A Swan dive – or a Rudderless goverment

I have been reading lots of version of the Ute-gate (although the tailgate line from Tim Blair is pretty funny too). From what I can see the basics are:

  • Rudd and Swan were asked if the acted on behalf of they car dealer John Grant to get assistance from the government OzCar scheme. They both denied it in parliament
  • There is supposedly an email from the PM’s office to Goodwin Grech (Treasury official in charge of OzCar) that “alerted” him to Grant’s case
  • The email may or may not exist. News Ltd seem to have changed their story from having the email to having it read to them
  • Turnbull has made a big thing of the email from the PM’s office
  • Emails and faxes have been tabled the do implicate Swann’s office that involve Grant

The text of the email is (from smh.com.au):

Hi Goodwin. The PM has asked if the car dealer financing vehicle is available to assist a Queensland dealership. John Grant Motors, who seems to be having trouble getting finance. If you can followup on this ASAP that would be very useful. Happy to discuss. A

So as I see it, if the email is true then Rudd misled parliament and must resign. If it is false then Turnbull is the one in big trouble. But either way – it looks like Swan did mislead parliament – which means that we have to have a spectacular Swan dive.

Let’s bring all the discussion over here.