiting is now illegal.

    “Duck-baiting involved releasing a pinioned duck on to a pond..”

    But finally..

    “Duck-baiting eventually ceased due to rioting and damage incurred to the inns.”

    And all power to Comrade ducks.

  73. And with these final words of less-than-wisdom I am now on dinner duties. A wonderful evening to all.

    And a special congratulations to Reb and Joni.

  74. Clink TB clink,

    It’s art darhling, art. Something that you lot in QLD wouldn’t be familiar with..

  75. It looks familiar reb. I think I own it. I’ll check with my broker.

  76. BTW, here’s a pic of some of the delegates of the inaugural Blogocrats PTY Ltd investor conference held in Melbourne yesterday.

    Here we are pictured at the site of our new global headquarters…

  77. You’re obviously being financed by Big Oil.

  78. This is what the finished building – Blogocrats Enterprises will look like:

    Get in quick for this fabulous investment opportunity…!!

  79. Nice Reb. Didn’t miss the symbolism, either.

  80. Well I’ve just set the table for dinner…

  81. Well spotted Tony. Shall I pencil you in for an office on the centre tower?

    “Executive Director of Internal Hospitality?’

  82. I just noticed what Legion meant when he referred to the “mathematics” of the hits vs comments numbers: 500,000 hits; 46,000 comments; That’s closer to one comment for every 10 or 11 hits. Still, those figures indicate a substantial readership, and, as Legion points out, potential for much larger comment participation.

  83. Not bad reb, but it’s too clustered for me. I prefer to spread the guests around a bit, as shown by my tea room.

  84. Min, on June 21st, 2009 at 6:06 pm Said:

    “You’re mean Miglo..how on earth is Jedda expected to dust the wretched thing!”

    He bought her an extra long ladder, Min.

    Migs, then we should campaign for all their games to be played in Adelaide.

    To cheer you up a bit though, I found the perfect clock for you. It should fit beautifully on your mantlepiece.

  85. Hey reb – congratulations on 500,000 hits. We’ve done OK, I reckon.

  86. Great work reb & Joni.

    There is evidence here of the need to subject comments to moderation.

    Miglo’s comments tshould not be posted unedited.

  87. Hey reb – congratulations on 500,000 hits. We’ve done OK, I reckon.

    nah joni & reb – you’ve done &^%$ing awesome!

  88. And glad Melbourne was fun reb. Need to schedule a Blogocrats Pty Ltd Board shortly.

  89. Congrats on the half million… I would comment on the people that got us there, but I’d be digging a hole for myself! 😛 😀

  90. I’ll say it for you BT.

    All of the commenters that don’t live in SA or TAS smell.

  91. Blogocrats Pty Ltd

    When’s the Blogocrats Pty Ltd prospectus coming out, I haven’t read a good Ripping Yarn in ages.

    Should be as good as all the wonderful pictures of your impressive facilities. Speaking of which, as a potential high roller investor, when are you going to fly me around (business class will do) to physically check them out?

  92. Well done on the half-‘mill, everyone!

    Now … to build on the success of the blog.

    If you look at the blogs that do best, what do you notice? Let’s take Bolt’s at News Ltd and Poll Bludger at Crikey for examples.

    Both lean to their respective sides of the spectrum – Bolt to the “right”, PB (or its commenters at least) to the left.

    There’s your message right there. Keep Blogocrats broadly left and things should be fine.

    There are plenty of big right-wing blogs about (like nearly all at News Ltd); there thus remain openings in the “market” catering for the left audience. There’s Poll Bludger and Lavartus Prodeo, and that’s about it as far as the biggies of the left go.

    Think of a blog as like a virtual pub where people drop in to have a virtual chat. How many of us frequent pubs where the clientele is hostile to us, where they don’t like how we dress, talk, what we say or what we drink?

    People aren’t by nature aggressive or contrary, they don’t generally go out of their way to seek arguments or disagreements. They prefer to hang out with people of a like mind, similar views. Birds of a feather.

    I’m not saying kick the RWFs out of Blogocrats (gotta be fair here). But don’t do them any special favours either. I’ve seen some quite unbloglike behaviour from RWF here which went completely past the moderator umpire. And don’t let’s go out of our way to bring in right-wing riff-raff in the name of achieving the quality known as “balance”. Token posters tend to get coddled and cut an inordinate amount of slack in the name of keeping them around for “balance”. I wouldn’t like to see Blogocrats stoop to that, it’s a bit degrading to all concerned, and looks desperate, frankly.

    Good luck to all.

  93. Caney,

    Echo-chamberz rool!

  94. Hi joni,

    Yes, it’s all ticking along nicely….

    Now if only we could figure out a way to get rid of Tom and Miglo…

  95. Ratsak should work a treat for that reb.

  96. Stupid IE scrubbing my browsing history, stupid toiletboss.

  97. Thank you. Good work all round people. A special shout out to Joni, Reb and all the other behind-the-scenes miracle workers who’ve kept the Blogocrats show on the road!

    To the many many readers, please don’t be shy. This place runs on opinions and we’re all the better for reading yours too!

    My Blogocrats tip? The million hits will be up by the end of October as this snowball rolls ever faster.

  98. Look, look, look, yer disgraceful little ppl should be ashamed of yerselves 4 gettin ideas beyond yer station in loife an encouraging all these bllomin raw prawns, pinkos, boofheads an known extremists loike Miglo ter speak up an remove all doubt, OK?

    The Cyber Bludger Management Authority continues to gather evidence an we expect ter soon be in the position to refer a bulgin file of facts to the DPP fer action. Yers were warned, yer didn’t listen an only smorgasobard of extremely attractive sexual inducements could possibly save yers now. Extremely attractive. Yers go that?

    Such is loife, OK? Now get back to work cuber bludgers, immediately, all of yers, or the cute ducklin gets it, OK?

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